Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Begging Gets Results

Written by Nisaa (April 2000)

"You know I have you now. Hard, ready, willing and wanting. If I ask you to beg would you?
If I wanted to hear you beg me to take your cock, would you beg to be fucked by my mouth?"

'Oh, God, yes. You've worked me up to the point of no control. Pleeeezzz, pleeeeeezzz. I want it so bad. You know what I want. Yes, that's right. I want to fuck your that! Yes, like that!

You are so hot! Your mouth is so eager, so wet and so beautiful. I love watching my cock, shimmering in saliva and precum, sliding between your lips, each ridge, each bump, each nuance, disappearing into your wet mouth.

I MUST have the finish. I'm desperate now. You've made me desperate! It MUST end as you know I need to have it end. I must come! I must release the torrent ready to overrun us both. Finish it. Finish me. PLEEEEEZZZZZ!'

I want you to just stand there.....your knees getting weaker with each lick, each suck, each time I caress your can drive you crazy. I want to drive you crazy.

But first - I want to be crazy. See this naked body? You like this naked body?
Let me caress and stroke your cock so hard.....I have plans for this swollen cock of yours.
I want to feel it inside of me.

No preliminaries on my part. Watch as I lay down.....stand there and see me spread my legs for you. Stand there with your proud hard cock and let me see you - naked - wanting me.

That's it - slide it along my cunt lips. I want to feel the precum along my lips.....I want to feel your cock dip inside of me.....slightly - gently.....oh yes, take it out and slide it again.....tease my hard clit with it.....bump into my clit with the head of that massive organ of yours.
Now again.....oh yes - you know what I like. You know just how to tease legs spread wide.....your cock slides inside of me. In and out - harder and harder.....feeling the strength of your steel shaft sliding in and out of my wet cunt.

Harder, oh me now.....let my lips spread wide and your shaft inside of me strong and I feel the pounding inside my body, the vibration on my clit.....the exquisite feeling of orgasm building...............let me cum on your cock. Make me cum on your cock.....Ohhhhhh yes.....feel it.....feel my cunt muscles retract...... feel them grab at your cock as you slide out of me.....holding tight as they pull you back in.

My hips reach up pleading for breathing shallow and it comes.....Oh Honey I'm going to cum on your cock right now! Oh Yes.....Oh yes.....

You lay there on top of me.....hard, wet.....trying not to move and complete your orgasm. You know what I have waiting for you.

My breath starts to even mouth wants your kisses.....your mouth reaches for mine and our tongues dance our love lay next to me and hold me for a time.....the glow of my orgasm warms you.

Oh but you were so patient! Well? Well? Are you going to lie there holding me all day? I want that cock! I want it in my mouth! Sliding off the bed, I pull you with me...... standing and holding you.....cupping your butt cheeks in my hands.....squeezing them...... kneading hands slide around you and feel your hard cock. My hand grips it and starts to work your cock. It doesn't take long for the precum to resume position. My thumb slides over the head of your hardness and spreads your juice on the tip of your cock.

My body slides down yours...... my breasts dragging hardened nipples across your chest, down your hips.....wrapping your cock inside the cleavage. Oh yes.....licking, licking at the head of your other hand reaches down to my wet pussy - my chest needs some wetness to make your cock slide in and out of my cleavage.....oh yes - that's better.....slick breasts for your tits fuck your cock and on each slide through my lips wrap around the head of your cock.....sucking - teasing.....making your knees weak.

My breasts release your cock to my mouth - slide it in and out - fuck my mouth.
Feel the back of my throat - feel my tongue lick you all over as your hard cock fucks these lips you love so much.
Bring it to the edge and let me suck hard on your swelling head as I cup your balls. Go ahead - bring it all on baby.....slide it inside - I pull on your balls to get you deeper in to my hand travels to your ass - pushing you to me...... deep sucking you cock. I feel it grow harder, wider with each attack from my mouth.....your breath is expelling in short bursts.....your hips move by themselves. Yes Baby - Yes baby - fuck my mouth...... fuck it the way you like it. Take that cock in your hand and stroke it for me. Stroke it at my face. Oh Yes.....rub it on me; on my cheeks.....make a river of precum on my face.....I lick the head as you pump your steel hardness at me. Your hips in high fucking motion - your hand pumping your cock.....Do it Baby.....Do it..... And your orgasm screams out in a stream of thick white fluid.....splashing into my open mouth, on my cheeks, my mouth is filled with your cum - dripping down my chin onto my chest.....a string of your thick juice connects my lips to the head of your cock...... and I lick it to the tip. Your body collapses on the bed and I crawl into your arms.....kissing your mouth so you can taste your orgasm on my lips. Hold me tight and don't let me now. You will need it.

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