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Flashing myself off 2

Written by Liz (January 2001)

Liz here again, no doubt your readers will be waiting for the next installment of my little confession.

As you may recall I agreed to try a few experimental "FLASHES"
My husband Bob suggested we begin with a trip out to a local pub, we both know the pub pretty well but are not regulars, from what we knew however we formulated a little plan and set out.

I wore a skirt and jacket, nothing under the jacket of course and the plan was simply for me to sit on the bar stool at the corner of the bar in such a position so as the barman could see inside my jacket.
I found I was quite nervous when it came down to it, I mean dozens if not hundreds of men must have had at least a similar view in the past but they were accidental or at least not planned. This was somehow different. As planned I took up my seat, I was actually trembling however the pub was very quiet it being early evening and nobody else other than the barman could have seen anything.

A glance down inside my jacket confirmed that the barman would, when he returned with our drinks, have a totally uninterupted view of my right tit.
I was a little bit surprised that my nipple was fully erect and realised I was actually quite turned on.
Bob reassured me by squeezing my knee and a weak smile past between us. The barman was a very cool customer, he spotted what was on show immediatly and I noticed several times he was looking quite openly inside my jacket.

We had something of a conversation, the weather a recent T.V. highlight that sort of thing and every few minutes he would have another look at my naked tit, the longer it went on the more I found it excited me. Bob was highly aroused and emphasised this by pressing my hand to his erection, I gave it a good rub and squeeze and he slipped a hand between my legs forcing my skirt right up.

This was fine while the pub was practically empty since we were shielded from the barman by the bar and the only other customers were in the other room. Finally someone else arrived and we had to stop this. By then however my panties were soaked and I was feeling as randy as the proverbial butchers dog. We eventually left the pub and rushed the mile or so home to relieve our passion.

Forgive me not going into detail here but I find confessions get boring if they are simply couple fuck in the privacy of their own bedroom. For our next experiment then. Bob had asked me if I was prepared to show my pussy, now I wasn't sure that I was, the experiment then was to see how I felt going out wearing a mini skirt (and I do mean mini, tarty actually) and allowing someone to at least see right up to my panties. We decided on a pub that was some way away, again we knew it would be quiet early evening.

The pub has a good restaurant, we however were just going for a drink. We entered the tap room knowing that any other customers would be in the lounge/restaurant.
The landlord could be visibly seen to inhail when he caught sight of my long slim legs and after getting served I could actually feel his eyes following me. We took up seats at the back of the room so as he could see me clearly from the bar. Bob sat behind a table beside me so that I could give his stiff member a good rub and squeeze.

Along with my mini skirt I was again wearing my jacket and as we made ourselves comfortable Bob reached over and adjusted it so as he could see my naked tit inside. My nipples were already erect and when I squeezed my pussy I got a delicious sensation.

I knew my panties were already damp and I was a little worried that when I allowed the landlord to see right up my skirt this would show. We were far enough from the bar not to be overheard and Bob was very supportive, however he kept persuading me to allow my skirt to ride a little bit higher and to allow my knees to part.

We had agreed that we would stay in the pub for half an hour providing everything was as we wanted it, we in fact stayed three quarters of an hour and for the last twenty minutes or so I sat so that my panties were clearly visible to the landlord. I was surprised how comfortable I was with the situation and how turned on.

Bob of course wanted me to nip to the ladies and take my panties off but I felt I wasn't ready for that and told him not to push his luck. We eventually left the pub and once in the car Bob began touching me up something he hadn't had chance to do in the pub because I was exposed to the landlord the whole time.

When he found out just how wet I was he was delighted, he said if I found it so exciting he knew there would be no trouble getting me to take my panties off next time. I again told him I wasn't ready. Whilst we were groping each other he pulled my jacket open and my panties to one side slipping a couple of fingers into my sopping pussy, it was at that point that we realised that another car had pulled onto the car park and a young couple were walking past, whether they saw anything or not we were unsure.

The girl certainly looked back before they entered the pub. Bob asked me to take my panties off before we drove away and to be honest I was glad to do so since they were really quite wet. As we drove along heading back home Bob kept slipping a hand up my skirt when he didn't need it for driving and he actually brought my off.
By now I was getting past caring and with my skirt right up so that my pussy was exposed we pulled up at a T junction in a small village.

The road at this point is very narrow and pedestrian barriers run around the corner, standing at the barrier was a middle aged man, we had pulled up right beside him and he was looking directly into the car and directly at my exposed pussy.

I eased my legs apart closed my eyes and had another orgasm.
We were moving again by the time I opened eyes and Bob had a smile as broad as the cheshire cat, he was absolutely delighted with what I had done, I confessed that I had had an orgasm whilst the bloke looked at my pussy and we agreed that we would experiment further.

Tell you more later.


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