Saturday, May 03, 2008

Do You Want To Play?

By Nisaa

Such a fun time of year!! The decorations are all in place, the tree is all trimmed, more packages to buy - feel the stress!!

Well, come here then.......take a peek. Come into my mind and feel with me what I feel. Close your eyes and imagine.......

Oh Yes......under that tree.......that's all for you. The room shimmers with the lights of the season. Fireplace filling the room with a warmth and special glow......candles strategically placed along the mantle. Looking outside of the patio doors winter is raging, a snowstorm in full force. But under the tree..........

Oh Yes.......that white fur rug never felt so good. I love the way it feels on my naked skin. As my eyes notice you peeking, my hands slide over my nakedness.....cupping my breasts......raising them to fullness.
My thumbs tenderly circling the nipples......making them pop up like berries waiting to be nibbled.
Squirming for you is a wonderful feeling.....I want to squirm for you. Watch my hands..........

Taking my long blonde hair out from under my back and spreading it along the pillow.....hands sliding down the side of my body to my knees.....gently smoothing the skin under each you like it when I raise my legs holding the back of my knees?
I knew you would.
Legs spreading open wide.....can you see the wetness glistening on my lips? The fingers of my one hand slide down to my moist pussy lips. sliding ever so slightly up and down my wetness.
Softly and slowly, to drive you insane. My middle finger sliding deep inside my hot cunt.....moans escaping my mouth as my hips rise to meet my finger. Pulling out of the wetness.....fingers raise to my lips and I suck my finger for you.....tasting myself.....licking.....

My hand slides down the front of my body...... raising my nipple to my lips....... oh yes - I can lick my nipples.....a taste of juice on them from my hand sliding along them.....don't you want your mouth on them? Your hands squeezing them?
Your lips teasing them and sucking? All in good time.

Trailing my hands once again down to my naked pussy - my fingers spread the lips wide.....see the juice in the candle light - see my clit hard and standing tall, waiting for your mouth to devour it.
My finger teasing it - my body aching to feel you on me - but - not yet.
My fingers slide up and down - inside my cunt, soft and slow, deeper, starting to plunge into the wetness.....hear the noise of my hot juices. Watch my fingers start to fuck me.....slide out and over my clit - hear the moans escape me as I feel the need to fuck for you.

My hand spreads out along the rug.....and yes, a toy for me.....hard rubber cock slides along my lips.....stopping at my core.....dipping inside just a bit...... the head only.....then plunge deep inside.....inside where you want your cock to be. Watch as the fake cock fucks me for your eyes find yours.....your eyes only slightly leaving my pussy to acknowledge that you know I'm watching you watch me.
Feel it enter muscles wrapping around it and squeezing.....pumping this toy as your hand releases your cock from your pants.....and your hand finds your hard cock - wrapping around it simulating my dripping pussy - your cock is dripping with pre-cum - wanting your turn.
Stroke your hard cock for me - stroke it harder-squeeze the pre-cum out of the head. think of me licking it.

Slowly sitting up a bit - my eyes never leaving yours - my body gets on my hands and knees - my one hand taking the toy and sliding it in and out of my hot juicy cunt - my body fucking the dildo harder and harder - rocking back and forth - sex is what I want - sex is what I'll have. can you smell it?
Can you smell the sex fill the room?
My body straining on the cock. Want some?

Then come get it - replace this rubber toy with your cock of steel. Let my ass back into your hips impaling myself on your cock.
My muscles milking and squeezing as your cock pushes deeper and deeper inside of me - pull my hips to you - plunge your cock inside of me - in and out - balls slapping my clit.
Juice running down your balls - wrap your hand around me and play with my clit - reach deeper and feel your cock slide inside of me - feel the hardness fucking me. Hard strokes - faster. feel the hot cunt wrapped around you.
"Do it. fuck me - fuck me harder" "Oh Baby, now, now. Cum with me"
"I'm going to cum all over your cock....ohhhhhhh YES!" And my orgasm drenches your cock.....cum juice dripping outside of me running down your balls - my breathing erratic as each wave of cum shoots at your cock.

Stroke me softly - let my orgasm ebb slowly.
No - don't feed your cock hard and cum just yet.

You didn't cum with me. You need to be punished.
My hot cunt slides off your cock.
Stay kneeling - don't move now - let me look at your hard, swollen cock.
Oh yes........that hard cock is so wet with my cum. For your punishment I'm going to lick my cum off your cock - suck it hard and make you cum in my mouth.
But the torture you need to endure before cumming will be sweet pleasure if we continue this game.

Want to play?

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