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Holiday fun and loss of virginity

by Babs (February 2001)

It was fun to read bill’s account of our holiday fun in Bali and I thought it might be fun to give my own perspective to encourage those more mature women like myself who had often thought of increasing their sexual experience to go for it.
As Bill said prior to our holiday last year I like I’m sure quite a few late forties women , had not had another man in my pussy other than my hubby and I had never had anal sex . Of course Bill has tried but he is fairly well endowed and hadn’t persisted when it hurt me.
As a busty blonde I was popular at college but got dates and a good reputation for being able to take a guy off without letting him between my thighs. I reckon I can give as good a head as anyone and although no one other than Bill ever had my pussy I took plenty of guys off in my mouth or between my boobs.
I’m no prude and had enjoyed a kiss and a fondle with guys at parties since I was married but that was as far as it went.
To put a bit of sparkle back in our life I booked a three week trip to Bali , shed over a stone, hit the sunbeds and gym and bought some new sexier clothes. The first few days were like a second honeymoon and although I’ve no model girl figure at 39c 28 39 with my tan and my weight loss I felt comfortable enough to wear sexier bikinis and shorter tighter clothes.
It was a turn on to see that I was still capable of turning a few heads round the pool and in restaurants and Bill also seemed to enjoy this and we had very good lovemaking sessions. One night we met a quite attractive Aussie guy at dinner . He invited Bill to go out fishing with him on the Friday and dinner with some business contacts that evening. I was invited to both but accepted the former and declined the latter.
I had intended to sunbathe topless on the fishing trip not fish or talk business and I was initially a bit annoyed when I found that five young aussies were accompanying us. However the wine and beer flowed throughout the day and at lunch when I took the opportunity to take a dip - I felt all eyes on me when I climbed back on board , I hadn’t realised that my new white bikini was almost transparent when it got wet.
I heard some rather ribald comments from the young guys as I went forward to my mattress on the forward deck and thought " what the hell" they’ve seen my boobs anyway . I was pleasantly surprised at the reaction to me taking my top off, when three of them brought some wine and a few snacks forward to share with me. Asking did I mind them sun bathing with them as they were fed up with the fishing.
We got chatting and I realised that they were 18/19 ( about the same age as one of my sons). They were all slim six footers and I have to admit it was quite flattering to realise that these young guys were interested in me sexually. They kept a steady supply of wine coming and when they heard I was spending a quiet evening in the hotel invited me out clubbing with them. I told them if Bill was all right about it could be fun.
When we got back to the hotel Bill was obviously turned on by the guys interest in me we sent an hour in quite intense lovemaking before he had to get ready for dinner. He didn’t object to me going out with the guys - so long as I was careful.
I didn’t honestly expect to let anything happen other than a kiss and a fondle but it was still exciting thinking about those three hard young bodies and what sort of equipment they had in their trunks. I decided to go for a simple sexy but " covered " look and wore solely a little tiger skin top which showed off my boobs and nipples and tight white knee length trousers. Bill told me I looked fantastic as he groped my boobs, pussy and rear and said he would see me when we got back.
When I met the guys in the bar I could see from the way they ran their eyes over me that they liked what they saw. I was pleased that when I said "will you not be embarrassed being seen out clubbing with someone old enough to be your mother" they told me that when they had first seen me on the boat they had thought I was the best looking woman they had seen in Bali and what I was wearing certainly emphasised that.
Quite a few Singapore Slings in the bar soon broke the ice and by the time we were ready to move on to the club we were all very relaxed in each others company. I was a bit apprehensive to see that the clubbers were mainly young slim things but greatly reassured by the fact that the three guys seemed only to have eyes for me and when I danced with them, in turn, the compliments about my boobs and rear flowed thick and fast.
When I suggested that I might be cramping their style the talk quickly got round to sex and they admitted that they had all been scoring fairly regularly with the girls since they came to Bali but what they had all really fancied was making it with an older mature woman.
When I asked the obvious that would they not rather make it with someone with a young firm body they almost in unison said they all had thought my riper body was much sexier.
The whole atmosphere for me was rather electric, the booze, the dancing and the very attentive presence of three very handsome young guys was a very erotic cocktail and fairly drunk as I was I realised I might be in danger of ending up doing something stupid.
However by the time the compliments got more basic and the guys told me the thought of groping my big tits, going between my ripe thighs, or shagging the big ass of me excited them much more than the thought of any of the other women in the club. I realised that I was as hot for it as they were and when Mike the best built of the guys, got me up to dance to a slow number I could feel his erection hard against my grown and when his tongue started to explore my mouth I rather melted against him.
I felt like a young girl again as one of his hands felt the weight of my unbraed breast and he muttered " you’ve the best tits in the room" while the other cupped one of my buttocks and he said and we’ve all been fantasising about that big rear since we saw it this afternoon. When he suggested we go out for some air I was as keen as he was and we were soon snogging passionately on the beach outside the club. He soon had my boobs out of my top and he was sucking wildly on them when the other two guys Ed and Chris came out.
I hadn’t time to do anything before I was caught up in a wild sexual maul with the three guys hands going every where. I felt my trousers being pulled down as my boobs, ass and pussy mound were being roughly groped as they mouthed quite crude compliments about each part as it was uncovered and explored. As they kissed and groped me I felt fingers rather roughly explore my pussy and the crack of my rear and I realised that unless I did something these three guys would be taking me in public just outside the club.
With a superhuman effort I broke free and with boobs dangling and trousers round my knees I suggested we go back to their bungalow. I was kissed and fondled by all three of them as we walked the short distance along the beach to their bungalow and I have to admit I was as up for it as they were when we got there.
I was tumbled on the bed and my top and trousers removed rapidly as were their shorts and tee shirts and I had barely time to admire the three lithe young bodies and what looked like
Huge erections before my thighs had been parted and the first guy., Mike, was mounting me . He was big and hard and my pelvis of its own volition was soon meeting his frenzied thrusts. I had been oblivious to the other guys until I felt a huge penis being thrust into my face and my hand being guided to another . As I responded to the one in between my thighs and wanked the one, my mouth was being penetrated roughly by the other . However the guy between my thighs knew what he was doing and I was soon oblivious to the other guys as he brought me off. As he withdrew the one I was giving a hand job to turned me over on top of the guy in my mouth telling me he wanted me doggy and as he mounted me from behind I had time to enjoy the novel experience of being taken for the first time at both ends. The guy in my mouth climaxed as a pushed my rear back to meet the thrusts of another firm young cock in my pussy and I was able to concentrate my efforts in taking and enjoying the experience of a the second guy in my pussy.
He was also rather energetic and by the time he had climaxed I slumped forward quite exhausted on the bed . I had virtually no time to relax before I felt myself being pulled up to my knees and my buttocks being parted by Mike. As I thrust up my rear willingly to be mounted again , I realised that he was trying to penetrate my anus . I tried to pull away saying I don’t do that and was horrified to hear him say - well if you haven’t its time you did because that big ass is made for cock.
My struggles and protestations only seemed to excite him and them more and proved ineffectual with the three of them holding me and groping me. I felt him enter the head of his cock in my virgin rosebud and the sound of my scream as he thrust it home must have been heard throughout the complex. I had never felt pain like it as his huge erection plunged into my rectum and I actually came backwards up of the bed breaking free of the other guys who had been busy at my boobs.
I felt myself thrust forward once again , like a rag doll as they pulled me back down and he rammed it into me again. I cried and sobbed as he thrust vigorously into me time and again until I felt the welcome flush of relief of him climaxing and the warn fluid lubricating my anal channel. As I fell forward sobbing on the bed the other two guys seemed very concerned that he had hurt me and easing me up between them they wiped away my tears and told Mike to get me a glass of wine.
He rather shamefacedly apologise for sodomising me but he explained that since they had seen my big rear on the boat they had all really fancied having me like that and he hadn’t believed that someone hadn’t taken me like that before.
With an odd sense of intimacy we all sat on the bed drinking wine and I was soon relaxed enough to enjoy the guys kissing and cuddling me again. As Chris and Ed kissed and cuddled me Mike went between my thighs with his head and started doing most exciting things with his tongue which made me forget about the pain in my ravaged rear. By this time all three were sprouting large erections again and when Chris whispered what do you want I said to get on top of you . As the other two guys watched I rolled over and lowered myself down on Chris's young firm erection. This is my favorite position of all and especially if the guy has a large firm cock. As I rode up and down on Chris’s length Mike came round and I let him insert his into my mouth. Once again I was enjoying the brilliant sensation of being made love to and making love to two really attractive and well hung young guys and as the tempo quickened from gentle penetration to more frenzied love making I let myself go completely and the three of us were locked together them telling me what they wanted to do to me .
I was so wrapped up in being pleasured by the guy who I was straddling while taking the thrusts of the other guy deep in my throat that I didn’t immediately realise Ed was parting my buttocks and before I only realised that I was going to be buggered again when I felt a sharp pain as he entered his cock. Whether it was because I was relaxed or whether it was because of the different position, I was pleasantly surprised that after the initial discomfort he slipped in easily. The thought of being triply penetrated plus sensation of being the " meat " in a sexual sandwich plus the rather peculiar sensation of two cocks sliding in an out of me only separated by the tiniest layer of flesh was wildly exciting and I have to admit I lost control totally and met there willing thrusts with equal fervour.
The sensation of three guys penetrating my body and I had the most mind-blowing series of orgasms. As I had orgasm after orgasm they climaxed in their respective orifices and as I as I collapsed on top of Chris I felt him roll; from under me. I heard him say I really want that big rear and as I lay exhausted he pulled to me to my knees and parting the cheeks of my rear gently inserted his cock in my anus and gently eased it into me. Whether it was because I was well lubricated or relaxed from my orgasm or stretched, but it was not only easy to take but very pleasurable and I was soon able to meet his thrusts without any discomfort and in fact with quite a pleasurable sensation.
The guys had great stamina and I totally lost track of time as I coupled with them in virtually every combination. During a lull I was shocked to see it was almost daylight and reluctantly had to pull away as I realised Bill might be worried.
I managed to make it back to the room well after seven and Bill was awake and pulled me into bed. I must,, as I found out later he was somewhat aware of my exploits and that is how I ended my night of passion with Bill getting what he had wanted for nearly 25 years , full and unrestricted access to my rear. As he said later when he recounted what he had seen and I what I had done with the guys I really had lost my anal virginity and I had been fully sexually re awakened.
The rest of the holiday was an experience I’ll never forget and one which I would suggest any ladies who have just fantasised about it should experience. Two or three can be very much better than one. However that is another story.

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