Monday, May 19, 2008

New Roomate (Part 1)

Written by Kim Cantwell (June 2000)

'You are a really beautiful woman,' MJ said.

MJ was my new roommate. She had been living, as the only female, in the coop for a while.
When I visited the house, she made it clear that she wanted me to move in. Since we lived and shared all the work, you had to have a sponsor to move in, and then get voted on by all the other members of the house. In this case, there were three men. Since MJ wanted me it was no big deal getting in, and since the house was close to campus, it was a dream come true for me, as a new student at the university.

I had just come in from the shower. Moving is hard work, and was dressing when she said that to me. I looked at her with a big smile. She was seated on her bed mattress (ours were on the floor), dressed in a black skirt and blouse. She had a nose ring, and her hair was colored fire red.

'Thank you, you're really sweet.' I said, and finished putting on my bra and a t-shirt
It was hot outside and school wouldn't begin for a few more weeks.
We were going to be really bored unless we found something to do in the meantime. I put my cutoffs back on and we went downstairs to eat. It was a really delicious meal of curry broccoli and couscous.

MJ and I talked alone, trying to get to know each other. She had a boyfriend, or really, a guy friend, who hung out with her a lot. I had broken up with my boyfriend before moving here.
I didn't mention that it was because the affair he was carrying on with my knocked up best friend was getting out of hand. I mean, I instigated it or at least played along. But, well anyway, that's a different story.

Physically we were quite different. She was plump. Not fat, just round, Victorian.
She had large, pendulous breasts, and mine were smaller (34 Bs). She was 5�2 and I, 5�4. I liked to go running, she liked to smoke cigarettes.
I liked to dress up, like I was on my way to a music recital, and she looked like she had slept over at an outdoor concert.

We would talk into the night, sometimes, and often fell asleep on the same bed. Our hands and breasts overlapping.
When it got really hot outside that made sense because even after I bought my own fan it made sense to join their forces and blow on our bodies.
Once, in the middle of the night, she mumbled something and kissed me on the mouth.
I let my hand wander through her hair and lay flat on my back, my legs akimbo, ready for her.
But she either got scared, or didn't realize that an invitation had been issued, or she fell asleep because she didn't doing anything else.

One night she was out late with Jake, her guy. They both came in to the room. They were quiet, trying not to wake me, but MJ's whisper's told me that someone was with her.
I froze in my half-dozed state. I didn't want to chase them away, but the sheet I slept under went only up to my belly button.
I cracked an eyelid and could see my breasts, and my nipples, clearly in the light coming from the street. I was scared at first, but the creaking of the floorboards signaled their approach to MJ's bed.
They were kissing I could here that much. Then there were other sounds.

I crooked my head and peered out at them. He was flat on the bed and she was giving him head.
It was beautiful. She lovingly lathered his shaft with spit and tongued him all around the head.
I caught of a glimpse of his face, he was a real cutie, with messy brown hair and a strong chin.

He started to groan, and then he put her on her back and started to eat her out.
He must have been great at it because she started to moan very soon after he started.
I was getting wet. I was trying to imagine Jake licking my clit like it was a lolly pop. I started to finger myself.
I reached under the sheet and began to knead my little knob.
I was opening up.

I looked over and saw Jake's cock diving into my roommate's vagina.
He started to really go at it, his huge, and I mean huge, balls bounced around, banging her ass.
I turned away, and relaxed. One finger kept on rubbing my clit while another finger began to slither between my wet labia.

I slid a finger in, and it felt so good. I switched back and forth , plunging in, and using the wetness to comb my clit. The wet noises coming from them grew louder, and the odor of their lovemaking filled the room.

I was on the verge of orgasm myself when he started to really buck against her. 'Come in me,' she said.
'I want to feel your come in me!' She cried out, and I couldn't help but call out, 'yes, yes,' from the amen corner.

My soapy forefinger danced and twirled on my clit, my face was hot and the concurrent explosive spasms coming from my pussy and the flash of warmth that supernova'ed from my womb to all the far points of my body, came just as Jake was shooting his load into MJ's tender twat.

I began to sigh heavily at the image of those creamy strands of come firing from his organ into her pink velvet chamber.
A second wave, more powerful than the first, raced through my body, and then it began to diminish as their cries melted into cooing.
I withdrew my hand from my crotch and, sated, began to drift asleep. The sheet had come down to my hips and barely covered my pubis.
I don't know who fell asleep first, I suppose it was me. In any case I was determined to become involved with them both, no matter what.

To be continued

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