Monday, May 12, 2008

Stranger in the Park

Written by Hayley Comet (May 2000)

Sitting, the sun beating down to warm her on such a cool day, she was reading an erotic novel.
Winter was coming but Alison did not care, engrossed as she was in the novel.
"He approached the bed, whip in hand. Her bottom raised giving him a view of the hairy lips beneath�, She read and felt herself getting moist with each slap of the hero�s whip. Just as the hero entered the heroine a shadow appeared across the page and she looked up to see a tall handsome man standing over her reading along with her.

"Hi, I�m George. My sister reads those all the time. I have read a few myself." He stated by way of introduction.

"I�m Alison. Take a seat." Indicating the empty space on the park bench, and once he accepted the invitation, she continued "Have you read this one?"

"No that must be a new one."

"In that case you may read over my shoulder." He peered over her arm, noticing the top button of her thin white blouse was undone, revealing the fact that she was not wearing a bra.
He couldn�t help noticing her breasts were large, about a 36 DD. They read silently together "The juices from her wet pussy lubricated her arsehole, making it glisten. He entered finger into this tight orifice."
As the hero entered his great erection into the heroine�s arsehole, George felt himself harden and Alison felt herself become even wetter.

George placed his hand on her leg, testing to see if this was fine. When she did not object, he placed the book down on her lap and lent over to kiss her. She responded her tongue exploring his mouth.

"Do you want to go somewhere more private?" He asked.
"Sure" Just then she looked up and sure the weather had changed and a shower was coming over.

"I have a flat near here," he said. "I share it with a couple of guys who aren�t due to appear for a couple of hours.�

"It�s going to rain", stated as they headed off. About half way to his flat the rain poured down drenching them. Her white blouse become transparent, her dark nipples showing through the wet cloth.

He couldn�t help himself and stated, "God you got great tits!" Soaking wet they arrived at his flat. She began to strip out her wet things as he got her a towel. "Just dry yourself off. Leave your clothes on and come here,� he stated gruffly. She did as she was told.
He wrapped her in his arms and started kissing her, his hands feeling her breasts through the damp fabric. "Oh, god, I cant wait,� turning her over across his kitchen table and lifting her skirt. Delighted to find she was not wearing any knickers grabbed her shoulders and pushed his dick into her now soaking and hot pussy. He was long and thick.

She could feel the very shape of him as the head of his cock rammed her cervix. Just as she was about to come, his finger started rubbing her hard clit and she screamed as the force of orgasm overtook her. It was not long before he too came, bathing her womb with spurt after spurt of lovely jism.

They showered together and without putting their clothes back on went to his bedroom. As they lay on the bed he asked" Would you stay and let my flat mates fuck you too?�

"I�d love that" was her answer as she lowered herself down to be level with his thighs. One small hand reached out to cup and kneed his balls and the other encircled his cock now returning full hardness. Her fingers caressed the great purple head of his penis as he groaned in pleasure. Her head followed to where her hands were and taking one of his perfectly formed testes in her mouth sucked it gently.

Her now free hand caressed his chest and rubbed his nipples. She embraced his cock with her lips and drew him into her mouth. He groaned again. Her tongue caressed the head of his gorgeous cock, and as she tasted his metallic flesh, he groaned yet again. It was not long before she tasted his precum and he pulled her head away. She kissed and climbed over him. Lowing herself, her hand went between them to guide him into her wet pussy. :

Lowering herself down she rode him, their moans and groans increasing in volume. Feeling the pressure build in her body, her hand went between them and she rubbed her clit. Just as she screamed her orgasm he screamed his and feeling his sperm hitting her womb she came again.

She got of him and laid back. HE grinned as he saw his cum ooze out of her red pussy. Before she knew what was happening she felt his breath on her clit and then she was sucking it and licking his sperm from where it glistened on her pussy. "OOOH", she cried, "Here I come again" and as she was screamed and thrashed on the bed they heard the flat door open and a male voice yell, "Hi George, sounds like you�re having fun can we join in?"

"Sure. These are my flat mates, Harry and Fred"

"Hi. Ready for more fun and games?" They asked in unison.

"I�m looking forward to it" She replied. Watching as the two newcomers undressed, she licked her lips. The sight of her lying naked and her tongue caressing her lips made both men hard and George was also becoming erect again. It gave her immense joy to see three well endowed guys get so hard for her so quickly.

Fred straddled her chest and placed is cock in her mouth. While she sucked him, Harry rubbed his cock over her soppy pussy to tease her. She moaned in pleasure. "Harry, do you mind if lubricate my prick on those lovely juices of hers?" asked George.

"No problem, mate." George rubbed himself and his cock glistened. Fred pulled out her mouth to enable her to move. Harry lay on the bed, playing with his erection. Alison got on top of him. Turning her head to one side she took Fred back into her mouth and continued to suck him.

With Harry in her pussy and Fred in her mouth, George placed his hands on her firm buttocks opening them to spy her puckered little arsehole. With his fingers he rubbed some of the juices from her overflowing pussy to lubricate the area. He pushed his cock into the tight hole and moaned. Alison was moaning at the pleasure this was giving her.

It was not long before she felt the spasm that indicated Fred was coming and as he spurted in her mouth she gulped all of it down. He was still spurting when he pulled away from her and she dribbled the lovely substance down her chin.

While this was happening Harry spasmed and spurted. Alison also felt her orgasm approach and George�s cock felt so good in her arse. She screamed again as he spurted another load.

They lay on the bed together until dark. Fred offered to take her home and invited her back for more the next day. She accepted both offers.

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