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by Linda Chorlton
(July 2001)

Sometimes I lie awake, wondering if I'll make it out of here, but the wind blows round my heels, so I stay - I remember lying there, wishing I could be someone else, trying to get away. Then things get back to normal.

I think of Kristina. Tina, always was one of my favourite people, second only in my heart to my wife, yet always in my affections. Not ravishing or even beautiful, more the baby-face type, with a smile that turns good men into bad boys. That smile could make you into a grown man, overnight. Her body exactly fitted my tastes. 36b breasts that are pear-shaped, not like those huge pendulous, silicon jobs you goggle at in Men Only, that require skilled bridge engineers to design bras for. Just more than my hands can hold, firm and silky to the touch, with sensitive nipples that firm up quickly, when stroked or sucked. I tease her by saying that her waist is so thin that she should be a model, then laugh and say modelling watchstraps.

One time some years ago, I was in my sparsely furnished flat, it was late evening, after dinner, I was clearing up the dishes, (I'm a good cook), when my mobile rang.

It was Tina and she wanted to come over to my place, she sounded tense, saying she needed to talk to a friend. She had a serious problem and needed some straight advice. I told Tina that if she would rather, I would meet her any place she so desired. She told me No, that she wanted privacy and no interuptions.

I gave her basic directions to my place and she said she would be there some 20 minutes, or so, later. I did one of those advert-type in-a-flash cleanup and had just finished when there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there was Kristina, my schoolgirl innocent lookalike. She gave me that cock twitching smile and took one big jump at me, landing with her arms around my neck and her legs wrapped themselves firmly round my waist. She hugged me very tight and gave me a big kiss as a greeting.

I pulled back and said, "Wow, girl, that kind of a welcome can get you in trouble. I am not fire-proof to your charms,that kind of behaviour can easily get misconstrued, very easily lead us into temptation." She laughed and asked me if I'd mind if that was true. Of course I told her it would make my day ...and week... and...! She loosened her scissor grip on me, raised herself up to her full 5 foot nothing, looked me straight in the eye and said she would give it some serious consideration.

We both knew that she was kidding but it made me feel good to know she could tease and flirt, it showed how much she cared for me. We moved into the lounge, and I asked her to sit where-ever she would be most comfortable. She picked the couch opposite my tilt back chair and plopped down. I offered her a drink and a snack but she declined, saying she had just eaten.

"OK, now what can I do for you my sweet?" I asked.

She paused for a few moments, trying to get her thoughts lined up. Then she looked squarely at me and asked me what was wrong with her. I gulped and must have looked confused because she repeated the question. I looked at her from top to toe and told her that as far as I was concerned, not a single thing, was wrong. In fact that she was the most perfect example of femininity that I knew. S

he blushed, thanked me for the compliment, but she hadn't meant looks. Kristina took a few moments to rephrase the question and said "I seem to have a problem with sex. I have had sex with several boys we know and I can never achieve an orgasm. I get wet to the point of actually leaking a little. And I give it my all, but never seem to be able to make it into the joint paradise I want".

This really astounded me. I had thought that, of all the girls I knew, she was the most likely the wildest in bed, and the one most likely to have explosions rather than just an orgasm.

"Tina, before we go on, I would like to ask you why you chose me to talk to".

For some reason there are girls that I hardly know who come up to me and talk about very intimate things. Some of the girls I know well have done so. These are things that girls don't talk about, even to their best friends. It amazed me that these girls picked me." Kristina gave me a shy smile and said, "Jake, you are one of those rare people that girls trust without knowing why, they just do. Besides which, you have a reputation of being fair and unbiased and you never tell any tales. The girls know that what they tell you will go no further. I have heard several girls say that you helped them a lot, but never heard any say you were at all wrong. Above all you are never judgemental."

It was my turn to blush, and I thanked her for being forthright and telling me the straight truth. It still amazed me that such a thing could happen to me.

"Ok, Tina, now lets hear your tale of woe and see if I can help in some way".

She settled in and started to tell me about her problem. She said that she had been only occasionally sexually active, that she didnt hop into bed with just anyone. The problem was that regardless of whom her partner was she never could quite achieve her orgasm. It would come close but never quite made it.

I asked her if she ever masturbated, and if so, was she able to make it then. She blushed again, and said "Yes, sometimes it worked, other times it didn't."

I started to probe her habits to see if there was a pattern that I could discern.

"Tina, does the time of the month have any effect?" She thought about that for a moment and shook her head. "I don't think so. I have tried it during various times, wondering that myself."

" How about the frame of mind, I asked, or maybe physical condition like maybe being too tired?"

She shook her head again. "Nope, didn't matter,"she muttered.

"I tried everything I could think of and that's why I came to you."

I told her that, not being a girl, I wasn't really an expert on women's orgasms. I came to the conclusion that she was trying too hard and put too much pressure on herself to perform. Just let it happen.

"Kristina, I have an idea. It will be a rather different approach than I usually use but it might work. You have covered most of the things that normally cause such problems and I can't think of anything else at the moment. It will take a lot of guts on your part, perhaps, but it just might be the answer." Kristina looked at me with a stern look on her face and said "Jake, I will try anything you want if you think it will help". I asked her "Anything?" She nodded yes.

"OK, what I have in mind is for you and I to make love. It will be uncomfortable for you at first, I imagine. After all we are not that close, although I must admit the thought of making love to you has crossed my mind more than once." She giggled and turned a deep red.

"You're not the only one with those thoughts. You were almost one of my targets several times. You don't know how close you came to being seduced."

I was at a loss for words. I had never thought that my Tina was ever even mildly interested in me. She noticed my glazed eyes and tenderly told me that the only reason she didn't was that she wanted to keep me as a dear friend and any sexual overtures may have spoiled that. "I take that as meaning you will try my idea?"

"You bet. I just hope it won't spoil our relationship. Of course, on the other hand it may make them even better," and she giggled again. We went into the bedroom and I pulled the covers down and turned to her.

"Are you ready and do you want to undress in the bathroom?" She looked me right in the eye and said, "No. I wouldn't pass up this chance to watch you watch me undress. I've thought of doing this in front of you many times and I want to see the look in your eyes as I get undressed. I'm going to do a striptease for you."

My mind went blank! Kristina told me "Just sit down there on the bed and don't do anything except watch!"

At that she began to take off her blouse very slowly, undoing each button with a slow measured pace. I could feel her eyes peering at me as each button came undone. I didn't want to miss a thing as she took the blouse off and twirled around, showing off her perfect body. My blood pressure began to soar and I had the feeling of an erection starting. She then very slowly took hold of the zipper and began a slow easy motion pulling it down. I think my eyeballs must have popped out because she started to giggle again.

"My, my. I hope you don't have a heart attack. That would spoil everything for me." I gasped and without taking my eyes off her told her "Not a chance. I wouldn't miss this either". When the zipper reached the bottom, she pulled the skirt down, wriggling her pretty bum from side to side, and then a thrust and retreat to add to the suspense.

Eventually my Tina was standing there with just her bra and panties on. I had to shake my head to clear my vision. This was too much! I had no idea that she was so sexy. I'd always guessed she could be if she'd wanted to be, but this was ecstacy! Next, off came the bra.

She was still watching me very intently, every move calculated to raise my blood pressure and something else. And that was sure happening too. She reached behind and undid the clip, and slowly, ever so slowly lowered the bra. Her beautiful breasts never dropped an inch. She cupped one tit as it would have been exposed, tauntingly. Let the bra hang loosely and then let it drop, hiding her next bosom.

Finally, she tugged the fabric so that it diappeared into her cunt, then off came the panties. Teasingly, she hooked her thumbs in the waist band and pulled down the white, lace trimmed panties. She had watched my every expression and intently stared at me.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked, stepping out of the tiny garment.

"I think that I shall never see, a body as pretty as this."

She blushed again and walked towards me, wiggling her best assets.

"Now it's your turn", she taunted, "and my turn to watch".

I jumped up and almost tore my clothes off. Kristina watched and said, "My you are in a hurry, did the Nuclear Attack alarm sound?", and laughed. We crawled into bed and I made myself slow down. After all, this was to be for her benefit, not mine. Be more professional. I leaned over towards her and kissed her gently, starting on her lips and mouth and slowly moving down to her breasts.

They were firm and the nipples stuck straight up. I wrapped my tongue around each one in turn, flipping the nipples. Next I took one in my mouth and sucked at it while my tongue moved back and forth. I let the whole breast slide into my mouth and savoured the taste. My teeth took hold of the nipple and pulled, using just enough pressure to keep from hurting her, but enough to pull the nipple and stretch it until it slipped out of my mouth. This I did over and over.

She began to moan and writh about. After a few minutes of this, I started to move down her delightful body, licking and kissing as I went. My hands were busy playing with her breasts, squeezing and pinching the nipples. By now she was very aroused. I could smell her femininity and it urged me on. I brought one hand down and caressed her love mound softly, hearing her moans getting more intense.

My finger was now moving up and down in the crevice between her legs and I felt the wetness there. Tina's rim of pink was swelling by the minute. I started to run my hand down her leg to the back of her knee, stroked there, and felt her squirm with delight at the tickling of this erogenous zone, mostly ignored by blokes.

Then slid my fingers back up, across the mound, stopping long enough to let the finger ride all the way up the slot in the crevice.I repeated this with the other leg, again stopping to caress and finger the crevice. What really turns me on is to open a cut to my gaze, as soon as lovemaking begins, look for the clitoris, touch it, tweek it, pinch it to enlarge it. Eventually I have known women to have transformed their clitoris into becoming a perfectly formed small penis, which, when then sucked, drives them, and me delirious. Foreplay most men tend to miss out in the rush as they go for gold.

By now Kristina was beginning to moan out loud and asked me to please fuck her. I put my finger in further and felt that the whole area was sopping wet. I began rubbing her clit and she almost came clear off the bed in her arousal. Finally, I couldn't take any more either and so I rolled over on top. She spread her legs as wide as they would go and pleaded with me to fuck her now!! I slid into her vagina so easily and plunged all the way in.

Her body rose to meet me and together we began a rhythmic rumpy pumpy, then, it seemed no time at all she was gasping "Yes,Yes, Yes, Now, now, now you bastard, fuck my brains out!!" She exploded into the most intense orgasm that I have ever witnessed. Her pussy was gripping me like a vice, squeezing and holding my dick so tight that I actually felt discomfort. The clamping turned to a sucking as she milked my sword in her sheath.

Her grand slam orgasm lasted for almost a full minute. Her screams and whining was so unexpected, it spurred me on too. Then she collapsed on the bed. I fell on top of her and was totally exhausted from our efforts. It took some minutes before either of us could speak.

When she opened her eyes, she looked at me and asked, "Was that a dream or did I really have something explode inside me?"

I assured her that it was a real A-1 orgasm, the likes of which I had never seen. It took another minute or so before she spoke.

"Jake, that was the best earth-shaking, gut wrenching, mind boggling, nerve wracking orgasm anyone could poss- ibly have. How did you do that for me?"

I told Tina, "I didn't do it, Kristina, you did it. And you know you did it all" She queried, "I did it?" so I nodded my head and told her it was all her doing. She looked long and hard at me and shook her head " No, Jake, it was your doing. No one ever had that effect on me, not even the ones I thought I was in love with.If I did that it was because you made me do it."

"Kristina, my lovely one, sex is all in the mind. You were trying so hard to prove to yourself that you were as good as you looked that you tensed up too much. You put too big a burden on your self and wound up too stressed up to be able to unwind when the time came for the orgasm. With me, a friend, you didn't have that feeling of having to prove yourself. You knew what I thought of you and just let yourself go and relaxed. That's the secret. That and having someone who cared enough about you to get you thoroughly aroused before he ever started the penetration."

She smiled and looked at me with a look I'll never forget. "Jake, will you marry me, please?"

I laughed and said, "Honey, I would love to, but not right now. You are coming off a high like you never had before. Believe me, there will be many of these after tonight. Now you know what you can do, your relaxed attitude will take you the rest of the way. Don't be in a hurry to get married based on sex. I am totally flattered that you asked me, and I love you dearly but wait for a while, maybe a year or so before you decide whom you want to marry. For now, just roll over and go to sleep. I'll be here with you and cuddled up to you.

Kristina yawned, turned over and was asleep. Waking and finding her in my bed next morning was a delight, Another time, and another place.....

The End

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