Thursday, May 01, 2008

Did you know?

By Nisaa

Did you know it would feel this way when you touched me?
When you felt me start to tremble the first time your hand touched my naked shoulder, did you feel the electricity too?
Imagine again the feel of my silky skin when your hand first slipped off my shirt.
Remember the texture as your hand slid down to the small of my back. Once again feel with your mind what your hands felt as you gathered me into your arms and our naked chests touched.
Close your eyes and sniff the air. Can you smell my scent?

Feel your lips as they softly touched mine.....did you know when my lips would part?
Did you feel it happen before it happened? As your arms slid up and down my back and my lips parted to tempt your tongue with mine, did you feel my body weaken in your embrace?
As you took my face in your hands and kissed me deeply....tongues tip to tip.....tongues dancing to the tune of our bodies.....
my mouth sucking on your tongue and yours sucking on mine....
Did you feel it down to your scrotum? That special tingle that told me my tongue was feeling what my clit wanted to feel. That special feeling that makes my core wet, waiting for your entrance.

What do you feel when you lay my body down before you and spread my legs?
When you see my pouty pink lips start to open for your view?
My scent filling your nostrils as your face approaches my lips.....that first taste of me on your tongue....
the heat and wetness more present than before, and your tongue licks long and lazily at my juices.
Does the thought of me lying down naked before you turn your thoughts to seduction?
Will you lick me until I am under your control and will do what you want, do anything at your bidding?
Will your fingers enter me and glide in and out of me making me moan and move on your hand wanting more?
Feel the heat and cunt juices cover your hand as you suck on my clit.....your tongue darting in and out of your mouth - tapping at my clit as your hands hold me down for the torture of your tongue.
Suck my clit hard and make me squirm.

Feel your hands splay my legs as the flat of your tongue licks me long and deep from my anus to my clit.
Close your eyes and taste me.
Taste my juices as they seem to be flowing out of me at your will.
Slide your tongue inside of me and breath my scent as you lick.
Take your fingers and spread my lips for your tongue.
See me laid out before you as a feast for my king.
Lick me hard and make me moan and move for you.....try to hold me still for your tongue as my body reacts and strains to be closer to your face. Hear the slurping as your tongue laps at my hot pussy juice.

Are you wondering how many fingers to fuck me with while you suck me with your mouth?
One finger, two fingers slide into me.....hard and fast, then soft and slow.
Again entering me as I bear down on your hand all the while you lick me faster and harder. Are you thinking of tying me up to the bed with the silk restraints......teasing and licking me senseless until my body shudders with orgasm all over your face?
What would happen next? Would you leave me tied to the bed?
Are you envisioning your cock inside of me?
Do you feel your shaft enter me? The tip of your hard cock wet from licking me, smelling me, tasting me?

Oh yes I feel it....I feel the hardness of your cock as my legs spread further open for your entrance.
The wetness of my hot cunt making your insertion easy.
Feel the heat surround your steel shaft as you enter slowly into me.....look me in the eyes and see my passion for you. Feel the muscles as they milk you....starting to squeeze as you pump in and out of me....feel the fire in my body as you move inside of me.
My hips raise to allow you deeper body completely yours as your body starts to move rapidly over me, your cock hard and deep in my wetness. Smell the scent of our joining.
Be one with me as you thrust into me. Hold your cock there.
Deep inside my hot hole.
Hold still above me and feel my hips move on it.
Feel me move under you, my hips rotating, my clit grinding on the base of your shaft.
Hear the moans escape my lips, wanting more of you, wanting to devour your......deeper, deeper still your cock is consumed inside of me.
The wetness leaking now like a waterfall onto your balls......your balls slapping my ass as your cock starts to grind into me. Feel it.....Do you feel it starting at the base of your balls?
Feel your orgasm starting to build? Mine body is tingling with electric pulses, the pit of my stomach reminds me that my orgasm is near.
My body writhes under you....wanting you.....straining for more of you.
Your cock starts to pound my body.
Yes Baby, that's it.....fuck me hard now.....fuck me hard.....take me Baby.
Make me yours. Let me loose total control to you and become so totally one with you.
Do it Baby.....Do it now. Fuck me.....deeper and deeper into me with each thrust. The friction building with each plunge into me.
Oh Yes Baby - feel it.....feel the hot wet cunt you are entering.
Fuck it Baby.....fuck me now. Explode inside of me. Let me feel your seed splashing at my insides. Feel the edge Baby.....feel the edge. Take me the clouds and the edge.....fall with me in the delights of our bodies.
Feel me explode for you.......on you, on your pulsating cock......

Did you know?
Did you know that I want that now?
Do you?

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