Saturday, February 14, 2009

Naughty in Norton

by Karen

(June 2001)

The phone rang. Toni jumped. "Hello!"

It was Tim, " Hi sweetheart, what are you wearing?"

"What I'm wearing doesn't matter, I want to see you, can you get away?"

"I think so, why?"

"Because, after what you did to me today, I want to finish where we left off.
You've left me with an ache between my legs that won't go away.
I need to feel you inside me, to fuck you. Can you come?"

"I can come on both counts. Just tell me where and when!"

"My home, it will take you about three quarters of an hour to get here"

"Your home, but.....!"

"It's all right". Toni gave him directions, telling him to park by the
Norton canal, and they'd walk to her home, she hung up.

Toni raced into the bathroom, and took a quick shower.
She had things to do before he got there.
Forty minutes later she took the quick walk to their meeting place,
a few minutes later he arrived.

Tim surveyed her as she walked towards him, she looked good enough to eat.
Toni wore a dark purple dress that was cut very low in front, giving him
an excellent view of her tits, and the valley between.
The dress hugged her body, ending just below her knee, with a small frill
that undulated as she walked in her high heels.

They walked up the canal path, and cut through some bushes.
In the gloom he pulled her round and into his arms.
As she came up against his body, he realised that she wasn't wearing a bra.
Tim reached up and cupped her breast, rubbing his fingers against her
nipple through the dress.

Toni ran her hand over his bum, and rubbed her body against him.
She moved her hand around to the front and stroked it against his shaft,
feeling it harden against her hand. She pulled away.
"Come, we're only a few minutes from mine".

Once inside she led him into her bedroom and pushed him down on a chair
in the corner. Standing before him Toni smiled, raising her hands up to
her head. She ran her fingers through her hair.

Toni drew her hands slowly back down her neck and across her breasts.
Her hands slid round her breasts and pushed them together, before sliding
them down her body and between her legs, and on down her inner thighs.
Toni drew her hands back up, following the same path they took on the
descent, drawing the hem of her dress up as she went.

Tim saw the tops of her stockings and suspenders, and the black lace
panties, before the hem of her dress dropped, removing them from his sight.
Toni's hands went to her shoulders and drew the dress down, exposing
to his gaze, the thin straps of a red satin and black lace teddy.
She pushed the dress over her hips, and let it drop to the floor.
Now he could see her nipples pressed against the black lace,
the teddy was held together by three ties.

His gaze roamed all over her, as she continued to run her hands
over her body.

Tim reached out, and drew her between his legs.
Toni leaned forward, exposing even more of her tits to him,
and began undoing his shirt. Tim ran one hand up her stocking-clad leg,
and slid his fingers under the edge of her panties, caressing the soft
hair of her mound, while his other hand caressed her tits.
Toni lowered her head to his chest, and ran her lips and tongue across
his nipples, nipping them with her teeth, as she pushed his shirt from
his shoulders. Tim pushed her panties down, and slid his fingers
into her, Toni moved against his hand.

Toni drew him to his feet, undid his trousers, kicking her panties
away as she did so. His cock sprang from his trousers as she pulled
them from him. Toni drew Tim to the bed, pushed him down on to his back,
and straddled him. She reached over him and drew his hand up and tied it
loosely to the bedhead, she repeated the same action with his other hand.
Toni took a bottle of baby oil and dribbled it over his shaft and balls,
and began sliding her hands up and down its length.

She stood up, turned round and knelt over his face, lowering herself,
so he was just able to reach her with his mouth.

She bent forward and wrapped her tongue around the head of his shaft,
running her tongue into the tip, before sucking it softly.
She slid her mouth down over his cock, sucking it harder as she went.
She ran her nail over the inside of his thighs and across his balls
before gently squeezing them in her hand.

Toni drew her mouth away from his shaft, and gripped its slippery
length in her hands, and slid them up and down his cock.
She lowered her lips to his balls and began kissing them before taking
them in her mouth.

Tim freed his hands from his bonds and rolled Toni on to her back.
He took hold of her ankles and spread her legs wide apart and held
them there while he lowered his head to her cunt. He heard her moaning
as he probed her wetness, he slid his tongue up to her clit and
flicked it, before sucking the small nub into his mouth.
He slid his hands down her legs and pushed them further apart.
She arched her back, her breathing coming in short quick gasps.
Tim moved his head from his administrations, to her pussy, and
trailed his lips down her thigh, back up across her stomach,
up to her tits, where he took her nipples in to his mouth and
sucked them.

Tim lifted his head and drew Toni to the edge of the bed.
"Come here, I want to fuck you". Toni slid off the bed, placing
her hands on the wall as she straddled him.
He pulled her back on to his waiting cock as she bent forward.
He watched as his cock disappeared as he thrust his full length
into her. He repeated this several times, watching as his cock
disappeared into her wet cunt.

His hands slid up her body and undid the tie between her tits,
and, taking them in his hands, he squeezed her nipples between
his fingers, as he thrust himself deeper and quicker into her.
"Tim, lay down and let me sit on you"

Tim complied and again she straddled him, facing away from him.
Toni rolled her hips in a circular motion as she guided her hips
up and down on him, as he thrust his cock into her.

"Fuck me Tim, harder, harder!"

"Yes that's it. Fuck me. Fuck me".

Tim felt himself shoot, emptying his full load into her. He felt
her muscles grip his cock even tighter as she joined him.

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