Friday, February 13, 2009

An Uplifting Experience

by Karen

(June 2001)

Jake was waiting outside the lift with his new chair.
He was 55 years old. He had been the Training manager for the Company
for most of his life. He occasionally took training sessions, this had
afforded him the the opportunity to flirt with a number of female
trainees. Over the years he had come to know which were the ones he
could banter with, and on rare occasions there were some who were
willing to go further.

For instance, there was Susie who enjoyed being fucked on the
photocopier, she had the habit of pressing the copier button and
taking copies of the action. Come to think of it he still had a copy
of her arse and cunt, somewhere. then there was Kerry, she liked
you to lick her cunt, and then bend her over a desk and fuck her
doggy-style. Julie and Marie were friends who shared everything.
Having both of them had been something else.

He could remember Julie sucking his cock, while Marie was bent over
and he was licking her wet cunt. He had enjoyed fucking them both.
Jake's thoughts came back to reality as Cilla walked into the lift area.
She had been with the Company for a few months. He had felt her tits
a number of times, and he'd had his hand between her legs, but she
had a lot of hang ups.

"Good morning, Gorgeous, where are you off?"
"Personnel, I've got to hand deliver this"
Just then the lift opened, Cilla entered and kept the door open, while
Jake pushed the chair inside.

Cilla pressed for the eigth floor and the twelfth.
The door closed and the lift started to move, with a judder.
They had hardly gone three floors, when the lift ground to a halt.
After a short discussion with the engineers, Jake informed Cilla that
they were going to be there for at least two hours. "Plenty of time
for us to have some fun". With that, he sat down, pulled her towards him.

Cilla fell against him, his hands slid under her skirt and slid up
her legs. He encountered the tops of her stockings, and was encouraged
further when his hands slid over her arse. He tought she had no knickers
on, but realised that she was wearing a thong. His knee pushed her legs
apart, and he heard her gasp as his fingers moved against her crotch.
Cilla moved forward and sat on his lap, her hands moved down his chest,
running her nails over him as she went. Jake slid his finger into
her already wet hole, Cilla moaned.

She moved her hand down over his hard on, slid the zipper down,
moved her hand inside and grasped his cock.

Jake moved his hand to her top, and slid the straps down, exposing her tits.
He pulled her forward and began sucking her nipples.
Cilla withdrew Jake's cock, slid from his knee and knelt before him.
She flicked her tongue over the tip, swirling it around, before licking
the shaft. Her hand moved to her nipple, and teased it to a harder peak.
She slid his cock into her mouth, and sucked it. Her hand gripped his
balls and massaged them, whilst she continued to lick and suck his dick.
Jake closed his eyes and listened to the squelching sound of her sucking
his cock. His hand was moulding her breast, and squeezing the nipple.
Cilla moved up and put her tits around his cock, and, pushed them together,
enfolding his dick between them, her lips closed over the head and sucked,
probing into the opening.

Cilla looked up and watched his face as she continued to rub her tits
against his dick and balls.

Jake reached forward and pulled her into a standing position in front of him.
His hands slid her panties from her, he drew her forward and lifted her leg
up on to the arm of the chair. He lowered his mouth to her wet pussy,
his tongue licked her clit, and he slid two fingers inside her.
Cilla clutched his shoulders. One hand moved to his head, and pulled
his mouth deeper into her. Jake could hear her moaning softly,
interspersed with gasps. His fingers worked into her, feeling her wet
juices running down his hand.

Cilla had moved down to join Jake, and, sliding her fingers -
and Jake's inside her, spread her wetness even more.
Jake pulled her forward, spread her legs, and lowered her on to his
hard cock. She wiggled her hips around, driving his cock deeper into her cunt.
Jake rocked her back and forth on his cock, and watched her tits bobbing
in front of him. He leaned forward and sucked them, in turn.
Jake wanted her to turn round and straddle him, whilst facing away
from him. Cilla complied, and Jake reached forward and cupped both
her breasts and moulded them in his hands.

Cilla placed one hand on the wall of the lift, for balance.
Her other hand slid between her legs and rubbed her clit, and then
slid lower and gripped Jake's balls.

Jake stood and pushed her against the wall of the lift whilst he fucked her,
pushing himself harder into her as he felt himself and her cuming.
Then, with a few deep thrusts, he felt his cum shoot into her.
Cilla was moaning and gripping him tight into her as she joined him.
She could feel the wet seeping from her cunt, and running down her leg
Jake kissed her neck.

"What took you so long?" he asked.

"I was waiting for you to make the first move! Oh! and the right setting"

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