Tuesday, May 06, 2008

From Inside the Stable

Written by Nisaa (April 2000)

Being led into a room of women by a chain is a unique experience, and one my Mistress indulges in quite often. I'm not complaining, mind you Nisaa is more than I could have hoped for in a Mistress, and I perform well for her at this point.

She has a stable, to be sure. I was just with several of them. She worked my body in front of them, just to establish her dominance. Stoking my big, thick cock in their faces, sliding her fingers into my tight ass as they are forced to watch. She pulls me into her wet cunt by the chain a strangled gulp of air taken as I am pulled deep into her. She rides my face, literally fucking my mouth and tongue. I'm nothing to her other than meat just a toy to cum on, and I revel in my role. My cock stands tall and proud as she parades in front of her class.

They look me over excitedly, licking their lips, rubbing their nipples, and sliding fingers across moistening lips and throbbing clits. Nisaa speaks: 'Do you enjoy my greatest conquest, ladies' He took months to break, and even now challenges me daily. He is my favorite, 'oh yes you are, aren't you, my little slut'' she asks me, petting me like a dog.
I don't answer I don't even dare to make eye contact. I am hers at the moment, and am unclear as to what comes next. I am forced down on all fours, and blindfolded. I can hear the whispers of what's to come, and ready my body for the abuse.

Being blindfolded is unique, as it offers your other senses an opportunity to provide. The leather on skin slap I hear jolts my body as my bare ass takes the blow. I smell wet cunt in my face, and a hand pushes me into the shaved pussy. 'Lick, fucker' I am commanded, and I do.

My ass is being pummeled by the leather straps, and I occasionally feel sharp fingernails raked across my skin. I hear Nisaa's voice only occasionally. She is obviously teaching her class, and is only participating on an 'interested' level. My cock is being pulled now hard, and my balls are being tied up tight into my ass. I lick and suck the parade of wet cunt that seems to be making it's way across my face. 'Now, bitch, eat her ass!' I am commanded again and this time by Nisaa, my lovely Mistress.

I harden my tongue and slide the tip into the tight ass in front of me. I hear moans, and am encouraged by several voices. I feel my ass being spread, and ready myself for the coming penetration.
'Oh yes, fuck this little slut! Fuck that tight little ass! Scream for us, bitch!' I'm commanded, and my face and back are slapped.
I feel a crop at this point and the sweaty tits of my Mistress on my back. Her thrusts are incredibly powerful, and I am pushed down flat on my belly. My mouth continues to administer its pleasures to the cunts and assholes presented to me as I am fucked hard by what I suspect to be all of them. I am pulled up erect on my knees.

My body is wet with their sex, cum, sweat, saliva, maybe even urine with the blindfold on I can't possibly know. I feel Nisaa's presence at my back, her swollen tits against my bare skin. 'Stroke that magnificent cock for them, my slut.' She whispers into my ear, taking pleasure in a tiny bite. Her fingers enter my ass as I stroke my big cock for them, and I am secured by all of them as I cum my body screaming to shake and convulse, but I am held down. I release in an explosion of pleasure. I feel what must be a wineglass held tight to my thick shaft, and I know they are milking my cock into it.

My blindfold is removed, and I sit in the center of them all, wet, defeated, and used. Of course, I love it! My cock hardens even as I watch them pass the glass, each taking a playful sip of my thick load, and finally passing it to my Mistress, the lovely Nisaa.

She approaches me in her heels and dips a long dildo into the still warm cum, and feeds me my own seed for her class to see. This brings them to frenzy as they begin to masturbate and play with each other. Nisaa 'paints' her tits and nipples with my hot cum, and I am made to clean her. She pours it onto her feet and toes, and it puddles on the floor.

Again, I am made to clean my Mistress, and then the very floor she walks on. We are done, and I am pulled upright again, and taken to the stable, where I am bound onto the bed for rest.
'You performed well, my stallion so tonight we will play. You have much to learn, but you are becoming a fine slut, and I was proud of you today.'

This small kindness is what I live for, and as I drift to my well-earned sleep, my cock hardens for what I know Nisaa will have planned for me.

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