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(August 2001)

Sara sat in her room sobbing, as she relived that horrible night to her best friend Jennifer. Sara had few friends, since she was a virgin and did not engage in the ribald antics of the rest of her senior class. She did not go to many parties, but she was happy with herself and her commitment to remain a virgin until she met the right man.

Jennifer was no virgin, but one of the only classmates who accepted Sara's decision and did not give her a hard time about it, like the others. Since it was 2 weeks until graduation, everyone was invited to all the year end parties, regardless of which clique they associated themselves with.

Sara did not want to go to Racquel's party, but she went along just to be sociable. She planned to stay a few moments and leave. Sure enough, after only a few minutes of toasting and merriment, Tonya and Brad, the horniest couple in school, were making out, standing in the middle of a ring of students egging them on. Brad's hands found their way under her shirt, Tonya's thigh was grinding into Brad's crotch. Brad was humping her leg like a dog.

Sara decided it was more than time to go, but found herself in the middle of a crowd that was not about to let her exit. She hear a whoop go up from the crowd and turned just in time to see Brad's jeans around his thighs, and Tonya's face buried in his crotch. Brad was moaning like he was about to die, and more than one guy in the crowd was massaging his own swollen jeans.

That did it, Sara shouldered herself out of the crowd and headed for the door. As she got to the sidewalk, she heard quick footsteps behind her. It was Nate, the football star, basketball star, the most popular guy in the school. He'd just broken up with his snotty bitch of a girlfriend when he found her in the boys bathroom exhibiting her self for a group of masturbating boys.

"Wait up Sara" he called. Sara wondered how in the world he even knew her name.

"Things got a little raunchy in there" he said, sheepishly.

"Yeah" she replied. Not sure what else to say. "How are you getting home?" Nate asked. "It's kind of far to walk".

Sara was surprised that he even knew where she lived. "Well, i hadnt really thought about it, i was just interested in getting out of there". "Let me drive you Sara. I don't feel much like partying anyway".

The two of them got into Nate's car. "Want to stop for a soda or something first?" he asked as he started the car. "Sure, why not" Sara replied. They drove through a fast food place and got a couple of Pepsi's to go and stopped along the lake front to sip on them. It was a cool breezy night, Sara was just glad to be away from that stifling, smoke filled party.

Nate turned to her and asked in a quiet voice "can i ask you something?" Sara nodded, lost in thought about her college choice and getting out of that little town. "Why are you a virgin? I mean, everyone knows it, and i just don't get it. You are a pretty girl and i know you've had offers."

Sara was not sure if she should be insulted or not. He was asking what seemed to be a reasonable question.

"Well", she started, "i am waiting until i find..." Nate cut her off. "I mean, how do you know that you won't like it unless you try it?" Sara became wary.

"That's not the point Nate. It's just not my style," "I think you're just scared" Nate said, moving closer to her. Sara panicked, she tried to grab the door handle but Nate was faster. She screamed and he shoved his hand roughly over her mouth.

"You know what the problem is? You've never been with a guy who had what it takes to show you what you're missing" Sara's eyes were wild. How could this happen?? She struggled, but his huge football player's body was blocking her efforts.

The next thing she knew his hand was under her skirt, his fingers working their way under the crotch of her cotton panties.

She shrieked, which was muffled in his hand. Nate's eyes were glazed over, his mouth gaping and his fingers tore at her panties. "Relax baby, if you're all tense its going to be a little more painful than it should be."

"No" Sara sobbed beneath his hand.

"Please NO!"

"You just don't know what you're missing" Nate growled as his other hand tore at his gym shorts. His huge, red, dripping cock popped out and Sara screamed again. Before she knew what was happening, his knee separated her thighs and his cock was pushing at her pubic hairs.

She tried to skitter away, but he held her fast. His free hand had been stroking his cock, but how it held a clump of her hair tightly. "Just relax sweetheart, let it happen then i dare you to tell me you don't love it!"

She tried to jerk away but a blinding burning flash of pain tore through her as his cock found it's mark and slammed into her virgin vagina. She was so overwhelmed by what was happening, she went limp and ceased to fight. But her tears flowed thickly down his hand as the oblivious guy pumped his hot cock into her, muttering the whole time how sweet and tight her hole was. How good she felt, how he was going to teach her a sweet lesson she would never forget.

The next thing Sara remembered, his pace quickened, his breath came in gasps and he shouted to God as a hot sticky mess exploded inside her. The massive amount of juice flowed out of her and coated her inner thighs. Nate collapsed back against the driver's door, gasping deeply, his cock standing out from his body and covered with thick cum.

Sara scrambled out of the passenger door and ran for the road. Before she reached the street, she straightened her clothes, aware that she had no idea where her panties were, and walked the several miles home.

When Jennifer could not reach her by phone she went to her house, convinced that something was wrong. And God was she right! Jennifer was fuming, ready to call the police and have Nate arrested.

Sara was too humiliated to do that, and begged Jenn not to so her parents would not find out. Jenn knew that was a bad decision on Sara's part, but agreed. Still, Jenn plotted revenge for her pure friend, who was spoiled by that ape Nate who thought he was god's gift to sex.

Slowly a plan hatched in Jenn's brain, and she enlisted the help of 3 other cheerleaders. While they all had poked fun at Sara at one time or another, as soon as the 3 heard what had happened and Jenn's plan for revenge, they were more than happy to help and vowed their silence for all time.

Jenn's brother Matt was gay, and a total waste of a hunk, according to all the women who knew him. Matt cried when he heard Sara's story from Jenn, he really liked Sara and she had been a good friend to him when many were not. Matt agreed to help Jenn with her diabolical plan and made a phone call to a guy he knew who would be more than willing to help. Five days later, Nate was working out in the basement weight room at the school.

The janitor thought Nate had Pro Football possibilities and would lock him in there before he left for the day so Nate could continue his workouts for as long as he liked, then exit by a self locking side door. Nate was at his best, wearing only his trademark skimpy gym shorts, the same he'd been wearing the night of Sara's rape.

The group came down the hall so silently, that Nate jumped when he saw the shadow on the wall. Nate had never seen this guy before.

"Who are you and how did you get in here?" Nate hollered.

"The name's Bruce, and you must be Nate?"

"Yeah" responded Nate, quite wary of the unexpected visitor. "So how did you get in here".

"Well, i heard you were working out in here and i wanted to have a little talk with you." Nate sat up on the weight bench, "About what?" Bruce stood before him, the group of 5 girls waiting in the hallway held their breath.

"Well, i have seen you play football and you look pretty good out there"

"Thanks" replied Nate, so taken with the compliment he started to drop his guard. After all, this guy was built like a bull moose, maybe he was some kind of pro here to scout him?

"Yeah" Bruce continued, "you look real good", a sly smile played on his lips. "I found myself thinking that i'd love to grab a handful of that tight hard ass of yours just to see how it felt in my hand."

Nate startled so badly he almost lost his balance. "Hey pal, i don't know who you are or how you got down here, but that's not my style. So beat it, now!" In a flash it was over, Bruce lunged at Nate. Using the element of surprise, it was not difficult to get him bent over the weight bench and handcuffed to the uprights.

Nate screamed furiously, "Who the hell are you? And what's this all about?? I told you, it's not my style!"

Sara stood in the doorway. "That's what i told you too Nate. Remember what you told me? You said how will i know if i don't ever try it."

Nate's eyes bugged out. He had never seen such a look on sweet Sara's face. Her features were hardened, her arms crossed. Then, standing behind her, was Jennifer and three of his other "conquests", each of these women had an ax to grind with Nate and he started to understand the horrible consequences of what was about to happen! Bruce grinned meanly at Nate, "I think i'm the guy to show you what you've been missing Nate."

The ladies settled themselves on the gym mats, Sara never took her eyes off of Nate. She was going to enjoy Jenn's plan immensely! Bruce turned his attention back to Nate.

"Now, what were you saying Nate?" he asked softly as me moved closer to him. Nate was held fast by the handcuffs and the awkward position, which thrust his ass out in a very inviting position, as far as Bruce could see.

Bruce laid his palm on Nate's ass and started to stroke him softly. Nate cursed and pulled at the restraints to no avail. Bruce grasped Nate's waistband and gently tugged his gym shorts to his ankles. The ladies watching let out a whoop, Nate let out a roar followed by more cursing. Nate's cock was drawn up to his balls in terror. Bruce reached between Nate's legs and started to tug gently on the shrunken member.

Nate thrashed, but Bruce held firm. "Hmmm" he said, "not a whole lot here to crow about, now is there big man!"

"Stop" screamed Nate. Don't touch me!" Bruce turned to Sara, "Is that what you told him Sara".

"Yes, it is" Sara said with a hardness in her voice. Bruce turned to Nate "Did you respect Sara's wishes when she said that to you Nate?"

Nate moaned, he fully understood what was about to happen to him. Bruce stood in front of Nate and lowered his own gym pants. A huge 10 inch cock sprung out, at least as big around as a cop's nightstick.

There was a gasp from the ladies, then a sigh when they realized that Bruce would only be using that magnificent tool on other men! He stroked it in Nate's face a couple of times, which only seemed to make it grow more.

Nate was now crying, begging Bruce to let him go. Bruce quietly reminded Nate that Sara had made the same reasonable request of him a few nights back. Bruce moved to Nate's exposed ass, and spread his ass cheeks.

He positioned the head of his huge tool against Nate's puckered hole. Nate gasped and cried out again to be let go. Bruce smiled wickedly at the ladies gallery. "Well Sara, it's your call. Do i let him off that easy". Sara hissed from between her teeth "Hell no!" And applause and shouts of encouragement went up from the rest of them. With that approval, Bruce started to rock firmly against Nate's asshole.

"Now Nate, i am sure that once you've seen how great this feels you will want it all the time. Isn't that what you told Sara?" No response other than sobs from Nate.

The head of Bruce's cock popped through the outer ring of muscles in Nate's ass. Nate let out a shout of protest.

"Relax baby, if you're all tense its going to be a little more painful than it should be." said Bruce, as Nate heard his own words to Sara echoing in his ears.

Bruce had told the girls what to expect, the physiological reactions to watch for. There was no doubt that, although Nate was completely heterosexual, his body would respond in a sexual way, simply from the pressure of Bruce's cock against his prostate and other internal organs.

Nate surely did not know that this did not indicate that he was gay, but they were certainly not going to fill him in on that detail either! As soon as Bruce's cock head popped into Nate's anus, Nate's cock gave a little jump and stood out prominently!

The ladies hooted loudly and told Nate that he MUST be liking that! Nate sobbed in protest, but was unheard over their shouts of glee. Bruce then increased the pressure of his rocking, shoving inches more of his cock into Nate's virgin ass, producing the expected reaction in Nate's own cock.

Soon, precum started to drip from Nate's cock. Bruce knew this, and removed his cock from Nate's ass. "Excuse me a second ladies. A little break in the action while i nibble on my favorite sweet treat!"

With that, Bruce knelt in front of the sobbing Nate and licked the clear sweet precum from his protruding cock.

The ladies gallery roared with approval, egging Bruce on to deep throat him, which he did with a flourish! Having had his fill, Bruce announced that Nate was ready for the "big finish".

With that, Bruce repositioned himself at Nate's ass and told him to hold on tight. After a few torturous moments of teasing, while Bruce worked his cock head back into Nate's raw red asshole, he reared back and said "here we go boy!" and slammed the full 10 inch length of his cock hard into Nate's now-non-virgin ass!

Nate let out a shrill high pitched scream, and just as he did, his cock let go with a torrent of cum! Nate's cum squirted far and in gobs.

Again and again as Bruce pumped mercilessly at Nate's ass, Nate's cock responded with more cum than the boy had produced in his whole life!

The girls cheered wildly as the rape of Nate was completed with a flourish. Bruce emptied his massive cock into Nate's ass, then unceremoniously slipped out of his ass and wiped himself on Nate's back.

Nate stood sobbing as blood and semen ran out of his ass. Sara went up to him and said, "There Nate. Now you can make an informed decision on whether you like it or not because now you have tried it!"

With that, the group left the room, and left Nate to be found in the morning, naked, his violated ass exposed to his finders, with dried blood and cum on his legs and the floor.

He never told what happened to him that night, although the police questioned him thoroughly.

And none of the ladies ever spoke of it again. But in Sara's heart, she knew that she'd had the sweetest revenge possible.

And that Nate had learned, as he had promised to her when he raped her, a sweet lesson he would never forget.

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