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Alice and the Neighbor's landscaper

Written by Anon (May 2000)

It's hard to explain how I feel writing this little adventure. At first I feel embarrassed, but the more I try and compose how it transpired the bolder I feel.
I suppose the feelings are all due the horniness that I felt at the time when it all began.

I am a woman in my late 40's, or should I say only 39 years of age. I am divorced without any children around the house to keep me company and I suppose to keep me in line. Anyway, I would consider myself to be average in appearance; light brown hair, blue eyes and my measurements are 37-27-37.

The last 37, being my hips is larger than I'd like them to be, but it doesn't seem to make that much difference at my age. Perhaps if I were to try and wear some skimpy bathing suit it might, but I don't own one. I do like to wear fashionable clothing and during the summer months when I wear shorts and tops, I prefer not to wear any under-garments. My breasts are fairly firm and I can tell from the looks that I get that most men like what they see, especially at the grocery store in the frozen foods section.

My nipples get very stiff, but rather than try and hide them like everyone else I just enjoy the looks. Their wives have slapped several husbands as they get caught staring at them. I just laugh to myself and figure they wouldn't look if their wives had anything to offer them. There is one fault that I do have and that is that I have to wear glasses. I've tried to wear contacts, but they bother me so I continue to use my old glasses. Well enough about me, I had better get on with my story.

With the absence of a man around the house to take care of everything, including me, I have had to try and do everything myself. Thank God for artificial manly parts. I don't really get into gardening very much, but my lawn always needs to be mowed and trimmed and it is getting to be a pain in the ass.

I've noticed that my neighbor has someone mow their lawn for them and I've often thought about asking him what it would cost for him to mow mine. He's a younger guy that seems to work all alone, as I haven't ever seen anyone else helping him and he does do a very good job. I decided to have him give me an estimate on doing mine for me. For the past two weeks I have missed him, but this week I caught him.

Oh yes I caught him all right. While he was mowing their lawn, I guess Mother Nature called and he needed to relieve himself. If I hadn't been watching him, waiting for him to finish their lawn I probably wouldn't have caught him in the act, but I did. He stopped his mower, left it running and looking back at their house to make sure that they were not looking, he stepped behind a tree to do his thing. Fortunately for me, he didn't look over at my house, at least at that point.

He had a pair of jersey shorts on which didn't have a zipper. Expecting him to reach into his shorts to take his cock out, he took one last look back at their house and reached up under the left leg of his shorts and pulled the material up. Voila, his more than average sized cock came into full view. He wasn't wearing any underwear. I was mesmerized as I stood looking out the window at him.

He first stretched it a couple of times and then began to relieve himself. When he had finished he flipped it up and down, I would assume to make sure that he was done. Before he lowered his shorts again, he flipped it several more times, which caused it to get much bigger. I almost thought that I was going to watch him jerk off, but he stopped and let his shorts back down. He was just playing with himself. His cock could be seen quite clearly, in the absence of underwear, as it pressed against the front of his shorts. He walked back to his mower, seeming not to care that his cock was as noticeable as it was.

The look of being proud just like I am about my breasts, which at this point were tingling just, like the rest of my body. What caught his attention at that point I do not know, but he looked over at my house just before he put the mower in gear. Not wanting him to see me I quickly moved away from the window. I heard the mower moving again so I looked back out the window to watch some more. The mower he was using had this little platform on the back of it, which he stood on. It was sort of unique so that he would not have to walk the entire lawn.

As he drove around their back yard, his little sulky bounced him up and down as it ran over the uneven ground. Of course my eyes were riveted to the front of his shorts as I watched his cock flop around. I continued to watch him even after he had finished the mowing. A couple of times I had to rub the tips of my breasts to relieve the tingling feeling that I was having. The halter-top that I had on was cut just below my tits and made it easy for me to reach underneath and caress my nipples.

This caused me to have more feelings and want to have his cock inside me. God was I all atwitter. If all this wasn't enough, he even nonchalantly scratched his upper thigh a couple of times by lifting the leg of his shorts, which each time exposed the head of his cock.

I'm sure he was unaware of it, but I surely wasn't. Finally he was finished. I don't know if I could have taken anymore without having an orgasm just watching. Not wanting to miss him before he left, I walked out my back door and waited for him to put everything away. He walked back to look over the yard and noticed me. He said hi to me in a very professional way and I returned the greeting.

I walked over toward him and asked him if he had any time that he could spare so that he could give me an estimate on doing my lawn. He smiled and introduced himself as Bob and said of course. I told him my name was Alice. He said that it was nice to meet me as his eyes scanned up and down my body, lingering his stare on my tits.
He asked what was it that I wanted him to do? I wanted to say that I wanted him to have his way with me, but figured that I had better keep my thoughts to myself for now. I was guilty of staring now and then at his crotch.

After all I was a lot closer now and could get a better look. My mouth watered each time I sized it up. It had to be at least 6 inches long, even in its semi-erect state. I kept envisioning him shaking it up and down. Oh how I wanted to shake it right now for him. I said that I was tired of mowing my lawn and needed to know how much it would cost for him to do it for me. Oh, I like that little thing you ride around on. It sure makes it easier on you.

He said that it sure did. He looked around the yard as I followed behind him. He chatted all the while he was walking, but I have no idea what he was talking about. It had something to do with the type of lawn that I had and that it seemed to be well maintained.
I said that it wasn't that difficult, but that I was just sick and tired of doing it myself. He questioned back by saying that oh you live alone? I had no idea what difference that had to do with it, but I thought that it might be an opportunity to let him know how helpless, unaided, vulnerable and horny I was.

So I replied, yes I live alone and have one hell of a time trying to keep up with everything that needs to be done, but I suppose that raises the price for someone that is so helpless. To which he replied, on the contrary. I have a weakness for women that live alone and try and keep up with everything all by themselves. Oh what a line, I thought to myself, now for the real answer.

Well, how much would it cost a helpless woman like me to have you take care of my lawn? I was pleasantly surprised when he gave me his answer. He squatted down to run his hand through the grass and said that he would take care of my lawn for me for $20.00 per mowing. I couldn't immediately reply to his offer, because as he squatted I had to take a deep breath as I stared at the head of his cock protruding out of the leg of his shorts.

He looked up at me as I regrouped my thoughts and I said oh that is definitely a fine and I wanted to say cock, but said price.
I asked him how soon he could start to do my lawn? He said that he could mow it today if I liked. I said yes please do.
That way it will not require you to have to come back on another day, which will put you all off schedule.

He stood back up and said great, I'll just move my trailer over to your driveway and take care of it now. This is the end of my route for the day anyway. Before he left to move his equipment, I asked him if he did any other maintenance other than mowing lawns? He said that he was a full service landscaper and could take care of just about anything that I needed to have done.

Great I said, but little did he know what I had in mind. I went back inside my house as he moved his truck and trailer to my driveway. I watched him unload his mower and begin to mow my lawn. He was very meticulous about his work and careful not to damage his equipment. By now his cock was not a visible in his shorts and there wasn't that much to watch, so I let him go about his work.

After a while I realized that it was so hot outside and I was concerned that he might like something to drink. While he was mowing the back yard, I stepped out the door and motioned to him, would he like to have something to drink? He shook his head yes and I heard him say a glass of water would be fine. I decided to give him a can of coke, rather than just a glass of water. I returned inside to fetch the coke for him.

As I passed by the mirror in my den, I paused to take a look at myself. With a thumbs-up attitude I figured that I certainly still had the looks that were needed to seduce a man. All except for the damn glasses, but if I took them off I wouldn't be able to see a thing. I went to the fridge to get out the can of coke for him and as I felt the can of soda an idea ran through my head.

I took the cold can of soda and lifted my top to expose my breasts. I ran the can of soda over my nipples, which instantly made them stiff and pointy. Lowering the top I walked back outside, catching a glimpse in the mirror one more time. My top seemed like it was just draped over my tits. The nipples were standing out nicely and I was sure that he would be able to notice them.

He was making his last few passes along the back of the house as I placed the cold can of soda on the deck for him. I arched my back to pronounce my chest and pointed at the can for him. He never looked at the can. In fact he almost drove the mower right into the corner of the deck as his eyes were focused right where I had planned them to go. Regaining control over the mower he acknowledged the drink and continued to finish with the lawn. I went inside and looked back out the window at him as he passed by.

As he realized that I had gone back inside, but unaware that I was watching his lips were moving as he was talking to himself. He let go of one hand on the mower and grasped his cock in his hand and squeezed it. It was back up to half-mast again. The visual look at my nipples must have reacted very quickly to cause his cock to swell again. I watched for a short time as he put his mower away and got out another tool that he uses to do the trimming with.

I decided that if I was truly going to improve on this situation than I was going to have to do a little more before things got too quiet again. I went out on the deck to watch him do the trimming. I sat on one of the chairs that I had out there and raised my shorts in such a manner that made it look like I was just trying to get more exposure to the sun, yet I was simply trying to get more exposed. I didn't move my top any further as I was afraid my tits would be visible too much.

He quickly noticed me and kept looking over now and then to catch another look. I purposefully adjusted the hem of my shorts every once in a while. If he were looking hard enough, I would give him something to look at. Trying to guess the rhythm at which he looked over at me, I reached down and lifted the hem of my shorts to make like I was adjusting them some more. I held it up just long enough to catch one of his looks and then placed it back down again.

At his eye level I was sure that he got a good look at my unprotected crotch. I too was panty-less just like he was. Oh yes he noticed as he quickly lowered his head to continue his trimming. It worked, but now what was I to do to continue this charade? I decided to wait for him to finish his trimming and then have him sit on the deck with me to have his drink.

I twisted my shorts in such a manner that you could see up one of the leg openings. Luckily just last night I shaved most of the unwanted hair around my crotch to keep everything neat and clean.

Everything in place, I waited for him to be done. I heard the trimmer stop as he walked toward the deck to get his drink. I said why don't you come up here and sit for a while and have your coke. He agreed and the only chair for him to sit on was conveniently placed across from where I was sitting. As he sat down, instantly his eyes were directed straight up my legs into my crotch. If I didn't scare him away at this point I had him. He relaxed back in the chair and took a big gulp of the coke.

To my pleasure his being seated across from me not only afforded him the view I wanted him to have, but gave me the same. His shorts didn't need to be twisted however. His stiff cock took care of that for me. It was like I was staring down the length of a telephone pole and each time he glanced in my direction his cock twitched up and down. I explained to him that I was very pleased with the work that he did.

He stumbled with his words as he said that he always tries to do a good job. At this point I had to try and think of something to say that would get him inside my house. I was on a mission of no return.

I was either going to have him in me this afternoon or I was never going to be able to accomplish it at any other time. I had to win his confidence and get him to the point of no return too. We exchanged small talk for a little while, as I was becoming more and more horny. In questioning him about the different things that he said that he did for other customers, he eluded to the fact that he did some small amount of carpentry work. I had always wanted to have a ceiling fan installed in my den, but never had anyone that could install it.

I asked him if I purchased a ceiling fan would he be able to install it? He said that he could do everything except for the wiring. He didn't do any electrical installation. I said that it is already wired for one, it's just that I didn't know anyone that would install it.

He courteously replied that the companies that sell them can install them for you, but if you would like me to do it for you I will. That was it. My opportunity to get him inside. I said that I didn't have the time to wait around all day for an installer and they don't like to do any work during the evenings when I'm home.

He replied that wasn't any problem with him. He would install it any time that I wanted it done. I said let me show you what is involved. Maybe you will change your mind once you see the situation. I stood up to go into the house and Bob stood up too, in more than one way. As he stood it was very difficult for him to disguise the massive hard-on that he had. No matter how much he leaned forward it still was very evident, but I decided not to scare him yet.

Once we were inside was another situation. I pointed out the spot where I wanted the fan to be installed and I arched my back so that I pressed my breasts as far out as possible. I even think that the bottom portions of my tits were exposed to him. He first looked up to where I was pointing and then down at the front of me.

I raised my arm up even further to show him where the wires were. I know that my left tit was definitely visible, because when I lowered my arm I had to adjust my blouse where it hung on the nipple. He cleared his throat and said that it was an easy job that he could do anytime. I asked him if there would be any problem if he had to do it during the evening.

He said that during the evening was actually better for him as he was busy during the day. I needed to make my move if I was ever going to land this fish. I said that you can see that a fan is definitely needed out here.
During the summer months it just gets too damn hot in here without some movement of air. I'm beginning to sweat already from the heat. I held the bottom fringe of my top and fanned it as if to cool down, but I made sure that I lifted it high enough to that Bob was able to see all of me. I actually flashed my tits at him in such a manner that looked as if it were an accident.

His eyes caught full view. I said that I usually have to wear even less clothing when I'm out here during the summer. It's a good thing that no one can see in during the evening. Sometimes I just lie out here in the nude trying to cool off. A fan will make it so beautiful don't you think? He agreed. I said, as is, I try and wear as little as possible around the house to stay cool. His eyes focused on my tits again and I jumped at the fact. Oh I guess it is evident isn't it? He stammered, yes.

I'm sorry if I embarrass you. It's cute how you react. You are so timid. What would you do if I took my blouse off right now? He said that he would probably have a heart attack. I responded by saying a heart attack or a hard attack? Looking confused I said that I had noticed that he had a little problem in his shorts. He stumbled and stammered with his words. I said it's all right. I rather enjoy looking at it. It looks rather large. Let's just see what happens when I do.

Lets' see if your heart lets go or if your hard-on does. With that I lifted my top up over my head. My tits bobbled around as I swung my torso from left to right. His cock couldn't get much stiffer, but at least he didn't slouch. I said it seems like the hard-on wins as I moved closer to him and grabbed his cock through his shorts. My goodness it really is stiff and oops, I swiftly bent forward and easily pulled his shorts to the floor.

There that's better. His cock almost slapped me in the face as it sprung up in front of him. It had to be at least 8 inches long and 2 inches in girth. He didn't move, as there wasn't very much that he could do about it and it didn't seem like he wanted to anyway. He said that now that you have pointed it out I do seem to have this hard-on problem and it is warm in here. I said than there is only one alternative and that is that we both strip naked and enjoy whatever else happens.

As I slid my shorts down my legs, he kept his eyes on me and he removed his shirt. There, that's much better. Now I need to see what I can do about your problem. I certainly know what we can do with it, but first let me see how stiff it really is. I grasped my hand around his cock and slid it up and down its length. It jerked in my hand as I slid from the base to the head. I squeezed the head in my hand and some pre-cum coated my hand. I said that it sure seems to be stiff and ready.

Let me take a closer look. I knelt down in front of him and held his cock in my hand as I took the end of it in my mouth. I ran my tongue over it and I heard him moan with pleasure. I said, does that feel good? He murmured oh God yes. I didn't want to tantalize him too much as I didn't want him to prematurely cum all over the place. I said, I want you to enjoy yourself, but I want to enjoy it too.

Come over here and sit on the couch. I led him by his arm to the couch, where he willingly took a seat. Once positioned properly I straddled his legs and squashed my tits in his face.
He raised his arms to reach for my tits and as he did I reached below me and directed his cock toward my waiting, dripping hole. I lowered myself down so that his cock slowly, smoothly, with just a shove here and there it disappeared inside me. I squatted down on his legs and rocked back and forth.

His hands were now all over my tits and he was beginning to hump his hips back at me. That's the way to do it, but go easy on my tits. You'll crush them in your hands if you're not careful. As I lifted up off of his hips he followed his hips up at me. Now you've got the idea. He said don't worry, I know how to make a lady enjoy herself. I said than show me your best.

From that point on I never had to say a thing. He sure did know how to please a woman. He had such staying power that he reamed his cock in and out of me for at least 15 minutes before I felt his cock begin to spasm. I had already had an orgasm 3 times, but the feeling of his cumming brought me over the edge one more time.

He threw his body into me on the last few thrusts that he lifted me right up off the floor. We both moaned in ecstasies as our bodies thrashed together until his body went calm. I told him how much he pleased me and how good he felt inside me.

I told him that I hadn't had sex in such a long time, I probably got carried away. He said that I had no reason to apologize. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and that he thought I had a body that anyone he knew would simply die to have sex with. I said that I am particular with whom I choose to have sex. He said that in that case he felt honored.

I said that I didn't mean it that way, but that I didn't want to come across as someone who just has sex with anyone that comes along and wants to empty his load. I pick who I like. He just retorted by saying that, I'm glad I was the chosen one.

I said that I seem to have been turned on the moment I saw you take a leak next door. He choked and said, I thought I felt I was being watched but had no idea it was over here. You know that feeling you get but can't put your finger on it, but that's O.K. it sure turned out great.
I have had his services now for the past two years and if I am home I usually get the royal treatment. Oh yes, did I forget to say that I ended up having my lawn and everything else taken care of for free.

Lawn service and a good hard cock under the gentle breeze of my ceiling fan � I certainly know how to pick the right landscaper.

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