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By Jojo email tinyjojo_2000@yahoo
(April 2001)

Jody lay in bed reading one of her favourite Girlie magazines. She flipped though the pages searching for juicy short stories and articles. Her parents were away for the weekend. They had deemed that, at the age of sixteen she was now able to care for herself. They had told her of their intended short vacation two weeks ago and she couldn’t wait for them to go. Her mother had fussed about and worried herself at the impending parting and Jody hoped and prayed that she wouldn’t change her mind. Sure enough the day had arrived for their departure and Jody breathed a sigh of relief when she finally closed the door on them both. She heard the horn sound as they drove away and she could finally relax. She turned around, leant with her back against the door and clapped both her hands together "YES".

She had great plans for the weekend. She was going to the local cafe with the girls tomorrow in the hope of catching a glimpse at Jake. She was madly in love with Jake all though he didn’t know it. All of the girls thought he was cute and she was going to do her best to be the one to win him over.

She’d had no plans for tonight so she just chilled out watching TV and eating popcorn. At ten thirty she locked up, switched all the lights off downstairs, went upstairs and slipped into a nice warm bath.

These were her favourite times, just laying in a warm soapy bath feeling the glow of the pungent herbal oils penetrating her juvenile skin. Her hands would roam over her slight body hesitating at her more ‘sensitive’ areas. Oh the feeling of complete sensuality when she slid her small hands over her breasts and nipples was ecstasy itself. Invariably, a hand would slip beneath the water line and her fingers would probe gently at her shaven vulva.

Tonight was different though. She felt a greater sense of freedom knowing that there was nobody else in the house. She even allowed herself to moan slightly as a small ripple of orgasm meandered through her loins. Finally, she stepped out of the bath, wiped off the steam with a towel and admired her small frame in the full-length mirror.

She spoke to her reflection "You are a really horny little girl"

It was true. She stood five foot two inches tall, had lovely blonde shoulder length hair. Her small girl like breasts were pert and the nipples pulled the surrounding flesh into perfect domes. She had small hips, which framed her hairless vagina, the lips of which were smooth and symmetrical. She thought that her breasts and vagina looked more like fourteen year olds rather than her sixteen years. She finished drying herself and pulled on her knee length cotton nightie.

She lay in bed flipping through her magazine but within a short while her eyes became heavy and she drifted off to sleep.

She slept soundly until something, she knew not what, brought her sleeping mind slowly to the surface. Her eyes opened suddenly. She could hear something downstairs; She raised herself up on her shoulders and listened intently. Her breathing became heavier as fear welled within her. Was it her imagination or could she really hear something going on downstairs. Her heart pounded within her chest as she heard, for the first time, what she thought to be someone climbing the stairs.

Whoever it was, trying to be quiet but it was unmistakable, someone was in the house. She clutched the bedclothes to her chest and held her breath so as to hear more clearly what was going on. Whoever it was had now reached the landing and she heard the door to her parents bedroom open. She breathed a short sigh of relief as she realised that it must be her parents returning home. Perhaps Mum had persuaded Dad to return.

Jody knew that her mother had worried incessantly about leaving her alone and she half expected this to happen. She almost shouted out to her mother but then, what if it wasn’t them. What if it was a burglar? She remained silent and listened intently. She heard footsteps again and they seemed to be making their way towards her room. She clicked on the bedside light and stared at the door handle. "Please let it be mum, please let it be mum" She pulled a corner of the sheet into her mouth and bit on it. Her body was rocking back and forth the way a mad man would do. "Please let it be mum"

She froze as the door handle turned. Her eyes were wide and she was terrified. The door was slowly pushed open and there, in silhouette stood the large figure of a man. Her worst nightmare had just happened. She was alone in her house and there; standing at the entrance to her bedroom was a intuder.

"Please don’t hurt me. Take what ever you want but just go" She pointed her finger at the dressing table. "There, in there, there’s some money, not much but that’s all I’ve got. Take it and anything else you want but just go...... Please"

The figure stepped into the room and for the first time she was able to see him clearly. He was tall, about six feet she guessed and was fit and well built. She guessed he was about twenty-five. He had a tight T-shirt on and light blue jeans.

Then she noticed what was in his hand. "Oh my God" She thought "He’s got a knife" Slowly he walked towards her and placed the large blade below her nose "Now listen to me and do as your told"

She tried to nod her compliance but the blade was in the way. She stared up at him, terrified of what was about to happen. The man spoke again "Is there anybody else in the house?" She thought intently about the answer. If she said yes would he go on his way and forget about it or would he continue to look and when he found out she was lying would he loose his temper. God knows what would happen then. He lifted the blade higher and it dug slightly into her flesh "I said, is there anybody else in the house" She answered immediately "No, there’s nobody else here"

He pushed harder with the knife "Are you sure?" ......... "Yes I’m sure, there’s nobody here"

Her mouth was dry and she felt sick to the stomach. He spoke again "Where’s your Mum and Dad then?" ...

"They’ve gone away for the weekend" As soon as she had said it she knew she’d been stupid. She had now told this burglar that she was alone for the duration of the weekend and he could now steal at leisure. He could take his time. She couldn’t believe that she’d been so bloody crazy.

"Now you’re sure about that, are you? I mean, they won’t come back tonight will they? They haven't just gone out for the night, have they? She tried to swallow but her mouth was too dry "Yes I’m sure, they won’t be coming back"

He smiled and then removed the blade from under her nose. "Just remember to do as your told and you won’t get hurt... Understand?

She nodded "yes" He turned and walked to the door placing a hand on either side of the frame. "Danny... Up here, I’ve found something" her head dropped and she closed her eyes as she suddenly realised that there was two of them. She heard somebody running up the stairs, it sounded as if he was leaping two stairs at a time. Then she heard a forced whisper "I thought you said we had to keep fucking quiet in case somebody heard us" The man in the doorway laughed "Yeah, but that was when we thought somebody might be here but now I know that the house is completely empty.......... Except for"........... He stood aside allowing his partner in crime to look into the room "Except for...

............ HER" The new arrival stared at his partner with an enquiring look "What do you mean" The big man laughed and waved his hand "Come in and have a look" He walked in and stopped in his tracks staring at Jody "Fucking hell, where did she come from?"

The big man walked over and stood by his side. They both glared down at Jody "She was just here mate, sitting there just waiting for us" Jody looked at the second man. He was much younger than the other, about seventeen or eighteen and had golden hair. He also wore a tight T-shirt but had denim shorts on. His skin was tanned and it was obvious that they were both very fit.

"What the fuck are we going to do with her then?" They looked at each other and there was a silence. The older man spoke "Well, we could just forget about her and take the stuff as planned or we could take her with us......... NOT............ Or we could..."

They both laughed simultaneously. The youth in the shorts walked over and sat on the bed. He spoke as if he were talking to a child "Hello little girl, how old are you?" Her head dropped again and she didn’t answer. "Oh don’t be shy, we’re your friends. How old are you, what’s your name?"

She still didn’t answer. The big man was enjoying this and he moved over and sat down on the bedside table. The youth reached over and pulled the cotton sheet from out of her mouth. "Come on, tell me your name" She ignored him again then she heard the unmistaken threatening voice of the older man who had by now raised himself from the bedside table and was leaning over her brandishing the knife again "Do you remember what I said to you when we first met little lady" She looked up at him but said nothing. He continued "I said that if you did what you were told you would come to no harm....... Remember?

She nodded. "Well if you remember, why are you being so obstructive? I’ll say it again just in case you didn’t understand the first time.’re...told...and won’t.........get..........HURT......... UNDERSTAND?" She nodded her head again

"I’m sorry I didn’t hear you....DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" Her mouth opened and she whispered "Yes" He sat down again and allowed his younger partner to continue.

"So, what is your name then?".........

"Jody" How old are you Jody?" ......... "Sixteen"

"Are you sure? You don’t look sixteen" She nodded her head "Yes I know but I’m sixteen"
He folded the upper sheet down neatly and tucked it in at the sides as if he were a mother tending a sick child.

"Are you frightened?" She spun her head round and looked him straight in the eyes "What do you think!" He stood up and paced the floor "Oh Jody Jody Jody, why on earth are you frightened? I mean, we are good law abiding citizens. We wouldn’t hurt a hair on your body"

The two men laughed out loud. She looked up at them both pleadingly, shifting her gaze from one to the other "Listen, take what you want, I don’t care, just take it and I promise I won’t tell anybody" The youth sat down on the bed again "No, you listen little Jody, We don’t give a fuck if you tell anybody. We’re from out of State, a real long way away and the chances of anybody recognising us are nil!"

He placed a hand on her legs "Mind you, that’s a bit of good news for you" She looked at him inquisitively "So why is that good news for me?" He started to rub his hand up and down her lower leg "Well little Jody, it’s good news for you because we won’t have to........." He moved his face closer to hers and whispered in her ear "SILENCE you when we‘ve finished"

She felt his breath on her neck and for the first time felt the sheer intimidation of the situation.

He raised his hands and held the sheets that she tightly clutched under her chin. "Now, let’s just pull these down and have a look at you" She closed her eyes and clutched the sheets even harder.

"Please don’t do this, I beg you, leave me alone" She heard the big mans voice again "Do.....
As ... You’re ... Told Jody... That way you won’t get hurt" The youth tried again and her hands released the cotton sheets from her iron grip. "That’s better Jody, it won’t hurt, just chill out" He pulled the sheets slowly down, firstly past the neckline of her nightdress and then passed her small cotton clad breasts. "My, my Jody, it looks as if you have got lovely little tits" He let the sheets drop to her waist and moved his hands up to her tiny breasts.

He circled his fingers around her nipples and they became instantly erect. "Are you getting randy Jody?" She shook her head "No" .......... "Well your little titties seem to be getting quite excited" He gently squeezed both of her nipples with his forefinger and thumb.

"Do you like that Jody?" She said nothing.

He took hold of the sheets again "Let’s just see what we have down here shall we" He slowly pulled the sheets down and her legs automatically closed. The sheets lay at her ankles and her whole body was now exposed. The youth held the hem of her nightie and started to slowly raise it up her thighs.

"How about now Jody, are you getting randy?" She shook her head and watched as her nightie rose to her white pants. "Now that is a sight for sore eyes Jody" He let the garment drop to her waist. He didn’t touch, he just stared at the tiny white cotton triangle covering her vulva. The big man rose from the bedside table and walked to the bottom of the bed.

"Now that is nice Jody" He turned to the youth "I think Jody should get out of bed now don’t you Danny?"

The youth grinned and arose from the bed "Come on Jody, jump out" She hesitated at first but then swung her legs around and stood up.
"Go and stand in the middle of the room where we can see you better" She walked over sheepishly to the centre of the room and stood with her head bowed.

The two men moved over and stood over her small body. The tall man looked down at her "Don’t worry Jody, we won’t hurt you... If you behave yourself" The two men were on either side of her and they both began to rub her breasts. Her nipples became erect again as they slowly rubbed them.

"There they go again Jody, your nipples seem to be enjoying it, are you getting randy yet?" She couldn’t tell them that she was getting randy, she just couldn’t but she knew she was lying to herself. There was no doubt about it, she was getting quite excited by their caresses.

"Open your legs a little bit Jody" The youth put his foot between hers and gently prised her legs apart "A bit more, go on, just a bit more" She allowed him to push them apart.

As if on command they both lowered a hand and stroked the inside of her thighs. Inch by inch they raised there hands towards the gap between her legs and finally they made contact with her tiny pants. She shivered a little as both their hands began to rub her small vagina. She couldn’t believe what was happening. There she was standing with her legs apart and two strangers were rubbing her lips and kneading her tiny breasts. She felt a hand sliding over her buttocks

"Hey, She’s wearing those pants with just a string up the back" She felt another hand on her small cheeks.

"OK Jody, let’s take this off" The older man grabbed the hem of her nightie and slowly pulled it up and over her head. She stood with her hands on her hips, uncomfortable at being stared at. Her legs were still apart and the gap between her thighs was clearly visible. The men walked around her as if they were inspecting something at an auction. "You’re a really horny little girl Jody" The youth put a hand in-between her shoulder blades and pushed her forward gently. She took a step forward as he pushed her "No Jody, I want you to stand still and just bend forward a bit at the waist. Now, open your legs again and then bend forward"

She did as he beckoned and both men stood behind her looking at her tight rounded arse. They saw the white string of her pants disappearing in the crack of her butt only to reappear at the glorious gap between her legs. Her small lips were swollen beneath the material and the youth traversed a single finger along the indentation.

The older man moved to the front and pulling the elastic of the waistband he slid a hand in the front of her pants. She felt his fingers reach the top of her lips "Hey buddy, this little girls shaven" His middle finger continued and gently prised her small lips apart.

He didn’t insert his finger; he just started to rotate it gently at the opening. Her small breasts were hanging slightly and the older man bent down and started to lick one of her nipples. They were hard already and it gave her a tingling sensation. The youth now moved to the front and also began to lick her other nipple.

"Are you getting randy yet Jody?" She just closed her eyes and said nothing. They stood there for what seemed like five minutes just gently sucking on her nipples. There was no doubt about it, she was getting incredibly horny but she tried not to display it. "Well I think these can come off now don’t you buddy?"

The youth pulled her pants down exposing her shaven vulva. She stepped out of them and then resumed her position. "Please don’t do this to me, I’m only sixteen and I’m still a virgin"

The men chuckled "Do you think we are going to just go now after coming all this way? I mean we only expected to break in and steal some stuff and then we find you. That is a real bonus Jody. Now then, I keep asking you whether you are randy and you won’t answer me so I think we’ll just find out for ourselves"

He placed his middle finger between her swollen lips and gently pushed. It slid inside her with ease. She closed her eyes and held her breath as his finger buried itself into her moist vagina.

"Well I think your little cunt has just answered my question Jody......... What do you think buddy?" The youth placed a finger by the side of his buddy’s and pushed until his finger was deep within her.

She felt both fingers moving about inside her and she began to breathe heavily. "That’s better Jody, start enjoying it" They began to finger fuck her, slowly at first but then as they realised she was getting more and more excited they quickened the pace. "Start rubbing your nipples Jody" She glared at them "NO"

In an instant the older man drew his hand back and brought it down sharply onto her buttocks. She cried out "NO" He slapped her tight arse once more, this time harder. The two fingers were working rapidly within her and to her utter amazement the slaps on her arse were actually heightening the sensations.

She began to orgasm as the fingers pumped in and out of her. He slapped her again and her legs buckled slightly as she orgasmed. She found her nipples with her fingers and began to squeeze them, lengthening her intense orgasm. She shuddered as her orgasm reached it’s zenith

"That’s it baby, let it all out" As her excitement diminished she moaned quietly. "Are you randy now Jody?" They both laughed out loud "No, don’t bother to answer that, I think we know the answer" The older man pulled his finger from within her and raised it to her mouth. He rubbed its wetness over her lips. She tasted her own excitement. It was sweet.

"Well, I reckon it’s our turn now Jody" He crossed his arms over in front of his stomach, grasped the hem of his T shirt and in one swift movement he had pulled the shirt over his head and threw it to the ground. She looked at his body. He was fit. He was muscular and tanned.

He undid the button on his jeans and pulled on the zip. Slipping his hands inside the waistband he lowered the trousers to the ground and stepped out of them. He stood there naked except for his black briefs. She looked at his crutch and saw his erection beneath the black material.

"Come and take these off for me Jody" She moved over to him and tried to pull the briefs down. The elastic waistband caught on his enlarged penis and she had to pull the material outwards before she could remove them. She stared at his penis. It was thick and hard. She guessed it was about six inches long and was pointing upwards. The tip was partially covered by his foreskin that stretched around the head.

"What about me Jody" She turned to the youth and he had already removed his T-shirt. She moved over and undid the button on his shorts. She pulled on the zip and dragged them over his hips. She was surprised when his penis sprung out of his shorts. He was wearing no briefs and his hard cock looked much bigger than the older mans. He had no foreskin and the glans was large.

She guessed his member was a good inch bigger than the older mans’. They both stepped out of the garments and stood together with their hard cocks pointing outwards. The youth put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees in front of them. "You know what to do now Jody don’t you?" She shook her head. She had never even seen a real cock, let alone knowing what to do with it. "Well, you just grab hold of it and push and pull the skin back and forwards"
She raised her hands and held both of them. Slowly she began to wank them.

"That’s it baby, That’s just right" As she wanked the men she could feel the difference in size between the youth and the older man. The youth was much bigger. She thought it funny that the younger man was larger. She would have expected it to be the other way around.

She felt the cocks grow harder as she wanked them. She didn’t want to admit it but she was loving it. Her pussy was aching with all the excitement. She felt so wet and open and she was desperate to cum again.

The youth grabbed hold of her wrist and stopped her wanking He pulled her hand away and moved over to stand right in front of her. She was still on her knees and his large cock was pointing into her face. "Open your mouth Jody" She did so and he pushed his large cock into it.

"Now suck it" She had never done anything like this before but she knew instinctively what to do. Her lips rose and fell over his hardness and she sucked and teased him with her tongue. She felt him getting increasingly harder and he started to thrust into her sucking mouth. She was still wanking the older man and he was watching her expertise at sucking his buddy.

The youth held her head on either side and began to pull and push it in synchronisation with his pelvic thrusting. Every so often his penis would touch the back of her throat and she would gag. The head of his penis became much larger and she was aware that her teeth were connecting with his rim on each stroke. She was looking at up at his face all of the time and she now noticed that his face became reddened. He arched his back and he began to moan.

He started to shake and his legs began to tremble as he embarked upon an intense orgasm.
At the last second he pulled his member from out of her mouth and wanked his cock until jets of hot white liquid spurted over her face. She blinked as the viscous fluid hit her nose and eyes. It dribbled down her cheek and onto her shoulder and breasts. He pushed his penis back into her mouth and slowly fucked it. She tasted his semen and it was nice.

"Now that was the best cum I’ve ever had. Where did you learn to do that Jody?" She placed a hand on the base of his now depleting cock and pulled it out of her mouth. She looked up at him " I don’t know, I’ve never done it before" The two men looked at each other and the older man spoke "She fucking speaks, she’s actually got a voice" They laughed and the youth placed his hand on the top of her head and scuffed her hair.

She turned her eyes to the older man "Listen, I’ll do it to you as well if you leave me alone "He looked down at her "What do you mean ‘leave me alone’?" ......... I mean, if I do it to you, you’ll leave"........... "You mean you’ll suck me off and then we’ll have to leave" She nodded

"Yes" He grabbed hold of her hair and lifted her to her feet. "Listen to me you little slut. You’ll do what I say, WE...... make the rules here not fucking YOU"

He dragged her, by her hair, and threw her down to the bed. He grabbed her legs and swung her around until her body was lying across the bed. Her head was hanging over one side of the bed and her legs the other. The older man grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs upwards and pushed them back until her knees were touching her shoulders. He motioned to the youth to stand at her head and hold her legs back.

Once in place the older man relinquished his hold on her ankles and passed control over to the youth. She was now laying on her back with her legs wide open to the gaze of these two intruders. She felt the cool air enter the slit of her vagina as her lips slowly and involuntarily opened.

The older man got to his knees and, placing his face close to her vagina breathed in the heady aroma of young flesh. "Now that is a sight for sore eyes Danny" He moved forward and Jody gasped as his tongue began to caress her inner lips. There was no denying it. The sensation she felt was indescribable. She felt his tongue thrusting deep into the heart of her sex.

Never had anybody invaded her inner body before. His tongue was constantly moving, firstly deep within her and then traversing up and down her outer lips. She was becoming incredibly excited as this stranger probed and massaged her vagina with his tongue. She began to squirm as the beginnings of an orgasm were initiated from within.

He sensed her heavy breathing and increased his tempo. She couldn’t resist pushing her hips forward to meet his probing tongue. She knew she was being raped but she couldn’t help the incredible urge to push and have his tongue even deeper inside her. She had read articles about women being raped and they had said that they had orgasmed but she hadn’t believed it. She believed them now, by Christ she believed them now.

It was impossible to stop it. The perpetrator could have been the devil himself but she still wouldn’t have been able to stop her excitement. She felt her vagina fill as the man pushed his face into her. She could feel his nose inside her just below her clitoris as his lips sank into the fleshy hole below. His tongue was now able to delve even deeper as his lips entered her labia. He was sucking and licking and thrusting.

She felt full, so full and warm. Her orgasm progressed until it was almost unbearable. The youth moved forward and his huge penis dropped onto her face. She so much wanted to suck it but he was in the wrong position. She raised a hand and grabbed it. "That’s more like it Jody, now you’re getting it. Wank him, go on wank him" She didn’t need telling. She was pulling his penis and loving every minute of it.

The older man placed a finger either side of her clitoris and separated her lips, which had hitherto been protecting her erect little protuberance. That was all she needed. He didn’t even have to touch it. Just the stretching of the lips exposing her clitoris was enough. Her legs shook as she immediately reached the pinnacle of her orgasm. She cried out as the fire ignited in her groin. It was a long and intense orgasm, lasting and lasting. Never before had she experienced such a thrill both in duration and intensity.

Suddenly and without warning he pulled his face away from her. She writhed as the stimulus to her as yet incomplete orgasm was removed. "Oh God, don’t do this to me" She pushed her other hand between her vaginal lips and attempted to resume some sort of stimulus. He looked up at her face between her wide-open legs. "What’s the matter Jody, want some more?" She moaned again "For Christ’s sake don’t do this to me" ...

"Want some more Jody?" She glared at him "YES, YES"

"I think you might be ready for the real thing now" He raised himself up and she could feel the head of his cock at the entrance to her hole. She had never been fucked before but she knew that she wanted him inside her. She pushed her hips forward and felt his member slide into her.

The tip of his hard member reached her hymen and he stopped pushing "Are you ready for this Jody?" She nodded emphatically. He didn’t wait. There was no ceremony. He pushed hard and felt himself enter her fully as the soft wet membrane gave way. Her back arched as his penis continued on its journey to the depths of her vagina. He pulled out again and then powerfully thrust back in again. Her eyes closed and she breathed heavily as he continually, rhythmically filled her and then withdrew. Long strokes into her and then the emptiness as he withdrew.

She began to moan again as he used her, pumped her. She had never felt anything like it. The pleasure she was experiencing unimaginable. Her clitoris was so hard and extended that it protruded through the protective hood. Within seconds it hit her. Hit her hard. Another shattering orgasm. There was no warning, no working up to it. It just hit her. Her legs trembled again and she rode the roller coaster of a fantastic orgasm.

It didn’t diminish. It was a constant orgasm relentlessly shaking her inner core. She felt him harden even more and he increased the tempo until he was pumping her hard. Savagely forcing his member deep within her. Harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Forcing her open legs even wider. His balls were slapping against her vulva. She could hear the slapping on each inward thrust. She could feel his heavy balls slapping against her. He was sweating and droplets were falling onto her lower abdomen. He was like an animal, thrusting and pushing and breathing heavily.

She was still at the peak of her orgasm. It would not subside and it was heaven.

He began to grunt as his hardened meat pinned her to the bed. And then she felt a bursting of heat and fluid inside her as he shot his manly fluid into her. She actually felt his sperm splashing against her vaginal walls. She tightened her muscles, draining the viscous fluid from his body. She felt the liquid seeping from her hole and trickling down to her tiny anus. The sperm provided lubricant and his cock slipped into her tight vagina with greater ease. He slowed his pace as his orgasm subsided.

The youth let go of her ankles but her legs stayed where they were. He moved around to the front of her. His cock was in his hand. He nudged the older man with his knee and he duly withdrew and moved out of the way. He positioned himself and then pushed hard into her cunt. She gasped as his even larger cock rammed into her. He was much bigger and the feeling of fullness was shattering. She started to come again but harder. He was much bigger but the lubrication provided by her last raper eased any discomfort of the youths girth.

He did not begin slowly. He rammed her again and again harder and harder. She reached another orgasm and began to cry out with every thrust. Warm moist sex laden air escaped from her vagina as he pushed into her. She was on another continuous orgasm. Wave after wave of conscious shuddering explosions racked her tiny body.

The sounds of animal sex filled the room. His heavy breathing with her breathing, and her cries of ecstasy then his groaning as he nailed her to the bed. There was no love in this room just pure animal lust. She felt him increasing the pace then she felt him harden.

She knew he was coming too. She tightened her muscles and he shot his spunk into her. She felt the hot liquid splashing against her cervix and then filling her hole. He was groaning and thrusting himself into her as his orgasm reached its zenith. He pulled out again and moved over. The older man who had been watching her rape moved over and thrust his regained erection into her. She hadn’t even come down from her last orgasm when he entered her. Over and over again he rammed himself into her and she was almost weeping with the sensation. It wasn’t hurting her, it was the constant presence of physical, orgasmic and electrifying demands on her body and mind that made her lose all control of her actions.

He quickened his pace and she felt him getting harder again. She began to feel faint as he came inside her again. The semen was now trickling out of her vagina. She was still at the peak of her continuous orgasm but felt somehow distant. It felt as if it was happening to somebody else.

She watched but was no longer present as the older man pulled away from her and the youth climbed on her again. Her body became warm and her mind became rested as his member entered her again. She felt her legs dropping to her side and then was aware of the older man behind her lifting them again. She heard in the distance somebody talking "I think she’s had it Danny, let’s fuck off out of here" She heard a ringing in her ears and then she heard nothing.

She turned her head and looked at the clock. It was twelve thirty p.m. She remembered the events of the night before. Or did she.

Was it a dream? Was it a nightmare? She reached down and felt between her legs. She winced as the bruised flesh of her vagina gave her the answer.

She smiled and drifted off to sleep.


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