Monday, May 05, 2008

Stud Farm

Written by Nisaa (Feb 2000)

'Oh Mistress Nisaa, that's a wonderful specimen! Is he new?
Did you just get him?'
Dana was clearly excited. As they all should be. I have my newest addition to the stable wrapped in a gorgeous leather thong, leading him into the center of the room by a matching leather collar and lead.

Oh yes......they'll like him well enough. Much more than I expected. Poor bored housewives.
I'm so glad they have me to amuse them. Taking center stage on slow step at a time, let them indulge themselves for a few moments longer.

He's a bit skittish my shy young colt, but he's going to be so worth the training I will personally bestow on him. I take my stance. Let them look at the two of us. I am resplendent in black leather, clearly the mistress of all my surroundings. My black studded collar sparkles in the lighting, matching wrist bracelets. I'm wearing a strapless leather suit, breasts pushed to their fullest......thigh's cut high for more skin exposure.

My legs........well, my legs go way down to there. Look at them feel the heat my body radiates in the spotlight. My long legs wrapped in black silk hose, wearing my favorite commanding spiked heels. The leather straps around my ankles just accentuate their beauty.
Legs spread apart, hands on hips, my young colt a bit unsure what he is to do. I let him wait.........they are so wondrous to the eye as they slightly sweat under the lights a bit jumpy with the women gawking at them.

This is my 'Roman Hour'. Those invited into this inner sanctum don robes of the Roman Empire. The women in white silks, gold braiding in their chains crisscross their breasts holding them high and proud. One shoulder bare. Sandals on their feet. Preparing for a roman feast. My most trusted servants plying them with treats and their favorite drinks.

This is where I show off my young colts. They will bid on them and pretend to buy them as their personal body slaves. These special women will fight for a nights pleasure such as only I can promise. These women are highly tuned in what to expect and what is accepted. 'Mistress Nisaa? When will he be ready?
When will he go on the block?'
Again Dana showing her excitement. I raise my hands to speak and the room quiets, 'Ahhhh Dana, Ladies? This young man has just been acquired. He won't be ready for about a month. But I brought him here to show you what you can dream of for awhile.

'Stand tall for the ladies Thomas.' And he at once looks over the crowd, but stands tall trying to hide his nervousness. 'Ladies, look at these muscles, the skin texture......feel with me as I walk my way through his body for you.' My hands glide over his shoulders as I trace my fingernails along his skin.
My fingers gliding through his thick blonde hair, down his I stand behind him my hands feel their way along his upper torso, pinching a bit, tickling a bit, getting the nubs of his nipples hard, feeling the way his skin ripples under my touch. He stands there proud against my chest, trying not to lean with his back but I pull him a bit to me.

My hands slide down his chest to his belly......The thong is cut low on his hips and the tips of my fingers enter the front. My hand feeling for his cock. My other hand pulling him back against me. He's a bit resistant at this procedure, but he will learn to respond and love the attention he gets.
All my studs eventually give way to the pleasures my sexual arts can teach them, and the opportunities to service a variety of women all who will adore them if they learn to adore without pretence. His cock responds to my touch and I glance at the women in my audience.

Some visibly licking their lips, some sliding their robes open and touching themselves without shyness. I tease them all......Thomas, Dana, and the rest of the girls I�ve invited here. My hand slips further into his thong, my other hand releasing the sides. What a wonderful invention this Velcro. His thong falls to the floor and his legs spread with his cock in my hand full, and hard.........penetrating the very air around it. My hands cup his balls, his cock jumps as I pull them. I love the feel of his skin rippling in my hand as I caress his thighs.

Showing all of them his cock from every angle. I stroke it, and squeeze it, lightly touching it one minute and them pumping it the next. I feel his excitement......I feel his need. I hear the women sighing for what is to come. But not Thomas. Not Thomas yet.
I turn him around and slap his round butt cheek with my open hand. Kaitlin comes to retrieve him for me.
'Put him in my room. Chain him to the wall. I will be there to teach him more'.
Clapping my hands the oval room's doors open and men start to filter through the crowd. Short men, tall men, blonde men, black men all naked, and oiled and gorgeous to touch. The walk through the aisles so the women can touch and inspect. These are my very best. Trained each and every one of them by me.

They are forceful and dominant subservient, and gentle. Every one of them a master at what they do, everyone of them can be dominant or subservient. It will depend on what their mistress wants. Clapping again, the men join me on the stage. Everyone of them knowing the pleasures they will obtain, the rewards they will receive and the women are here to bid on their favors.
I retreat to my quarters as the bidding starts. Each woman here will be well pleased.
'Thomas', I take my finger under his chin to lift his face. 'Thomas you did well. First you learn to be seduced, then you will learn to seduce. Now you will learn to be a slave. Are you ready?'

Thomas is staked out in the center of my room. Kaitlin decided on her own not to choose the wall. She goes a bit far sometimes in her obedience, but she's earned her place. Chains hanging from the ceiling and fastened to the floor have him spread wide for my pleasure.
'Yes, I'm ready'.
Slapping his butt cheek a bit harder, 'Yes you're ready what?'
'Yes, I'm ready Mistress Nisaa.'
His eyes wide as he was not ready for the butt slap.
Immediately he looks to the floor.
'I'm going to make you the best sex slave you can imagine. You will be at my beck and call this week. Sleeping when I say, where I say. Eating when I tell you to eat, what I tell you to eat. When I say something you do it without question. These are the rules. You will be naked when I say you are naked. You are allotted a thong to where when you leave my room, IF I tell you to wear it. Your shyness will leave you. If you disobey me you will be punished. Do you understand the game?'

'Yes Mistress Nisaa'.

Unshackling him, he is unsure what to do at first, but then remembers his head is never higher than mine unless I tell him to stand. He's on his knees before me. Oh yes, I will enjoy this one very much.
'Undress me' and his hands worked ardently at disrobing my body.
'Not the shoes first the shoes last' I had told him. I stand before him naked except my hose and heels. 'Look at me' 'Look at this body who commands you'
And his eyes start to wonder over my skin, to my face and down again along the contours of my shape. He's visibly excited. His hard cock dripping pre-cum.
I feel his heat.
It's time for him to feel mine.
'Taste me split the lips of my cunt and taste me. Lightly dip your tongue into my slit and taste' and he does as I command. 'Make your tongue hard and hold it out for me' and I take his head and guide it to me......up and down, licking my clit, my inner wetness flowing.

I walk toward the bed and spread my legs wide. Taking my hands to open my lips for him.
'Take me with your tongue. Make me cum on your face. I want to cum on your face.' And he starts to savor my core licking, sucking......I hear him breathing deeply, feel his hot breath on my wet cunt. I raise my legs for him and he spreads them wide......his tongue dipping inside me, eating with a frenzy.

My own excitement high my hands take his head and my hips grind my wetness into his face. Can he breathe? Do I care? Oh Yes almost got it........ 'Lick me harder.....take me hard........suck my cunt. Do it it hard.

Do it now. I'm going to cum all over your face then lick it off you' and my orgasm rocks my body as my bare pussy devours his face.........wave after wave of orgasm pouring out of me. He slows his tongue, gently lapping up the cum that remains on my body. I roll over and my tongue licks his face.

My hand reaches for his cock rock hard, throbbing in my hand......wanting my touch so badly. Dripping pre-cum as I wet my thumb and rub the head of his cock with it. All the while licking his face dry of my orgasm. He's mindless with hand grips his cock hard. Sliding up and down, working it, pumping it.....cupping his balls and squeezing.

'Turn around baby......turn around and lay back on the bed' and he does......his cock like a flag ship, hard and proud, wet and so full. He's ready to explode. My hands work his cock........hard and insistent, soft and gentle bringing him to the edge and letting him ebb......bringing him back to the edge.
His breath ragged......his head tossing........side to side......eyes closed. 'Open your eyes Baby watch me make you cum. Watch me make you explode.' And his eyes open and side down his body.........I am physically loving his cock with only my hands......tempting, teasing........urging his orgasm closer and closer. His hips gyrating, moving with my hands......his cock so wet with his hands sliding up and down his silken shaft easily.

'Cum now Baby........You want to cum and I'll let you. Cum hard for me. Shoot your juice for me.' And I lean over him with my breasts, grabbing his cock in between my bare breasts and pumping his hard cock with no mercy. He erupts all over my chest and I wallow in it. Rubbing his cock as his orgasm shoots his cum over my skin.

My breasts soft and clutching ..... His cock cumming so hard he screams. Slowly I bring him down.........slowly his breathing returns to bare normality..
I stand and put my robe on.....walking to the door I turn back and say, 'That my fine stud is lesson number one.' Rest now..........lesson number two is even more interesting.

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