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The Wife & I - Chapter 1

Written by By Jethro (September 2000)

It was the first time I had visited a hospital for over a decade, my wife Sarah having been admitted with stomach pains.
I have never liked hospitals, but I couldn't leave my wife on her own, the nurse said she would probably be staying in for about a week while they determined exactly what the problem was.
The nurse in question was very nice, and very attractive.

She was about 25, I would say and although quite petite at about 5'3' she was stunning, with long blond hair, beautiful brown eyes and a classic hourglass figure. Although her breasts weren't large they were in perfect proportion to the rest of her body. She wore the standard white uniform with a red belt, indicating her status as Staff Nurse, black shoes and what appeared to be black stockings judging by the seams and the bulges from her suspender belt.

She was very chatty and I couldn't help but notice the eye contact she kept making, long, lingering and very sexy glances, or was it my imagination? After a couple of hours sitting around waiting my wife was taken down to be X rayed by a big powerful looking black guy, Troy was the name on his badge.

He seemed a bit of a charmer which put me off him instantly, but the wife seemed taken by his flattery and as she was ill I let her have her moment. Troy took Sarah to X-ray so I settled in the bedside chair to read a magazine.

After five minutes or so I heard, 'Would you like a cup of tea while your waiting Sir?' It was her, 'My names is Greg, not Sir!' I said with a smile, 'Who are you?' I asked
'I'm Sister Morgan officially, but you can call me Helena'
'Well Helena, I would love a cup of tea although I would prefer something stronger'
'Me too' she said 'I can't wait until my shift ends and I can go for a drink'
'I suppose I'll have to go soon' I replied 'it' getting late' 'Why don't you join me?, I finish in half an hour and I'll be popping into the Globe for a quick drink, we can drown our sorrows together' she laughed.

Sarah returned, we chatted for a while before I left, but I neglected to tell her about Helena's offer, how forgetful I am! Ê I parked my car in the pub car park and went into the bar, Helena stood at the end with a couple of other nurse's. I wandered across and offered to buy them a drink and after we had been served Helena introduced me to her colleagues.

'This is Sandy, she's my junior Staff NurseÉ.' Sandy was about 19 with brown hair and a very nice bodyÉ. 'and this is Charlie, she's Staff Nurse on D wing' Charlie was a 35 ish, my age, a beautifully mature woman with dark hair and a superb figure, this had the makings of an unbelievable fantasy.

We talked for about an hour about one thing and another and we all got on really well, but as I was driving I decided I'd better not have any more alcohol and told the three girls I must be going.
'You don't pass Jameson Avenue on your way do you?', Helena asked,

'I don't know, where is Jameson Avenue?', I'd never heard of it, 'Well if you tell me where you're going then I'll tell you if you pass it', she said, 'I'm going to Landford, that way', I said pointing towards to window

'That'll do, I'll show you the way, you can give us all a lift'
'Thank you', I said sarcastically, 'I must take a leak first'

'Charming', Charlie and Sandy said simultaneously. I used the loo and returned to the bar Ê 'Ready?', I said, the girls got their coats and we all walked towards the car park. Ê
Charlie and Sandy got out of the car together as they lived close together then Helena and I continued on to her house, 'Would you like me to drop you off on the corner?' I asked, 'I don't want to cause any problems with your other half if he see's you being dropped off by some strange man'

'The love in my life isn't a man', she replied 'WhatÉyou mean you're a lesb.. I mean your quee.....'
She laughed out loud at my babbling, it was then I realized how beautiful she really was, her smile, her eyes, everything about her was beautiful. I realised I was staring at her and her laughter had subsided,
'Sorry I said, I didn't mean to imply that.... Well.....it's a free country'
'Shut up silly!' she giggled, 'The love in my live is my dog, Harry'

My head flopped back against the headrest and we both laughed. 'Would you like to meet him?' she asked, 'Well I should really be getting back, the baby sitter will be charging double time soon' I joked, 'she's only 16 and already a real business tycoon' 'Aw come on.. just five minutes, She won't mind. I'll make you a coffee' She looked at me pleadingly
'OK, five minutes then I really must go'.
We arrived at her house in Jameson Avenue, very nice it was too. I parked in her driveway, her huge driveway, and walked up towards the house, the huge house.
'The NHS must be paying you too much' I said quizzically, 'This place must've cost you a fortune'
'Didn't cost me a penny, but it cost my ex dearly' she replied
'Say no more' I said.

My god, I thought, here I am alone with a beautiful Woman, in a nurses uniform (her not me), she owns a huge house in a sought after residence, and my Wife is not standing at home by the front door with her rolling pin.

But I couldn't proposition this Woman, not with my Wife laying in a hospital bed, it wouldn't be right. DAMN my moral upbringing.
Helena put her key in the latch and pushed open the door, it was dark inside, hardly surprising as it was nearly midnight and all the lights were off, then we heard a noise from inside............................
'What was that?' I asked, 'I don't know' she said 'It sounds like someone's in the lounge'

'Wait here' I said 'I'll go in and check', yeah right, Greg the tough guy.
Why do us men risk everything just to impress a beautiful Woman? I cautiously felt my way down the long dark hallway, 'It's the door to your left', Helena whispered.
Then I heard another sound.....................I approached the lounge door and swallowed hard as I put my hand on the handle.

'Oh well', I said quietly to myself 'Here goes!' Ê I opened the door and tiptoed inside. SHIT, I didn't have a clue where the light switch was, 'Great work Sherlock', I whispered fumbling around on the wall inside the room.

I was just about to retreat when I was hit in the chest by something, as I staggered back into the hallway I shouted to Helena

'Call the police, there's a burglar', I then tripped over my own feet falling backwards onto a table, knocking over a vase of flowers.

I fell flat on my back and the vase fell straight in my lap. My life flashed before my eyes as I was now totally disorientated, in total darkness with my attacker somewhere in the some room, probably armed......

Chapter 2

I was temporarily blinded as the lights came on. I could hear laughter, I could hear heavy breathing, my God what was happening. Ê Well, it's simple.. The laughter was Helena'sÉ and the heavy breathing? Well that was HarryÉthe dogÉmy attacker, who was now licking my face.

Helena laughed for what seemed like an eternity while I lay on the floorÉin a puddleÉbeing licked by a dog, who's attentions had now turned to my sopping wet crotch, now that made me get up fairly quickly as Harry was a Great Dane and could probably bite off my genitals in a heartbeat should he feel the desire.

Helena was crying with laughter, 'I'm sorry' she said as best she could through the laughter, Ê 'You knew all along didn't you?' I said with a smile
She couldn't speak but just nodded. Harry was now licking the flower water from the parquet floor. Helena walked into the lounge and turned on the light, still chuckling and wiping the tears from her eyes.
She was soon followed by Harry and myself.
'Look at me I'm soaked', I said pointing to my lap, 'How will I explain this to my babysitter?' Ê

'I can put them in the dryer for you' Helena said with a grin, her composure now returned. Ê 'I don't have time', I exclaimed pointing at my watch, Ê 'Call your baby sitter and tell her you'll be late, tell her you'veÉ Oh you'll think of something' she said waving her hand in the direction of the telephone,
' Oh I will will I?' Ê I picked up the phone and pretended to press the buttons
'Hello Dianne it's Greg, I'm afraid I'm going to be a little late'

I paused as if listening, 'I know, I'm really sorry but it can't be helped, I've been kidnapped by a beautiful nurse, she's standing in front of me now' another pause, I glanced at Helena who was staring open mouthed, 'I can't escape, she's got me tied up, she' s holding the phone for me' pause,

'Well she's naked at theÊ moment, apart from the spiked collar around her neck and the whip in her hand she' wearing nothing but a smile'

Helena was now aghast, her jaw almost on the floor, her eyes wide and staring. I can't remember seeing anyone look quite as flabbergasted.Ê 'If I'm not back by morning call the police, no.. make that Scotland Yard, by the time this one hasfinished with me I think they'll need forensics to identify the remains' Ê another pause, Helena kept the same expression as she sat down with a bump.

'Wish me luck Dianne, I just hope I can give her what she wantsÉBye for now and thanks for being my babysitterÉBye'

I returned the handset on the receiver and turned to Helena Ê 'You..........I'm......You can't...............I'm not.....................' She waved her finger towards the phone as she babbled meaninglessly, I waited for about a minute until she stopped ranting, she finally stopped and looked me in the eye, her mouth still hanging open, Ê 'TouchŽ' was all I said
'What do you mean, Tou......' She suddenly realized what I had done,'YOU BASTARD', she shouted and jumped up to beat her fists on my chest, 'that wasn't funny' she laughed as I grasped her shoulders to hold her back as we both chuckled at my practical joke.

'That makes us even' I said as she stopped beating me and just looked into my eyes. Something was there, that feeling I remember from my youth had returned to torment me once again.

'Take your trousers off' she demanded, still staring straight into my eyes, Ê 'I..I'd love to Helena, believe me I would but I can't not with my Wife in hospital'
'I meant so as I can put them in the dryer' she looked at the floor embarrassed, Ê 'I'm sorry I thoughtÉ..' she looked at me and I looked at the floor embarrassed 'Come on, you'll get into trouble with your baby sitter' she said Ê Now the atmosphere was awkward.
'OK', I whispered like a scolded schoolboy before undoing my belt. I turned shyly away from Helena before I removed my trousers, the turned back and handed them to her with one hand while trying to cover my embarrassment with the other.

She turned and walked towards the door and made her way to wherever her dryer lived, followed by Harry. I sat in a chair with my head in my hands, 'You pratt!' I said to myself 'how are you going to get out of this one?' I then realized I hadn't actually called my baby sitter.

I stood and walked towards the door, 'Helena', I called, 'Helena can I use the phone', no reply. I walked around the huge house trying to find her, you could get lost in here. I found the kitchen and heard the noise from what sounded like a tumble dryer through a closed door. I walked across and opened it slightly to peek through, it felt like I was snooping, what I saw was not quite what I was expecting.

Helena stood in the utility room naked. She opened the door of the washing machine and was putting her uniform inside, the uniform she had been wearing only seconds earlier. She hadn't heard me open the door because of the noise from the dryer.

I knew I should have retreated sooner but I couldn't. This beautiful Woman stood before me naked. She had her back to me but was at a slight angle allowing me to see her breasts, they were gorgeous, small but firm with dark pink aureole and large nipples, very large, they were erect.

Maybe she felt cold or maybe something had been stirred in her too. She bent over to push her uniform into the washing machine and it was then I discovered she was probably not a natural blond.

Her dark pubic hair peeked from between her legs and I saw the smooth shaven lips of her pussy, I was instantly aroused and knew I had to leave. If she turned and caught me now I would never be able to explain the erection that was trying its hardest to split my boxer shorts.
I quietly closed the door and went to make my phone call .

Ten minutes later Helena returned, She was wearing a red silk robe that clung to her every curve. She wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were still hard.
I broke my gaze as she looked up, Ê 'There you go', she said handing my trousers to me, 'Dry and warm, I had to take your wallet out to dry them' she said, putting my wallet on the table Ê
'Thank you' I said standing to take my trousers from her, my erection had thankfully subsided.
' Ihope you don't mind but I used your phone while you were gone' I said as I put on my strides Ê 'That's OK' she said 'Baby sitter?' Ê
'What did you tell her this time?', she laughed 'You've been abducted by nymphomaniac aliens who want you to help re-populate Mars?'
We laughed together Ê
'No, I just told her I'd bumped into an old friend and got chatting over a pint, she didn't mind, said she could do with the extra cash' Ê

As I looked down to buckle my belt I noticed her robe was slightly open at the front and I could just make out her neatly trimmed bush, she was completely naked underneath.

Time to leave. Ê I said the usual ' It's been a pleasure', 'Nice to have met you' before making my way to the front door with Harry in pursuit.
'Maybe we'll bump into each other sometime', I said opening the door, Ê 'Yeah, like tomorrow', Helena replied, I turned excitedly to face her Ê 'You are going to visit your Wife aren't you?',
Jesus I'd forgotten, my excitement turned into disappointment, then back to excitement again as I realized Helena would be there at the hospital.

'Yes, tomorrow', I gave her a peck on the cheek before I left.

Chapter 3

I returned home at about 1.30 in the morning. I hadn't stopped thinking about Helena all the way back. It was nice thinking about her but I felt guilty because I love my wife Sarah dearly. Sarah's about 5'8', very slim with mousey brown hair and a terrific personality, everybody loves Sarah, especially me, but I could not get this beautiful nurse out of my mind.
I had the image of her naked pussy lips in my mind as I opened my front door.

'About time!', I almost jumped out of my skin 'Sorry Dianne', I said apologetically while taking of my jacket, 'I'll make it up to you'
I reached into my pocket to take out some cashÉ..empty. Oh no I forgot to pick up my wallet from Helena's table 'I'm really sorry Dianne, I'll pay you double tomorrow, is that OK?'
Ê 'It'll have to be I suppose, oh and by the way, I'll be staying here tonight, I called my Mother and she said if you weren't back by 1 o' clock she would lock the door and I would have to stay here'
'That's fine', I said, 'I really don't feel like driving you home anyway'
'Thanks a lot' she sneered back. Dianne was a pretty young girl, but looking at her mother that wasn't surprising.

They were like sisters, you'd never guess that Shirley was her mother. Shirley had Dianne when she was just 14, they turned heads when they dressed in their pulling clothes. They were both tall and slim, about 5'10', both had red hair about shoulder length with big brown eyes. Shirley had never married, devoting her life to her daughter when Dianne's Father had left them when she was only 3 years old.

Ê 'You can sleep in with Stu'', Stuart was my 5 year old Son, Ê 'OK', Dianne said, 'But can I watch the end of this film?', she asked pointing at the TV in the front room,
'Yeah whatever, I'm off to bed', I started to climb the stairs, 'Make sure you shut everything down before you turn in, g'night Dianne'
'Night Greg' Ê

I lay in bed thinking about Helena and what I had seen in the utility room. I think it was more exciting because she never knew I was watching her as she stood there naked. If she had just taken her clothes off and said 'Come on big boy' it wouldn't have been anywhere near as erotic.

Maybe I was turning into a peeping tom, a voyeurÉ.no, it was a one off experience. My bedroom light was on and I was laying on the bed naked, I suddenly realized I had unconsciously stroked myself into an erection thinking about Helena. I moved my right hand up and down my ample 8 ' long 6 ' circumference member, it was so hard I thought it might explode.

My left hand covered my eyes as I imagined myself peeking through the utility room door at Helena's house. I pictured myself sneaking up behind her as she bent down, I pictured myself taking out my erection, I pictured my erection parting the shaven lips of Helena' sex, I pictured those lips wrapped around me as I pushed my entire length inside her, then I came, I pictured my jets of spunk flowing into Helena's hot, wet pussy when they where really flowing down my hand and over my balls.

My orgasm was fierce. When I removed my left hand from my eyes I realized I had fired jets of jizz up onto my chest and all over the sheetsÉÉ. I also realized I had left my bedroom door ajar. I heard something squeaking and leapt up, pulling my duvet around me as I went through the door to see Dianne sneaking down the stairs.

'Shit', I quietly exclaimed.
Had she seen me masturbating? or had she just been to the bathroomand sneaked down the stairs so as not to wake me?
Maybe she had started to climb the stairs to go to bed and realized she'd forgotten something. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

ÊI returned to my bed tightly bound in my quilt trying to convince myself that she hadn't seen anything, but the more I tried the less convinced I was. I had to find out, what would I say? Fuck it, why hadn't I closed my door?.

I decided to go down stairs and check out the reaction, I threw on a pair of jeans and went down. As I entered the front room Dianne was sitting on the sofa watching TV. She had her back to me and continued staring at the screen as I walked around the sofa and headed towards the kitchen, she said nothing and the silence was deafening.

'Would you like a drink Dianne?', I asked trying to break the atmosphere
'No thanks I'm fine' she replied I casually opened the fridge and took out a carton of orange juice and tried to pull open the top. The carton promptly ripped and sprayed orange juice all over my jeans.

'That'll leave a stain you know', Dianne said, not looking away from the TV.
'I know', I said grabbing a tea towel and wiping my front down, 'but orange juice isn't too bad to get out' Ê
'I wasn't talking about the orange juice'

I looked at her in horror but she continued to stare at the TV, a little smile on her pretty face.

I lay in bed with a thousand thoughts going through my mind, she'd obviously seen me tossing off, what if she told Sarah, Sarah would never believe I'd left the door open accidentally. Sarah loved to watch me masturbate, but she was also obsessively jealous, and if she knew a pretty little 16 year old had stood there and watched me wank myself to orgasm she would kill us both. We've always had an adventurous and imaginative sex life but there has never been a third party involved, particularly one young enough to be my daughter.

The consequences could be devastating. How would I get out of this one?
My concentration was broken by a knock on the bedroom door, Ê 'Come in', I said, somewhat surprised, the door opened and in walked Dianne.

'I hope you don't mind but I've borrowed one of your shirts to use as a nightie, as I wasn't expecting to sleep here I didn't bring anything' Ê 'No problem', I said looking at this pretty young girl in my bedroom. Ê

She wore a white long sleeved shirt, and with the hall light shining behind her I could see where her legs met and the V of her teenage pussy. I turned away, disgusted with myself for even looking, 'Night Dianne'
'Night Greg'. The door closed, then popped open again, 'Oh Greg?'
'Yeah?' I responded
'You and Mum used to be an item didn't you?'

'We had a thing before I met Sarah, how'd you know that?' I asked
'Me and mum tell each other everything'
I sat up and looked into her eyes, what if she told her what she had seen tonight?
What if Shirley then told Sarah? Sarah and Shirley were best buddies.

Oh my God what was I going to do 'Ev...everything?' I said
'Oh yeah, we're like sisters remember? Mum told me ALL about your relationship with her, right down to the juicy bits'

I just looked at her open mouthed Ê 'I used to think she had exaggerated certain bits.....................now I know at least one bit was true' Ê

'Which bit was that?' I enquired, knowing the answer

'Your bit............... Goodnight Greg' Ê

Chapter 4

I awoke about 10.30 am and for a briefÊ moment I forgot about the previous night's adventures. I decided to rise about 10.45, put on a clean white polo shirt, another clean pair of jeans, my white Tommy Hillfiger socks and, after brushing my teeth and hair (different brushes) I went down stairs and decided to act as if nothing had happened, play it by ear so to speak.

Dianne was in the kitchen making herself breakfast, she still wore the white shirt.
'See anything you fancy?', she looked me provocatively
'What have you got?' I knew instantly I should've worded that in another way. She lowered her head and looked up at me smiling.

'Well for some reason I've been looking forward to a big juicy sausage all night, I dropped this one into the frying pan', she held a sausage on the end of a fork, 'and it spat at me, I'm afraid it spurted all over your shirt', she rubbed her hand over left breast to indicate the fat stains and her nipple instantly poked through the thin material.
'Sound familiar?' she said, still looking down and rubbing her breast.
I said nothing. Dianne looked up at me and with a sensuous look on her face, she took the sausage from the fork and raised it to her mouth, she inserted virtually all of it into her mouth before slowly pulling it out and flicking her tongue over the end.
'Ooh it's hot' she said before repeating the procedure several times.
'Sausages will be fine' I said, trying my hardest to ignore her sluttish behaviour.
'I don't think there are any big enough for you' she laughed knowingly.
'Dianne, why are you behaving like this?' I responded angrily
'Behaving like what?' she replied innocently
'Like a little slut, you've been acting provocatively since I got up!'
'Well I'm very sorry!' she said sarcastically 'would you prefer it if I stood in the doorway naked and tossed myself off?'
I didn't respond, Ê 'Yeah!' she shouted, 'I saw you last night, how could you force a 16 year old girl to stand there and watch you wanking?'

I could feel my mouth moving but no sound emerged, Ê 'and then force me to finish you off and watch your spunk fly all over the place!'

'Now wait a minute, that's a lie, I didn't even know you were there!' , I retaliated,
'You know that' she said calmly 'and I know thatÉ.. but who will Sarah believe?'

She was right, Sarah would never believe me. I suddenly realised what was going on,
'OK, OK, how much is this going to cost me, this is obviously another of your money making schemes isn't it', and hats off to her, it was a corker, 'WellÉhow much?'

She looked at me and snarled, 'I don't want your money Greg!' ÊThere was a long silence as she stared at her feet, 'But there is something I want from you'
I was surprised, and slightly baffled by her response
'Well, what is it going to take for you to keep your mouth shut?'

She slowly walked up to me and put her face close to mine. I could feel her breath on my lips, I could feel her teenage nipples poking through the thin material of the shirt and into my chest as she pushed against me.
She looked me straight in the eyes and our lips made the slightest contact.

'I want you GregÉÉÉ. I want your cock' Ê

Chapter 5

It was raining as I drove to the hospital, in a bit of a daze. I'd had to stall my decision and promised Dianne I would think it over and let her know that evening. She said she would stay over again to look after Stu' and told me it would be OK if I was a bit late again, as long as she knew, she didn't mind .

She promised to clean my bedsheets too. What the hell was I to do, risk breaking up my marriage, or have sex with a 16 year old, a beautiful 16 year old. You may think I'm insane even thinking about it, but I'm a very moral guy and besides, this was blackmail. Ê

I paid the standard £1 parking fee that I fortunately had in the car and made my way to the Rimmer ward to find Sarah's bed empty, Ê 'She's in the loo' the patient opposite said to me, 'with Troy'
'Why is she in the loo with Troy?' I asked
'The emergency button's broken and someone has to stay around just in case' was the answer Ê I didn't like the idea but it made sense I suppose. I must've been waiting about fifteen minutes before I heard Sarah giggling.
I looked up and she emerged from the toilets with Troy in pursuit. She looked surprised to see me. Ê
'OhÉhello Greg, I wasn't expecting you so early'
'Obviously' I said looking at Troy, who just grinned and walked away towards the nurses desk at the ward entrance, 'He seems very friendly doesn't he?'

'No more friendly than Helena' she said sarcastically nodding in the direction of the ward entrance
I'm sure Sarah was blushing slightly, or just flushed.
I should have been angry, but seeing Helena approaching cheered me up instantly. Ê

'How's the patient this morning?' she inquired 'You're certainly looking radiant'

'That's because she been in the loo with Troy for the last half hour' I said
'I'd watch him if I were you', Helena responded, 'He's got a bit of a reputation'
This time Sarah's blushing was obvious.
The day continued and I was trying my hardest to get a moment alone with Helena.
That moment finally arrived about four hours later when Sarah was taken, by Troy, for another X ray.
'Thank god I've got you alone' I said as I cornered her near the staff room, 'I left my wallet at your place last night, you didn't bring it in with you by any chance..'

'No' was the swift reply
'I don't suppose you saw it, you must have been in a hurry or...............'
'Oh I saw it' she butted in.
'but I accidentally forgot to pick it upÉ so you'll have to come roundtonight and get it' she looked at me with a knowing grin and her eyes lit up.

'OK, what time?'
'I finish at 8 tonight, so I'll meet you in the put at 8.15?'
I smiled and touched her arm
'8.15 it is, I'd better get back to my bedside vigil before Sarah comes back from X ray and see's us, I think she's jealous.

'She's not due for another X ray till tomorrow' she said curiously
'Well Troy came and took her about ten minutes ago' I said
Helena rummaged through a pile of folders on the desk and pulled one out, Ê 'Here we are, X rayed, Monday, second X ray required Wednesday', she closed the folder and looked at me.
Helena said nothing, she just shrugged her shoulders and returned the folder to the desk. I stood there slightly confused.
There must have been a cock-up I thought, still it'll be nice for her to get out about for a bit.
'Is everything OK?' Helena enquired, 'You look a bit distant'
'Oh I've got a problem at home' I said, gesturing towards the door, Ê 'Maybe you can tell me all about it later?' she said, 'I'd like to get something off my chest too, I'll see you at 8.15?'

'YeahÉsure' I said.

I waited for about ten minutes and after a cup of tea felt the need to pee.
I headed towards the toilets.

'Patients only' one of the cleaners yelled without even looking up from her mop.
'Where are..'
'down the hall, first right second left, first right third door on the left' she said as she scuttled into the laundry room and closed the door behind her.
First left , no right, thirdÉoh bollox I'll find them
I hate wandering through hospital corridors, they all look and smell exactly the same.

After fifteen minutes walking and asking directions I found the toilets, by now I was busting and sighed as I started to relieve myself into the urinal. Staring at the graffiti, as you do, I heard some whispering, it was coming from one of the cubicles.
I finished peeing, and as I washed my hands I tried to look under the door.
There were definitely two pairs of feet, one wearing large black shoes, was standing behind one wearing small light blue fluffy slippers.
I guessed what was going on and chuckled to myself as I quietly left them to it.

I returned to the ward and read one of Sarah's magazines. She returned 20 minutes later.
'You took a long time' I said as Troy helped her back onto the bed, 'Was there a queue?'
'Yes..three people in front of me, it took forever'

'But you had your X ray?' I asked suspiciously
'Yes of course I did', her response was agitated, now I was getting suspicious.
She sat up on the bed and leant forward.
She yelped with pain, Ê 'Are you OK?' I asked
'Yes, just a little pain, you couldn't take my slippers of for me could you?'
'Sure', I said as I leant across to remove her slippersÉ

her light blue fluffy slippers.............................................


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