Friday, October 10, 2008

Flashing myself off 4

Written by Liz(January 2001)

I hope your readers are gagging to read part 4. Last summer Bob decided I deserved a long weekend break and booked us into a good hotel on the Norfolk Broads.
We arrived late on the Thursday night, Bob had taken a day off work for the Friday. The weather unfortunately was lousy but I was delighted with the hotel particularly the young lad (in his late teens) who showed us to our room.
He was the nervous type and I hoped for a good reaction when I got chance to flash at him. I wasn't disappointed, before we reached our room I opened a couple of buttons on the blouse I was wearing and after asking him to put our cases on the bed I stooped over a little to open one allowing him to see directly down my top.

Regular readers will know I never wear a bra so naturally he got to see my lovely pink nipples. He blushed and stammered and almost tripped over a chair as he did his best to show us the facilities. I asked if it would be possible to get a sandwich since I'd already asked at reception and been told that the restaurant was closed for the evening, the lad asked what I wanted and said he be back in ten minutes.

I asked Bob what he'd like me to show and he suggested we take things easy and that maybe just another flash of tit would be enough, I agreed that there was plenty of time to show more later. I slipped my jacket off and opened yet more buttons on my blouse eventually deciding just to leave one fastened, not right at the bottom but just above the waist, my blouse was very loose fitting and as I unpacked our cases it opened and closed sometimes revealing all. After five minutes or so I had a break wanting to leave some for the lads return, it was worth it. The tap on the door finally came and while Bob let the lad in I resumed my unpacking, my blouse was open more than it was closed allowing the lad some excellent views albeit only quickies.
He was the colour of beetroot when I stopped what I was doing and turned around, he was also supporting an embarrassing (for him) erection, I had to smile to myself to think I could still arouse a lad of his age so easily. Even though I had stopped unpacking there was still plenty on show inside my blouse, the lad took in all he could without being obvious, Bob gave him a tip and he slipped out but not before almost falling over the same chair again.

Bob and I had our sandwiches before getting ready to go down to the hotel bar for a drink, I changed into a new dress which I'd bought especially for that weekend. The proverbial little black dress I suppose, mini but not excessively short, but the neck line was something to open the eyes the front plunged in a deep V almost down to my waist and wide enough to leave plenty of flesh on show. There were only a couple of customers in the bar to take advantage of the view and I began to wish I'd saved the dress for the Friday night. The barman took a keen interest however as did a military looking gent who's wife gave him a hard time when his eyes strayed in my direction once too often.

We pretended not to notice this but he looked a little bit flustered when two minutes later she almost hustled him out. The young porter came into the bar and it was pretty obvious who he and the barman were talking about, I could see now why Bob had suggested I take it easy with the young lad. Bob and I had a couple of drinks and I got one or two lustful looks but I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed. Before we went back up to our room I allowed the barman a quick look up my skirt wishing as I did so that I'd decided to leave my panties off.

Walking back to our room, just for a giggle, I opened up the front of my dress exposing my tits fully, as we rounded a corner the military looking gent was at the door of their room he bobbed back in when he saw us then bobbed straight back out doing a double take, it was too late to cover myself so I just carried on walking straight towards him, as we got closer his wife called and he disappeared back into their room.

Bob and I were almost in hysterics at the way it had happened but it was a bit of a turn on and I said we'd try the same thing again the following night. The weather on the Friday was no better so I had to wear something sensible, a pair of jeans and a sweater but we had a good mornings sight seeing, we called in a pub for lunch at which point I could remove my sweater, underneath I had on a vest type top which is really very loose fitting even for me, there was excellent chance that anyone standing beside me would see inside either down the front or through the arm hole, it is also very thin and my nipples make quite an impression even when not erect.

The pub we had chosen was very much a traditional/locals pub as opposed to a tourist pub, we had been given a warm welcome which got even warmer once I'd removed my sweater. The landlord I can only describe as a lecher, not that I minded that too much, after an hour or so we felt quite at home several of the customers had achieved a view inside my top and when it became obvious that my nipples were erect the landlord felt confident enough to ask if I was pointing at him at which point my tits and in particular my nipples became the central point of the conversation.

Bob was only too happy to tell them about my lovely pink nipples and I was just waiting for "GET EM OUT THEN" when who should walk in but the military looking gent.
There was still a ripple of laughter going round the bar which increased dramatically when Bob said "HE'S SEEN EM".
He was obviously a regular since everyone knew him by name (Wilf?), what surprised me was that he was the one who was embarrassed, as it transpired later he was terrified his wife might find out, she would have considered it his fault and have expected him to look away (this from the landlord).

Inevitably it happened "LETS HAVE A LOOK THEN". I said that I doubted if any of them hadn't already had a look inside my shirt and with no more to do I hoisted it up to show them all my lovely pinkies. I gave them a moment or two to look then covered myself, the military gent did actually look away (to see if his wife was in sight). We spent three laughter filled hours in the pub before returning to our hotel. It was now late afternoon but the restaurant wasn't open until eight and it had been a while since we had eaten lunch this and the fact that we'd had more than a good drink made me feel both horny and hungry, the young porter was on duty so I approached him directly asking if he'd bring us a sandwich up, he looked delighted.

Once in our room I was quickly out of my sweater and jeans deciding I would let the lad see me wearing nothing but my tiny panties and vest. The lad finally tapped on the door after what seemed an age and I slipped into the bathroom whilst Bob went to let him in, I gave him a moment or two then walked back into the room, the lad couldn't believe his eyes particularly when I allowed the shoulder strap to fall down and my right tit became fully exposed I neither tried to cover myself nor made my escape back into the bathroom. I simply strolled across the room sat down on the bed and thanked him for the prompt service, Bob again tipped him and he left again supporting an erection.

That night I again wore my little black dress thinking that not many had seen it the night before so why not. Our waitress at dinner was very attentive leaving us both thinking that she wouldn't mind having a look inside my dress if she got half a chance. Naturally I gave her several and she took every opportunity. The bar was again quiet and the barman (a different one from the night before) put this down to the weather.

There were maybe a dozen or so in but in such a large room in seemed almost empty. I got several lustful looks again and after a couple of hours again for a giggle slipped a tit out just for Bobs benefit, we were sitting opposite each other and after teasing him with my naked tit for a few minutes I began to open my legs and gave him a flash of my pussy. He suggested I do something similar for the barman, I covered my tit and switched seats to sit where he could see me two minutes later he had a clear view up my skirt should he wish to look.

I sat like this for half an hour spreading my knees as wide as I could without being too obvious but it was only when we were getting up to leave that he looked, he saw everything but only very briefly and I'm sure must have been kicking himself for not looking earlier.

I again got my tits out as we walked back to our room and again the military looking gent was there for an eyeful.
Next time I'll tell you about the Saturday and Sunday.


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