Wednesday, May 14, 2008

For the love of the Goddess

Written by Haley Comet (May 2000)

My name is Ishe. I am the high priestess of a city halfway between Thebes and the Nile delta called Bubastis.
The city is dedicated to the Goddess Bastet, Ra�s daughter and represented by a cat. The only time I meet men or have sex is in her service. People come to the temple to bless their cats or ask for blessings so they can have children, for Bastet is one of several fertility deities of Egypt. Sometimes she will choose one of these men to mate with. She will do this in one of two ways. She will take on human form or her spirit will enter the body of one her priestesses, usually me. This is the story of one of those times.

The pharaoh Tutankarmen had just passed away and rumours were flying that he was murdered when a tall dark haired man with deep brown eyes entered the temple. He had been married a couple of years and he and his wife were having trouble conceiving so he came to ask for the Goddesses blessings. In our culture sex in the service of one of the Gods or to celebrate one of the festivals is not adultery, but an affair with a married man in any other way is punishable, unless he intends to make you his second or third wife.

It was a hot day, as it usually is at that time of year. My servant girl Ayia was fanning me while I watched the alter from my alcove hidden by a crimson curtain, when this man placed the fresh fish and dead mouse on the alter and prepared to leave. He had only turned around when the black tabby cat, the usual form the goddess took, rubbed herself around his legs.
This is how she tells me she has favoured a human and wants to mate. If she assumes her human form he will be blessed with a child by the end of nine moons.
Upon seeing that the cat had chosen I dismissed Ayia to fetch him into the antechamber, while I changed into a long sheer gown decorated with gold cats and prepared began to heat the aromatic oils and incense which would give the goddess the power to enter my body or to become human. Once prepared I entered the chamber again and said a few prayers to Bastet as I did so. According to the rules of the temple Ayia had left him alone by the time I had returned, but I knew she would be nearby.

He was standing there and not surprising was looking rather nervous. It is only a few that get chosen by the goddess. "Hello" I said, "state your prayer. Bastet hears and blessings be granted."

"I wish for my wife to become pregnant, oh great feline."

"By the end of our ritual today you will have the answer to this prayer. For the goddess to fully respond you must be naked. I will request that you sit on those cushions."
I indicated a pile of cushions on the floor, arranged much like the Arabs arrange theirs in their tents, something they learnt from visiting us. I rang the gold bell shaped like a cat and waited for Ayia to return. By this time the man had removed his clothing and was sitting naked on the cushions.
When Ayia appeared I took his clothes and gave them to her and again dismissed her. Before she left she gave me a vial of the sweet smelling oils that attract the Goddess' attention. "Now faithful one, as we sit and wait for the goddess to appear, I must well this into your body. Don�t worry it is scented with the particular herbs that Bastet loves, in a base of almond oil."

I poured some of the oil into my hands and began to run them over his body, whilst chanting a verse to summon Bastet. While he sat there I rubbed and kneaded his chest, concentrating on his nipples. After pouring more oil on my hands I rubbed the hard planes of his belly. I pour the oil straight onto his penis and rubbed it in so his organ was smooth and shiny.
Kneeling over at my request, I rubbed his back, kneading his shoulders. I poured some oil onto the small of his back and watched it drip down to run on his buttocks. Before the drops got any further I rubbed his checks and squeezed such beautiful tight globes. Having sat this ritual many times before I knew what to expect, but the poor man had quite a shock when the black tabby reappeared and started to transform into human form. There would be two women who would become pregnant today.

Magically a beautiful woman with long black hair and green eyes stood before us. "My loyal servant, approach him and begin his seduction. I will watch until I am ready." This was an unusual request from the goddess who would usually wait until I kissed a man, or would seduce him while I watched and I would complete the ritual. I approached the man and began to kiss him, my tongue exploring his lips. He had fine white teeth. My hands caressed his smooth chest, my lips soon followed. I took one dusty nipple in my mouth and caressed the other.
He moaned in delight. I kissed his stomach and my hands caressed his body until they reached his cock. It was long and thick. His testes were medium and my hands cupped these and caressed them. Another moan escaped from his lips. I took one in my mouth and followed their roundness with my tongue. I did the same with the other. It was not long before I wanted to taste that lovely purple head. I smelled his earthy male odor and took him in my mouth. At first I licked the shaft and then the head. While I was sucking on him, out of the corner of my eye I saw Bastet approach him.

She lifted me up and guided me so my pussy was over his mouth. I turned around to see she had begun to suck him. He started licking me and as I felt my climax approach, Bastet lifted herself over him and took his cock in her pussy. She groaned his orgasm just as she reached over and kissed me. This sent me in a spin over the edge and as I felt her tongue caress and explore my mouth I came. Bastet�s lips left mine and she screamed in ecstasy. Her scream was almost like the scream of a cat once she has mated.

As we lay on each side of him, Ayia brought to him a cup of a wine that is brewed especially for use in these sort of rituals. It was unique in that this particular wine had an aphrodisiac effect. He drank it as we caressed his body. Bastet kissed him and it was not long before he was erect again. Bastet instructed me to ride him. I climbed on top of him and guided his cock into me.
I could feel the outline of him inside me and his round head butting against my womb. It felt so good and I closed my eyes to savour the ecstasy. I opened my eyes to see Bastet watching me. She moved to straddle him and took me in her arms. She kissed me again. My climax was fast approaching and the goddesses seemed to know this as she moved a hand between us and began caressing my clit. I cam with a force I had never experienced before. I felt him jerk inside and his sperm hitting my womb as he ejaculated spurt after spurt. I would never have believed a man could have so much cum in him. I knew then that there would be three women who would bear children and I would be one of them.

Nine weeks later the black and white cat gave birth to two dark kittens. There has not been a Tomcat in this temple for months. Nine months later, the man�s wife also gave birth to twins, identical boys and I gave birth to a daughter who will be brought up to serve my goddess. She will be my successor, and I will be high priestess until I either die or become unfit to serve.

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