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Flashing myself off 5

Written by Liz (February 2001)

Hi Liz here again with part 5 if anyone's still interested. I said in part 4 that I'd tell you all about the Saturday and Sunday of our trip to the Norfolk Broads, so here goes.

The weather on the Saturday was a touch better than it had been on the Friday this at least meant I could wear a skirt, I chose a wrap around which just fastens with a belt at the waist, it's by no means a mini but it does have a habit of opening up to show a bit of thigh.
My top was a cross over type which can be worn crossed right over to give a double thickness of material or just crossed over loosely to allow my nipples to show through vaguely. I didn't wear it for the double thickness. The top like my skirt when worn like this also has a habit of opening up a little (who'd have thought that).

Bob and I decided on a little boat trip since we were on the broads, we inquired at reception and were told they could arrange everything. They booked us on a two hour trip for midday which also included lunch, this suited us fine. Meanwhile we had a walk around the local shops and I found a couple of opportunities to give the odd bloke a look inside my ever shifting top, as well as managing to show plenty of thigh.

We arrived at the pier/dock (which is it) about ten minutes before we were due to set off and took up some seats towards the rear of the boat. Bob went to find out if there was a bar on board while I attracted a teenaged lad by allowing my skirt to open up. He looked a bit nervous when Bob returned but a smile in his direction reassured him.

The boat trip was very gentle though cooler than I'd imagined which assisted my nipples to become erect and show more clearly through my thin top. After the buffet lunch we resumed our seats at the rear of the boat and with the constant twisting and turning to see the various sites both sides I successfully got my right tit to pop out a time or two, the teenager was looking at the sites on the boat not off. Once back on dry land Bob and I found a nice pub, it wasn't the type of place we'd normally frequent being a bit touristy but we were feeling cold and it was warm. It took us a few minutes to settle down then my top seemed to come very loose indeed, so loose in fact that I finished up showing quite a bit of tit to anyone who cared to look and several did. By the time we got our second drink my nipples were right at the point of showing themselves.

One young woman who was in the company of an elderly relative took more than a passing interest in this fact changing her seat so as to be better positioned should my top open any further. As we got up to leave fifteen minutes later my right nipple finally broke free, the young woman's reaction was the same as any young man's might have been. Anyway I adjusted my top as we left but allowed at least another couple of people to catch a glimpse first. Back at our hotel my favorite little porter smiled broadly when I approached him with my order for sandwiches.

I decided it was time for him to see a bit more and when we got to our room I removed my top then sat down on the edge of the bed with my skirt open enough for him to see my pubes. I kept my legs firmly together thinking he'd have to wait till later for a full pussy view. Bob wasn't sure about me being topless but I was determined so he relented. The young lads face when he got there, and the way he trembled, I could almost feel his eye's running over and over my tits and then when he spotted that he could see my pubes, I thought he was going to cum on the spot.

The chair he had almost fallen over twice on our arrival really got him this time, he went sprawling head first, Bob got to him first but I was close behind and without thinking crouched down to see if he was alright. We got him sitting up and he told us he was fine but Bob said he should wait a moment or two before trying to get up. It was then that I realized that as I'd crouched down my skirt had opened up and he was getting the full pussy view I'd hoped to save while later.

Well what could I do, I held my position talking quietly to him to take his time and not get up until he was ready. We asked about the lad later at reception and were told he'd had to go home, whether it was the fall or something else which had upset him we weren't told. That evening I wore my second new outfit of the weekend, this was a white dress in a silky type fabric which really clung to me where it touched, naturally any underwear would have shown so I couldn't wear any. My nipples showed through quite well and even my neatly trimmed pubes's made an impression.

The dress was split right up the thigh and whilst it wasn't quite as low cut as my black dress it opened further so that there was only about half an inch from the edge of the neckline to my erect nipples. It was by far the easiest dress to see inside that I'd ever worn and Bob thought I looked a million dollars in it. Our waitress at dinner commented as to how nice I looked and I knew where she was looking when she said it. She could hardly take her eye's out from inside my dress every time she came to our table.

After dinner we went to the bar which was much busier than it had been the previous two nights, there was a definite hush when we walked in, the barman, the same one who had been on the first night, followed my every move as did many of the customers. Once we were settled I teased Bob by opening up one side of me dress baring my left tit, we were in very close proximity to several other people and certainly at least two noticed but the style and fabric of my dress made it at least appear to be carelessness on my part rather than anything more deliberate. One young woman even came over and told me quietly that the top of my dress appeared to have slipped a little.

I tried to look suitably shocked and greatful to her and covered up for a while at least. As the evening wore on we were drawn into a conversation with a small party of other guests who were celebrating a fortieth birthday, the guy in question was getting slightly the worse for wear though it was all just good fun. It was actually getting quite late and it seemed I wouldn't be able to do much more flashing because we'd been drawn into the company of the birthday party, I was of course showing plenty without being too obvious.

Anyway as it turned out most of the other people who had been in the bar left and the birthday party was still in full swing, when Bob mentioned us going to bed they wouldn't hear of it, insisting that we stay with them. There was no sign of the bar closing so we didn't take much persuading. It was well after midnight that I allowed my dress to open up again and my left nipple to show.

When the birthday boy spotted this he said that it was the best birthday present he'd received and asked his wife why she never wore anything like my dress. Her answer was that he never bought her anything like my dress, she went on to say that she thought my dress was beautiful and that she wished he would buy her something along the same lines. There was a distinct moan around the party when I casually covered my nipple and the birthday boy called me an India giver, well what could I do? I opened my dress up so that both nipples were on show and left it like that.

A while later Bob got me on one side and suggested I have a word with the birthday boys wife, we were about the same size and the little black dress I'd worn for the first couple of nights was just upstairs in our room. I made sure we went to the ladies together and offered to lend her the dress for the rest of the night should she fancy wearing it. Her eye's sparkled when I suggested it and she was very happy to take me up on the offer. We popped upstairs for her to change and I have to admit as Susan slipped out of her two piece and removed her bra I was very taken by her.

Her tits were larger than mine and she had very large nipples, as she slipped into the dress she realized that it wasn't going to contain her very well but undaunted she asked if I was ready to go back down. It was at that point that she spotted her panty line and asked me if I thought she dare take her panties off as well as her bra. I told her that I'd never worn panties with the dress and to prove my point I opened and lifted the front of my dress to show her that indeed I wasn't wearing any. She looked a little surprised at how blatantly I was displaying myself but with this she hoisted up the dress and down went her panties.

On the way back downstairs we called in their room to drop off her two piece and undies then rejoined the party in the bar. The roar and wolf whistles when we re-entered were done to excess but Susan quite revelled in the attention. The birthday boy told her he adored her and as she sat down he asked if the dress was likely to open up as mine had done, Susan was still undaunted, she breathed in and expanded her chest at which point the dress failed to contain her very ample tits and out they came.

There was another roar and more wolf whistles and Susan did blush just a little but she didn't cover herself for the rest of the night neither for that matter did I. It was very late by the time we went up to bed, we walked up with Susan and the birthday boy, Susan thanked me for the loan of the dress and when we reached their room she began to take it off outside in the corridor, birthday boy was a bit loud and we had to shush him but he encouraged her to get it off, Bob watched her slipping it down over her hips then asked me if I was going to be outdone like that, I was out of my dress very quickly Susan did a twirl for Bob and I did one for the birthday boy, Bob and I then walked the rest of the way to our room, me naked and Bob carrying the two dresses.

For the Sunday there's very little to tell to be honest, we had to check out of our room for ten a.m. but we did ring down for the porter to take our bags down. It wasn't my little friend but a middle aged guy, I was sitting at the dressing table brushing my hair, my dress was laid out on the bed ready to put on but you've guessed it, I was totally naked.

The long drive home was pretty exciting since the dress I'd chosen to travel in was a wrap around which fastened with a belt at the waist. Bob dared me to open it up and remain like that all the way home to all intents and purposes I was naked, several lorry and van drivers got excellent views of me as we passed them and at one point when we got stuck in traffic half a dozen cyclists cruised by on the inside each looking directly into the car as he passed.

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