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The Excitement Begins Part 1

Written by suewhynot@hotmail.com (June 2000)

My name is Bill and my wife's is Sue. We have been married for 21 years and needed to spice up our sex life a bit.
We had great sex together but we were looking for a little more excitement.
One evening, after the kids were in bed and my wife and I were fooling around downstairs, we had the conversation that led to what we did.

"What other fantasies do you have Bill?"
"Well, I keep thinking how exciting it would be to see you having sex with another man. Someone that might fit your fantasy of having sex with a young man about 21 or so. But of course I know you wouldn't be interested in actually acting out your fantasy like that even though I would."
"Would you really? Or, would you then think of me as a slut and get pissed off."
"I wouldn't get pissed. I'd really like to. There is nothing more that I'd like to see other than you having the best sex of your life. I love you and want to make you as happy as possible. That's precisely why it's so exciting to me. To see you in the throws of passion with a handsome young well-endowed stud would drive me mad. I'd not be the least bit jealous but rather thrilled at the fact that you enjoyed yourself. I have complete trust in our commitment to each other and in your love for me and don't fear loosing you in the least."

I looked at her as she took this all in. Her eyes were open to the possibility but I could see the slight reservation in them yet. She thought a bit as if sorting out her feelings and then responded.
"I guess the only way we'll ever know how committed we really are is to do it. I guess you having a beautiful woman, other than yours truly, driving you wild as well would entertain me. The question is then, how could we possibly set something like that up?"
"Easy, all we need to do is get someone to take the kids for a few days and then we can arrange it all. We can go to a really nice place downtown and have the pick of the uppercrust of young men for you."
"How could I be sure to attract them?"

She looked at me in complete honesty, her modesty definitely overstated. I had to laugh. She was 42 years old with blonde hair 36C perky breasts with shapely legs on a 115 pound body with eighteen inch waist in a five foot four package that when properly attired screamed out, "come and touch me". Her eyes alone would be enough to draw the best looking man in town to her never mind all the rest she offered.
"Don't worry honey!" I said, "Build it and they will come!"
"Well you know our neighbors asked if they could take our kids with their kids to a few day jaunt through Pennsylvania to see some sites and theme parks. I wasn't sure about it at first but it seems like the timing would be perfect for this now. Kind of a meant to be ya know?"
"When was that to happen?"
"In a few weeks on the fourth of July week."
"Okay, then I guess we should start planning. We'll need to get you some really hot looking outfits. I think we should both do some tanning before then too to make our bodies look their best. Fortunately we don't need to do any exercise to get them in shape."
"Gosh Bill, I can't believe this is happening!" Sue smiled and rubbed her hand across my crotch as she gave me a deep hot kiss. It didn't stop there. We were both so excited just at the thought of it we came intensely in a matter of minutes. We went to bed and fell fast asleep.
The next morning was Sunday. We started it by making love once again. The kids were at a pool party so we decided we should go do some shopping and set up our tanning accounts. We both did our tanning and went to the mall.

There were a number of shops there with some really interesting clothing for Sue. We ended up getting a lot of really hot outfits and found shoes to match them all. All the shoes were of course ultra high heeled to show off her pretty legs and her tiny feet.
We went to a bath shop and got a bunch of smelly, skin softening stuff. Then, to another shop to get some accessories like really long earrings and chokers and ankle bracelets.

Then, to a lingerie shop for, garter belts and stockings and a corset and shelf bras that left the nipples exposed and even a few pieces of nipple jewelry that tied to the nipples by a noose and then wrapped around the neck. They were supposed to keep the nipples erect and also lead the eye to where the jewelry went which was to the nipples.

We dragged our cache home and put it away. As we were doing that Sue chimed up in her tiny sweet voice.
"Hey hun, we didn't get anything here for you. I think we'll need to do this again. I want to get you some of those really sexy men's underwear. I think you should take all the hair off your body too to make it all smooth and sexy so we should get some depilatories for that."
"Take off my body hair? Why would I want to do that?"
"Because it will make your skin more sensitive and make you feel sexier. Not to mention how it will show off you body more."

She leant over and caressed me as she pushed me down on the bed. It was just before we were going to come that the kids came in the house and we scrambled to get dressed.

"Well I guess we'll just be that much hotter for each other later." She smiled and whispered.
"Hmm, not a bad idea. I think we should incorporate that thinking into our plan as well. We have three weeks. For the next week we will have sex as often as possible and try to come at least three times a day. Then for the next two weeks we will not come at all and have sex but never finish. That way when our vacation week hits we will be thoroughly horney. I can get some of those pills from the herbal store too to increase our libidos further."

"Uh oh!" Sue said, "This could be tough! But I think your right. We will be extra horney when that week comes if we do that so lets go for it!"

Go for it we did, I picked up our herbal treatments on the way home from work and Sue picked up the depilatories for me. We had sex in the morning and twice in the evening. I didn't think it would be possible to do it twice in the evening but the herbal stuff must have been working.
The depilatories worked well and I did get a really smooth body that was extra sensitive. The tanning was kicking in and we both took on a gorgeous glow.
Before we went to bed we massaged in a lotion to soften and sensitize the skin. It removed the dead skin cells and left very sensitive feeling skin beneath it. The first week of not being able to come was tough but the second was even tougher!
Especially in the heightened sensitivity of our skin and the herbal libido inducers. I actually slipped a couple of times as did Sue but we knew we were really getting more amorous by the day and by the time we started our vacation we would be lit with desire. Before we knew it the day of the start of a new world for us had arrived.

We got the kids packed up and hugged and kissed and sent on their way at seven AM. Then we ate breakfast and took a bath together. We both used the hair cream to remove what we had on our bodies and shaved where the cream couldn't go. All we left were triangles above our most sensitive parts. Sue was dripping with excitement and anticipation and I could hardly push myself down into my thong underwear she had gotten me. I had to say we were one sexy couple.

By about eleven AM we were ready to go out. Sue had put on a white summery outfit consisting of a white denim mini skirt and a tight shoulder less turtleneck top that showed to outline of her nipples through her open front bra. She wore a pair of clear high heeled mules that had a one inch platform sole and a six inch heel. They showed off her tan thigh high clad legs beautifully.

Her white feather earrings moved constantly as the air moved around her as she walked. Her breasts bounced invitingly with her minced steps from the heels she wore. She had me put on a pair of white silk pants that were cool and smooth inside. I could feel the silkiness of them on my legs. I had a button down black shirt that she made me wear with two buttons open to show my shaved chest.

We decided to go to the mall and just walk around a bit. We went into a very upscale clothing store when we met another couple about our age there. My wife had struck up a conversation with the other woman about how hard it was to get me to dress nice and the other woman agreeing about her husband. I turned around just as they were laughing it up over us and so did the other woman's husband.

"Looks like our girls are having a laugh on us eh?" Said the handsome, blonde haired, male partner of hers.
"I guess so!" I replied as I introduced us.
"My name is Bill and this is my wife Sue." I took his handshake and then hers as they responded.
"Sherry and Tom. Nice to meet you." They both replied as she looked me over and I looked her over and he looked over my wife. It seemed we were all on the same wavelength here.
"You know we were wondering what to do tonight and I was wondering if you two would join us for dinner and dancing?" Tom asked as he looked into Sue's eyes.
Sue looked at me and shrugged her shoulders awaiting a response. Not quite the fantasy she had in mind for her self but the woman would do fine for me. The man was no slouch but he wasn't twenty-one by any stretch. She was a great looking redhead that had a lovely body that radiated sex. We had a whole week ahead so we figured why not.
"Okay, where should we meet?"
They gave us the address of a fancy uptown, private restaurant and nightclub. It was a very popular place amongst the wealthy. It was also known for some dark corner booths and the wild attire of those that frequented it. Just about anything went there as far as clothes were concerned.
"Okay then, we�ll meet you there at seven!"
We went on our way and ate some lunch. Then we went back home and took a nap together so we would be rested for the evening.
We showered and then we massaged in some more skin lotion and were smooth as silk when we got ready to go. I laid out some clothes for Sue knowing she needed a little prodding to get really outrageous.

"You want me to wear that? Are you sure about this club? That is practically illegal?"
"Don't worry hun it's not illegal and yes this club is wild so you'll fit right in in this outfit."
"Then I want you to wear those chaps style jeans that have the hole in the crotch like chaps do. Then I want you to wear the black stretch satin pouch thong with it." "Your kidding, I thought that was for wearing around the house this week not out!"
"Same here hun. I wasn't planning on wearing this out either." She smiled and grinned as I whimpered. What the heck I thought. Why not. It is a wild place and we won't be unusual in these anyway.
"Okay. Then let me dress you up okay?"
Sue smiled and said, "Sure thing baby!"

I sat her on the satin bedcovers and took out some scented powder and applied it all over her body with the puff. Then I did her toenails in hot pink and painted her long fingernails to match. I put the black leather garter belt on her waist and slid the suntan stockings up her legs. I attached the four straps on each side to the stockings. As she stood the straps tightened to keep the hose up.

"These feel super hun. I mean the stockings are so smooth and the way the garters pull on them its sensuous in itself!" Sue said as she slid her hands up and down her legs.
Then I put on her leather shelf bra that left the nipples sitting above the line of the bra. It held her firm and high and pushed her 36C's together to make them meet.
I attached a necklace that had nooses on each end that attached to the nipples. I pulled her nipples through the nooses and tightened them gently. Her nipples looked as hard as candy now. Then I slipped on her black, leather looking, thin blouse.
I buttoned it to just cover her nipples though they showed right through the fabric as large erect flesh. I sat her down and slid on her skirt. It was a black leather mini skirt with lace like cut-outs running up each side that showed her skin on her hips and revealed her lack of underwear. The garter could be seen through the lace. I tied the blouse off at the waist. I slipped her shoes on her. They were six inch heels with no platform sole just a nice thin sole. The heels were gold and the shoes were open toed black leather. Her hot pink toenails showed out from the shoe. I had her point her toes then I fastened the straps about the ankles. This way she had to keep her toes pointed out to be comfortable. She stood up.

"Oh my God Bill, This outfit is sinful. I feel like a slut. I can feel myself dripping down my leg already. We better get going or I'm gonna fuck you right here and we'll be done for the night. Now go put on the clothes I asked you to and I'll do my makeup. I did as I was told and when I returned I couldn't believe my eyes. Sue had done her lashes and eyeliner up so she looked like a Goddess. Long lashes and dark eyeliner with dark shadow. A Goddess of sex. She radiated sex out from her. Her perfume was strong and sexy. Her lips were full and pouty the way she followed the lip liner around the outer most edge and they were hot pink and begged for a cock between them. She posed with one long hot pink nailed hand on her hip and the other on a black leather pocketbook that hung from her shoulder. The nipple jewelry wrapped around her neck and went back down inside her blouse making a line to her hard nipples. Long dangling earrings touched her shoulders. Her hair was pulled back and had a leather bow in the back. She wore very tiny blue eyeglasses part way down her nose.

"Oh my God. Look what I've done! You look incredible! I can't believe it. You'll have guys coming just dancing with you!."
"You don't look so bad either there babe!" Sue said as she grabbed my meat through the open front of the chaps and caressed it through the black, stretch satin, pouch thong. I showed quite well through it. You could see the entire outline of me as I stood erect. I grabbed a coat to hold in front of me and we were out the door as Sue called me chicken for bringing the coat.

Night One

On the drive over we talked about how we were both feeling. Basically we were both on the precipice of sensation. Our skin tingled as if each inch of it was an erogenous zone. It must have been the combination of no hair, that lotion, the herbal pills and the abstinence from orgasm that was making us that way.

"I could come from caressing my knee for God's sake!" Sue piped out.
"Well I think we deserve it. It's been long enough. Hopefully we'll stay this aroused all week."

We got to the club and there was no problem with us fitting in. Everyone was dressed outrageously here. The place was very classy with spot lighting everywhere so each area seemed to be private unto itself yet one could see through the whole place. The place had a sent of Jasmine to it that added to its allure.
The music was loud at the dance floor yet subdued by the booths. As we walked through the place we found our partners.
"Hi Bill and Sue! Come on over and join us. We have a great booth over there in the corner." Tom grabbed Sue's hand and led us across the room to the booth. Sherry stood and let Sue and I seat ourselves. I sat to Sues left then Sherry slid alongside of me and Bill slid alongside of Sue. We were sandwiched between them.

Bill was wearing black satin pants and shirt and you could see the rise in his pants quite clearly as he viewed Sue. Sherry was wearing no bra and a short black satin mini dress that was literally see through. I could see the outline of her bush where there were no panties on. Her ultra high heels sent your eye to the top of her thigh high black stockings.

"We already ordered for the two of you. I hope you don't mind. We loaded up on shell fish and got some great white wine.!" Sherry beamed out as she put her hand on my thigh the same as I had on Sues crossed leg. "The food here is wonderful!" Tom added in as I could feel his hand touch mine as he slid his hand up and down Sues leg. We were moving right along here I thought to myself. We talked a bit about the day and such and the wine and food came. It was wonderful. As we were eating I could feel Sue grab Sherry's hand and move it to my crotch. She smiled at me above those blue lenses as she savored the lobster meat Tom was feeding her.
She licked at it and sucked it seductively as if she were making love to it. I could see she was getting Tom aroused. I felt her uncross her legs beneath the table and she pulled Toms hand to her wetness.

Then Sue took a piece of lobster meat and fed Tom with it. Sherry was massaging me now and was moving the cloth of the thong to the side and taking out my meat. She then poured some warm butter from the dish into her palm and wrapped her palm around me. I wasn't far from coming at this point and she knew it.
She downed her glass of wine and put that hand beneath the table as well with the glass. I could feel the edge of it against me as she jacked me. I clenched all my muscles in my body as I filled the glass for her and moaned. Sue was watching and I could tell she was now coming on Toms hand at the same time.

Sherry then put the glass on the table.
"Oh my, I don't think I've ever seen so much cum in my life from one man! You must have been waiting for ever for this!"
Sherry then added a bit of white wine to it and swirled it about.
"Want some of your honey's honey Sue?"
"She doesn't usually like to swallow Sherry." I replied for Sue.
"But how could she not! It makes you even hornier and its good for you and it tastes fine! Try it Sue and see for yourself."

Sherry handed the glass to Sue and Sue sipped it. Then she drank it down. "Mmm it isn't bad. It's actually quite good this way. I never really tasted it but it isn't bad. She giggled and drank down her glass and put it under the table and jacked Tom off into it. Then she dipped her finger into it and tasted it without the wine. She smiled at me as she then tipped the glass and drank it all down licking the last bit out of the curve of the glass..

"I kinda like that! I definitely want to have some more guys!"
I couldn't believe I was hearing that from my wife. She never liked the thought of swallowing. Yet, here she was drinking another mans cum after jacking him off under the table in a restaurant! There was no stopping now I could see that.
Unfortunately we guys weren't quite ready yet so we finished our meals then the plates were cleared and it was time to dance. We had had a couple of bottles of wine by now amongst us. The girls were pretty loose and we were feeling pretty good. We went to the dance floor together.

Sherry made me leave my thong pulled under my globes and it made me stand out showing the world my erection. It was a weeknight, fortunately, so the world was small here tonight. Bill had his pants unzipped and he was flying free as well. He took Sue out to the floor as I did Sherry. The girls did a seduction out there. I watched as Sue kept brushing up against his member and occasionally wrapped her hand around it.
Then as the music changed tempo I felt Sherry grab me and then get to her knees. She engulfed me with her hot red lips and bobbed her head up and down my shaft. Sue wasn't to be outdone and followed suit with Bill. I came in seconds and Sherry caught all but a bit that got on her cheek. As I looked over to see Sue she had Bills come dripping down her chin as she tried to gulp it all down. There were a few other people on the floor and the applause started for the girls. It was then that we decided we had enough for now and had to go. Bill and Sherry were disappointed but they gave us their phone number so we could get together again sometime.
Sue and I drove home.
"You know hun that was a bit wild there. I wasn't all that comfortable when I realized how many people saw us do that." I said to Sue.
"Why Bill? That wasn't bad. Everyone else in there will do something like that tonight. You just got shocked when you realized what we had done. Don't worry I did too. I did learn that swallowing isn't too bad and you, got to have someone finish you in their mouth, so it wasn't that bad."

"Well, I guess your right there. We still need to get you that young stud though right?"
"Sounds fine to me?"
We went home and fucked till we fell asleep. The next morning we were as horney as ever.

Day Two!

"Good morning my love!" Sue cried to me as she wrapped her arms about my neck and gave me a kiss.
"I really love what we're doing here hun. I never would have guessed either of us could be so open to it. I thought we'd end up like everyone else in jealousy and anger after such things."
"Well it just goes to show how far we've come Sue. We have gotten past the fear of loosing each other or fear of feeling like we were made a fool of by the other. Now that is Trust!" I said as I gave her a big hug.
Sue smiled warmly as her skin glowed as if in anticipation of the upcoming events. Her eyes had a wild glint to them. I decided to ask her if she would do something for me when she could.
"I'd do anything for you Bill. Anything."
"Then when this is done I'd like you to write down how it was for you so we can share it with others that might be in the middle of a similar decision"
"You mean like in a story? It would have to be x rated though cause it wouldn't be much if it wasn't. How about if we video tape some of it instead." She smiled wide eyed as she said that. I think there was some of an exhibitionist in her that she wasn't telling me about. I did want a tape of it anyway.

"Well sure we could video it. But writing gets your feelings out on paper that wouldn't even show on video. You know what I mean?"
"Is this a contingency that I have to fullfill?" She said as she rubbed my crotch.
"Well of course not but I'd like you to."
"Okay then, consider it done. From this moment on I'll write up what I feel and see and hear and touch and sense and mmmm." She whispered huskily in my ear.
"That's my girl! Then lets get going for today is wasting!"
"What should we do today Bill?"
We planned out a day of relaxation and indulgence in sensual not sexual things. I'll let Susan take you through the rest of the story now since this is where she started to write.

Susan Records History

I can't believe this is happening!
My wonderful loving husband is going to get me hmm �how do I say it here. Made love to by�uh not really, uh oh well, screwed by a young hunk.!!! If I can I'm gonna get him done by a young babe too.
What a couple your saying. Sick. I don't think so Tim. I think it's very intelligent and secure people that can do this. I can't imagine someone who gets jealous being able to do this and they say jealousy is one of the lowest emotions. I guess we'll see if it tests us or brings us closer. I think we'll be closer.

Well, where do I start. We had a great time playing around with another couple at a private club last night. They were both our age and good looking but it wasn't what we planned. We didn't do that much either. I did learn that it didn't taste bad to swallow and it was really quite exciting. I actually want to do it more but I also want my young hunk to skewer me with a big one.. (And maybe more than one at a time?) I didn't have to worry about getting pregnant since after the kids my periods got painful and the doc put me on the pill to get it on track. As far as anything else I guess I'd have to be real careful who the partners were but I felt okay about it.

I secretly want to see Bill get it too. I wouldn't mind seeing him doing other stuff too but I'm not sure where he stands on those things if you know what I mean. I guess I have the voyeur in me as well. We'll see though. Maybe I'll ask him to fulfill that fantasy for me too. I can't talk about it yet since he might read this and he doesn't know yet. I had Bill shave his body! It's so hot now all tan and all. We got some herbal pills and skin lotion and held off of finishing having sex for two weeks. I am so hot now! Last night was a start but I really am gonna get crazy soon. I can feel it!

The day after that first night we had gone to a spa for a relaxation therapy complete with an apricot body scrub and mud bath. An aromatherapy massage. His from a lovely lady and mine from a handsome man (nope, no sex though). Then we got back home and showered and put on the skin lotion and took a double dose of the herbal pills.
Then we needed to figure out where we were gonna go and eat and go out.
"Sue, How about that really classy restaurant by the college. Then there is a nightclub just a walk from there. There should be a few young ones there."
"Sounds fine to me hun. Gotta wear something not so wild as last night though."
"Course. I'll wear some plain back slacks and a black shirt k?"
"Okay, I'll do some hunting in the closet while you get dressed."
I dug around a bit. I needed to be conservative but I wanted to attract. Really attract! So someone would know what I was looking for yet not be outright about it.

I found it. The perfect July outfit for a nice restaurant. Thin material. Yes that would be good. I could cover it with a shawl and the nipples would be hidden unless I wanted to show them. Then I could raise the skirt if I wanted to and if I back lit it the dress was see through. KEWL!

I dusted myself with powder all over and had my hun do my back. Then I slid on the sheerest tan stockings and prettiest mauve garter belt and bra. The bra was a shelf bra of courser so my nipples would be FREE!
I attached the gold chain nipple jewelry too. It felt so good right now to have them squeezed gently into them. I wrapped the chain around my neck and down to the other side and attached it to the other nipple.

The skirt and top looked like a dress when they were worn together. They were a mauve color like the garter and bra and were very see through if there was a light behind them. I added a belt of a lighter pink color that was about three inches wide. Wide enough to synch up the thin fabric of the skirt beneath it.
That could take the skirt length from my knee to my ass if I wanted it too. I belted it and adjusted the skirt to be about half way from my knees to my hips. What could I say? I'll probably make it shorter yet.

My skin was so tingly! I was so horny! I looked at the panties on the bed. Hmm. I guess to avoid any leaks I should at least wear them there. I could always put them in my purse.

I found a pair of matching shoes in the closet. They had thin fine heels at about five and a half inches with open strappy wrappings in a few places to hold them on. I buckled the ankle straps which I had to fight with my fingernails to do. Now I know why the girls always leave their shoes on in the videos. They're a bitch to get off!
I did up my makeup using eyeliner to make my eyes more open. I used an eye shadow similar in color to the dress. I made my lips pouty and followed around the most outer line I could to make them so. I put on some pink and mauve beaded dangle earrings and a matching choker, ankle bracelet, and wrist wraps. Then I put a pink and mauve bow in my hair that I put up on the side. I looked in the full length mirror.
"Bill, what do you think?"

"Definitely kewl and hot. What about the nips and the chain you can follow into the blouse?"
"That's what the white shawl is for see?"
I tried on the shawl and it did the trick.. You couldn't see through the dress either without a bit of backlight. It didn't take much though cause when Bill turned on the lamp on the nightstand I could see through it from the mirror. I think it's manageable though. The shawl is long enough if I need to cover more up.

I'll bet your sorry Bill isn't writing this now huh? I tend to go into a bit of detail don't I? But wait till I get to the good stuff. I know you'll appreciate the detail more there. I'll cut to the chase here now.

We got to the area where the club was. The air was beginning to cool off some and the breeze felt luscious as it blew up my skirt and around my arms and breasts. I held on to Bills arm as we walked to help me negotiate the slightly overused pavement. I felt sexy as ever as I minced my steps gingerly, due to the height of the heels forcing that sexy feeling walk, and the tiny heels clicked in response. I wasn't dressed like a young girl but I know what a young man would think of by looking at me. WOW! Would be the word..

We were almost there and there were two young boys approaching us. As I alternated looking up from the sidewalk to them I could tell they were eating me up with their eyes. I added a bit of a sway to my walk. As they passed I could hear them.
"Holy shit! Did you see her?"
"I'd love to f.."

Bill looked at me and smiled and said, "And you thought you might have trouble attracting them? Ha ha ha" He squeezed me tight around the waist and we went up the steps to the restaurant. I felt as if I was going to leap out of my bra for a second there as I bounced a bit much going up the stairs.
Have to remember that so I don't slip up. It did feel neat though the way the jewelry tugged at my nipples. My goodness I was tingly and horny!

The man showed us our table and we sat down. There isn't much to say here except that by the time we were done eating I was so excited I was glad that I had worn my panties. I had over half of the bottle of wine to try to keep from being so nervous but I was so excited I couldn't help it. We left the restaurant satisfied in one way but not at all in another!
As we walked over to the nightclub down the street we chatted some more now that we were out of hearing range of all the ears that were in the restaurant.

"Bill, I'm so nervous. I want to do this but I'm so excited it's making me crazy. I want to do this so bad and am so wild feeling now but it's like the anticipation is driving me crazy! Do you know what I mean?"
"Do I ever. Don't worry I can sense it and I feel the same way. We both need to relax a bit and let it happen k?"
"K!" I said as I stopped him and gave him a kiss on the lips. Someone driving by at that point and gave a hoot and a holler out their window for that. We entered the club. The club was a typical college town bar. D.J. and dance floor. Long bar. Lots of tables and booths along the wall. Pictures on the wall of young men and women in various stages of undress or in bathing suits and yadda yadda yadda. We went up to the bar and took a seat there. The bartender came over.

"Would you like a drink?"
"Martini on the rocks with a lemon twist." Was Bill's response. I ordered a Margarita.
I looked about the bar to see what I might find! Bill was doing the same. Into the bar strode a man in his early twenties. He was kind of cute so I let my shawl slip a bit to reveal a bit more. He didn't notice me though.
He seemed kind of shy. He sat a couple of seats down from me. I decided to walk over by the window so he might see me with some back-light through the skirt. I stood there looking at the people going by on the street and then turned around and headed back to my chair. I had seen him looking at me now. I could feel his eyes follow me back to my seat.

I sat down and sipped my drink. I turned toward him and caught his glance so I said, "Hi"
He looked back at me with a question in his eyes like saying, "Me? Your saying hi to me?
Then I said, "Hi" again and continued.
"What time does the D.J. start?" I asked in a tiny cute voice to keep from scaring him away.
"Uh I think about 8:30"
"Oh good in a few minutes. Then maybe you'll dance with me. My name is Sue. What's yours?"
"Uh Aaron, I don't dance much though."
"Then move over and talk to me a bit."
Bill took the cue to walk around a bit so he wouldn't scare him away. And Aaron moved over hesitantly. I licked the salt off the rim of my Margarita and I could feel his eyes follow my tongue. I took the opportunity to do it again then licked my lips.
Then I dipped my finger in the drink and slowly licked it off with the tip of my tongue. Then I spoke to him again.

"So Aaron, what's happening tonight. Anything exciting?"
"Not much. Just meeting a few guys here. We all graduated this year and got a house together since we all got jobs in the area.
We all had our physicals and got the results this week. We all start work next week so we're partying a bit. They should be here in a few minutes."

"Great then maybe you'll introduce me. What kind of jobs did you guys get?" I turned a little toward him and let my shawl slip a bit again and at the same time I let my leg drift around the barstool's footrest till I felt his leg against mine. His cacky pleated pants felt warm against my leg. I watched his face as he spoke softly. He had pretty green eyes and smooth skin. No rough beard line and his shirt had a two buttons open and no chest hair.

"Where did you guys meet? You must be familiar enough with each other to be getting a house together." I slid my leg a bit upward on his and his soft voice shook a bit when he spoke now."

"We met at the health club. We were all different majors so we didn't meet in class. We hit it off pretty good and started to hang together. We all like working out and tanning and we all shave our bodies and stuff and we were all pretty neat so it fit that we would live together well."

"What did you guys graduate as?" I asked as I looked up from the glass as I licked the salt off the rim some more.
"I'm a Programmer Analyst and Bret is an Accountant.
Then Simon, he's huge not fat but really big, he's a manufacturing Engineer. Then Sean is a Web page guy involved in Internet systems. We're all different but alike. Know what I mean?"
"Sure I do!" I touched his thigh as I said that and he twitched a bit. This was such fun! I could see I was getting him excited as he squirmed a bit to adjust himself. I stood up and reached under the bar and felt his crotch just as I heard another voice.
"Hey man how ya doin? Ya gonna introduce us to this beautiful woman?"
I snapped my hand back but they caught me anyway.
"Hi my name is Sue."
"Hi I'm Simon!" Came the deep voice from the 6 foot four Malado with beautiful smooth skin and straight black hair and eyes. Black tight jeans and sneaks and a white button down oxford shirt. His huge hand made mine feel like a dolls as he shook my hand. "Very pleased to meet you Simon!" I cooed.
Next was Sean who was tan with reddish brown hair and green green eyes (contacts maybe?) He had a leather vest that showed off his smooth hard chest, black jeans and boots.

Then Simon introduced Bret as he pulled him over to meet me. Bret was very cute with blonde hair and blue eyes. Very smooth skin. An androgynous look to him. He could be a pretty girl or a handsome boy.
He was about five foot seven in jean shorts with firm hairless legs and a tank top and sandals. No hair on his chest either.
"Wow what a nice group of guys! I said as Simon handed me another Margarita.
"Thanks Simon I beamed to him." I took off my shawl and put it on the bar stool. That stopped all conversation for a bit as they looked at my hard nipples showing through the thin blouse. I watched as they followed the chain inside the top and realized what it was.

"Nice jewelry Sean commented as he laughed."
"Thanks hun. I wore it especially for you!" I cried. I could see Bill sitting a couple seats over enjoying the show here. He smiled and winked at me as I continued to tease the boys.
The D.J started to play a thumping, pounding song and the lights got dimmer. I grabbed Bret and took him to the floor. He danced reasonably well but I didn't care. I just wanted him to catch a good look at me so he'd get excited. When that dance ended I took out Sean and then Simon. I wanted them all to know not to take off that I would share myself with them.

They had a few drinks as I sat and chatted with them alternately. I could feel them move against my leg and when I could I'd slip my hand against them and caress a leg or whatever might be available.
Simon walked across the floor to say hi to someone and on the way back I could see the massive bulge in his jeans. Ugh good God! This was looking good! I can't wait to see that thing and touch it! By eleven o'clock I was ready and I think they were too.

"Hey guys I think it's time to go."
"Aw no don't leave yet." They all cried out.
"Well its kinda loud in here and I think I need to get someplace quieter."
"Well come over our house."
"Hmm really?"
"Yea please."
"I will if you do me a favor."
They all looked at me in anticipation.
"Okay, here is the plan. I'll go with you guys but my husband has to come too and he's gonna video tape you guys." They all looked shocked but Simon didn't hesitate. You bet that's a hell of a deal.
Where's your husband so I can shake his hand. What a cool couple!"
"Hi guys." Bill put in as he approached.

"I'm Sue's husband Bill. Gonna show my lady a good time tonight and be real nice to her?"
"Of course we will said Simon. I'm a man of my word and I promise you she'll be well taken care of. But what about you?"
"I'm the video man tonight. I'll get my turn some other time. We'll follow you guys home."
"Yahoo!" Yelled Sean and Bret looked nervous, as did Aaron, but they were all excited.
Bill and I followed them to their house in a real nice neighborhood. Who would have guessed a gang-bang was gonna happen here. I took off my soaked panties in the car and took Bill out of his pants on the way over. I had to suck on him. I wouldn't let him come though. I wanted him to really enjoy the show I was gonna put on for him. I told him about them all having had physicals etc. and Bill was pretty happy to hear about that.

We got inside the house, all of them and us, running. Bill dragged the little video cam with him. When we got inside Simon made drinks for everyone and put on some thumping disco tunes. Perfect heavy bass. Mmm

The floor of the den was covered in white long soft shag. It looked so inviting I decided to sit on it instead of the furniture. I called Aaron and Bret over to me and asked the others to have a seat. Bill was taping already and I sat Bret down and undid his sandals and took them off.
Then I slipped his shirt over his head his beautiful blonde hair flopping in place again. Then I rubbed his back and chest with my hands. He was so soft and smooth with nice firm muscles.. I rubbed his crotch through his shorts and he was already hard. I unzipped his shorts and took them off. He had small black underwear on and I slipped them under his globes.

By now he was almost shaking so I stretched him out on the floor and told him to relax. I then slid onto his shaft and sat facing his feet. I draped my skirt on his belly and rode him slowly up and down.

I called over Aaron next and took off his Cacky pants as I sat on Bret and moved about slowly. Aaron's green green eyes looked down at me so softly like I was a Goddess. He undid his shirt and he was clean- everywhere too. His underwear had what looked like a come spot on it already as he quickly took them off. I made him come already just thinking about it!

As I rode slowly on Bret I suckled Aaron in my mouth as he stood.. My hot pink lips felt as if they had found they're calling as I slid over the tip and down his shaft.
Next I called over Simon and Sean and they already had their clothes off. I grabbed them in my hands and stroked them. I looked at Bill and smiled a "Thank you honey!" to him as I giggled.
"You guys are so great. Each of you is gorgeous! I do want to see something though. Just for the record if you don't mind."
"Go ahead anything Sue!" Sean cried out.
I asked Sean to get my pocket book and I took out a tape measure and started with Bret as I got off him.
"Hmm five inches long and uh one and half in diameter! How cute! I called out for the video. I sat back down on him.
Then Aaron. "7 inches and one and three quarters diameter. Mmmuh" I cried out as I sucked him into my lips and tickled his tip.
"Sean measured in at eight inches and a two inch diameter! But Simon! Simon measure in at ten inches and two and a half inches in diameter" I wasn't sure if either him or Sean would fit inside me.

"Thank you boys! I said as I tossed the measure aside.
I called Bret down to my face with my finger and whispered in his ear.
"Bret hun, can you do me a favor and unbutton Bills shirt and slip off his pants and shoes and socks for me? I want him to be feeling comfortable too."
Bret's eyes lit up. He smiled as he whispered back, "Do you think he'd mind if I went and made him feel good too? I'm Bi and I think he's hot"

I giggled and looked at Bill filming. "I don't think he'll mind but go slowly okay? Don't let him come yet either okay? He never did that before.
I stood up and took off the belt, blouse and the skirt leaving my mauve garter belt and tan hose and the spike heel shoes and the shelf bra with the nipple jewelry. I loosened the nooses on the jewelry and pulled more nipple through and tightened them again. It felt so good having that constant squeeze on them.
I took the perfume from my pocketbook and sprayed it all over me. It filled the room with a luscious smell.

Now I walked over to Simon and stood on my toes to kiss him. He responded by deeply kissing back and he put one huge hand over my bottom and pulled me toward him. I could feel that huge cock as it slid over my cunt lips. I took him in part way but realized I should start smaller and knelt down and put both hands over him and tongued the tip of him as he tightened up his muscles from the sensation.
"Oh Sue wow mmm."

I now had Sean standing at a ninety-degree angle to Simon with his cock in his hand. I turned my face and took him between my lips.
I wrapped my tongue around and around his tool as he clenched and reached to hold the back of my head. I looked out of the corner of my eye for Bill but couldn't see him. Then I saw him up above shooting down at me. Bill's pants were off and his shirt open. His gold, satiny, stretch cloth underwear was under his globes holding him out. He went around the other side and I decided to get a better view of him so I laid down with my feet pulled up to my bottom in their heels. I called over Aaron.

I took him and had him get on top of me and he penetrated me with his seven inches. I pulled his firm young butt in rhythm to get him going and then I looked over to see Bret kneeling, his presence unknown to Bill. Bret took him into his mouth in a second and Bill nearly fell over. Then when he looked at Bret's pretty blue eyes in that androgynous face looking up at him and at me winking at him he just stood there and went back to the taping.

Bill taped Bret as he suckled Bill's cock. I took Sean into my mouth as he slid over on the floor by my head. I wrapped one arm around his bottom to hold him where I wanted though it wouldn't much matter if he wanted to move I couldn't stop him. Simon came around to the other side and I took him in my hand though I couldn't wrap my fingers all the way around.

As Aaron seemed about to come I had him get off me so I could get his come. I pulled him to my face where he promptly moved up to my lips and got at least half of his sweet seed in my mouth. I looked at Bill doing a close up now without Bret on him as he wouldn't have fit being so close to me. I licked my lips for the camera pulling a drip into my mouth. The rest lay on my cheeks and eyebrow as I moaned.
Sean was quick to mount me and push my legs back holding them back with his hands on the backs of my thighs. I took Simon's cock in my mouth as I moaned and was pushed along the floor a bit as each thrust got deeper and harder from Sean. I could see Bret masturbating over me and as Sean pounded me, I lost Simon's huge tool from my lips. Simon stood and Bret took him in his mouth for a bit as Sean Pounded me into the floor.

The music was in time with my fucking now and I was rising to a hell of an orgasm as I saw Bret ready to come and waved him over to me. He came over to my face and I took that cute cock into my mouth in time for a wonderfully large full load. I counted the times he shot and it must have been twelve.

I was crying out in pleasure around Bret's cock as his whole body went limp and he fell alongside of me with his hand on my breast. He rolled over and suckled my nipple like a little boy as he squeezed my other breast and caressed its nipple. I arched my back as Sean pounded and then Simon put his cock in my mouth. I was bent over backward with him pushing it as far as it would go into my mouth.
Every stroke of Sean pushed me up onto Simons beautiful pole!

I opened my eyes and there was Bill taping this with his hard-on throbbing in front of him. He wasn't touching it nor was anyone else or had anyone for a while. But I thought he was about to come. It got me so excited I came immediately and then Bill splashed his load on my face and breasts while he filmed it flying at me. Simon's cock was destined to fuck me so I got Sean up and had him take Simon's place in my mouth. I gave them both instructions.

"Now Simon I want you to pound me hard and fast and Sean I want you in my mouth. I want you both to pay attention and come together for me okay? Simon you can fill me up down there and Sean in my mouth! Got it?"
"Oh yea!" they replied.

Simon mounted me with that two and a half-inch diameter ten-inch long hot piece of hard meat and I could feel myself stretch as he pushed the tip in slowly. Back and forth a bit then it was in and it felt like it pulled my clit in with it!
"Oh God yes Simon! What a wonderful cock! I love that cock! Push it in all the way babe!"
He did so slowly as to test me then when he could see I took it all he started to stroke faster. It felt like he was about to come out of my throat and hit Sean. He picked up speed as I took Sean into my mouth further and arched my back. Simon lifted my legs by the heels of my shoes and pushed them over to Sean. Sean grabbed my ankles and held them there as Simon now sped up and cried out.

"Oh Sue! My God girl are you tight and hot! I can't believe you can take all of me, not many can! Uh, oh, ugh, oh, mmmm,yes uh ga mmmugumuh oh fuck. YES!"
I had Sean in my mouth as I felt the excruciating pleasure of having Simon's very LARGE, very HOT, very HARD, VERY FULLFILLING piece of love flesh drive into me over and over.
He'd take it almost all the way out and sometimes the tip would make it out and he would respread my lips going back in.

My clit would even go for the ride as he drove it in. I could feel him hit bottom inside of me and hit bottom outside of me as he penetrated to the hilt. His pubic bone would hit mine at the bottom. I felt the wave wash over me and I tensed up again. Bret was nibbling on my nipples as I came again immediately. I cried through Sean's cock out as loud as I could. I was coming with every stroke of Simon's beautiful maleness. I was in heaven! I took Sean's cock out of my mouth so I could shout to the worlds at the top of my lungs to punctuate and extol the sheer Bliss I felt!

"Fuck me Simon! My love! Fuck me! My ultimate lover. I never uh, oh God!! NEVER!!!!! came uh with EACH and uh uh uh that's it faster and harder! Oh God!? EACH and EVERY Stroke! God stroke like I am now! Fill me with come!"
I cried at the top of my lungs with all the air I could take in as I held Seans cock out for the moment then put him back in my mouth.

Simon pushed harder and faster now as he sweated above me. Sean was gripping my ankles so tight they hurt.
"Squeeze my nipples Bret I'm still Coming!! Oh God Uh Uh Uh!" I took Sean in my mouth and ran my tongue all over it and over the tip.

I came like a diesel engine starting with bang after bang of orgasm and this time Simon started throbbing inside of me.
He seemed to grow even bigger as he pumped his load into me and I contracted around him even tighter as I continued the never-ending orgasm! Sean swelled up now and I could fell the wonderful sensation of his occurring orgasm as I struggled trying to swallow it all. I could feel some escape my lips.
They continued to come, as did I, and I felt as if it would go on forever. It was as if I was suspended in time. Then Simon fell on top of me and laughed deeply and Sean rolled on the floor.

I looked at Bill with the camera and thanked him for the best night of my life. He said, "And hopefully many more to come." I took Bill over to me and Simon got off as Bill lay down on top of me. He snuggled against my stockinged leg and he pumped me against me twice then came. I guess he was excited from watching all this!

We all rested for a bit then I had Bill get me a glass so I could collect the come from me and drink it with some wine. I didn't want to waste it now that I knew how good it was and how much excitement it brought us all. I went into the bathroom and rubbed in the come that remained on my face, breasts and neck and put on some fresh makeup.
The smell of the come all over me was like an aphrodisiac in itself. I loved that smell now and I wanted to bottle it! Wow had I been missing out! We then got dressed, got the guys phone number and left with an invitation to return anytime!

When we got home I sucked Bill off till he came again (maybe a minute or so), enjoyed his little refreshment, voiced our love for each other and we took some herbal pills and went to sleep.

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