Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dave loses his virginity

Written by Kate (June 2000)

Alberta usually had some essay or research work to do for her college classes; but when she had some spare time she would spend it on the Internet.
That is, unless she was involved in Rod and Belinda's sexually games - a past-time she enjoyed thoroughly.

However, she did get a lot of satisfaction from her Free Sex Chat interaction. Of course she never signed on in her real name. Often she went on as Krystal and liked pretending that she was a writer of sex stories. It was during one of these occasions that she started chatting with a 17 year old college guy who, it so happened, attended the same college as she did. Over the course of the chat he revealed that he, Dave, loved to masturbate and he was also a virgin.

Alberta found out that he was tall, about six foot one, short red hair and with a satisfying seven-inch cock. Dave admitted that he wanked off five times a day sometimes and he loved having his cock hard during lectures when he could look down the seats and see the tits and legs of the many sexy undergrads. Dave told Alberta that he had had his cock out in the lecture, hidden under his jacket and he had jerked off quietly, coming all over the floor.

He admitted that he got some sidelong glances when his cock pulsated causing him to moan loudly. Once Alberta found out that Dave had never fucked anyone she immediately began to get to know Dave better. She knew that she and Belinda could introduce Dave to the pleasures of the female cunt and its sexual delights. It so happened that Dave attended the same philosophy class as Alberta and she invited him over for the weekend to stay at Rod and Belinda's place.

Dave hesitated at first; but one look at Alberta's black shapely body and what it promised soon convinced him to accept. Dave arrived, and he was greeted by, Alberta,Belinda and Rod. Belinda was really looking forward in helping Dave lose his virginity. It had been some time since she had fucked or sucked a virgin, or been eaten by a virgin. Dave was entertained to a fine dinner and wine and then all four of them settled down to watch some porn videos.

Dave squirmed a little at first but soon started enjoying the scene where a couple of beautiful big-titted women went down on each other and took turns to suck the nine inch cock of the male star. The room heated up as the threesome on the screen got raunchier and raunchier. The guy was being ridden by the blonde while the red head sucked and lapped at his balls and the cock as it slid out. After he had cum inside the blonde the red head grabbed his cock and sucked it dry.

Then the women began fingering and sucking each other as the guy watched and played with his rapidly hardening cock. The close-ups of the blondes tongue penetrating the sopping wet cunt of the red head was enthralling. Alberta noticed Dave's shorts and the distinctive bulge created by his swollen cock. Later she and Belinda would feast on his virgin, seven-incher.

As the video progressed, Alberta and Belinda began to undress each other and played with each others tits and cunts. First, Alberta sucked at Belinda's beautiful erect nipples, while Belinda's fingers found and entered Alberta's pink, inviting cunt. Meanwhile, Rod had his large, erect, cock out and was slowly jerking off as he watched his two favorite women bring each other to a climax.

Dave seeing all of this began playing with his cock; and it wasn't until Rod told him to take his shorts off that he began masturbating in earnest. Rod moved over and placed Dave's free hand on his cock and Dave responded to the sensuous scene in front of him by working Rod's cock. Rod placed the palm of his hand over the top of Dave's bulbous head and rotated his hand over it as Dave groaned in passion. It didn't take long for Dave's cock to start jumping and Rod bent over to take it in his mouth. Dave gasped at this unfamiliar act but he didn't pull away and he moaned as Rod brought him to a huge climax.

Alberta and Belinda were still in a loving embrace but watched in fascination as Dave climaxed in Rod's mouth. Belinda then moved over and kissed Rod passionately, licking off the errant cum. At that point, Alberta moved over took Rod's cock in her mouth and sucked him to a massive climax.

Belinda and she than cleaned up, licking off any cum that was not initially swallowed. After a night-cap, they all went to their respective bedrooms. Dave's had been set up with lots of erotica, including a Club magazine portraying a statuesque blonde clad only in black studded leather straps. Her luscious breasts were outlined and the straps came under her legs to reveal her soft pink cunt. She had been photographed in many poses; but the best were from the rear where here pussy lips and ass could be seen to the best effect.

Later, giving time for Dave to settle in, Alberta snuck down the hallway and quietly opened the door slightly to see Dave jerking off over the magazine pics. She brazenly pushed the door open and Dave was open mouthed when he saw that she had on the same leather strapped outfit as the blonde in the mag.

The only difference was that Alberta's was white and this really accentuated her firm, ripe tits and her pussy. She walked over to Dave and posed in front of him, showing him her pink pussy lips and her beautiful rounded ass.

Dave was in sexual heaven and his cock was rampant with excitement. Next Alberta caressed his cock, slowly licking it from his aching balls to the tip and flicking the head rapidly, making the whole shaft jump and pulsate. Next she swallowed the cock and made it good and wet.

Dave groaned and then Alberta laid him back took his cock and placed it at the opening to her cunt. His red pubes and her shaved cunt would soon be united. She slowly slid over his seven inch length and came to rest with his cock fully inserted. Dave was ecstatic and dug his fingers into Alberta's ass.

Then he noticed someone else in the room - it was Belinda and she had on a crotchless panty and a bra with the nipples exposed. She kissed Dave's chest and then his lips. Then she moved up to his head, lowering her pussy to his mouth. His tongue reached up hungrily as he searched for her sweetness. Belinda moaned and groaned as his tongue went to work.

At the same time Alberta tightened her vaginal muscles and gripping Dave's cock she began pumping him, slowly at first but then more rapidly. As she did so, he worked his tongue more excitedly in Alberta's cunt and she yelled and encouraged him more. After about ten minutes of this erotic activity Dave came with a huge explosion in Alberta's cunt and she came at the same time moaning and groaning with the knowledge that she had taken Dave's virginity.

Tomorrow night it would be Belinda's turn to fuck Dave and produce other sensuous experiences.

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