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Moral Margaret

Written by Margaret (February 2001)

Hi, my friends have asked me to tell you some of my adventures. Well here goes, but first I’d better introduce myself. My name is Margaret; I am twenty-two years old slim build with dark hair. . I work for a small film company as a general run-around and gofer, my official title is Production Assistant but they seem to interpret job descriptions fairly liberally. However they are a great bunch of people to work with, even if they are a bit wild at times.

Anyway this particular day we were shooting a very tasteful video involving a beautiful young girl who had to pose naked in a sort of clearing in a forest. Actually it was in the studio with some fake trees and grass but it is amazing what can be done with some cunning lighting tricks and I’m sure that it looked very convincing when it was finished.

There was a short break in the proceedings and my friend Jenny and I were having a bit of a kiss and cuddle session in a corner behind one of the ‘trees’ when we noticed a peeping tom! Goodness knows how he managed to get in, but there he was, large as life, spying on the poor innocent girl who was taking advantage of the break to have a rest. She was lying on her back with her knees slightly raised and apart, presenting him with the perfect angle to observe her pretty little cunt with its patch of blond pubic hair. I must admit that it made a delicious sight (not that I’m a lesbian or anything, you understand. I have very strict morals).

Well, Jenny and I were both shocked so we sprang into action immediately. We each grabbed one of his arms and tried to wrestle him back against one of the scaffolding poles that held up the backdrops. He put up a tremendous struggle though and by the time we had got him there, both of us had lost our blouses. Since neither of us wear bras this left us completely topless! We decided to try and tie him to the pole but as we had no rope we managed to pull off his shirt and use the sleeves to tie his hands. His legs were still free however and he was kicking out quite strongly so I had the idea to pull down his trousers and underpants to around his ankles so restricting his movements.

This idea worked very well and we eventually got him tied up and under control. During the course of the struggle however, my skirt had managed to ride up and was now like a bit of rag tied round my waist. During my cuddle session with Jenny, I had removed my knickers - well they do get in the way don’t they? So I was now both topless and bottomless; a condition which induced a large erection in our peeping tom. Jenny was all right as she was wearing trousers and as they were black, the damp patch in the crotch caused by my busy fingers didn’t show too much.

You may be wondering what the brave male members of our crew were doing all this time and why they did not come to our assistance. The truth is, I’m afraid to say, that they were all rolling about the floor in hysterical laughter. It turned out that the ‘peeping tom’ was a mate of theirs and for the price of a pint, they had let him into our supposedly closed set and he actually posed no threat at all!

At this point a miracle happened. Just when I needed a shoulder to cry on, Eric appeared. Eric is a lovely man, a large blond Scandinavian with broad shoulders and a chest that’s just made for burying your face into. I put my arms around him and ground my bare tits into the soft hair between his nipples. He held me tightly with his left hand on my back and his right hand roaming over my bum and occasionally straying between the cheeks so that his fingers could reach my pussy lips. It was gorgeous! Around this time he must have got rid of the remains of my skirt; I didn’t feel it go but suddenly I was aware that it had disappeared. Eric was not wearing a shirt but he had a pair of sports shorts on so he must have being doing something energetic.

Much though I was enjoying his attentions I wanted more, so I started to burrow my hand down the front of his shorts until I found the shaft of his manhood. Sinking to my knees, I pulled off his shorts and, with my head at the same level as his knob I could poke out my tongue and lick his lovely balls. Grasping his shaft with one hand, I pulled back his foreskin and fastened my lips over the tip of his knob, then by lowering my face I was able to suck it in so that my lips encircled half-way down the shaft and I could run my tongue around the ridge. Meanwhile he was massaging my tits and gently pinching my nipples.

Time flew and eventually he pulled me back up to my feet; His cock making a distinct plopping sound as my lips reluctantly let go of their prize. Still holding me up with an arm round my back, his other hand snaked down over my stomach until his fingers reached the slight hairy bulge of my Mount of Venus. A little more stimulation and probing led his middle finger past my cunt lips to where he could start to search for my G-spot.

I had been aware that we had an audience but had quite forgotten the fact until a couple of the lads dragged up a mattress and Eric laid me gently down onto it. Quite honestly I couldn’t have cared less if the whole world was watching as he manoeuvred the swollen tip of his rigid cock past my labia and pushed it in as far as possible. It felt as if it was filling my whole body until there was no room left for me to even breathe. Then he withdrew it! Not far, but enough to make me feel so deprived that I gasped for its return. When it came back in I screamed in ecstasy as my body bucked wildly and bounced like a rag doll on the end of a stick.
The wonderful man showed no mercy as he pounded away for what seemed like ages before releasing a fountain of warm cum juice into my welcoming vagina. I totally lost count of how many times I came, it just seemed like one continuous orgasmic plateau of ecstasy which left me completely exhausted.

I can’t remember what happened next, so I think that I must have lost consciousness for a while. You’ll have to bear with me, I’m so confused and emotional that I can’t think straight, but fortunately we do have a record of the proceedings as people were filming the whole episode from several angles.

Can we have a little break now while I get my breath back, and if there are any gentlemen reading this will they please get lost for a few minutes as I want to have a chat to the ladies. Come on you guys, go and get yourselves another drink or go for a piss or something!

Now girls, you know what its like when you’re at a party and you have a couple too many drinks? When you wake up you are lying on your back, stark naked, with your legs apart. Your fanny is sore and your arse feels as though it has been split; pubic hair all matted together and trails of spunk drying on your tits and face and your hair seems to be glued to the floor? What do you mean ‘no’? It’s happened to me several times and most of my friends as well. Anyway, you’ll just have to imagine it because that’s how I found myself when I woke up. On that occasion even when I tried to speak, my jaw felt as though it didn’t belong to the rest of my face and I had a weird fishy taste in my mouth!

Oh, hi guys! Welcome back. Hope you’re feeling better now, you haven’t missed anything and I’m ready to carry on with the story now.

I finally managed to get hold of a copy of the video. I was told that I was lucky to get one, as it was ‘going well on the Amsterdam market’ whatever that might mean. I leave all the technical stuff to the fellows, they seem to know what they are doing although to look at some of them when they come back after a long pub lunch you might wonder.

So, some of us were looking at the video, with liberal use of the pause, rewind and slow motion buttons, and I reckon that about a dozen different cocks went into my various orifices at one time or another. My friend Lucy who does the makeup thinks there may have been more than that and she should know because she used to be a porno actress. (I could never do that as I have very strict morals).

I have seen some of Lucy’s films and she is very good. I particularly like the excellent timing as she pulls the man’s cock out of her mouth just as he is about to come and holds it so that it squirts over her face and hair. That’s real artistry and what separates a professional from the likes of me. I always seem to end up swallowing the guy’s load!

It was very entertaining to watch the video but I couldn’t help feeling a bit cheated. I enjoy a shag as much as the next girl but I was unconscious while all this was happening. I therefore decided to make it my business to identify all of the cocks involved and have a one-to-one session with each of them at some future time.

Some of them were easy to spot as they belonged to the boys in the film crew of course and all of us girls had shagged with them on numerous occasions in the past. Others however were a bit more of a mystery and so I set out on a programme of showing the video to everyone else that I knew who might be able to shed some light on the problem.

Isn’t it amazing how horrible some folks can be? Some women, as soon as they recognised their husbands or boyfriends in the action, got quite upset with me. As if I could help it? After all , I was unconscious at the time. One woman even identified both her husband and her boyfriend but I have no sympathy for her; if she wants to play around after she is married she deserves everything she gets.

Don’t forget that I have very strict morals. I am not married, so it is not up to me to ask every man I have sex with whether he is attached or not. That is his responsibility!

Another one accused me of being a brainless bimbo, but that can’t be right because I looked it up in the “World Facts’’ set that I got on cigarette cards and it says there that bimbos are blond (I have dark hair) and cigarette companies wouldn’t tell lies would they? Someone else said that I was only kept on at the company as a shag-bag. I soon pointed out to her that I had a very important job there and often had to carry written messages between the guys in the crew.

Mind you, sometimes the message said something like ‘Stick your hand up Maggie’s skirt, she’s forgotten to put her knickers on again today’ but that’s just their high spirits. Anyway, I never ’forget’ to put on my knickers. Sometimes I leave them off deliberately to allow the air to circulate around my parts and other times I may have lost them during an encounter earlier in the day. So there!

* * * * * * * * * * * * ** * ** **** **

All of the above was written about six months ago, so I think it’s time that I gave you an update as to what happened afterwards. I have not yet identified three of the mystery cocks in the video but I am continuing my research. I think that they may have been some chaps who wandered in from the pub.

Jenny finally had her soggy pants removed by one of the set carpenters and apparently enjoyed the experience. I can well believe it as he has an enormous tool and knows how to use it. And I’m not talking about his hammer.

I did however find out what they meant by ‘The Amsterdam market’. Apparently the swines were selling copies of the video all over Europe and they say that they’ve made enough money from it to pay my wages for a whole year. I was furious as I felt that it might compromise my amateur status, and it took two of them, taking it in turns, to lick my clitoris until I had several orgasms before I would calm down and forgive them.

The worst thing of all however, and you’ll hardly believe this, was the behaviour of Emma, our young model. While all the commotion was going on, she went and untied the ‘peeping tom’ fellow and after having a good lick of his cock, she invited him to screw her! She is only seventeen. I sometimes wonder what is getting into young girls today? Myself, I blame their loose morals on television.

I, of course, have very strict morals.

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