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Written by Bruce x. (October 2000)

The wheels of the Boeing 737 touched down at Malaga airport and the passengers resumed their composure after what had been a turbulent flight. As the aircraft nosed its way onto one of the many umbilical extensions, the human contents of flight BA 446 rose to their feet and reached for their hand baggage from the overhead lockers.

It had been a stressful flight for most but Adam Steel had had other things to occupy his mind. He'd had the good fortune to be placed next to a young family from Surrey.
The mother of the family was quite good looking and she had sat in the isle seat. Her husband had been given the opposite isle seat and the daughter, A beautiful young lolita, had been given the middle seat next to Adam who occupied the window seat.

He guessed she was about thirteen or fourteen and had dressed to kill. Although the weather in England had been cold and wet, she had dressed for her destination. She wore a thin T shirt which showed her small but firm breasts and an equally thin skirt which rested high above her knees.

He had made small talk to the parents but could not help to appreciate the charms of the small sexy form in the seat next-door. As he turned to talk to the parents he could almost smell the heady aroma of this young girls pubescent sexuality. She had noticed his interest in her and had done her utmost to expose herself to his fleeting eyes. She had taken a booklet from the pocket in front of her and had squirmed forward in her seat so that her bottom rested on the edge.

She had raised her knees and rested them on the seat in front. He knew that her pants would be visible from in front, he just had to get into a position to actually see them. It was so tantalisingly close but how could he do it. He took out his wallet and began to finger through some business cards. He'd thought about dropping one of them but then thought Ôwhat the hell' He allowed the whole bundle to fall out of his hand and they fluttered to the floor. He leaned down to retrieve them and turned his head sideways.

It was the most horny sight he'd seen in a long while. She wore white pants and through the material he could see her immature vulva straining at its enclosure. She smiled down at him and opened her knees so that the white cotton stretched and revealed the indentation between her lips. He remained in his crouched position for as long as he dared and then resumed his upright position. He glanced at her face and she grinned roguishly.

He wanted to show her that he had been excited by this adolescent exhibition and, making sure that her parents weren't watching, he slid forward in his seat and traversed his forefinger the length of his hard penis. He turned towards her young face and grinned. She grinned back and turned her body in the seat so that she was facing him. She was, ostensibly, looking out of the window but in fact she was glaring at the swelling within his trousers.

His penis was trapped beneath the material of his trousers and lay sideways across his pelvis. He knew she was watching his bulge and he tightened the muscles at the base of his penis making it twitch. Her eyes opened wide at the spectacle of his animated penis and she mouthed to him "Wow". He smiled back at her and looked down into her lap almost willing her to open her legs more so that he could sneak another look at her gleaming white pants.

She opened her legs slightly and he was rewarded. Still turning towards the window she nudged her mother with her elbow. Her mother turned "Yes love" ..........
"Mum, can you get me Dads coat from the overhead locker, I'm a bit cold and I want to go to sleep"
Her mother dutifully rose to her feet and retrieved the coat passing it to her young daughter.
"Thanks Mum" The young girl threw the large coat over her body and it almost enveloped the two of them.

The mother looked at Adam apologetically and attempted to pull the coat away from him.
"I'm sorry about that....... Jenny you've just thrown your dads coat over that man" ..............
"Oh I'm sorry"
He grabbed at the coat and pulled it back to its original position covering both of them, "It's no problem really, and anyway we don't want her to catch cold or anything, that would spoil her holiday Mum" The mother smiled and returned to her book.
"Do you mind if I raise the arm rest? it'll give me a bit more room"

Adam couldn't believe his luck. He knew, or at least hoped the reason behind the request. He turned to her and noticed that grin again "Yes of course you can, here, let me help"

He lifted the coat to raise the arm and was rewarded with another view of her tiny pants.
"There, is that better?" She grinned again and pulled the coat down over their laps. "Yes that's much better, thanks a lot"
They sat there for what seemed like ages but nothing happened. He was getting disappointed, perhaps he had just imagined her intentions, after all she was only about thirteen, how could she be interested in a twenty five year old man.
He relaxed and consoled himself by slowly rubbing his still erect penis which was concealed beneath the coat.
Then it happened. He felt a hand slowly moving over his thigh and towards his groin. "My God, she's going to do it, she's going to feel my hard cock" He froze and held his breath as the young girls hand moved inexorably towards his now throbbing penis. His hand was still around his member when their fingers met. Her eyes widened and she smiled. After all she had just discovered this man sitting besides her playing with himself. She tapped his hand with her forefinger and gave a mocked look of disapproval.

He looked at her tiny face and she mouthed "Naughty boy" She now pushed his hand away and gently encompassed his hard member with her small hand. Her hand was filled with his swelling from finger tip to wrist. She squeezed slightly and began to pull and push, from base to tip, sliding his foreskin over the large moist head. He lay back and allowed her to continue.
"By Christ" He thought "She's giving me a wank through my trousers"
Her fingers found the zip toggle and she dragged it down. She probed inside and, pulling the top of his briefs down, felt for the first time, the soft outer skin of his rock hard penis. Her hand enveloped his throbbing dick and she pulled it from its cocooned environment and into the open air.
It was only now that she could appreciate the full size and girth of it.
She guessed it was about seven inches long and really thick. She began to slowly wank him. The soft outer skin gliding back and forth over his wet glans. He couldn't believe what was happening.

There he was, sitting on a plane with a hundred and fifty other passengers and a thirteen year old girl had pulled his cock out and, underneath the cover of her fathers coat, she was giving him a wank. She continued smiling at him, looking intently into his eyes as his face began to redden with his impending orgasm. Her fingers rose and fell over his increasingly hardening cock.

She sensed a tremble within his body. She knew he was approaching an orgasm, she felt the shaft and head growing harder. He turned to her and mouthed "Stop now" She smiled again and quickened her pace "Fucking stop now"
He knew that if he came, his spunk would squirt over everything.

He could hide the spunk on his own trousers and shirt by fastening his jacket but how could he explain the come which would inevitably splash onto her fathers coat. She took no heed of his protestations and continued watching his reddened face as her hand worked deftly on his by now, enormous penis. She felt the rim of his glans harden and she knew that he was about to come.

He closed his eyes now, resigned to his orgasm. He began to shake as the hot white liquid pumped through his member and out onto her fingers. She felt the creamy liquid coursing over her small fingers and she stopped the wanking motion. Her fingers now moved to the head and, using the lubrication of his semen, she circled and polished his still spurting glans.

His body continued to jerk as her expertise augmented both the duration and intensity of an exquisite orgasm. Finally, his orgasm subsided but she kept rotating her small fingers over his now depleting girth

. He opened his eyes and instinctively looked around. All was normal, nobody seemed interested, not even her mother, not even her father who's coat he had just stained. He looked into her eyes. She was still smiling.
She cocked her head to one side and asked inquisitively " Was that nice?"
He shook his head in disbelief. She withdrew her hand from his now flaccid member and he watched as she raised her fingers to her mouth and licked the cum with her tongue...... Still smiling, always smiling.

Her mother placed the book on her lap and looked over to Jenny "Jenny don't put your fingers in your mouth" Jenny immediately pushed her fingers farther into her mouth so as not to reveal any evidence.
"Jenny, stop that" Jenny pulled her now clean fingers from her mouth "OK Mum"
Adam looked at her small face. She giggled and in doing so she purposefully displayed strings of semen stretching between her perfect lips.
He couldn't help but laugh. Jenny's mother looked over towards him and shook her head "You'd think she'd be over finger sucking by now wouldn't you, I mean she's thirteen for Gods sake!" He didn't reply, he couldn't reply.
Without warning, Jenny turned around and placed her head on her mothers forearm which was resting on the armrest. She pulled her knees up and placed her legs on the seat assuming a foetal position.

To all intents and purposes she was lying down in an attempt to snatch some sleep. The coat still covered them both and Adam realised that her beautiful tiny arse was now presenting itself to his lusty administrations.

He felt himself getting hard again and he began to gently rub his still glistening glans. He wasn't sure whether she had turned because she had had enough or whether she had wanted him to return the compliment. How would he know, what could he do to try and test the water.

He turned in his seat so that he was facing Jenny. He looked into her small face. She was looking at him but for once, not grinning. Perhaps she was a little apprehensive, perhaps she didn't want him to do anything to her. He allowed his hand to wander to Jenny's seat. She knew he was moving, she could sense it. She continued to stare at him. He was a little unnerved.
"Why wasn't she smiling at him?" His hand was now flat, palm down on her seat. His little finger was within and inch of her tiny arse.
Did he dare to make that final journey, to move his fingers, to make them walk over to what he knew to be the utmost sexual conquest. He couldn't have gone that far now and not at least feel her immature vulva. He would never forgive himself if he chickened out now. His hand moved closer and he made contact with her naked thigh.

She didn't flinch, she just kept looking at him. He became more daring and started to softly rub his hand up and down the inside of her thighs. She did not move, it was obviously OK.

He raised his hand slightly and felt for the cotton clad gap between her legs. His finger tips found the moist material, no not moist, wet, it was definitely wet. His penis strained at the inflow of blood and it began to involuntarily twitch. He opened his fingers slightly and stroked the white garment separating his flesh from hers. Her lips were swollen and he could feel the slit between.

Her vulva felt like a soft cushion, pliable and warm. He raised his hand and traversed the cotton clad crack from vulva to anus. He continued upwards on his journey passing her arse cheeks and then he reached the elastic waistband of her pants.

He pulled the elastic outwards and slid his hand inside. He began to slide his open hand slowly down the small of her back and, reaching her rounded cheeks, he traversed the crack southwards. He watched her face as the journey continued and her eyes opened widely as he reached her tight anus.

To his amazement her tiny anal opening was wet with the juices from her small vagina. She had obviously been so excited by her efforts that her love juices had trickled backwards. There became a look of distress on Jenny's face as Adam began to rotate his finger over her most intimate of places.

She was obviously not enjoying his anal probings so he moved on. His middle finger crossed the fine divide between anus and vagina and he felt the soft wet flesh give way. He pushed slightly and his finger began to enter her tight hole. Simultaneously, she opened her legs slightly and pushed backwards as the finger continued, deep within her. He watched her face and saw her eyes close.

He withdrew his finger and then slid it back in again. She was incredibly wet and tight. He could feel all the young muscles inside her tightening and then relaxing as his finger slid in and out of her. She opened her eyes and, lifting one hand from under the coat, she extended two fingers.

He didn't hesitate and pushed another finger inside her. She closed her eyes again and he could see she was beginning to breath heavily. He continued fucking her tight hole and watched as she reached an orgasm. Sweat was beading on her forehead and her nostrils were flaring.

The muscles of her vagina squeezed his fingers as she orgasmed almost restricting the movement of his fingers completely. He'd had sex with many women but none as young as this. Would she respond to clitoral stimulation?
Did she even have a clitoris at this age? He didn't know. Should he try and arouse her the same way as he did the other women?
Would it be the same?
He pulled out of her and began to rub his finger tips up and down her now open slit.

She became aroused even more and pushed against his hand. He allowed his forefinger to travel upwards and there, beneath the folds of skin he could feel her hard clitoris. He opened the flap of skin with two fingers and made direct contact with the hard gristley protruberance.

It was so hard that it felt like bone. He began to gyrate a finger over the exposed clitoris and she became almost delirious. His heart stopped when Jenny's mother looked down at her distressed daughter. She saw the sweat on her forehead and began to wipe it away with her hand.

She stroked her blonde hair as she looked at Adam . He looked back at her "I think she's dreaming" Her mother smiled and continued to stroke her hair.

"Fucking dreaming my arse" Little did she know that he had two fingers up her dear daughters cunt and he was rubbing her to an enormous orgasm. Jenny began to shake as a most intense orgasm started in the pit of her stomach. It rippled through every part of her body. Her nipples were so hard that they were stinging.

She put her own hands under her T shirt and pinched hard as the orgasm reached it's zenith. Her bare feet which had hitherto been resting against Adam's thigh pushed hard against him. Her toe's curled and dug into his flesh.

Her mother looked at her again. "Do you think I aught to wake her up?"
Adam almost laughed and thought to himself "She'll never be more awake Misses" He shook his head at Jenny's mother "No I don't think you aught to, it's always best to let them wake up on their own"

The woman nodded her approval and returned to her book.

Jenny's orgasm subsided and she opened her eyes. She looked at Adam and grinned. A hand appeared above the coat again.
This time, three fingers were extended. He lowered his hand from her clitoral area and slowly, and with some difficulty, squeezed three fingers into her waiting vagina.
She began to breath heavily almost immediately as his fingers worked within her. He tucked his thumb inside her vagina to get some lubrication and then placed it over her tiny anus.

As his fingers worked within her he applied very slight pressure with his thumb. She became increasingly aroused as his thumb played tantalisingly over her tight brown orifice. She pushed backwards as she began the journey to another orgasm and to his amazement he felt her tight anus give a little.

He knew she was about to come and he took advantage of her writhings and pushed harder with his thumb. It slipped in, shallow at first but as her orgasm increased she pushed backwards even more and his thumb sunk in up to the the first knuckle. He could feel his fingers through the thin dividing membrane twixed anus and vagina. He continued to fuck her with his fingers and her wet slippery vagina started to make noises as the air was pumped in and out with her muscular contractions. She began to shake as the pleasure drove through her young body.

He couldn't believe what he was doing. He had three fingers up this thirteen year olds cunt and he was gyrating a thumb up her arse.
Her mother and father were there and so were a hundred and fifty other passengers.
Her orgasm was that powerful that her vaginal muscles actually pushed his fingers out. He tried to push them back in but she glared at him and mouthed "No"
She could take no more. She was spent.
All of the pleasure capacity in her tiny body Had been exhausted.
There was none left.

He felt her anus tighten and she expelled his thumb. She looked at him and rolled her eyes upwards "Fucking hell................Thank you"

He was quite touched by her gratitude and mouthed back "No..... Thank you"
He extricated his hand from within her pants and raised it to his mouth.

He smiled, looked her in the eyes and began licking his fingers.
She let out a giggle as she watched him tasting her juices.

Her mother looked over "Oh...... You're awake now then Jenny" ........
"It sounded like you were having a nightmare" Jenny looked at Adam "It wasn't a night mare mum....... It was more like a wonderful dream"

She mouthed to Adam again

"Thank you"

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