Monday, May 26, 2008

A little celebration

Written by Haley Comet (July 2000)

She looked up at the clock as she placed the prepared oysters in the fridge and checked if the chocolate mousse was setting. It was only four thirty. Her beloved would not be home for an hour yet.
She began to prepare the soup and the seafood crepes. It was their fifth anniversary and she wanted to make it special. Once the soup was ready to reheat when her husband arrived home, and all that needed doing apart from reheating the hot foods and decorating the mousse with whipped cream and strawberries, she set the table with the good cutlery, the crystal wine goblets which were a wedding gift, a rose arrangement she had prepared herself and a bowl of heart shaped chocolates.

Five- thirty and she still had plenty of time to collect his gift from the bedroom, place it on the table.
Once she did this she returned to the bedroom to gather the red lace and silk teddy she brought to surprise him with tonight, her see through white blouse and her black shirt with the split up the side that would show just a hint of the red lace of her teddy. She turned on the spray of the shower and waited until the temperature was just right and undressed.

Once under the spray she began to rub herself with the rose scented soap she liked to spoil herself with. Beginning with her neck she lathered herself and began to plan her seduction of her beloved husband. Lathering her breasts with the soap she found her nipples were budded up and so she tenderly caressed her breasts and trigged her nipples, imagining her husbands hands on her instead of her own. Little shivers floated down her spine making her cliterous respond.
Rubbing the soap into her belly and down further until she reached the light smattering of dark hair on her mound.
Still imagining her husband touching her, she lightly moved her fingers to caress the two lips that hid her most sensitive spot. Gently she rubbed her clit. Her breathing became harsh and she cried out as she felt her juices spill over her hand as she orgasmed. Imagining her husband�s cock inside her gave her a most intense and sweet feeling.

She turned off the shower, dried herself and dressed. After realizing that her husband was due home any minute now, she reheated the soup and placed the oysters on dishes.
Getting two bread rolls out she placed these on plates and put them on the table. As she was dishing up the soup, the doorbell rang.

She wondered who it was as she opened the door. When she opened the door all she could see was a huge bunch of roses and in front of these a large box of chocolates. She heard her husband�s disembodied voice wish her a happy anniversary as he gave her the gifts. She thanked him, kissed long and deeply, and suggested he have a shower while she get dinner on the table.

While he was in the shower she put on the stereo already holding a romantic CD. She was putting the soup on the table as he was getting dressed. She turned off the lights, poured some champagne and lit two red candles. He came out of the shower to be greeted by complete darkness. Smelling the soup he headed for the dinning room. Seated she turned around in time to see the surprised delight on his face. He sat downed ate his soup. When they had finished the soup, he opened his gift. Delighted and amused to find a jar of body chocolate, he leaned across to her to whisper his ideas of what the night could bring.

After kissing him again she went into the kitchen to bring out the oysters. Placing them on the table she sat down. After eating a couple herself she speared another one with her fork. Slowly her fork met his mouth and he ate the oyster. He did the same to her until all the oysters were consumed.

She got up again and placed the main course in front of him. As he began to eat the crepes and while he was not watching what she was doing. She dropped her fork. Fortunately she had brought a spare one when she brought out the main course saying she forgot that she had placed forks on the table.
She dived under the table presumably to retrieve the dropped utensil. Ignoring it, instead she knelt before him and undid his trousers and belt releasing his beautiful penis. Her hands gently caressed his shaft and then ticked his balls. Her mouth covered his cock and she gently massaged his balls.

She sucked and licked him to full erection. Every so often she would caress the mushroomed head of his cock and lick his cockhole. He could only stand about five minutes of this treatment before his cock began to spasm and she tasted his precum.

She sucked harder then and as he came in her mouth she swallowed each quite happily. Seated up at the table she licked her lips and finished off her now cold crepe. She got the dessert out and they finished their meal.

She suggested they dance and he agreed. Holding to each other as a slow instrumental came through the speakers, they gently swayed in time to the music. After awhile she looked up at him. When her eyes met his, he smiled and bent down to kiss her. Their lips met and sent shivers down her spine. Tongues dance in a parody of what was to come. He licked her lips and she his. He parted his lips from hers and she cried out in frustration, but sighed as he began to kiss her ear. He nibbled the globe and she cried out as more shivers went down her spine.

His lips went to her neck and he nibbled her until he came to the top button of her blouse. After unbuttoning her blouse to bear the red silk of the teddy, he grasped in delight at the underwear he exposed.
"For me?" he asked.
She just smiled as he rubbed her nipples through the silk of her teddy.
She grasped at the erotic feel of his fingers through the soft material. He continued to undo the buttons and removed the blouse from her. As soon as he tossed the garment over the lounge, he returned his attentions to her.
Telling her she was beautiful he then sucked her erect nipple through the silk. Soon they both were groaning in frustration. He slid his hands beneath the thin straps of her teddy and slid them over her shoulders until he had exposed her large breasts.

Now he could lick her sensitive flesh. Before much ado his mouth was on her breast and he was sucking her nipple. She cried out in delight. Her hands unbuttoned his shirt and her fingers played with his nipples while he sucked hers. His hands began a slow exploration of her legs underneath the skirt. His fingers touched the lacy edge of the leg of the teddy, which rested high on her hip.

He slowing and frustratingly moved his hand lower to feel her hot wetness between her legs.
"Now your turn, Sweetness", he whispered as his finger caress her erect clit. He kissed her mouth again and she hung on to him as his finger tickled her.
They felt the little organ throb, her cries swallowed by his kiss.
Her body shook as he felt her juices pour over his hand. She tore her mouth from his, threw back her head and screamed as her whole body shook with ecstasy.

Her hands went to the fly of his jeans and she discovered his cock was as hard as an iron rod. She undid his pants and play with him. He groaned a mixture of pleasure and frustration. He pushed her against the wall, wrapped her legs around his hips and plunge that hard organ into her hot wet pussy so hard she cried out as she felt the round head of him hit her womb.
His thrusts were deep and hard. Oh god, it felt so good.
They were moaning and groaning as he pumped his cock in and out. She could feel the very shape of him as his cock become even harder.
He cried out and spoke of his love for her as she felt him squirt inside her. They stayed against the wall wrapped in each other�s arms while his deflated cock came out of her. Setting her legs on the floor, he watched as drops of his come flowed out to drip over her thighs.

"Let�s go to bed," he said. They went into the bedroom and he grabbed the body chocolate. Needless to say they did it several times in the night, with and without covering each other in chocolate.

About two months later, she waits for him to come home, wearing only the teddy. As he enters the door she tells him that even though they had been trying for the last four years for a child with no result that the passion they shared the night of their anniversary had made her pregnant.
They celebrated in the bedroom.

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