Sunday, May 25, 2008

Two uni students

Written by Haley Comet (July 2000)

The library was silent as she found a desk in a hidden corner and placed the heavy books on the desk.
There only a few students studying as it was only the third week into the semester and many were at classes. She got out a pen and began summarizing the texts in front of her.
She wanted to get a head start on this special study, now that her lecturer had oked the topic.

Something about women's role in ancient societies.
She ahd been working for about an hour and had nearly finished summarizing the information regarding her topic in about four books when a shadow fell across her desk. Briefly looking up as a cute boy sat in the alcove beside her and prepared to study. Nice she thought as she returned to her studies.
Within half an hour she received a note on her desk.
She looked over and he had returned to his studies. She unfolded the note and read. 'You're beautiful. I'd like to get to know you better.'
She wrote back 'Sure. When I finish here why don't we go to the refectory for a bite to eat.'
He replied 'I'd like to eat you.'
She responded with 'what else would you like to do to me?'
It continued in that order.
'I would like to kiss that sexy mouth, lick those luscious lips and feed my tongue to your mouth.'
'I would like that. As you kiss me I would wrap my arms around you and squeeze your cute arse.'
'I would not stop with kissing your lips. I would take my mouth from yours and kiss your earlobe, licking and nipping it.'
'I would throw my head back and cry in pleasure. Then I would touch your chest. Have you got hair there or is it a smooth as silk?'
'My chest is bare. I would tear my mouth from your ear and trail tiny kisses down your throat.'
'That would be lovely and sent delicious shivers down my back.'
' I would unbutton that shirt you are wearing. Are you wearing a bra?
'I would do the same to you. Yes. It is black satin and lace. I am wearing matching panties.'
'I would bare your breasts to my eyes and caress your creamy white flesh with my fingers. Slowly and gently I would rub your sensitive nipples. Then I would cover your breasts with my hands and squeeze them until you cried in pleasure. Are your nipples rose or dusky?'
'I would then take your nipple in my mouth and suck on it. My tongue would caress your sensitive flesh. Then I would do the same to the other breast'
'When you are done. I would play and suck your nipples.'
'My hands then would trail down your belly to play in the hair that covers your mound of venues or are you shaved there?'
'All natural.'
'I would remove those sexy black knickers you told me of. You would be all wet when my hand touches inside your pussy lips. I would insert a finger into your hole. After my finger was covered with your wetness I would rub your clit until you came.'
'When you have done that I would undo your pants and removed them over you hips, bringing your underwear down with them. My fingers would tickle your balls at first and then caress you stiff cock. I would rub your sensitive head with my finger. Are you large and thick? I like large and thick. Are you circumcised or whole?'
'My cock is large and thick and I have been cut. After delightfully teasing me so, what then would you do to me?
'I would lick the shaft, and then engulf you with my mouth. I would suck on you until you'd want to come, but I would not let you, yet.'
'Sounds sooo nice. When you moved your delectable mouth from my cock I would then lay you on your back and plunge my cock so deeply into you, you could suck it again.' 'I am so wet for you. Ever been to the gardens next door? I know a corner near a wall that is particularly dense with vegetation.'
'Let's go. I want to fuck you so badly.'
Leaving the library books on the table, they packed their things up and raced out of the building into the gardens to the spot she was talking about. She lifted her skirt and removed her panties.
'Fuck me, she pleaded I am so hot for you. I want to spurt your come inside me and I want it now.'
'I love a woman who knows what she wants.' She bent on all fours and he plunged his cock inside her. She was indeed wet and he was so hard and so big. It was heaven. It was not long before he squirted inside her.

She spasmed just as his cock expanded and cried out. 'Fuck that's good.' As she had her own orgasm.

She turned to face him. He asked her if she had classes that day, and since neither had he suggested they go to his flat to do it properly.
She agreed.

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