Friday, May 02, 2008


By Nisaa

Hmmmmmmm.....feeling it slide down my body in front of the mirror - nipples harden as the satin drifts over my huge breasts.
I just love trying on lingerie.
The different colors, the necklines.....spaghetti straps that fall off the shoulder....back lines deep to the crack of the butt.
Can't you feel the luxury of the satin then the skin as your hands devour my back?
Wouldn't you love to bury your face in my breasts, smelling the satin and skin mixture, feeling the texture of my skin beneath the satin
Go ahead.....take the hardened nipple into your mouth.....Oh no - do this through the satin for now.
Suck my nipples through the fabric and let me feel your hot breath.
Push my breasts together....oh yes.....stroke my nipples with your thumbs as you hold them up for your review.
Feel them twitch through the fabric as you lick them.
See the wet spot on my satin from your mouth...See the satin strain from the swelling of my nipples and breasts... Don't you want them? Want to squeeze them hard?
Stroke my nipples.....see how hard they get for you.

Hmmmmmmm....oh yes, I love satin.....I love what it does to you as you hold me, as you look at me across the room......I see what you're planning in those devilish eyes of yours.....oh?
Will you do that now?
You want to sit my body on the chair edge so you can kneel before me as you take my nipples in your hot pussy in your hands......Suck my nipples.....hard.....lick them in circles and let your tongue feel their hardness.....Feel the wetness of my pussy.....taste it.....lick my hot cunt with that hard tongue of yours.
Make me squeal with pleasure and passion......
pull my naked pussy toward your lips and lap up my juices.....smell my scent and let it drive you wild with want.....
lick me hard.....finger fuck me - one - two - three fingers fucking me as you suck my clit....
Oh yes....suck it - suck it hard.....let me push my hot cunt into your face.....make me cum on your face. Let my cunt juices drip down your chin as your tongue tries to lap up my cum as it pumps out of me.....

Oh? My mistake? You want to bend me over what chair?
You want to bend me over that chair and fuck me from behind?
You want to feel your hands wrap in my long blonde hair from behind - it - push this satin nightie high on my hips....expose my bare ass and caress it.....caress the cheeks of my ass as you bend over and kiss my back.....pull my hair slightly as your arm reaches around me and you part my lips with your fingers.....thumb my clit Baby.....Oh yes....I do like that.

I feel your hard cock banging against my thighs....against my ass......Go ahead.....drill it into me.....take me hard and fast......make me moan and beg for more as you ride me hard.
Feel your hard tool slam inside of me.....stroke after stroke....
thrust after hot wetness dripping all over your cock.....your balls.....Feel my muscles squeeze your steel rod as you slide in and out of my wetness.....your hard throbbing cock digging deeper and deeper into me as you push my body further up on the chair.....
my legs dangling so you can fuck me from behind - hard and fast.
Take your hands on my hips and slam my body onto your cock.....faster.....harder....deeper......I need to cum on your cock.....

That's it....rock into my body.....push your cock deep inside me and hold it....let me get a foot back on the ground so I can grind my hips onto yours.....
feel my body writhing under you as you take me and make me yours. Hold your cock deep.....arch your back and shoot your seed into me.....while I drench your throbbing cock with my orgasm.

Isn't it wonderful.....the feel of satin?

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Anonymous said...

wow!!!! it sounds good!!! i love your satin!!! as well your pussy