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Steve and Jane

Written by J (July 2000)

Part 1
Steve rose late that day having worked till six in the morning on a presentation and padded around the apartment in his boxers, he checked his e mail for any last minute changes to the previous nights work , but all was ok .

He finally sat on the chair in the bay as the warm summer sun spilled through the open window. Drinking a fresh cup of coffee and smoking his first cigarette of the day. He could hear the sound of his neighbour turn over earth in the front yard and the distant shouts of the kids in the playground at the end of the street chasing each other around. Just as mind began to drift his laptop sprung into life.
You got mail it proclaimed.
It was from Jane 'I'm coming back early. They loved the design & we can now go into production. I'll be on the six o'clock flight. see you then Love J'

Smiling he returned to the chair and relaxed in the sun. His mind now drifted in another direction.-Jane's direction! He closed his eyes and thought of her, he knew every part of her body, every curve, every hollow, the swell of her breasts, her perfect, small nipples all of which were beautifully tanned as she often lay naked on the roof terrace almost hidden from the view of others.

He loved the way she kept her pubic hair trim and short but completely smooth around her lips. Steve once asked her why she did this, 'So I can feel myself' she replied.'There's nothing like sitting in a meeting and being able to feel that tickling sensation in your knickers'

After all it was Jane who got him to shave his balls and the length of his cock to prove her point.
It stayed that way. But then Jane was like that she had the kind of sensuality that could drive Steve crazy just by looking at him in a certain way. And yes she knew how to use it, but that was why he loved her so much. The sun had reached that time of day when the roof terrace became the place to be.
With a high wall to one side and a lattice barrier to the other which at this time of year was cover in blooming jasmine and clematis, it was a very secluded spot. The fact that the apartment next door was still empty meant that Steve & Jane could do anything on the terrace with out fear of prying eyes.

Taking the blaster with him ,Steve climbed the stairs to the top of the house and lay on the futon that spent the summer months there. John Lee Hooker went into the cd player as he returned to thinking of Jane. His body started to glisten with sweat as the sun's heat grew. His thoughts too got hotter,'This is no good 'he thought to himself and stood to remove his shorts, idly letting them drop to the ground as he lay back down.

The combination of warmth of the sun and visions of Jane made his cock grow , filling with blood it became thick and heavy as it lay across his thigh.
He began thinking of when Jane left yesterday morning. She had been wearing a silk top under her jacket through which her nipples had been perfectly visible, pert and erect. Her skirt was short , but not too short ,Jane always knew what was 'just enough' Her outfit was finished off by her 'fuck me shoes' tan suede with a 4' heel.

He remembered the cab was due at 7 am , Steve wrapped a towel around him self and went to kiss her good-bye but she grabbed him pulled him to her against the wall. She kissed his chest lightly bitting his nipples 'I'm not leaving till you lick me' she breathed quietly in his ear. She push him back and stared straight into his eyes, Steve knew this meant now -right now! Jane leant back against the wall and lifted her skirt revealing a pair of blue lacy knickers.

Steve knelt before her with his face so close to her she could feel his breath and he could smell her sweet scent. he lightly brushed his nose up and down the length of her slit. Jane's head rolled to one side with her eyes half closed she let out a sigh 'God I love the way you do that' she hissed. Jane's knickers were getting wetter and wetter as Steve's tongue licked her inner most thighs Jane placed a hand behind Steve's head and pulled him tightly onto her, with the other hand she pulled her knickers aside revealing her hot wet pussy.

Pushing her hips out she presented herself to Steve.'More' she whispered as Steves head pressed forward, his tongue lightly lapping against her lips, he could taste her sweet juices as they flowed from her. His towel had long since fallen away revealing his now fully erect cock. He pulled his foreskin back and forth in rhythm to his lapping tongue. His other hand was between her legs his finger and thumb gently caressing her pussy opening and anus simultaneously Steve began to suck and nibble Jane's clit as his thumb slid into her with slow strokes.

He could hear Jane's breath become shorter and harder as she rocked her hips back and forth in rhythm. He could feel her muscles contracting in waves around him .'I want you in me' she cried as she lowered herself fully onto J's hand. He rocked his hand back and forth as his thumb and finger slid in and out of her.
Jane's hips moved back and fore faster and faster giving Steve no choice but to penetrate both her holes deeply as her juices ran down his hand.
'Stop' she moaned as she stood and turned her back to him. Jane bent over and clasped her cheeks pulling them apart as she did so, fully exposing her self to him.

Steve stopped and gazed a the view before him, He gritted his teeth and tensed in a effort to stop himself from coming. With his hands on her inner thighs Steve gently pulled apart her now swollen and wet lips, her clitoris was large and hard, flicking it with his tongue produced the effect Steve was looking for as Jane gasped at each touch Steve pushed his tongue deep into her tasting her wetness, his nose pressed against her anus.

He could feel her muscles flex under the pressure. Steve licked upward toward that flexing muscle till finally he licked her. Probing her with his tongue tasting her musk. Jane's breath was now coming in short hard rasps, Steve knew she would come at any moment.

There was a rap at the door -the cab had arrived 'Cab for the airport'came a shout through the door 'I'm coming'Jane screamed as she collapsed back ward onto Steve sliding down the full length of his cock with her smooth lips.'Aagh' Steve yelled as his cock finally exploded come across the hall ,leaving a trail of come on the wall. The cabbie peered through through the letter box 'So you are,so you are'.
Jane bent forward and licked the first impact from the wall, turning as she stood she gave Steve a kiss on the lips and left.
'What an exit' Steve gasped as the door closed behind her. A sudden noise from the roller shutter next door brought him back to reality, 'shit ' he thought someone's moved in. Standing quickly he put on his boxers in a vain attempt to cover his still lolling cock. He found a gap in the jasmine and peaked through to next door.

It seemed to take forever for the roller to rise, at about a foot and a half the motor gave out and the roller struck. Steve then heard a list of expletives from a female voice inside. A wide grin drew on his face as a long tanned pair of legs wiggled out from under the shutter , a small black pair of bikini bottoms appeared, now pulled tight over her pubis as her bottom slid over the cooling marble tiles. 'another who likes to stay trimmed ' Steve observed.

A short crop top covered a firm pair of breasts which were slightly larger than he was used to , finally the woman pushed herself out fully from under the shutter and stood up. Steve stepped back slowly into the shadows as the woman looked around her new terrace.
She was slightly taller than Jane at around 5'8' and a bit fuller in figure. Steve suddenly became very aware of this voyeuristic situation, secretly watching this woman and he could be caught at any time as he wasn't that well hidden. The woman bent down and pulled a bag through from under the shutter . She laid out a towel on the lounger and sat cross legged on it , just as she pulled off her top revealing her full and firm breasts to Steve, her mobile rang, 'Hi Sue Timms speaking' she answered. A name -Steve logged it .

It always amazed Steve on just how much info you could gather from a one sided phone conversation. Sue was talking to Helen -the build agent Steve knew her, Helen would send maintenance over to fix the shutter as Sue was their alone and the shutters often needed to be hand cranked a couple of times to loosen them up. Sue should contact Steve next door if she need anything urgently as he was very good with his hands and Helen would call Steve and ask him to keep an eye on Sue while she settled in 'that's ME!'cerchunk as the penny dropped and at this present time Steve had both eyes on her.

Sue hung up and stretched out on the towel, arching her back as she did so. Steve'scock was now throbbing again -not just at the sight of sue laid out before him but his mind was going back to a drunken conversation he had had with Jane several months before when she had told him about her fantasy to have sex with another woman, But that she had never found the right woman or been in a comfortable place and that her last partner felt threatened by the idea .
'Did he mind, would he like to be part of it or did he just want to watch?' Steve had a really good feeling about Sue and that it was getting time for Jane's fantasy to become reality. Steve's mind raced. After 10 or 15 mins Sue's body stared to glisten with sweat in the sun as Steve moved slowly back to the Jasmine barrier Steve slowly rubbed his cock back and forth at the sight of Sue , who had appeared to have fallen asleep, when Steve's grin returned as a plan formed in his mind.

Sliding quietly back into his apartment he checked his watch-20 mins before Jane got back. 'She owes me one! And have I got something for you' he thought. PART 2 He knew he was chancing it ,but it had to worth a try. He flew round the apartment cleaning up here and there. Steve took all the cushions he could find up to the roof and quietly arranged them next to the trellis. A quick glance through at Sue revealed that she was not longer asleep but her mind was definitely somewhere else. Her body language was languid yet restless.

Steve slipped away to prepare for Jane's immanent return. G&T time Steve thought, as he prepared two the sound of keys in the door lock alerted him to Jane's arrival, dropping her bags in the hall she walked into the living room and kicked off her 'fuck me' shoes. Before she could say anything Steve handed her a drink and placed a finger on his lips in a gesture of silence.
Janet ook sip and looked at him quizzically. Steve lifted his glass and drained it in one motioning Jane to do the same. Taking her hand he led her quietly up to the roof . 'We've got company' he whispered pressing his mouth to her ear. Jane knelt down and slid over the mound of cushions so she could see through a gap in the trellis. Jane let out a low groan at what she saw. Now most of the time in life plans like these don't work out or even come close, but Steve's jaw almost hit the floor when he found a gap in the foliage.

Sue was reclined on the sun lounger a laptop had appeared next to Sue on the table to which her gaze averted to now and then, her legs had fallen open giving them a clear view of her pussy that her bikini was only just covering, with one hand she was tracing circles around her nipples which were hard and erect her other hand was lying flat on her stomach with her finger tips brushing against the top of her bikini. The tease was almost unbearable to Jane & Steve-is she going to bring herself off in front of us-Jane wiggled her prone bottom to Steve-some attention was required but Steve was miles away slowly pulling his foreskin back and forth.

Jane grabbed Steve hand and brought it round behind her placing it on her pussy. Steve groaned as he realised that Jane had flow home with no knickers on and at how swollen and wet she was. He touched her lightly ,tracing his middle finger up and down her smooth wetness. Sue's hand moved and tapped a couple of keys on her laptop then returned to her bikini, but this time she slid her had between her soft skin and tight fabric, till her finger tips came into contact with her clitoris where Jane & Steve could see small circular motions being made.

Instantly Jane pushed back on the fingers that were caressing her wetness, she wanted more. Steve slid one finger into her tight pussy ,Jane's head dropped to the pillows she rested on as Steve placed another finger inside her ,Jane rocked slowly back and forth on Steve's penetrating fingers. She raised her gaze just as Sue was moving her fingers in and out of her own pussy in a curiously familiar rhythm. Steve's thumb was now pressing against Jane's puckered muscle that was pulsing in time to her rocking motion. She wanted him to enter her there as well .She tighten her grip on his fingers as he slowly pushed into her. Jane & Steve froze as Sue stood suddenly, but she hooked her thumbs into her bikini and slowly dragged them down, revealing a completely smooth shaven pussy, when she returned to her reclined positions Jane & Steve could see how wet and puffy she was.

Steve's cock was now hard it was beginning to hurt he daren't touch it in case he came, and the sight of Sue sliding two fingers into herself was almost too much. Jane was now breathing heavily and had taken to biting a corner of a pillow to stifle her moans. She turned and grinned at Steve and mouthed 'this is fantastic' as Sue reached into her bag and pulled out a large dildo. Sue rubbed it up and down her wet slit ,almost teasing herself as she placed the head at her opening Jane grabbed Steve's straining cock and did the same.

Sue was motionless as if waiting for the right moment Jane flexed her muscles around the tip of J's cock, not wanting him in her until she could see Sue penetrate herself. Sue drew her knees up as she slowly pushed the object home bit by bit until she had taken its full length inside her. This was the cue Jane wanted as she too made slight rocking motions back and forth taking more of Steve's member into her each time until she too pressed back fully onto his hips.

Steve started to slowly pump in and out but a flick on the thigh from Jane indicated that he wasn't to move-this was a girl thing Jane matched Sue for each stroke as they both moved gradually faster and faster. Jane couldn't take her eyes off Sue as they seemed to both to be building to a climax. Sue was panting now as she seemed to be watching her computer screen. Need to finish this section Sue turned to her laptop and smiled as she powered down and closed the lid .

Jane & Steve had collapsed onto each other Jane's shirt sticking to her with sweat-they had just closed their eyes when they heard a voice standing almost over them 'Hi I 'm Sue' Jane looked through the foliage but all see could see was Sues smooth pussy and thighs still glistening with her juices Steve's heart was beating rapidly again- 'we've been caught was all he could think'
'Do you mind if I pop over?' Sue asked 'No, sure 'Steve said huskily, before they had a chance to move Sue had swung round the end of the trellis on their balcony 'So you two must be Jane &Steve?' she said standing naked before them.

They both nodded sheepishly like school children 'It's just I need to get a couple of things' with that she walked over to the plant pots on the other side of the terrace and retrieved two remote web cams.Sue grinned 'Technology these days isn't it amazing. I recorded it if you want to watch it , I know I will be later.'
Jane & Steve were now standing smirking at each other .

Steve helped Jane get out of what remained of her clothes as a ripple of laughter broke out between the three of them. 'So Steve we seem to have something in common' Sue said 'in that we are both good with our hands' Sue turned and looked directly at Jane 'are you interested?'

Part 3 later

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