Friday, February 06, 2009

Mister C

By Atlantis Lucus
(April 2001)

I live in a small European country and have for several years. I am married and life is good although it's remained uneventful for some time until my son started school. I brought him there in the car every morning and picked him up in the afternoon five days a week.

I began to notice the building which was under construction across the street. There were men there and they noticed me. In the beginning I didn't really pay much attention to them because over the years I've become used to men's stares. I love to look beautiful for men so eventually I began to allow myself to get a good ego trip off it and go home.

This became a daily thrill for me until it became clear who's attention I had gotten. He was a middle-aged man with blonde hair and a nice smile. At first I had it under control but then he disappeared for awhile. I became anxious for his return. Days past with no site of him until one day I turned towards the window that he always sat behind and, unexpectedly, there he was waving a soda can in my direction. I smiled with such pleasure at the site of him. He had me in his grasp and I melted.

Day after day passed by and he was a fixture in it once again. I allowed myself to be swept up in him and fantasized about him almost all day long. He played me like a violin. The man had experience with women and I craved more. Little by little the silent communication between us grew and I could see that he waited for me as well as I for him.

On this day I returned to my car as usual and I begin to imagine...

He motions me into his trailer where I usually see him working. I respond by entering his domain. He speaks a different language than I. Communication would be difficult. We didn't need to talk. We had little to say. He was probably married and so was I. He walks over to me and pins me against the cabinet. We mesh together like one. I feel his tongue pushing against my lips and I give way letting him through. We begin to explore eachother, making love with our tongues.

My hand slid down and I grab ahold of his shaft now trying to poke through his pants. I gasp at the feel of his hardness and feel the wave of my first orgasm begin. He had teased me for so long that I couldn't hold back anymore. He pushes his groin into my pelvis and I begin to peak. He doesn't stop there. He lifts my skirt and pushes aside my panties shoving his finger up my cunt. He feels so good I beg for more and he finger fucks me as I clutch on to him for mercy. I become lost in the wave of each orgasm now unable to stop him from seeking fulfillment. My desire for him becomes need as we fall victim to the moment.

I fumble with the button on his jeans and rip the zipper down exposing his magnificent cock. I grab it and kneel down to lick the entire length of his member and begin to suck up and down and all over his piece. My other hand massages his balls gently as my tongue explores his most private of places. I lick the pre-cum from his tip and lavish in the taste of it. I anticipate what is to come. He could wait no longer as he pulls out of my mouth and pushes me back onto the desk not wanting to cum yet. He pulls my panties aside and shoves his fingers in making sure I am ready and I certainly am. He takes his fingers out and replaces them with the tip of his cock.

My body is trembling with anticipation as he shoves it up me as hard and fast as he can. I arch my back in complete acceptance of his invasion and my body responds with an incredible orgasm as he begins to ravish inside me. His motions are strong and forceful with complete intent to fulfill his need for pleasure and I allow him to take what he wants from me as I loose myself in the incredible feel of his manhood so deep inside me. He begins to fuck me faster and faster and I can feel that his cock is ready to burst. I clutch his ass and pull him hard and deep inside me as his orgasm begins.

He moans as he releases, shoving it in and out with everything he has throwing me into another orgasmic wave. He holds his cock there for moments before collapsing on top of me. It was over. He comes for air and smiles. I pull my skirt down and say " I gotta go." I run out not caring if it ever happens again. We satisfied a need and that was all. I never even asked his real name.

Just then, somebody behind me honks and I wake from my trance. Mr. C wasn't in the window anymore. I start my car and go home.

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