Sunday, May 04, 2008

Surrender To Me

By Nisaa

Hmmmmmm.....yes, my fingers glide softly up and down your wet cock.
I do love the way it jumps at my touch.
I slide your shirt off of you.....Yes - get naked. Do it now. You comply. Oh no.....assume the position. I want you on your knees.....kneeling naked before me - your wet cock standing proud and dripping wet from my orgasm. I'll be right - don't move. Stay kneeling.....point your hips out - I want that cock in full view. Yes, that's it.......

Oh yes.......take a look. I'm still naked - my skin still glistens with the sweat from our fucking......this? It's just a silk scarf. Draping the silk over your shoulders....lingering down your back......I rub my now high heeled foot on your love these spikes and what they represent. I knew it would make you tingle. Look at that proud cock jump from the silk.......

Oh no......I'm not going to tie up your balls.....or your cock. Let's see how you look blindfolded. I do love this. You'll not know what I'm doing, or when.....anticipation runs high. Should I tie your hands behind your back.....the scarf is long enough. Well, loosely as we play this game out.

My high heeled foot reaches your shoulder.
"Stick out your tongue and taste this", as I take your head in my hands and shove your face in my still hot wet cunt.
Oh yes - softly now.....suck my clit. Suck it. Let me feel your tongue swirl around it as you suck.
You do that so well. Oh Baby......that's it......lick it now.....lick it harder. My hands putting pressure on the back of your head.......dip your tongue inside of me. Lick the rest of my orgasm out of me......Lick it! Do it hard. I want to cum on your face now.
Do it......oh hips rub hard on your face......not caring if your tongue is in the right place. Your face is......Ohhhh that feels so good......can you feel the heat Baby? Feel the heat once more......lick the cum as it shoots out of me......let me drench your face with my cum.

"You never disappoint me with that face of yours my Love" "Did you like that?" "You do love to taste me.....fuck me with your tongue" My body slides down tongue starts to lick your face.....drinking my fresh cum off your mouth.
Sucking your tongue inside my mouth. "I do love sex in the rawest form don't you darling?" "Don't you wish you could cum now too?"

You will.....but not yet. My tongue trails down your chest......nibbling a bit, pulling with my lips.....nipping with my teeth. My fingers sliding along your hard shaft.
Oh don't think I'd forgotten that lovely tool. I'm just taking my time.
That's it - moan for me my Sweet. I want to hear your breath quicken at my touch. My lips circle your nipples and pull at them - a little bite never hurt anyone. Feel it baby.....close your eyes and feel my dance.
Feel my power over your body. Surrender to what I'm doing.

My hair falls onto your cock.....silky in its feel.......your taught skin wired now - each sensation of my touch makes your cock jump for me. Licking the's a bit cool. Oh, we'll take care of that......feel the breathe from my hot mouth on your silken skin.
Your head is so tongue dips into your cock tip......sweet taste of precum on my lips......let me have more.
Push it out for me......flex your hips baby. Is this what you want? My mouth? My hot tongue lashing out at your cock? Oh you taste so good. My cum tastes so good on your cock.

Sucking the head of your hard cock inside my mouth - you want it further don't you? You want me to swallow your hard cock......take it deep inside my throat? Oh I will....but first? This is your punishment for not cumming with me. This sweet torture of licking.......

And your head is inside my mouth - the suction cup of my lips devouring your cock head. Taking your balls in my hands to squeeze them.
Oh yes - I love the feel of your balls in my hand. Pumping them....milking them......squeezing them tightly as my mouth sucks the swollen slippery cock head. Yes?
You want this?
Tell me you want this Baby. Convince me you need to be in my mouth? Taking you fully inside my mouth.....lunging at your cock.....sucking harder and tongue swirling around the silken shaft......that's it.....move for me Baby. Move inside my mouth. Fuck this hot hole like you were fucking my wet pussy before. Take my mouth with a vengeance. Releasing your hardness from my mouth.....gently cupping your balls.....feeling them sway within my hands. What do you want Baby? Do you want me to fuck your cock with my mouth?

My hands cup your hard ass....pulling your cock once again into me. Oh so tasty.
I do love cock. So wonderful in its fullness......dripping in my mouth.
Back and forth my lips taunt your cock. Sucking hard on the head.....pulling you frantically inside my mouth......sucking, head back and forth on your cock and all you can do is feel it. Poor Baby. You want to watch don't you? You want to see my blonde head bobbing on your cock.
Is that what you want? You want to take my head in your hands and fuck my face don't you?

Not tonight......perhaps later. I might acquiesce but not yet.
Oh I want to hate this. You want to hate giving up this total control. But you don't. You know I have you now. Hard, ready, willing and wanting. If I ask you to beg would you?
If I wanted to hear you beg me to take your cock, would you beg to be fucked by my mouth?

Should I loosen your restraints on your wrists? Go ahead.....take my head in your hands....feel me on your cock. Feel my head in your hands - in and out - deeper inside my mouth........deep throat they call this honey. Feel it......moan for me with your minds eye. Grabbing your ass with both hands I pull you inside my mouth....hard and're holding my head there when my head wants to stay.
I feel it building in your body. Your orgasm is now taking control.
Every nerve ending screaming for release.

But - not yet......I'm not done with your torture ..I still want......

Don't you?

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