Friday, May 02, 2008

Support Dita Rose

Help my friend Dita Rose get free breast implants! You can click on here to help her. Below is a pic of her, and you may know her from her work on Daily Tang. Oh, yeah, she also is a porn star. She wants to turn her wonderful B's into wonderful C's.

Here is her appeal in her own words:

"Help a fun bitch out "

***New vid, me being spanked, see my NEW VID blog for details***

Hi all you sweet men!! I'm a retro and fetish model - I
love my work but I get turned down for a lot of jobs because my breasts don't fill out the costumes/corsets all. I have lost too many jobs as a result of my slight frame. I want that to stop! I have accomplished a lot in my short time so far and am determined to get the 36C of my dreams. It seems a few men have been 'burned' on here before but I really hope that these men don't allow a few bad eggs to ruin other girls dreams of a feminine female form. :) I also host an online tv show and once I chat with you - I hope you take a gander at it - its a damn good time. I hope to make a lot of cool friends on here and to achieve my goal sooner than later - so help me hunni's!!!

I love live chatting and posting blogs so anyone can get to know me better. I want to make as many friends as possible and that maybe, just maybe, I will be helped out and get my C's!! I understand that no one wants to be hounded for cash BUT to be on this site you have to understand why the women are. :)

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