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Older man - younger girl

Written by Femina Amatorius (April 2000)

Looking out my window, I was watching him again.
It was almost everyday that I could find him there, sitting on his porch reading or writing. I could simply watch him for hours and was madly in love with him. And the strange thing was that to anyone else, he was nothing quite amazing to fall in love with.

He wasnt what you would call extremely handsome, but he wasnt the ugliest man in the world either. But, I think it was the fact that I loved him that made me think he was the most handsome man alive. I find that people with wonderful personalities or "Beautiful souls" seem to radiate attractiveness, sort of fooling those around them into believing they are more attractive than society would really say they are. And I thought he was gorgeous and he often, I am not lying, turned me on.

Had there been any other circumstances, I would have been able to have a relationship with him easily. But there was a problem.
He was older than me. And I do not mean by just a few years.
At the time I was 16 and he was 29. But I was so much in love with him. At the time, no "boy" my own age could compare to him. He was the most wonderful of men. He spent most of his time reading and writing and playing football, which I was still calling soccer at the time.

I was having trouble fitting in, for being called a yank on several occasions really wasnt appealing to me. My family had moved to England less than a year before and luckily, next to him. My parents, die hard Americans who hated living in England, werent making it much better for me. They would call the England �Brits and "limies in front of the kids from school! That didnt make me look very good. But, I survived.

I talked to him just as much as anyone talks to their neighbor. In passing I would say hi and perhaps talk a bit about silly things and would speak to him over the back fence like neighbors do. and it stayed this way for a long time; me loving him from afar, having no idea at all what he thought of me. But I was sure that he saw me as simply the neighbors daughter. But my curiosity was to get out of hand, and I was to soon find out.

It was the fourth of July and my family, as you can guess, was restless. We all had that urge to do what it is Americans do on the fourth. We wanted to set of fire crackers and have a barbecue and all of those things imbedded in out culture. But, no. This year, it was to be limited to an indoor dinner and some celebration. After dinner, I really felt like enjoying the night air, so I walked out in my back yard and laid down in the hammock for a while. I am sure I fell asleep, for when I woke up most of the lights in my house were dark except for the ones up stairs.

My parents must have thought I was asleep in bed since they werent looking for me. I was about to go back inside when I noticed the light on his back porch was on. I walked over and stood on one of the patio chairs to look over the fence. He was sitting in one of those cushioned swing chairs in his back yard, writing by the porch light. I went over, having put no thought in the matter and opened the gate that connected our two yards. He immediately noticed me and smiled politely.

"How goes the revolution?" He said, with a laugh, as he sat up.
"Uh?" I said, not thinking about it.
"The fourth." He said. "With an American family on the street, I was hoping for some noise tonight."
"Oh." I laughed. "Well, my dad said it wouldnt have been a good idea."
"No, I dont suppose it would have." He laughed again. He always had a sense of humor about him.

I walked across the yard in my bare feet and sat on the swing next to him. I had no idea what time it was.
"Its nearly midnight, Anne." He said. "Shouldnt you be going home."
He didnt really sound like he wanted me to go home, it was just something to say.
"Oh, I dont think so. Its just next door." I replied. He leaned over and put his leather bound book on the table next to the swing.
I had always wanted to know what it was he wrote in those books of his. I knew it was poetry, but had no idea what he wrote about. So, in a very brave act and one I think falls under my tease side, I leaned over him and took the book from the table, making sure to brush up against him a lot in the process.
What I did next was actually rather childish of me.

"Whats in here?" I asked, opening the book.
"No, nothing of interest�." He stuttered, trying to take it from me.
I jumped off the swing playfully and kept the book away.

"Oh, let me read it�" I said, running from him. I opened to one of the last pages he had been writing in and began to read.
"No, no�please give it��" He stopped when he saw the expression on my face and realized that it was too late. That I had read what he had wrote.
I think I kept my eyes on the ground. Yes, that is what I did. I closed the book slowly, repeating in my mind what I had just read:

I think about her a lot and see her all the time when she walks to school and lays out in her back yard. And I think, no way that woman Anne is 16 years old. No chance! She is so beautiful and curvy�..

As I kept my eyes on the ground, not knowing what to do, I did realize that I looked much older than my age. I was a perfect C and stood about 56. I looked up at him suddenly, he was not looking at me. He suddenly turned and retreated into his house, leaving me standing bewildered in his back yard�..

I spent most of that night crying. Partly because I was so happy about what he thought of me and because I felt bad about having embarrassed him and put him in that position. The next day, or actually late that night was when I decided what I was going to do. I was going to make him as happy as I could. I was going to seduce him��

It was a few days before I saw him again at all. No doubt he wanted to avoid me as much as possible. So, one day late at night, I saw him on his back porch. He wasnt reading, just laying on the swing again looking up at the sky as if he were thinking. I changed into something different, not something extremely provocative. Just a short green spring dress that was lose fitting. I opened the gate very very slowly and came in silently. He had his eyes closed now and I thought for a moment that he was asleep, but my bare feet on the grass stirred him.

"Anne�" He breathed. He was completely speechless and I thought he might run away again. So I came forward very confidently. I had the words on my tongue, but just before I could say them, he recited them to me.

"I love you.." He said. He said it quickly and powerfully as if it were some great strain on him.
I stopped dead in my tracks. I couldnt believe he had said that. I couldnt speak.
"I love you Anne." He said again, as if he had given up. "Dont worry please. Ill never do anything. I wont pursue you or anything. Maybe theyll were off over time or��I just think you are so�.."He was looking me up and down with a look in his eyes I had never received before.

I cut him off quickly sitting on the swing next to him. I was sitting on my knees so my face was at level with his. I quickly kissed him. He was shocked, to say the least. When I went to kiss him again, he put his hands on the small of my back to bring me closer to him. I wasnt thinking about what I was doing, I just know I wanted to do it and so did he.

He started to lean me back on the swing until finally I was laying down and he was hovering over me, kissing me. Our lips broke and he went to kissing my neck and the exposed part of my chest.
I whispered in his ear, "I love you". this seemed to make him even more passionate in his kisses. He suddenly stopped and looked at me.

"You know where this will go if we dont stop, dont you?" He said, breathing heavily.
"Yes." I replied very carelessly, letting him know that I knew and didnt care.
"Are you sure about this? Do you want to?" He was giving me every chance to get out.
"I dont want anything more�." I said quickly, kissing him again.

He quickly fell to kissing my neck again and began to run his hand up and down my leg. He put his hand up under my skirt, lifting it up as he started to run his hands up my whole body including my chest. I was getting very excited now and began to return his passion.

He leaned back, bringing my legs together. He slowly began to pull off my panties and soon dropped them on the ground. After this, he pulled my toward him so I was laying comfortably and went to push my legs apart. Being a virgin, I was a little resistant but soon let them go where ever he wanted. He opened my legs to see that I was already quite wet and aroused.

I had my eyes closed now, and felt his hands rubbing the inside of my thighs until finally I felt a finger graze over that sensitive spot. And after some of this arousing sensation I felt him gently push his finger inside me, giving me a small glimpse of what was to come.

My body jerked as he slowly began to message the inside of me. He stopped for a moment and I still kept my eyes closed. I could feel him moving himself into a different position and in a moment I felt the warmth of his tongue run over my clitoris and inside of me. I let out a rather erotic feminine sounding moan that I had no idea I could make, which was rather loud. I came up to my face suddenly..

"Shhhhh�.." He whispered and put his lips on mine again. He went back down and I felt him there again. He teased me with short, hard licks that I was sure would drive me mad. I reached my hands down, running them through his hair as he slowly began to suck and lick at my clitoris. I was almost delirious at this point, trying to restrict my inner cries to soft moans. He stopped suddenly. I didnt have to beg for him to continue, because I knew what he wanted.

He sat on the swing, looking down at me as I kneeled on the grass in front of him. I had had boyfriends but I had never even given head before this and was so worried that I wouldnt know what to do or I wouldnt do it right. Slowly, looking right up at him the whole time, I undid his pants and took hold of his already hard cock and pulled it out. I was delighted at how big it was but we all know size is important only for those who need size to make up for their lack of talent. In any case, talented or not, he was sure to make me happy.

I gently began to rub up and down the shaft, making him moan deeply. I teased him for a time by gently licking the head and then I took him completely in to my mouth and began to suck sensuously. It seemed that I just knew what to do. I was a little shocked to find that I liked it.
I had always thought that girls giving head was sort of like a chore. Something they did just to make their boyfriends happy, and that is probably true for most, but I liked it. Not so much the taste, but the sensation of it. It succeeded in turning me on even more. And since I loved it, I gave it much more passion than most and he started to moan deeply and run his fingers through my hair.

Suddenly he pushed me away, bringing me back up. He stood with me, putting his arms around me and kissing me deeply. He suddenly picked me up and laid me down on the grass. He parted my legs and laid between them. As he pulled him self up to kiss me, I felt the head of him rub up against the lips between my legs. But suddenly, he stopped again. He took my hand and brought me on my feet.

"Not here." He whispered. He took my hand again and led me up the steps of his porch and in to his house. As we came in the dark kitchen, he suddenly picked me up and began to carry me up the stairs and down the dark hall. We came into his bedroom and he laid me down on the bed as he began to lift my dress up. He pulled it off over my head and dropped it on the floor. I sat up to let him unhook my bra and drop that next to the dress as well. He stood back for a moment, just looking at me as I laid back down. He was breathing very deeply.

"Are you sure?" he asked again. "Do you want us to stop?" there was so much concern for me in his voice, I couldnt believe it.
"No." I said simply. "I want to."
He hovered over me and kissed my neck. "Thank you." He whispered. "I dont think I could stop now if you asked me to." He sounded almost desperate.
I couldnt take waiting anymore. I pulled his shirt off over his head and pulled his pants down, letting him step out of them. He crawled on to the bed next to me as I positioned myself flat on my back, my head facing the foot of the bed. I opened my legs, letting him lay down in between them. He kissed my breasts and teased my nipples with his teeth before I felt him brace himself.

The pain when he entered me shot through me, having felt my hymen give way. I gasped and dug my fingers into the flesh of his back. He was very slow and gentle until the pain subsided.
And there was a brief period where I felt nothing, neither pain nor pleasure, just the sensation of him coming in and out of me. And then I felt it. It ran through me and I could feel it in the bottoms of my feet and toes like a sensation of heat almost. I moaned full feminine moans, all the while clenching my fingers into his back. I listened almost intently to his staggered breathing and deep moans.

I felt wild, which is certainly not my custom and I moved so that we rolled over, putting me on top of him. I sat up, straddling him and began to fuck him hard as he took my hands to balance me.
He let go of my hands and put his on my hips, pulling me along. He rolled my back over onto my back and brought me to a sitting position, turning me so my back faced him.

"I want you Anne, in every possible way." He whispered, his lips right next to my ear. "Please." I knew what he wanted and didnt care. I slid off the side of the bed with him and followed his every instruction as he bent me over the edge of the bed. I could feel him behind me, running his hands over my but and thighs.
He took hold of both sides of my ass and parted them, thrusting his cock up inside of me.
Oh!!! I cant tell you how much I egged him on.
I wanted him to fuck me as hard as he could and never stop, and (let me tell you) he came pretty damn close!

He had his hands on my hips, pulling me against him in contrast to his thrusts. He turned me over again, still on the edge of the bed, and buried his cock back in my pussy. I had my arms wrapped around his neck again and felt that he was going to come, and so was I. Just before that final moment, it ebbed off and he was stopped.

"I have to pull out. Ill get you pregnant." He said.
"No, no.....cum inside of me! Please, dont stop." I pulled him over me again, wanting him to reenter me.
He lost his mind just like I had and reentered me, bringing both of us to an orgasm that would make porn stars cry!
My whole body twitched and I relished the feeling of that warm creaminess hitting my insides, bringing me to orgasm all over again.
He collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily. He rolled to the side, laying next to me now.

He reached down, as if to tease me one last time, and ran his fingers over my swollen clitoris, making me shiver all over.
I rolled into him, wrapping my arms around him.

I dont regret it at all, as a matter of fact I am glad that I lost my virginity to someone who is, apparently, a very wonderful lover.

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