Saturday, October 18, 2008


Written by anon (March 2001)

I'm in a nightclub with my boyfriend.
I'm wearing a tight black dress which barely covers my 32c-24-30 figure. My boyfriend has become very drunk and I'm struggling to carry him toward the exit.
You notice me and offer your help, insisting you ride back to my place and pay for the taxi to make sure I' m safe.
We arrive at my home, you pay the cab driver, and begin to carry my boyfriend inside and upstairs. You don't find it exactly easy to lift his weight, but I'm impressed by the way you don't have to exert yourself too much.

I open the bedroom door and as you pass inside I can't help noticing how good your butt looks in your tight trousers. I lie my boyfriend down on our bed and as I cover him with the blankets I'm aware that you're standing behind me. I'm leaning over the bed when I feel your hand slide my dress up exposing my ass.
My dress is pushed up around my waist revealing my thong, and i feel your crotch pushed up against my butt. I close my eyes as your fingers move under the thin material and over my already moist pussy.
Your fingers slide up over my asshole as your other hand pulls down the strap on my dress, revealing one of my bra-less tits. I move my hips a little, rubbing against your crotch, not quite believing what I'm doing, but the feeling of your growing hardness against my skin feels so good.
You begin to slide my thong down my thighs, moving downwards as you do so. I suddenly feel your tongue run between my cheeks and lick my ass hole. I'm shocked, having never had my but hole touched so intimately before, but it feels good. I relax and really begin to enjoy the sensation. I open my eyes and as you pull my cheeks apart to plunge your tongue deeper inside me, I glance at my sleeping boyfriend and feel even more turned on.

I feel dirty and i like it, so i begin to whisper, "Oh yeah, lick me, fuck me with your tongue". I wiggle my tight little butt to allow you to get even deeper inside my hole.
Suddenly you pull away and stand up but my disapointment is only momentary - the sound of your flies opening makes my pussy twitch excitedly. I look back over my shoulder, a nd can't stop a smile from spreading all over my face. You're taking your shirt off exposing your tanned and muscled torso, your strong arms reaching down to grip my hips.
Best of all however is your proud cock standing tall and pressed against my lily white ass. I catch your eye and feel as if electricity is running through me as you take hold of your prick and point it towards my virgin ass. I let out an involuntary little scream as you begin to enter me. I guess you're about nine inches long. I struggle to take you inside, but I want all of your meat buried in my perfect little butt. Slowly you begin to stroke your cock inside me. You lean over me and i feel your tongue in my ear as you tell me how good your cock feels in my pert ass.

When you are all inside me I beg you to "do me,do my ass so hard".

I look over my shoulder at you pumping me hard, a stranger in my asshole fuck ing me like I was a whore. My body is aboutto explode when you lift my a ss a little way into the air, forcing my face down into the pillow. Your giant prick glides in and out of me and I feel the beginnin gs of my orgasm as it begins to ripple through my body. I climax as I glance over at my boyfriends sleeping face, while the hot juice of your cum shoots up into my ass.

As you withdraw your meat I can't help myself. Turning around and kneeling in front of you, I fix you directly in the eye with my cutest look.
I begin to lick the sweat and cum from your balls, slowly drawing my tongue over them like a cat lapping up milk.

I gently cup them in my hands as my tongue moves up towards your still impressive prick. I get excited as you place your hands on the back of my head and tell me "good girl, good girl".

I just want to please you, and do whatever yo u tell me to. I'm amazed when you start to get hard again so soon, and I suck you eagerly, enjoying the heat in my mouth. You tell me that I'm such a good girl and that you want to cum in that sweet little mouth of mine.

I nod yes excidedly as I suck you. You stroke my hair, and I'm aware of even more wetness between my legs. i suck longer and harder until finally, as your face contorts, your hot jism blasts down my throat.

You leave me sitting on the bed, licking my lips and thinking about your cock and the next time I'm going to let you do whatever you want to me...

the end.

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wow wow wow fucking nice story,,,,would love more like that....