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Written by LIZ (January 2001)

Hi, I'd like to introduce myself to your readers. My name is Liz and I come from the North of England.
I'm a 29 year old married woman, no kids. My husband Bob has a good job which means I don't have to work however I have been known to take temporary part time jobs just to stop boredom setting in.

Bob says I should describe myself! I'm quite tall 5' 9" and fairly slim 34B-26-36 I have sandy coloured hair (yes pussy as well! Bob again) and a fair complexion. I have to put this in again from Bob, I have the cutest little pink nipples you could ever wish to see, Bob says there almost translucent and whilst there small in diameter they extend a good half inch when erect. I don't wear a bra very often (I don't like the bloody things) and I prefer clothes which are loose fitting.

Now I know this can sometimes result in the odd bloke getting an eyeful down my top and its always been a risk I've been prepared to take, I don't really mind, I've nothing to be ashamed of and I even find that the way some men react makes me feel quite good. Bob and I have discussed this subject on numerous occasions and initially I thought that Bob just accepted the fact that it sometimes happens. That's to say he never insisted I wear a bra for example.

Later I found that far from minding Bob actually likes the idea of some complete stranger "coping an eyeful".
He has encouraged me to let someone see down my top, to make sure they get a good view. I must admit I love the effect this has on Bob and even find that some of the reactions we get from the blokes who get to see down my top turns me on.

After all it's no skin off my nose and if the blokes like what they see and Bob gets turned on I can't see that anybody gets hurt. More recently Bob has asked me to do one or two things which have upped the stakes so to speak, he's started to encourage me to wear things which are more revealing under normal circumstances.

It started out with leaving an extra couple of buttons open on my blouse, a shorter skirt to show off my long slim legs, skimpy shorts in summer, a tiny bikini on the beach. We were then actually on the beach on the east coast and we became aware that I had a young admirer, a youth in his late teens who positioned himself so as to be able to watch my every move.

The beach was fairly quiet and there was only one obvious reason why the youth should choose to lay where he did. Bob then suggested that I allow my bikini top to slip somewhat, I was a little bit surprised though not shocked and when Bob insisted I didn't agonize very much before hidden by Bob I eased my bikini top down off my right tit so that my nipple was exposed, Bob was beside himself, the youth's mouth gaped open and to be honest I loved the attention.

I remained as I was for almost half an hour but eventually found my nipple getting rather sore from being exposed to the sun. Some weeks later we were visiting a local beauty spot and as the weather was perfect I wore my bikini and a wrap around skirt.

We settled down on a large expanse of lawn and it wasn't too long before I again attracted an admirer, this time an old man, he had his dog with him and kept throwing a ball for the dog which ran around enjoying the game. Bob reminded me of our day on the beach and I obliged when the old man was next throwing the ball.

Bob really loves me to expose myself like this and even suggested I walk back to the car with my nipple on display, this didn't turn out to be very practical however since the car park area was pretty crowded, I did walk part way and at least three other blokes saw me.

The next incident which springs to mind was again on the east coast. This time however it was in a shop. I happened to see a top which I liked in a boutique window and Bob suggested I try it on. Now the shop was rather small and only had one fitting room, opposite this were a young couple who were browsing amongst the various items.

I had noticed while waiting to get into the fitting room that each time the curtain opened the young man darted his eyes towards it. Bob also noticed and before I entered he whispered that I should give the lad a treat. I entered the fitting room leaving Bob holding a second top which had caught my eye, after trying on the first top and letting Bob see me in it I closed the curtain and took it off, I replaced it on it's hanger then opened the curtain still topless and exchanged the top for the one Bob was holding.

The young man's eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw me. I think even Bob was surprised. After this incident Bob asked me seriously if I minded "FLASHING MYSELF OFF"
I hadn't even considered it as that, it had just been a bit of fun that turned Bob on.

I considered everything carefully and we agreed that we would experiment a little, I agreed in principle that I didn't object. I had some reservations as to where when and how but I saw nothing wrong providing no one took offense and Bob didn't want anything other than other men to look.

Then came the big question as far as Bob was concerned.

Was I also prepared to let "them" see my pussy?

I'll tell you more at some later date.

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Anonymous said...

wow this is an amazing story i think u should do it. I wish i was one of those ppl that saw u exposed :)