Wednesday, February 11, 2009


(May 2001)

I was awaken by the sound of my bedroom door shutting. It was completely dark in my room and I couldn’t see a damn thing. I heard something moving around in my room. I figured it was my cat and closed my eyes to return to sleep.

Then I felt my covers being ripped off me. The person in my room climbed on my bed. I felt two hands go for my boxers and yank them off my hips. In my half asleep daze I didn’t think to fight this person off. I then felt a nice warm hand wrap around my shaft, followed by the sensation of a pair of hot lips engulfing the head.

The lips moved past the tip and down my rod. I was instantly snapped out of my daze as this beautiful mouth sucked the life out of me while the hand worked on my pole. It didn’t take long for my climax to build as I shot my load into this mouth.

“That was nice”, the familiar voice said. The person raised up and turned on the lamp by my bed to reveal my smiling girlfriend.

“Nicole, what are you doing here?”, I asked before realizing what a dumb question that was.

“I mean, I thought you were at Jessica’s house tonight.”

“No, I just told you that so I could surprise you.”

“I don’t want to seem rude, I love what you just did, but what about your parents?”

At the time I was 18 and Nicole was 17. We both were still in high school, I had already moved out of my dad’s house, but Nicole was living at home. I could have had Nicole move in with me if it weren’t for two things. The first being the obvious, her parents are her legal guardians.

The second reason was Nicole. Not my girlfriend Nicole, but my friend Nicole. Nicole, my friend, was 15. She came to live with my dad and I two years earlier.

Nicole had been my friend since we were both little kids, she was like the little sister I never had. When her dad died, her alcoholic mother sent her to live with my dad and myself, knowing she couldn’t take care of Nicole. Her mom even sent my dad money every month to support Nicole.

When I moved out, I took Nicole since I had enough money to support us both. Anyway, Nicole, my girlfriend, had religious psychos as parents. If they knew she wasn’t at home after 9pm, they’d ground her until she was 18. If they knew she was at my house they’d perform an exorcism on her.

I was at one time, on her parents good side until her mother saw us kiss and assumed we were sleeping together, which I could honestly say, even up to this point, that we never had.

“My parents think I’m in bed, I had to sneak out.” Nicole responded.

“Fuck my parents, I’m ready to make love to you, I don’t care what they think.”

“More important than sex is being able to see you, and I won’t be able to do that if they find out you’re not in bed”, I told her.

“I guess you’re right. But, I will have another surprise for you, soon.” Nicole kissed me good-bye and left my room. I fell asleep not long afterwards and dreamt of her all night long. The next morning Nicole woke me up for school.

We got ready and I drove to the high school. On the drive over we talked like we always do.

“Did someone come over last night?”, she asked.

“Nicole did”

“Oh, next time you see her, ask her if she wants to go to the gym with me tomorrow, I have to get abs like her.”

Each of my Nicoles had a jealousy thing for each other. My girlfriend had an athletic body style that was greatly complimented by her well defined, sexy abs. Nicole loved my girlfriends abs almost as much as I did. She wanted them. What really ticked Nicole was that my girlfriend rarely worked out. Nicole had a great body too, but she had to work hard for it. As for the girlfriend, she was jealous of Nicole’s hair and eyes.

Nicole had long hair that hung down the her lower-mid back area, and blond as a new white sheet, which shined almost as bright as her sparkling blue eyes, compared to my girlfriend’s light brown, shoulderblade length hair and her hazel eyes. My girlfriend was also somewhat jealous of Nicole’s big breasts compared to her medium sized breasts, as well as Nicole’s more rounded butt compared to her tight ass. My girlfriend always thought Nicole was much prettier than herself.

She said Nicole could be super model. That’s probably true except for the fact that Nicole’s only five feet tall so she doesn’t have the long legs for it. We both ended up running into my girlfriend before classes started. Nicole and Nicole talked about going to the gym and decided they’d work out that night while I was at work.

The bell rang for class and we headed our separate directions. I walked my girlfriend to her class and kissed her good-bye. “I won’t get to see you tonight. I’m going to stay home and talk my parents into going out tomorrow night so I could sneak over.” She informed before I headed toward my class.

That night Nicole and Nicole went to the gym while I went to work. Later in the evening I came home, beat to hell. I went and laid down on my bed, waiting for the girls to get home and accidentally nodded off. I must have been completely out because I didn’t hear Nicole enter my room or feel her remove my covers.

I was awaken by the feel of her hands touching me while she removed my clothes. Once again, I felt her warm hand go for my cock. She continued were she had started the other night. I ran my fingers through her hair while her head softly bopped up and down my length. I wished she’d turned the lights on so I could see her, but I wasn’t gonna complain.

I quickly felt my orgasm start to build.

“Nicole, Yes, Nicole”, I moaned. Just as I was about to explode into her mouth, she stopped. Nicole got off the bed. I heard some clothes being ruffled around and soon she returned to me.

I felt her soft legs straddle each side of me. She took hold of my prick and raised it to her. I could feel the heat radiate off her womanhood. I felt her love lips slide over the head of my cock ever so slowly. She lowered herself further down onto me. She was so hot and tight. Nicole paused for a second, then thrust down onto me, breaking the hymen.

I heard a small grunt of pain. She just sat there for a few seconds, absorbing the feeling. After a bit the grunt of pain became a moan of pleasure. Nicole then slowly rose off of me, removing me from herself, climbed off the bed and left the room. For a minute I thought I hurt her, until I realized she was having fun with me.

When the time came, she was going to pay greatly, in a good way. The next morning was the same as the day before. I drove Nicole to school and we met up with my girlfriend. Nicole went to her class early since I told her I needed to talk to my girlfriend alone. “Did your parents have a good time last night?” I asked Nicole.

“No”, She responded “Where did they go?”

“Nowhere.” “Then how’d you get out last night?”, I asked puzzled as hell.

“I didn’t honey, my parents thought I was up to something so they stayed home all night long.” I know I didn’t dream what happened last night, or did I?

I stood still for a few moments and thought. Then it hit me. She was toying with me some more and I would be in store for another surprise. An idea came to me as I walked her to class. I would ditch my first class and call her parents to find out if they had gone out.

When we reached her class, we exchanged I love yous and I headed to my car and drove home. I arrived home and went to my room to use the phone. As I picked up the receiver I caught a glimpse of blond hair in the corner of my eye.

I turned around to see Nicole approaching me.

“Why are you home?” I asked.

“I had a friend drive me here. I just wanted to tell you what fun I had last night.”

“Listen you can tell me all about what you did with Nicole last night, but...”

“I wasn’t talking about that”, she interrupted. “I wasn’t talking about what I did with her. I was talking about what I did with you.”

“What?” She touched my chest softly, looked in my eyes and responded, “At least you had the right name when you screamed Nicole, Nicole, but it wasn’t the one you thought it was.”

I stood there shocked as hell. I had no idea what to say or do, but Nicole did. She pushed me down onto my bed and immediately went for my pants. She quickly stripped me down to my boxers.

Nicole backed away and did a slow strip tease for me. She kicked off her shoes, undid her jean shorts and slid them down her luscious thighs, past her knees and kicked them across the room. Nicole took hold of her white T-shirt and gradually raised it over her head and dropped it to the floor. She approached me in her matching white bra and panties. Nicole grasped my boxers with both hands and torn them from my body. She climbed onto the bed, between my legs.

She gently took hold of my man tool, lowered her head to it and kissed the tip. I instantly became aroused. She looked me straight in the eye. Her beautiful blue eyes seemed to smile at me. She then turned her focus to the job at hand. Her lips covered the peak of my shaft and casually caressed it. Her hand worked the shaft itself.

She lowered her lips down on me even further, her hand still working its magic. As soon as she had me where she wanted, Nicole climbed off the bed and slid her panties off her legs. Nicole boarded the bed again and straddled me. She clutched my rod and placed it to her entrance. I could feel her heat. She started rubbing the head against her slit.

“Do you want me to continue?” She asked seductively.

“Yes.” I moaned.

“Do you want to be inside me? Feel my pussy muscles clinch you as I ride your stick?”

“Yes Nicole!” She continued to massage my cock against her genitalia. She leisurely slipped the tip into her entrance ever so slightly, then removed it and proceeded to rub it in her slit.

I was boiling in anticipation and Nicole knew it, she was pushing my buttons. She’d take me to her love triangle to introduce my manhood into her womanhood, hesitantly deposit my bar into her coin return, just enough to cover my slit, then slip it out and methodically slide it within her wet cleft. Nicole would then repeat the same action.

Each time she’d start to inject me into her, she’d cover more of the head, and each time she seemed to get wetter. Finally, she almost had the whole head inside her. I couldn’t wait, one more time, one more prod and I’d be in her. She obtained my staff once more and held it to her silky warmth, but this time she didn’t try to push it in herself. Instead she descended down my body and placed her mouth over it. She sucked me even harder then last time. The taste of her juices seemed to fuel Nicole.

She slurped and suckled my cock until I was ready to erupt. Nicole stopped. She licked the pre-cum from my slit. She looked me in the eyes again and smiled. She loved this, love being in control of me. Nicole climbed up my body like a cat stalking its prey until her lips met mine. We kissed passionately, out tongues collided, prancing with each other. I reached down to her legs, which were straddling my chest, and delicately captured the back of her satiny thighs. I gently urged her upward. She took the hint and straddled my face. Her gorgeously shaven pussy was right above my face. I danced my tongue along her love lips. Nicole moaned softly. This was my turn for payback. I teased her with my tongue, slowly gliding it along her slit to her hot cavity and induct it into her about a half inch, then extract it.

Every time I came close to sticking my tongue in her, Nicole would lower her hips and try to force my tongue into her, but I’d stop her. Nicole was bucking her hips in anticipation of my tongue’s entry into her. I decided I’d give her what she wanted. I jammed my tongue into her as far as I could. Nicole screamed in pleasure.

I rotated my tongue in circles, exploring every wall of her delicious cave. With every thrust of my tongue, Nicole’s moans became louder and louder. I removed my tongue from inside her and dashed it along her juicy love lip before easing it back into her. Nicole was bucking her hips to meet every push of my tongue.

“Oh, my God yes”, she moaned. I knew she was close. I could feel her muscles squeeze around my tongue. If she was going to have her first orgasm, I was going to make it big.

I placed my lips over her swollen clit and softly sucked on it. Nicole started bucking her hips wildly now as her impending orgasm built. “Yes”, she screamed. “I’m cumming.”

With her orgasm arriving I sucked harder on her clit, sending her into multiple orgasmic stage. After about four or five, Nicole stopped screaming and crawled down my body until her hips met mine.

Nicole inserted my member into her until just the head was hidden, and she paused. There would be no teasing this time. Nicole lowered herself even further down onto my pike.

I could feel it slowly cut through her love chamber. The fiery wet walls squeezed me as I pushed through her. Nicole took one final push and buried my staff fully into her as she let out a soft moan. With Nicole as hot as she was at this point, there would be no slow, romantic lovemaking. She started driving my stick as fast and hard as she could go.

Her sweaty haunches pounded down onto me like a jackhammer. I clasped my hands on her soft ass cheeks as she rode me. Sweat started covering Nicole’s beautiful little body. Holding onto her was becoming impossible as she propelled herself on my wet length, her pussy muscles gripping me hard. “Oh, yes”, she whimpered in pleasure.

“Come on baby. Fuck me Nicole.”

“I’m cumming”, she screamed.

Nicole took one final push and buried my cock, balls deep, into her as she came and collapsed onto me, breathing heavily. She stayed like that for a few moments as I ran my hand through her wet, stringy hair.

“I want more”, Nicole whispered between breaths. She sat up again, smiling. She slowly reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. She slid one strap off her right shoulder and the other off her left. Nicole slid the rest off her chest to reveal her beautifully large breasts. Nicole threw her bra across the room and began to impale herself on my spike again.

“Does your cock feel good inside me?”, she teased.

“Does my tight pussy make you want to come?”

“Yes”, I answered.

“Then do it”, she demanded. Nicole didn’t miss a beat. She picked up where she had paused a few moments earlier and drove me at an amazing speed. Her ass slammed into my thighs, my member ramming through her velvety heat. It was too much.

The fire built in my groin and soon I came in her. Nicole stopped, leaned down and kissed me. As we kissed Nicole laid her body on top of mine and we held each other. Nicole looked my in the eyes and said, “That was fun.”

“It’s not over”, I responded. I still wanted her in the worst way. I rolled her over onto her back a poised myself over her. I took hold of my rod and inducted it between her delicious folds. I urged the rest of it fully into her with a lovely squishing sound as Nicole moaned softly.

I thrust in and out of Nicole as fast and as hard as I could go. She had teased me, pushed all of my buttons, driven me nuts, and I loved every second of it. Now I was in control, it was my time to return the favor. I glided my prick through her hot sanctuary like a piston. Nicole was breathless. Her mouth hung open, but no sounds escaped, her eyes glazed over. I plunged through her passage even harder now. Nicole's finger nails dug into my back as she desperately tried to hold on.

My head was spinning with pleasure and I soon came for the second time. I wasn’t the only one who finished either. Nicole followed my lead and came with me. I rested on top of Nicole. We held each other as we both slowly faded out. From that time on, our relationship wasn’t the same.

It was, and still is, better.

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