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Written by Kim Cantwell (June 2000)

Jill had been best friends with Bill and Carl since they were kids.
They would dress up as cowboys and Indians and run around each others� backyards until it was time to go to sleep.
Since there weren't any girls in the neighborhood, Jill spent most of her time with the boys, playing their games and wandering off into the woods.

She didn't like to dress like a girl, since that only made her feel isolated. Against her mother's wishes, she would always keep her hair really short, and when her chest began to blossom, she started to wear baggier shirts.
She just wanted to fit in, and emphasizing her differences, she thought, would only make that harder. Bill and Carl were both blonds, and liked to work out. When they walked together, people often mistook them for twins.

It took Jill a while to figure out that over time her interest in the boys took on a more adult nature. They had muscular arms and rippling abs, and they were only a little taller than she was (5�2). Their facial features were sharp, each had cleft chins. Their manly organs were beautiful, Jill thought, spying them out when the boys were peeing. She didn't know if they were 'big' but saw them poking outward from their pants sometimes, especially after a dip in the pond.

Jill was no ugly duckling either. Her face had finely chiseled features, and her night-black hair came down to eye level. She had pretty blue eyes that seemed a little too big for her head, but made her all the cuter. If you undressed her you would see her modestly curved body, the concave slope of her abdomen spanning her ribcage and the round mound of her pubis, terminating in a perfect triangle of incoming pubic hair. If you could coax her hands away from her breasts, as Bill and Carl often wished they could, you would see two perfectly round orange sized breasts, and just as solid. Many times, after one of those dips in the pond, the boys could see her nipples beaming out at them, so swollen they ached.

They often went into the woods looking for pieces of trailers and what not, since the forests behind their homes had once been a Civil War battle field. And so it happened, one summer, the three friends dedicated themselves to swimming in the pond in the woods everyday. One day Jill woke up and felt a warm flush covering her face. She couldn't keep it off, smiling and dawdling in the tub. On a whim she took the shower head and turned the flow on, aiming it at her clitoris. Her legs she spread out on both sides of the tub and lifted her ass to spray her clit and her fat labia.

The warm sensation in her face diffused through her body and the tingling sensation inside and around her vagina slowly gave way to a throbbing orgasm. She threw her head back and tried to stifle a moan, but too late.
'Jill, are you okay?' Mom called out.
Jill nearly died of embarrassment. She hurried out of the bathroom to get dressed. In her bedroom she made a fateful decision. She used to always wear a one piece suit. But her mom, as a surprise, had bought her a bikini.

She had been too embarrassed to show her mom, but she was determined the show the boys what she looked like underneath the baggy clothes. She put the bikini on and then put a pair of shorts on top of that. The shorts were tight enough to ride the contours of her bottom. She looked at her self from behind in the mirror, and loved the moon like globes of her ass cheeks distending the shorts.

She put a t-shirt on and sandals and ran out of the house without a towel. The boys were kitted out in their usual rags, shorts and dirty t-shirts, but they were beautiful in their bronzed skins. They chatted as usual about some movie they wanted to see later, and they asked Jill if she wanted to see it too.
'Maybe,' she said, thinking that it was high time they paid attention to her instead of whatever adventure film they were interested in. The atmosphere changed dramatically when Jill stripped down to her bikini.

The boys grew silent and watched her descend into the water. When she leaned down to splash water on her arms, her breasts swung forward and the boys� mouths dropped open. Jill started to wade into the water and the boys came too, their hard-ons distending their trunks. They swam around, their bodies touching casually, but deliberately. Carl, the bigger one, came up behind Jill and brushed his dick against her leg. Jill jerked her head back and smiled at him.

Carl drew closer and then Bill came up too, and brushed against Jill's erect nipples. Jill decided she would give them both blow jobs, if only they would take the initiative. Jill let them press their organs against her.
Carl pressed his organ against her ass, and Bill pressed his chest against hers. His erection was touching her belly button through his swim trunks. Carl took the straps of her top and slid them down her arms.

The cups began to come off and for a brief moment they caught a glimpse of her bullet shaped breasts glinting in the sunlight, when clouds suddenly gathered and a light rain began to fall. Bill kissed her passionately on the lips and she leaned back right onto Carl's hard on. Carl took her breasts in hand and began to caress them. The rain fell harder and they got out of the pond and headed to an old wooden cabin nearby. The only light in the cabin streamed in through the uncovered windows. There was a bed inside, and Carl gave Bill a conspiring smile.

Carl kissed Jill and slipped off her top. Bill took off his shorts and Jill was surprised at how erect his dick was. He lay on the bed and Jill followed it. For the first time she touched a man in his most intimate parts. She was transfixed by its strange shape, the way it sprouted from his body like a twisted root, red and pink, alive yet stiff, she traced its stiff outline with her fingernail. Then, surprising herself, she took him in her mouth. He filled her mouth completely with its strange meaty taste, and she fell in love with it, and showered it with wet kisses.

Carl pulled aside the fabric under her cunt and put his head between her legs and licked her labia. She took two fingers to part them and showed Carl her clit and Carl took to sucking and licking it like a motherfucker. It felt so good, she felt tremors rattling her abdomen almost immediately. She gasped when his tongue began to lap the wet insides of her pink chamber. Her lips, both pairs, slobbered all over the men. She slurped on Bill's turgid cock and then slathered his balls, all soft and fuzzy they were, and she wrapped her tongue around his manhood until his hips started to buck. He started to groan and he came in her mouth.

It was delicious, and she sucked every last drop of his hot and salty come into her mouth. She could feel the contractions in her womb grow stronger until she began to moan herself. Carl stopped what he was doing and pushed her onto her back. Her breasts flopped around for a second and then Carl parted her legs. She had been afraid things might get a little out of control, but now, with Carl's huge, beautiful organ aimed straight at her, its head red as a tomato aimed at her tiny opening, she threw caution to the wind.

She had lost her virginity, as a kid, to a zucchini, so she didn't feel confused or guilty, but overwhelmed with the hungry lust of an unfulfilled woman. The tip of his head was wet as it nestled against the mouth of her vagina and she giggled, since it tickled a little bit. In a flash, he was inside, and it still hurt a bit, but the warm flush of love she felt for them both over came that initial pain, and gave way to a panting rhythm, hating him for withdrawing, loving him for taking her again. Bill was watching and she beckoned to him and started to suck his dick until he became aroused again. Carl's face looked relaxed.

Jill looked at him, his muscles flexing and relaxing with each stroke. The shaft of his cock plumbed her pussy, bathing itself in her moisture. Carl looked so serenely happy, Jill didn't want to tell him to pull out but she knew she had to. There was a wet noise coming from the juncture of their two bodies and listening to it only made Jill even wetter. She ran her tongue over Bill's head and still he started to sigh really heavily, and she hoped he would come in her mouth again.

Suddenly Carl's face turned into a grimace and he fell on top of her. He pulled Jill's hips up as much as he could, his soft, full balls slapped against her ass and he cried out, as if in pain, as he emptied his seed into her vulnerable womb. They stayed locked together like this for a few minutes, and Jill, still shocked but not really upset, caressed Carl's muscular ass, even as a few more shivers in his body told her that he had just gave her everything he had.

Bill wanted to fuck her too, and when Carl got up Bill jumped in and started to pump Jill with great passion. Bill rode her like she was a young horse, and she bucked her hips in tune with him. Carl lay at her side and he and she kissed, their tongues flirting with one another. Bill looked so impossibly beautiful as he took his tanned hands and spread Jill's ivory white and smooth legs so far apart that Carl could see anything he wanted to. Carl instead began to massage her breasts, and suckled her erect nipples.

Then Bill started to come too, and Jill knew that he would say that it would be unfair if he couldn't come in her pussy. And he did too, calling her name out over and over again as he came. The three of them lay there together afterwards. Jill could feel the giant globs of come slowly out of her blasted open cunt and fall into the crevice between her ass cheeks. She let them watch as she fingered herself to orgasm.

Carl was looking between her legs when the first wave of the big O hit her, and his eyes nearly popped out when her inner lips began to contract as they tried to suck back both boys� seed.
Jill's face, already blushed, turned bright red as the orgasm hit her, the contractions in her abdomen, the waves of pleasure which swept out into the rest of her body, finally left her exhausted.
They lay there together until the sun peeked into the windows, and let them know they had to get home before night fell. Jill lay there on the bed, the sun bouncing off of her glistening wet and erect nipples.

She thought of herself and her lovers as a trio of beautiful horses prancing in the sunlight, unaware that the filly was in foal.

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