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The adventures of Tara and Sam Part 1

Written By Greg (September 2000)

Samantha & Tara are two sisters with whom I have had many an experience.
Samantha is my wife of nearly twenty years and Tara is my lover of nearly twenty years.

It sounds like a perfect relationship apart from one minor detail, my wife doesn't know I've been fucking her younger sister. As far as she knows Tara and I have only had sex on one occasion and what an occasion it was, let me tell you about it .....

Samantha is 39, blonde shoulder length hair, slim, 5'8' and in mint condition for her age, Tara is five years younger and you'd never guess they were related, she looks nothing like Sam, she has long brunette hair, plump but not overweight, tall at 5'10' and is every bit as desirable.

They both have a nice chest though, with a very firm 38" each. I am also 39 and although maybe a little overweight not to bad in the looks department. I work out a bit, not as much as I should, so I'm in reasonable condition, I'm 6'1' And very blessed in the dick department at 8' long, not tremendously impressive you may think, but I'm also 8' in circumference, and that make one thick dick, and the girls love it.

They sometimes say it's like having a baby, I'll have to take the're word for that. Anyway, back to the story.
It was a Thursday night, Tara had come over to our place to spend the evening with Sam which she did every Thursday because that's my night out with the lads.

They sat down to a drink at the kitchen table as I said my fairwells and left. I walked to the pub as always and was soon pouring the beer down with avengance. I t had been a hard week at work and the temperature was well in the 80's all day.

I met Terry, Bob and Dave and we hit the town on a major pub crawl. Terry Bob and Dave were all workmates, we had a lot in common and had been good friends for many years, we also had no work the following day, our working week is Saturday to Wednesday, giving us Thursday and Friday off. This is why we go out on a Thursday night, refreshed and no work tomorrow.

We drank a lot of beer and when we finally got thrown out of the pub it was about midnight. We made our way to the kebab shop for the obligatory intake of dead stuff and I suggested that as the night was still young we should pop back to my place for a couple of beers. The boys didn't need asking twice and we were soon on our way, munching kebabs on route.

We arrived about twenty minutes later and I was fumbling to get my key in the door when it opened. It was Sam, I was surprised she was still up, she's normally asleep when I get back. We all piled into our spacious kitchen for a beer when I saw Tara was still there, and the pair of them were obviously drunk, we all sat at the table with our drinks and started the usual drunken chat about nothing in particular and it didn't' take long before the girls turned the subject to sex, pointing out that they could never get enough and that there isn't a man alive who could fuck them until they begged for mercy.

I can vouch for that, they're both insatiable and I'm sure they would walk around with a dick inside them permanently if they could. Terry suggested to Sam that maybe she should get a lover to satisfy her, Terry was always flirting with Sam and freely admitted that he'd love to fuck her.

Bob and Dave had never said it directly but I knew they wanted her to fuck her too. Tara was eying up all the boys as she always did when she was drunk. I'm sure she' screw our dog if she was drunk enough, anything goes with Tara she's a real slut. Sam was getting more and more drunk and more and more flirty.

She then got up, whispered something to Tara and the pair of them left the room.
I was suspicious and a little excited.
Sam knew that I wanted to watch her get fucked by another man but had always thought the idea was perverted. That was a few years ago and I never mentioned it again. Ten minutes later the girls came back wearing bathrobes and placed a funnel and a rather long straw on the table. I went to question what was going on but Sam put her finger to her lips in a shhh motion, then said 'you'll see' and beckoned me out of the room.

I left the room with her as the guys picked up the long straw and looked at it quizzically. Sam asked if the thought of watching her get fucked still appealed to me, I told her absolutely, she then stood back and took of her robe to revealÉwell, everything, she was naked apart from stockings and suspenders.
'Tonight's the night Greg, lets go fuck someone'

With that she walked back into the kitchen where Tara was already sucking Daves dick, Terry came over to Sam and just dropped to his knees and stuffed his face into my wife's blonde pussy. Bob walked up behind Tara who was bending over and sucking Dave's cock as he sat in a chair.

He then promptly stuck his stiff dick straight into her, she groaned with pleasure, her mouth not leaving Dave's cock.

I stood there amazed, ten minutes ago we had all been sitting round the table chatting, now I was right in the middle of an orgy. Sam held Terry's head and pulled it to her pussy as he lapped at her wet, wet cunt.

Ê 'We've been planning this for weeks' she said, Ê 'but how'd you know I'd invite the lads back?' I questioned
Ê 'I didn't, but if you hadn't asked them they were going to suggest it, now get naked and lets get sexy' Ê 'but what's with the funnel and straw?' I asked
Ê 'it's a surprise' she said squeezing my already hard dick through my jeans.

Ê I didn't need asking twice and within minutes we were all writhing naked in the middle of the room when stepped back and clapped her hands to get our attention, Ê 'Right everybody, when anyone cums they must cum into this glass'

she held a large glass in the air, everyone agreed, although wondering why, and the real sex started. When she said if anyone cums she meant herself and Tara as well. In my life I've screwed a lot of woman, but only ever met two who can actually ejaculate when they cum. Sam is one, the other is Tara.

Ê Terry lay on the floor and Tara quickly sat on his face, grinding her sopping wet pussy into his mouth, Sam straddled him and for the first time I saw another mans cock entering my wife, it was the one of the horniest things I had ever seen.

The girls faced each other as they both rode Dave, while Bob, Terry and myself just stood there, cocks in hand, watching as they French kissed. I know the two of them were a bit partial to other girls but I never dreamed they would start on each other, it was hot. Bob is what you might callÉwellÉnot handsome, but not ugly.

Anyway this is to say that he hadn't been laid for a long time and this sight was just too much for him, within seconds he wandered of to grab the glass and contribute the first batch. And what a batch it was, he must have been storing it up for months. At that point Sam started to moan and I knew she was close to cumming.

Dave's cock was quite small and he didn't fill her anywhere near as much as I could. It was then I noticed Terry's cock wasn't huge either. He was larger than average but nowhere near as big as me. It was then I had an idea. I whispered in Terry's ear and he nodded and immediately dropped to his knees straddling Dave's knees and behind Sam. He leaned her forward so that her mouth was in Tara's chest and she started sucking Tara's large nipples.

Terry positioned himself and inserted his cock into my wife, alongside Dave's. This was a fantastic site, Terry's cock slid into Sam easily and I looked on as my wife took two dicks in to the hilt. It took her a couple of seconds to fully realise what was happening, and when she did she really started to enjoy herself. I motioned to Tara to come over and she removed her pussy from Dave's mouth with a definite squelching sound.

I pointed to Sam's cunt and Tara gasped as she realised her big sister was taking two men in her pussy at once. She then turned me sideways so she could still watch Sam getting double fucked and dropped down to take my cock right down her throat. She was the only woman I'd ever met who could deepthroat my big cock, not even Sam could take it down.

She had often tried and came really close, but it was just too thick. Maybe later she would get a chance to do it to one of my friends and get her first taste of swallowing whole. Tara sucked wildly on me as she frantically rubbed her pussy while watching Sam, it wasn't long before she started to cum. Remembering Sam's instructions she stood and grabbed the glass. She rubbed her clit and positioned the glass between her legs, just in time to catch her first spurt. She must have fired six or seven gushes of girl cum into the glass as my friends watched her in amazement.

Tara's actions triggered of Dave and Terry as they both struggled to get to the glass in time. Sam's pussy popped as they both withdrew and took the glass to contribute simultaneously. Another dozen or so jets of spunk went into the mixture of Bob and Tara cum. Sam was on her hands and knees at this point stroking her clit.

Tara moved in behind her and inserted two fingers into her sisters gaping wet cunt, then three fingers, the four. Before long she was inside my wife up to her wrist pumping hard. While Tara fist fucked her big sister Bob, now hard again, moved in behind Tara and rammed his ample cock into her in one thrust. I move in front of Sam and stuck my dick into her waiting mouth. This must have been quite a site. Bob fucking Tara doggie style while Tara fisted Sam while Sam sucked me, it was great. Very soon after Sam began to come.

She pulled herself away from my dick and stood up. The noise her pussy made as Tara's hand emerged was indescribable. It was a sort of squelchy, sucking, slurping sound, but a very erotic sound. She got the glass and just got over it in time to squirt her cum into it. She rubbed her clit as jet after jet of her cum shot into the glass splashing its contents into the air. It looked like she was pissing but she wasn't, it was a spectacular female ejaculation.

This was too much for Bob as he pulled out of Tara and ran to the glass to contribute another premature ejaculation. Ê All three guys were spent for now and the two girls only had one hard cock to play with, mine. I told the two of the to kneel side by side. I then positioned my self behind Tara and sloooowly eased my cock inside. Sue told her to enjoy my big dick. If only she knew. I gave Tara about an inch of fat cock.

I just popped the head in, then eased out and then slowly pushed it back in again. I continued this until she begged for my full length. I pushed in hard, all the way, she squealed with delight, and then sighed in disappointment as I completely withdrew. I moved over to Sam and gave her the same treatment. My cock didn't touch the sided, she was so wet and open from her double fuck and then hers sisters fist. I pulled out and told Tara to hold my cock.

I then pushed my cock back in, with Tara's hand still around it. Itwas awkward, but with a bit of adjustment and a bit of spit Tara's hand went in to.
The guy's moved round behind us to watch as my cock with Tara hanging on tight disappeared into Sam's now very stretched pussy. It was such a horny sight, and when Tara started to toss me off inside my wife it was just too much. I pulled out leaving Tara's hand inside and made my contribution to the cum cocktail, a very large contribution.
The two sisters moved into the sixty nine position with Tara on top as Me and the boys cracked a beer and sat round the table to watch them.

Sam was trying to get her fist inside Tara and after a while managed to squeeze it in. Tara's fist was already pumping into her sisters pussy and us four guys watch as they fisted each other.

Tara then surprised us all by trying to get both hands into my wife's cunt. We just sat open mouthed as her other hand slipped inside. Sam was getting a double fisting, I knew my cock had stretched her more than most but fucking hell, two fists.

All four of us were rock hard and ready very quickly as we all moved in on the girls. Dave knelt over Tara's face and rubbed his cock on her lips. She had to pull one of her hand s out to grab it and stick it in her mouth. Her hand was dripping with Sam's love juice and she had to stop sucking Dave's cock and lick her hand clean to stop it dripping into her eyes. She then continued on Dave's dick with her left hand while still fisting Sam with her right.

Tara was fisting Tara like crazy when Tara said she was going to cum. Terry passes the glass to Sam and she popped her fist out of her sister and went to work on her clit. The glass was about half full by now and Sam had to be careful not to spill any of the contents as she tilted it ready to catch Tara's cum.
It wasn't long in coming, she screamed as she came and a jet of cum squirted straight over the glass and splashed up the wall, four feet away.

I'd seen them both cum before but that was spectacular. Sam positioned her mouth above the glass as the second then third jet shot out. Sam caught it all in her mouth and after Tara had fired a couple more shots into it ,Sam spat her sisters cum into the glass. By now the glass was full, about a pint of cum cocktail, and we had to transfer it to a jug. I was curious as to what she was going to do with it. I had a pretty good idea, but how wrong I was.

We continued our orgy long into the night and we all had some first time experiences. Sam got to do her first deep throat, in fact she did it to all the guys. I got my first assfuck, Tara got assfucked for the first time. She squealed when I tried to stick my dick in her so I got the guys to open her up for me first. First Dave broke her in, then Terry stretched her a bit wider, then Bob stretched her a bit more until he came in about ten seconds.

Then I got inside her tight little ass and within minutes she was taking my full length and moaned with pleasure every time my balls slapped her pussy lips.
At one point Sam put her fist into her sister and rubbed my cock through the thin layer between ass and cunt, it was great.

Sam refused to take it up the ass but did allow Bob to stick a finger in while he fucked her from behind.
He lasted a bit longer this time, almost a minute, he had certainly made a large contribution. The guys all got to stick their fist in a womans pussy for the first time, Sam's pussy to be precise, sometimes Tara would stick her hand in along side, Sam was stretched beyond belief, but loving it as was I.

Not only did I get to see my wife fucked by another man, I got to see her fucked in the pussy by two guys at the same time.

Later Terry and Dave did it again while she deep throated Bob, three guys at once, she was in heaven. There were a lot of firsts that night but the Grand Finale was yet to come. Our jug was almost full by about 5 AM and when we all contributed one more load it was actually overflowing, about two pints of cum. Most of it belonged to the girls, but a fair percentage was spunk. As we had nothing larger Sam had an idea.

Ê 'I want you all to give me one more orgasm' she saidÊ 'In my new storage space' Ê We all rested for a while and had a beer. Sam whispered to Tara and they both got on their knees and systematically brought us all to erection with their mouths.
Ê 'Keep 'em hard guys' Sam ordered as she went to lay on the floor on her back. She then brought her knees right up and placed them on either side of her head exposing her gaping wet pussy to us all. Tara then continued to systematically work her way around the kitchen and insert larger and larger objects in Sam. It started with a carrot, the a cucumber and when she brought out a marrow I was amazed.

I was even more amazed when the 6' diameter 12' long vegetable slipped easily inside and completely disappeared. I t was really horny watching as sheÊ squeezed her cunt muscles and the marrow slowly emerged to fall onto the floor.
Then Tara appeared with a watermelon, 8' wide. No way would that fit it wasn't physically possible, was it?
My answer was not long in coming. It took a bit of skilful manoeuvring by Tara but before long the watermelon was halfway in to my wife's pussy.

It was stretched beyond my wildest imagination, and when Tara continued pushing it in I almost came, Ê 'Don't you dare' said Sam, 'not yet'
I brought myself back under control, and watched as the fruit almost disappeared.
It wouldn't quite all go in, but almost. She then did the muscle clenching bit and slowly pushed it out. When it got to its widest point it stopped moving.

Sam, still with her knees either side of her head, grunted as she pushed with all her might. With a loud pop the water melon actuallyÊ leapt about six inches into the air where Tara caught it. This was like some well rehearsed act, I'm sure they'd done it before.

Tara then stood over her and pushed her pussy down onto Sam's and started to grind. This pussy kissing lasted about five minute and then it was obvious that Tara was about to cum. She moved her pussy about two inches away from Sam's and started work on her clit.

Sam then inserted two fingers from each hand into her own cunt and pulled it wide open, it was huge. Then came the most erotic site I have ever witnessed. Tara started to squirt. Long powerful jet of girl cum emerged and then disappeared into my wife's gaping hole. That was enough for me.

'Cum in my hole' Sam demanded, I obliged. I stood over her and looked down into her gaping pussy. I could see her sisters cum sploshing around inside.

I soon added my own and watched as my spunk squirted into Sam' s wide open pussy to mix with Tara's. Tara was sucking alternatively on the other cocks and after the show it wasn't long before they all came, but not into Sam's pussy. She was still there with knees beside ears, but this time she ordered them to cum in Tara's mouth.

Terry was first and Tara gagged slightly as he shot jet after jet into the back of her throat. Tara moved back and Terry's shrinking cock popped out of her mouth. Her lips were clenched but her cheeks bulged with the huge quantity of spunk she had in her mouth. Tara moved over to Sam and pushed her mouth into her sisters pussy, then spat the sperm inside.

Tara then went to work on the others and before long Sam's cunt contained the cum of all five of us. Tara then picked up a half full bottle of Vodka that was on the shelf, removed the lid and stuck it neck first into Sam. About two inches of the bottle stuck out, and after a few seconds she pulled it out, empty. Sam remained in that position and pulled her cunt further open as Tara inserted the funnel and began to pour in the two pints of cum.

I went to look into my wife's pussy and saw in was almost filled to the brim. Tara took a wooden spoon from a drawer and stirred the cum and vodka cocktail until it frothed up and started to spill from Sam's cunt.

Tara then took the straw, and started to suck the concoction into her mouth.
This was unbelievable erotic. When she had enough Tara put the end of the straw into Sam's mouth.

Sam sucked once on it to start the siphoning process then Tara pulled the straw away and let the siphoning fluid continue to run out into her open mouth. When her mouth was full she swallowed and the flow ran all over her face.

At that point Tara removed the straw and lick the cum and vodka from Sam's face. Sam continued to drink from her own pussy until she could take no more. Tara then took over again and before long we heard that noise, you know, the one you hear when you drink a milkshake through a straw and the milkshake runs outÉ.. my wife was empty.

She rolled onto her side then stood up, the last of the cocktail started to ooze from her and Tara quickly moved in to suck her sister dry.

That was quite a night, and it didn't finish there. If you want me to, I'll tell you about it one day.

E mail me if you would like another tale of my adventures

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