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Growing up

by Julie Winston
(August 2001)

It was at the age of 14 that I discovered oral sex. More accurately I discovered my older brother having oral sex. He was standing in his bedroom, his girlfriend on her knees in front of him. He was holding her head and thrusting, she had her arms around his waist.

Apart from undoing the essentials they were fully clothed. They didn't see me standing there; I was creeping in to steal a CD back thinking he was out. I am sure he must have sneaked his girlfriend in so no one would come to his room and catch him.

He was obviously enjoying it so I thought my boyfriend, now my husband, Dave would like it too. Up until now we had just kissed as he fondled my flat chest. Nothing beyond that. We were both pre pubescent, both late developers, maybe that's why we had hit it off together all those months before.

That evening I went round Dave's house. His parents were going out and left us babysitting his little sister. When she was asleep we started our usual necking. Then I said 'can I try something new' to which he agreed. He was very shy getting his knob out; we had to draw the curtains to darken the room because it was the summer.

He was shy because no pubic hairs had appeared yet. I stood him up and kneeled at his feet then put it in my mouth. Even though he hadn't begun puberty he still had a good erection, if not a little small ' not that I knew otherwise.

Innocently, I also put his balls in my mouth at the same time. Although he didn't ejaculate he loved the sensation of me tonguing my way around his genitals. I loved it too, almost a sense of power though, again, I didn't know why.
After a few weeks he did the same to me, though he started with more of a licking action. The feeling was like I had never had before, I thought that I had had an orgasm. I know now I hadn't. By the winter we had begun puberty, both of us. Dave had a few hairs across the top of his knob. I had a few around my vagina and, to my delight, my breasts began to show. I say Œbegan to show‚ but really just little buds under my nipples. My nipples gave me the best sexual feeling at that time, Dave loved to lick those or just move them on the wobbly buds. Around that time we discovered my clitoris, a shock to us both.
Dave had been licking me around my vagina, then he started kissing me there. Then, as he told me much later, he decided to give me a french kiss and poked his tongue into my folds. I was already aroused from his licking and when his tongue brushed my clitoris I almost jumped of the bed. He sat up to see what was happening, to see if I was OK. I pushed his head back down to try again and there I had my first, rapid, orgasm.

It was during that winter that Dave had his first orgasm too, into my mouth. We were laying down and I was sucking his knob, he began to thrust and quickly shot a warm load into my mouth. A lot of girls don't like this but I do, the movement and the heat of his knob with the feel and taste of semen. So, for both of us, the first orgasms were over quickly. In time we have managed to pace ourselves and enjoy the experience more.
By the next summer my breasts were shaping up. They were now filling a 30aa bra, just! They didn't look out of place on my boyish figure, even now just 32aa ' 22 ' 30. Dave loved to slide his hand onto my bra, a trainer bra then, and feel the shapes through the fabric before going inside.

My nipples developed enough to give a good sized bump. Our genitals were now covered in hair as they should be, it was only when we left school that we took to shaving. In fact, truth be known, we have both had electrolysis to return to the pre pubescent feel that we love ' but that is our secret! But back to that summer, the oral sex was great so we tried full intercourse. It was a dismal failure, I am sure most first attempts are, Dave came as he prodded around with his sheathed knob as he tried to find the way in. It was another year before we tried again. What we did learn about was massage and self-masturbation, it started when we were putting on suntan lotion at the beach one day.

Dave was finishing off my back when I said how nice it felt on my shoulders. He undid the tie around my neck to do me there and the triangular cups dropped revealing to all my little breasts! I don't suppose anyone saw anything because I covered them up in an instant. In doing so I was holding the cups over my breasts as he sun-tanned my shoulders.

Gently I felt my own breasts with movement's imperceptible to anyone else, including Dave. My juices started flowing with this self-masturbation, something I had never done ever. It soon stopped because Dave tied my straps up again. I needed to orgasm; I had become so excited. I said to Dave that it was too cold and so I covered myself in a towel then fingered myself.

The naughtiness of it all, the masturbation on the beach next to my boyfriend led me to a rapid massive orgasm. The feel of my wet folds and clitoris was irresistible. I didn't know that Dave was watching, my eyes were closed. He watched me shudder and bring up my knees as I came. He said, 'are you fingering yourself?' There was no way I could deny it, it wouldn't have been unusual for him to secretly finger me on the beach.

'Yes, sorry' not really knowing if they were the right words. Even now I remember him taking the towel off me and laying it over himself. He lay on his side, to hide the motions then lowered his shorts. I peeped under the towel as he wanked himself off in front of me, shooting his load on the pebbles. 'I always wanted you to see me do that,' he said.
After that we often show each other ourselves masturbating, I find it a real turn on to see him playing with himself.

Sometimes I will peek at him showering, he pretends that I am not there, and he wanks off. I don't know if he wanks off when I am really not there, he doesn't know if I do (I do!) ' we never talk about that. We do a lot of massaging each other too, loads of baby moisturiser on each other's chests. Again, we do each other and ourselves.

Occasionally we shower together, usually we start off with me in panties and bra with Dave in his shorts. The clothes get wet and see through and we soap each other through them. Sometimes we will leave them on as we wank each other into orgasm. Other times we will strip off and make love standing up.

Another thing Dave likes is to watch me wee myself. I prepare by drinking a lot of water then holding on as long as possible. I stand in the shower, taps off, wearing just my panties and let go. He loves to see my panties get wet as it trickles down my legs. Needless to say I have a shower afterwards, usually whilst he wanks off in front of me.

So, where are we now? We rarely have actual intercourse, we prefer to masturbate each other. I like Dave's slow tongue around my bald vagina and his hands reaching up to my moistened breasts.

Sometimes I put my finger into his mouth and he uses his tongue to push it back onto my clitoris as we jointly bring me to orgasm. Other times I massage my nipples whilst he licks me, he loves to press my hands down into my breasts and feel as I play with myself. Dave still loves me to suck him off. I still like the taste and swallow it. He particularly likes his second orgasm when, until he gets erect again, I can put his balls and soft knob in my mouth. He also likes me to - help him‚ wank off. I moisturise his knob and he puts one hand around the shaft and the other cups his balls, then I slide his hand up and down for him and watch as the semen spurts then rolls back down his hands.

I wonder if my brother still has oral sex ' I never said anything to him, perhaps I should now thank him!

Julie Windsor contact me at 32aa@altvista.co.uk

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