Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Waiting by Daydreamer

(April 2001)

I had just finished showering, paying special attention to shave everything
very closely. I’m not expecting you for another hour, but my mind drifts to
all of the wonderful things we did together the last time we met, and I feel
that familiar tingling in my pussy and feel my nipples harden against my
short silk robe.

“No, I can’t do this right now”. You had ordered me to wait for you. I
have to get dressed. I slip the robe off and begin rubbing lotion on my feet,
ankles, calves, thighs….over my shaved pussy….uh, oh….”I have to
stop”. Almost finished….rubbing it on my ass…”oh, how I love the things you
do to me”…. “Okay, enough”….I rub the lotion on my arms, chest…mmmmm…just
touching my nipples a little bit…that feels so good… “No, stop it, now” …..
lotion on my belly.. my fingers wander to my wet pussy…. ooooooohhh…. “No,
I can’t”. I know I have to find what I was ordered to wear.

My mind wonders again, , , “Let’s see…hmmm….I was at the beach today, so
I’ll wear one of his favorites, white. A g-string just like he ordered”. I
know you’ll like the contrast of the white against my tan skin….. I slip
them on, thinking about all the wonderful things you did to me the last time
I wore these for you...

That’s it….I can’t stand it. I know you ordered me to wait, but I think
you’ll never know. Our actions make me cum over and over anyway…. I
think,“what harm is it, just this once, on my own?” I quickly slip the
panties off….careful to check for any wetness…no, not yet. Good. I know
you’ll be checking.

I lie back on the cool sheets, bending my knees and gently running my fingers
along the outsideof my shaved pussy lips. Mmmmmm…..thinking about the last
time you ran your tongue along there….how hot and good it felt… ohhhhh…. My
other hand goes to my breast… flicking at the hard nipple, gently, at
first…..then tugging a bit harder, pulling and pinching like you do when
I’ve been un-cooperative, or just to get my attention.… ”oh, yes”… As I
slip my middle finger into my soaking wet pussy, I begin to rub my clit with
my thumb…..and I envision you, first sucking on my clit…. And later, how
full my pussy feels with your cock deep inside. “Yes, that’s it”….I begin
to rub and pull my nipples harder….fingering my pussy as I press down on my
hard clit…..”ohhhhhh yesssss”….

Oh, Nooooo! I didn’t hear you come in…

“Hmmmm.”, is all you say as you give me that stern look.

I quickly sit up and try to grab the robe. “I’m sorry”, lowering my eyes.

“Never mind, you know what’s next, don’t you?”


“Fine, get your things.”

I try to hide your excitement as I take the box from the closet.

“Heels first?”, I ask.

“No, come here.”

I see you reach into the box and take out the nipple clamps.

“You will wear these while you’re getting dressed for me.”

I feel my pussy getting wet as you clip them on. The clamps are a pleasure
more than a pain,but I won’t tell you that.

“Wait….and this. Bend over….NOW.”

I bend over and listen as you reach through the box for something. My heart
beats quicker as I have an idea what is about to happen. Your tongue darts
across my asshole. “Ohhhhhh”. You pull the chain of the nipple clamps.
“NO, not yet”. Soon I feel the cool gel of the lubricant and your fingers
around my asshole. I feel my pussy gush with more wetness. I feel you slide
the dildo into my ass, and now I know this is going to be impossible.

“Now, get dressed…and don’t you DARE come before I say you can. Oh, and
stockings FIRST!”.

I sit on the edge of the bed, feeling the dildo push deeper into my ass. I
can feel my pussy getting hotter by the minute. As I lift my leg onto the
bed and begin to put the stockings on, you kneel in front of me to watch.
There. Both on.

“Heels next?”

“No, wait.”

You hold my knees apart with your hands and begin licking my nipples, gently
tugging on the clamps with your tongue. As I begin to moan, I hear you say ,
“Not now”, as you lower your head between my legs. I feel your hot
tongue…first darting around my clit, then thrusting inside my wet pussy. I
begin to quiver…and I quickly stand up and say, “Now, the heels?”

I slip them on….taking care not to run the stockings.. Pulling the stockings,
adjusting them all the way up to the top of my thighs, I am so tempted to
touch my pussy and come once and for all…but I know better. I stand in front
of you and turn around for your inspection. As I expected, you find a flaw
in something, this time the garters. You then tell me to bend over to make
sure they’re lined up in the back. As I do, I feel your hot tongue tracing
around my ass and asshole, as you gently push the dildo in more. Then, a
hard SMACK on my bottom…and as I moan you quickly turn me around and kiss me
deeply, knowing how much I love your kisses, all the while keeping your hand
on my ass to make certain I can feel the dildo inside. My legs begin to
quiver again. You take me by the hand, leading me to the bed, laying me
across it. I watch as you slip the satin g-string up over my heels,
lifting my ass slightly to adjust it.

“Just making sure this works.”, I hear you say. Oh, godddd… I feel you
thrust first your finger, then your tongue into my pussy through the slit.

“I can’t do this…I have to come!” I moan.

“Yes, you can, and you will…AND with this, too!”.

I moan again as I feel another dildo, this one in my pussy.

As you pull me up to sit, I feel as though I’m going to explode. You then
pull me up to stand….ohhhh.. some relief for now. You hand me the corset and
as you are watching I put it on, you begin to undress. As you’re fixing the
hooks and making sure the nipple clamps stay on my nipples, I see how hard
your cock is…and my mind is racing. Hiding my face from you, I lick my lips
in anticipation.

“Not yet.” you say. Sheesh!

You toss the gloves to me and then reach for the blindfold. It takes me a few
minutes to get the gloves on. They’re tricky…and I know you don’t like
wrinkles. You smile as I tug the tops…just at my shoulders. “Very good.”
You give me another long, passionate kiss…and then put the blindfold on me.
I know what’s next. I obediently put my arms behind my back. I can feel my
breasts thrusting out as you tie my hands together. I know you noticed it
too, pushing my beautiful breasts out against you without being ordered to.
I feel you tug on the nipple clamps, a little stronger this time. Your
tongue, once again, around my nipples. You gently bite the tip of my nipples
as they stick above the clamps. Ohhhhhhhh…..

I can’t see you now, but I know you have stepped back to take a good long
look, as I hear you say,“There!”. I’m teetering on the highheels of my
shoes, as being blindfolded makes me lose some balance. I feel your hands
around my waist as you guide me back on to the bed. I’m on my back at first,
but you roll me to one side. I feel you lie down beside me and you whisper,
“Now, you can cum, but only when I tell I to.” I shake my head and whisper,

Once again, I feel the tugging on the nipple clamps, and feel your hot tongue
swirling around my nipples. You remove the clamps to suck on them, harder
now. I’m moaning and begging you to let me cum…and you say “yes, now.”,
just as I feel the clamps once again tighten on my nipples. I’m screaming
and moaning as I cum hard….feeling my pussy and ass clamp down on the dildos
you’ve put there. I’m still shaking as you whisper in my ear “Not finished

You roll me onto my back and bend my knees upward. It’s uncomfortable with my
hands behind my back but I know better than to complain. Your hot tongue is
playing with my clit as you slide the dildo in and out of my pussy. I’m
moaning again…wanting to cum, but you say “No.” I’m begging…then I feel
your hands on my knees as the dildo is replaced with your hard cock. I feel
you pushing deeper into me and just as I can’t take it anymore, you say
“Now!”. I cum even harder than before….clenching your cock with my pussy as
I cum in waves. I’m still coming when I feel you pull out of me and run your
cock along my lips. I open my mouth, anxious to taste you. I feel you
thrusting harder…and faster…deep into my throat. I lift the back of my head
up just as you cum in my mouth, some spilling over my face. You turn me
sideways again…wrapping your arms around me…and we kiss….long and deep.
After awhile, you can feel your cock stirring again and you say, “We’re not
finished yet.”

You lift me off the bed and set me down at the end. You turn me around and
bend me over. I feel your fingers in my pussy…on my clit…. I’m getting hot
again….. moaning, as you slide the dildo back into my pussy and remove the
one from my ass. Oh, yessss…. you know I love this as much as you do, maybe
more! A tug on the nipple clamps… and with your fingers rubbing my clit, I
feel your cock slide gently into my asshole….little by little….I can feel
you fill me when you’re all the way in. I moan as you grab my hips and begin
rocking….slowly at first…then thrusting….harder…. We’re both moaning
now…. I want to come…and to feel you explode inside of me at the same time.
I feel your hot breath on my neck as you whisper “Now.”… I feel your
fingers in my mouth as I try not to scream… shaking….my legs are like
jello….you hold me upright and tight and I can feel your cum, warm in my
ass. We stay like that for a few minutes….you gently slide your cock out and
turn me around, removing the blindfold, and we kiss. I can’t stand up any
longer, so you put me on the bed, and remove the dildo and the nipple
clamps. You then roll me to one side and lie down in back of me as you undo
my arms, then remove the gloves. You turn me toward you and begin to unhook
the corset. We kiss and smile in between. Next come the high
heels…stockings….and g-string. We are both lying naked….embracing….happy,

You kiss me on the lips and smile as you say, “I’m sure that was enough
incentive to wait for me the next time.”

I giggle, and as Iclose my eyes, I hear you say, “smart ass.” : )

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