Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First Five Part 1

Written by Peter Sinclair (October 2000)

"Look, where the hell do you think you are going? It's nearly one in the morning!"
"JJ Booths will be open, I felt you think it." Liz answered promptly.
"Come on, I don't want another woman!"
"We have to do something about that!", Sara suggested practically.
"I'm too tight for you to move, Liz was too. We need someone a little older, bigger built.
Don't worry, we know what we are looking for."

"You can see them through our eyes, maybe, and choose. Just stay here, we'll be back." Liz was very matter of fact about the whole issue.

I laughed. "OK, good joke. Now, let's get back into bed and sleep, OK?"

I was amazed when they went out together. They would only go down a few stairs, then return. But then I saw them turn left out of the front door, four floors below. I laughed nervously to myself, I was a little concerned about them being out so late. I dressed hurriedly and ran off after them, uncomfortable with the massive erection that Liz had wrought with such mental enthusiasm. I caught up with them just as they turned back from the door. No further admissions, after one, they had bee n bounced. I took one under each arm and hugged them. "You were really going to try, weren't you? Crazy women!"

Liz nodded and shivered. "I did it, I was responsible. Sorry, we were too late."

I hugged them again. "I didn't believe you were going to try, I thought you would be back in seconds, then I was worried about the pair of you on the street this late."

"Why?", Sara asked curiously.

"You know, two attractive women, alone. There are always some evil people about."

Liz chuckled earthily. "After you, they might be a blessing in disguise!"

Sara laughed. "Have you noticed the way we are walking?"

I hadn't really, because they were beside me. But then I did. "Oh, sorry."

Sara shook her head. "No apologies, Peter, we asked for everything we got. Liz created that.", she touched my stomach, or to be more precise, the erection that still pained me. "We did our best, but we couldn't help. I just can't help wondering what we can do for you, now."

"No need, but thanks for the thought." I opened the front door to the block of flats and let them both in. Then for the first time in that building, we met someone on the stairs. Liz and Sara were ahead of me, they stopped on the first landing and looked at each other. "You must be Kathy!", Liz said, as she came down.

I looked up at her. Liz was right, it was Kathy. Kathy looked from me to the two young women then burst into tears. She was carrying a small case. Liz took over, I hung back. Kathy was leaving home, after a row. I had been to her flat warming only a week ago. In no time, Liz ascertained that she had nowhere to go and asked her up.

Kathy looked at me, and asked, "Do you mind?"

"Of course not, it will have to be the bed settee, but Alex tells me its comfortable. You can't go out at this time of night." I knew the thought that had crossed Liz's mind, but ignored it. Liz thought 'providence!'. I was more concerned about how upset she was. So was Liz, and Sara, but the tiny thought had still been there.

I let the two girls get her brandy, open up the bed, find sheets, pillows, in fact restore it to a condition it had only just left. It was probably still warm, even hot! I made coffee all round. The girls were eliciting all the story, so I went back to the kitchen.

"You don't have to go, Peter, isn't it? I don't mind, honestly."

So I went back in. I introduced Liz and Sara by first names only with no explanation of their role in life. Kathy had left after a blazing row, built up since they had lived together, the basis of which was, he went out with his mates, came home late, drunk, ignored her and went to bed. Before they lived together, he had gone out with her! Now, she was no better than aá a Glasgow wife!

She had another little weep, then admitted that he had hit her, when she complained. It was a familiar story, the world over, Scotland and Glasgow in particular. Sara brought her another brandy. I provided us each with a whisky, because the brandy was almost gone. After a little sympathy and cosseting, Kathy relaxed a little, the brandy may have helped. She went to the loo, then came back and sat on the bed settee again. Then I just knew that she was starting to ask herself questions abou t Liz and Sara.

She looked across at me, the two girls were either side of her sitting on the edge of the newly erected bed. "It's funny, Chris said to come up if I needed anything. I think she was imagining the cup of sugar, rather than a bed for tonight!" She looked around. "Has she gone, now?"

"Yes, the afternoon train, I took her to the station. Then I met some friends of mine." I nodded to Liz and Sara.

"So I see." I followed her gaze. There were various items of feminine under clothing on the floor. I swear I blushed. The first time in years. She shook her head, "No, no, none of my business, Peter."

I couldn't think of any excuse, there wasn't one. She had obviously worked out some things, once she was past her initial crisis. Liz looked back at her defiantly. "I would be grateful if you don't mention us to Chris, if you see her again."

This time, Kathy blushed, I swear. "Of course not. I'm pleased that some men can stay out of the pub long enough to be company for someone." A sideways blast at Dick. "Did you just get in?"

I shook my head. "Liz suddenly decided to try JJ Booths, but we were too late. We've only been out a few minutes."

"Yes, we were going to find Peter a new woman." Liz nodded.

Kathy assumed it was some kind of an in joke and laughed.

"Can't he find his own?", she joked back, looking at them both in turn. She obviously didn't subscribe to the daughter theory.

Then Sara explained to her. "Yes, but, well, it was our fault, Liz's, ours anyway. We made him too big, then we couldn't manage it." She nodded to me and added. "Look, he's still like that!"

I couldn't believe them! I assumed Liz was having a risqué half joke at my expense, but Sara had gone absolutely over the top. I was conscious enough that I still possessed her present, their present.

Kathy burst out laughing. "I see what you mean!"

It was my turn to be embarrassed. I stood, turned away from them in an attempt to hide my problem, very aware of three sets of eyes on my groin. "I think we had better go to bed and let Kathy get some sleep!", I announced stiffly.

"So you all three sleep together?", Kathy asked, intrigued and no doubt liberated by the brandy and their frankness.

Sara nodded. "Yes. We like it best that way."

"Lucky man." Her green eyes were locked onto mine, a quiet smile on her lips.

"I think so. Goodnight, Kathy. Sleep well." I waited.

Liz smiled her crooked smile. "Go on, I just want to have a private word with Kathy."

Left with no choice, I went into the bedroom, undressed and slipped into bed, in the middle. The bloody thing stuck up like a flagpole. I heard some laughter and some shuffling, then Sara came in, undressed and cuddled up close. Then Liz arrived, joining me on the other side. She touched me, explored my length. "I can try and do it by hand, we both can..."

"No need."

"Don't interrupt. Or, you can go in to Kathy. She understands, she is randy, she is furious with Dick, she is clean, and she is wearing the sexiest underclothes that will fit her. I fancy her myself. She didn't know how to open inside but we have been practising and she seems to have the knack. She will be bitterly disappointed if you don't, so will I, because I will feel guilty about that." She squeezed me tight. "The question is, do you have the courage?"

"Surely, the question is, do I fancy her, am I loyal to you two?"

"I know you fancied her before, at the moment you would fancy almost anything, I can feel your pain. I would regard it as a favour."

"So would I.", Sara added. "Do it for us, and for Kathy, please?"

Kathy was tall, about five foot six to five foot eight. She had dark auburn curly hair, slim waist and broad hips with smaller breasts than I would have imagined on her wide shoulders. Her mouth was wide, often smiling, her teeth were large and white. She was certainly attractive in a dynamic way, rather than purely beautiful, but as I mentioned before, I did fancy her at out first meeting. I went in there naked, because there was no undergarment I possessed that would hide the flagpole.

"Jesus, I thought they were kidding", she whispered from the bed settee. "Now I see that they weren't."

"Look, sorry, Kathy, I'll go..."

"Stay, please." It was a simple request.

I approached the bed in the gloom, we had only the reflected glow of the street lamps, the curtains wouldn't close properly. She turned the duvet and sheet down as I reached the bed, making space. It also revealed her naked breasts and the sexy knickers that Sara knew I liked so much. On Kathy, they were stretched tight over her relatively generous hips, but still loose at the leg. She wasn't fat, there was hardly any surplus flesh on her, but she was big boned and curvy. I hardly knew ho w to start, I suppose we ought to shake hands... I kissed her instead, and drew her pliant body against mine as we embraced. She was good to kiss. After I moved the flag pole between us, I could feel her heat. I broke away before she did.

"Kathy, are you sure..?"

"Do you want it in writing?", she growled, hugging me fiercely. "Yes."

I explored her body, nibbling her neck and her ears, my hands at her waist, her stomach, her back, then a fleeting touch of a breast, a responsive breast with a nipple that stood out like a rock, then a touch at her groin and a finger slipped inside the welcoming sides, a wiry bush of rampant curls. I slipped my hand between her legs and cupped her for a while and kissed her again. This time, I became as involved as she in the kiss. She writhed against me, pressing herself against my hand . I explored. Fully equipped, moist, two labia, a valley, a proud strong mound that made her shudder as I caressed it, two strong buttocks with a deep moist cleft that would no doubt eat knickers and jeans, yes, I remembered, it did,

I eased her knickers down, as her buttocks lifted and her leg kicked them away. Then I kissed her body from forehead to groin, via two hard nipples and a sunken navel. I knelt between her legs and buried my face in her bronze bush, my lips seeking that nodule. It was stiff hard and almost a tiny penis, I tongued her and sucked, until she came. I wanted her ready and a half!

I was vaguely conscious of Liz and Sara's naked bodies in the room as she breathed, "Let me come on top, so I can take it gently!"

I rolled over and held her hips as she knelt high over me. It was actually Liz who held me and located me, but I didn't mind then, neither I think did Kathy. Such a harsh name, maybe Katherine or Trine would be more suitable? Then she enclosed my tip with a gasp, and started to slip down. I sensed that only her tightly clenched buttocks saved her from Sara's unexpected release. I felt myself deep inside her, she was quite big, but I still hit top before she was down. Liz was holding her f orehead, as if she could transmit instructions to her brain through her finger tips. Maybe she could, because I was willing her hard to open too. She suddenly burst open and dropped down, with a drawn out 'aaaaaagh', of surprise and maybe pleasure.

"I'm in!", I exclaimed in surprise. "I'm right inside you, Kathy!"

"I know, and Liz, it's every bit as good as you said, but how the hell do I move?"

I eased her hips back and forth until her body remembered. She swivelled her hips backwards and forwards with an 'aaagh' each time. "It is up to my ribs, feel!". She grabbed my hand and pressed it to her abdomen, then ran it up to her ribs. I could feel my own end making lumps in her skin! I arched up under her, suddenly eager to make something of this. She renewed her efforts, knowing that I was close, as she was herself. She clutched my chest around my nipples into breasts, as I took th e hint and squeezed her breasts in return. "Fuck you Dick, you bastard!", she shouted out as she burst, before me. Shit, I needed release, too! When she calmed, finished, I was still hard and deep inside her. The kitchen work-top. I was tempted by Chris, but her legs were too short, Kathy would be ideal. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, lifted her on me and rushed to the kitchen. "Over the work top!", I cried urgently.

I had to come out to turn her around. Sara put the light on, Liz put a towel over the cold tiled surface, but all I could do was press her head down, standing on the balls of my feet, then press back in, through her barrier, and stab away, heaving against her breasts with their rock hard nipples as I plunged and banged into her. It was working, she was limp and collapsed after about two climaxes, but now the lack of barrier, she was relaxed inside too, made it possible. Each plunge was fu ll length, to the hilt, then out, two bursting through sensations at the mouth of her vagina and through her cervix, until, at last, exhausted, I released. I strained hard against her, cruelly gripping her breasts, hearing her crying now, as I came down at last. I could feel myself soften. I eased away, after a moment or two, taking the tissue from Liz to stop her flood as I slipped out.

"Thank you, Kathy. Thank you Liz, Sara. Kathy, are you OK?"

Her auburn head nodded against the work top, then she smiled back at me, her green eyes wet with tears, her smile so broad it was almost ear to ear, her amazing white teeth parted. "Yes. Fine. Fucked. Absolutely." She stood up, sharing a poor stance with Liz and Sara. "How old are you, Peter?"

"Er, fifty.", I admitted.

"Well, that makes you far better than average because Dick is half your age, less than half your size, and can't even be bothered. How on earth did I think of you as too old?"

I laughed. "I certainly didn't think of you as too young, but then, I'm biased. Compared to Liz and Sara here, you are too old!" I hugged her. "You were great, we were great. Liz, let that be a lesson to you, don't stretch it like that again, please?" I hugged them all. Liz was smiling enigmatically, but I knew that she was pleased, as well as jealous. Pleased won. Sara was unsure of herself, imagining herself displaced. I hugged her harder, to let her know it wasn't true.

Sara made coffee as we stood and leaned in the kitchen. We talked about Kathy's love life quite cruelly now, she described Dick's lack of size, ability and enthusiasm. I tried to bring her around to the possibility of her teaching him what we had all four learned together. It wasn't the moment, but maybe...

We talked about how we had met, Kathy asked about Chris, how Liz and Sara felt about her, how I felt. Then Kathy asked, "What does Liz mean, a mouth fuck? She wouldn't explain..."

"I like it, sometimes, I think Liz does too. You have to line up your throat and your mouth at this height, then I can go in deep. There was a film, Deep Throat..."

"So it isn't a blow job, you mean you actually move in and out?"


"Doesn't it hurt?" Her green eyes were on mine.

"I'm not the one to ask..."


"Sort of, but it is... it is subjugation." She blushed, I'm sure. "Er, I think maybe I have a need to be dominated, occasionally. Though mostly, I'm the bossy one."

"Peter? What does it do for you?"

"Hermphh. I'm not sure. I think sometimes I'm a bastard and like to subjugate, demean. Though mostly, I like to treat people very well."

"You did me." She smiled again, that super wide smile. "When you next feel in the mood, if you know where I am, don't call me. I can't stand anything in my mouth!"

"OK, don't worry."

Liz stepped in. "Yet the idea interested you?"

"Er, I think maybe I have a need to be dominated, occasionally. Though mostly, I'm the bossy one.". She parroted Liz's words exactly, including intonation but minus Scots accent, she was from Liverpool, via the Isle of Man. "But, as I said, not my mouth. Does Chris do that?"

"She doesn't actually like willies, they 'give her the willies'."

Kathy laughed, as intended.

"Once or twice, she has tried to suck me, but I know she hates it. She doesn't even like to handle it."

"Is that why...", she looked at Liz and Sara.

"No..o. No, because I was tremendously attracted to Liz when we first met, and we have some things in common apart from sex. And Sara dealt herself in, and I'm not letting her go."

"She and I are, were, are lovers.", Liz explained, defiantly.

Kathy smiled. "Lucky you two. I often think women are so much nicer than men. No offence, Peter..."

"I tend to agree!"

The atmosphere was relaxed. Liz stretched out her arm and caressed Kathy's still hard nipple quite absent mindedly. Kathy stiffened immediately, standing erect, on guard.

Liz shook herself. "Sorry, I just found your breasts very attractive, don't you, Peter?"


Kathy relaxed a little. "They are too small, for the rest of me. You have terrific breasts!"

"But they aren't sensitive, like yours. At least not until I come... Sara's are."

Sara smiled. "Though tiny!"

"But very sexy and very pretty pink nipples." Those same nipples stiffened as we all looked.

Sara thrust out her chest. "I don't mind if someone caresses mine..."

Kathy was the one to take her up, stretching out a tentative hand very softly. "I suppose I am a little manly." she whispered, almost to herself, touching herself between her legs. She looked into my eyes. "Didn't you mind? Dick won't touch what he calls my willy."

"Dick doesn't know when he is well off. It's easy to find, easy to tease, easy to excite you.", I argued robustly

"I have trouble finding mine", Sara admitted, "when I use that dildo Peter gave me."

"For when I'm not around...", I explained, to Kathy's amazed face. She was caressing Sara's breasts quite enthusiastically now.

Liz looked at me, then lay back on the work top, head hanging back over the edge. "Fuck my mouth, Peter?"

I looked down, surprised to find that I was stiff again, though back to normal size. I smiled. "OK."

"And I want your balls in my mouth too, can you do that?" It wasn't the first time she had tried. I approached her gently, sliding right into her throat. I was able to pop both of them in her mouth, but as soon as I moved, they came out again. Sara held them in as I moved in short strokes and came remarkably quickly. I think Liz did too, in mental sympathy. By now, Kathy had enclosed Sara in her arms and stood behind her, holding her breasts as Sara kept my balls in Liz's mouth. Liz came up wreathed in smiles as I withdrew, crowing, "Great, I knew I could do it!"

"Did it make you climax?", asked Kathy curiously.

"Yes, sort of, but it was Peter's really, I shared his."

Kathy didn't pursue the matter. She still cuddled Sara. Sara looked deliriously happy, in the bigger woman's arms. But she knelt in front of me and sucked at me skilfully, while Kathy knelt behind her and held her. Sara was very very good, when she was in a teasing, soft mood, like now. She even made me come a little, deliberately spilling some onto her chest, for Kathy to rub.

Kathy looked up at me. "Will you suck me?", she asked, her voice cracking.

"I will." Liz stated, before I could answer.

I could see that Kathy wasn't at all sure. I stroked her hair and kissed her, knowing that Liz would be starting. I felt Kathy jolt at Liz's first touch and felt a sentiment very similar to my own emanating from Liz. We are all a little bit of each sex, I suppose. But in seconds, rather than minutes, I felt Kathy explode in my arms, because Liz was good and after all, Kathy was kissing me at the same time as handling Sara.

Kathy was flushed, her pale skin glowing.

Liz smiled smugly.

Sara lay back on the kitchen carpet, relaxed and happy.

Kathy felt a need to confess, I'm sure. "I never did anything like that with a woman before. I didn't think I would like it... But I did." She hugged both Sara on the floor, and Liz standing awkwardly. Then she looked at Liz oddly. "How did you know who I was, on the stairs?"

"Oh, Peter had described you, from the party. And I sensed his recognition, I think, when he saw you through my eyes.

Kathy laughed. "Oh, yes. It must have been a good description?"

Liz nodded. "Probably, because he fancied you at the party, he told me."

"I liked both Chris and you, and Alex, but I didn't fancy you, or even think of you that way. Anyway, Peter, how on earth could you tell these two lovely's that you fancied me?"

"My use of the word may be open to different interpretations. When I say 'fancy', it means that I found you sexually desirable. Chemically, instinctively. That probably applies to about two or three woman in a hundred. It doesn't mean I am going to do anything about it!"

"But isn't it insulting? To them, I mean?"

"Why, do you believe that you could only ever fancy one man?"

"Well, no. But I like to let him think that. Or I did."

"Perhaps I'm just more honest, to the point of cruelty. But I didn't actually tell Liz and Sara, they read something I had written."

"A diary?"

"Not exactly. I write down things, maybe to clear my mind. Books. They read the one about here, Scotland. About them."

"And you let them?"

"Yes, admittedly with some trepidation, because I am brutally frank. But to have refused would have insulted even more, don't you think? Once Sara found the files."

"Can I read it?"

"That is up to Liz and Sara, because it concerns them, mostly."

"Liz?" Kathy's eyes held promise. She was almost offering herself as a bribe.

Liz nodded. "Fine by me, as long as you allow me my own form of artistic expression."

Kathy looked at Sara, with a puzzled expression starting to cloud her face.

"Yes, I don't mind, though it is rather harsh on me in the opening stages..."

She looked back at Liz. "What did you mean?"

"I love to take pictures..."

"What sort of pictures?"

"Action pictures, naked bodies, perky nipples, rampant dicks, exploding erections, soaking wet fannies, with rampant willies sliding in. You know the sort of thing..."

I smiled at Kathy's expression, I'm sure she was appalled.

"I thought only men liked things like that!"

"But then you must have noticed, I'm quite manly, in some ways." I'm not sure whether it was an unconscious mimic, "I think you would look terrific on video. I wanted to film you with Peter, when he was really big, but I though I had better not, without asking."

Kathy's expression showed distaste. "Is that why you persuaded me up here, as a porno model?"

Liz's lips narrowed, her eyes blazed. "No, I brought you up here because I could feel your sexual frustration, I could smell it. And because I needed a bigger woman, because I had just expanded Peter's penis so that it was too big for us. Your arrival was lucky, but you didn't take much persuading, did you? And I didn't take any pictures!"

"So that's why you invited me up here?"

"Well, if Peter had suggested it, purely in a generous offer of accommodation, wouldn't you have been suspicious of his intentions? Young women just don't go and sleep in strangers flats? And if he had, he would have left you unsullied. Wouldn't you still be frustrated? Can't you be honest with yourself?"

I think her last phrase stabbed at Kathy most of all, because she lashed out at Liz. I caught her arm just in time. She rounded on me furiously, raising her knee to my exposed balls. Sara saved me, kicking her knee aside, then swarming up her leg and punching her in the stomach, the solar plexus. Kathy folded forward with an explosive out rush of air, but still fought, scratching at my chest. Liz jumped in and hit her on the point of the jaw with her tiny fist. "Don't scratch him, we can' t, he has a wife!"

Kathy crumpled, dizzy from the two blows, and sank to her knees. She protected herself with her arms and adopted a foetal position and cried, then sobbed, great racking sobs. I was going to comfort her, because I recognised that she was still in a very mixed up state, but to my surprise, the mercurial Liz was ahead of me. Liz cuddled her asexually and stroked her hair, then her forehead, then her temples. There was a remarkable change in her demeanour, she relaxed, stopped crying, smiled a little and opened out of her protective ball.

"Sorry I hit you Kathy, we all love you very much, but you were punishing Peter for Dick's failings and for your own inhibitions."

Kathy looked at Liz lovingly, then quizzically. "Dick's failings, maybe. My own inhibitions?"

"Can't you be honest with yourself?", Liz repeated. "That's what set you off. All this disgust about pictures, our reasons for bringing you here. You know as well as we do, that if you had said 'No', nothing would have happened, you would be fast asleep, alone. The way you jumped, when I first touched your breast, but in seconds, you had your hands on Sara's. This fascination with Peter's mouth fuck, then 'I couldn't have it in my mouth.' You watched and nearly ripped Sara's breasts off i n your enthusiasm. You'd love to star in a porno movie, as long as you didn't have to admit it. You'd love to have a willy in your mouth, once you got over the initial shock. You love caressing Sara, and being caressed by me. You are normal, but you won't admit it. But never leave a mark on Peter, he is married, loves Chris and wants to stay married. No marks."

This was something we had never discussed, but I think that Liz and Sara had. It was true, that despite great enthusiasm, they had never left a scratch or a love bite on me.

Kathy looked at me. "Two bloody tigresses to protect you as well! You are amazing. Do you really love Chris and want to stay married to her?"

"Yes, very much."

"Then why the hell are you here, with them, with me?"

"I have no excuse. I love Liz and Sara, but we are hardly in a position to make our lives together. They will find young men of their own age bracket, in time. You will go back to Dick, maybe an educated Dick, or find another, younger man. We understand that this is a temporary thing. Anyone can stop at any time they want to, there is no coercion. No one does anything they don't want to, even if 'want' can be unselfish, to want to do something to please another, without enjoying it yourse lf so much. Do you understand?"

Kathy was mellowing, as much under the touch of Liz's fingers as my words. I'm not sure that she started to understand, but she ceased to fight against the reality. She shrugged. "Do you think I am inhibited?", she asked Liz, particularly.

Liz shrugged. "It depends on what you mean by inhibited. I mean that you won't let yourself do things that you want to, because of pre-formed moral objections or assumptions formed without knowledge. Like people who won't try a new dish in a restaurant, just in case they don't like it. Won't try octopus, because they make an assumption that it will be slimy! That's what I mean, and in that respect, I think you are inhibited. Now, if you had tried something and didn't like it, that would be different. That would be a logical decision." She hesitated. "You jumped like a scalded cat, when I touched your breast. I did that because I wanted to, I don't even know why I wanted to, but it excited me. Yet moments later, you held Sara, because you wanted to. You wanted Peter to suck you, but I bet I did it just as well. I enjoyed it, you certainly came. You watched Peter in my mouth with great excitement, then said, no, not in my mouth. Yet you wanted to, maybe not in that way, but the idea had some appeal. You see, you deny yourself. And I bet you would be as turned on as any of us to see yourself on video, particularly with Peter as big as that. You'd probably want to show it to your friends, with pride, to brag, but of course, you wouldn't."

"But that seems so disgusting, on video, like, like, voyeurism, or something."

"I'm sure it is. So what? Does it do any harm? You weren't at all bothered that we were watching, or even that I had to help him into you, because at that time you were as randy as a goat and a little tipsy. Look, I'd show you some videos we have made before, but we haven't a video player here." Her face showed her concern.

Kathy laughed, she had to. "You really enjoy watching, don't you? I'll bring my video up, tomorrow, and we can all watch, OK?"

"What about Dick?" asked Sara, her first comment for some time.

"I'll wait until he is out and them collect some of my things, including the video. Then I'll bring them up here..." She clapped her hand to her mouth. "Oh, Peter, I'm sorry, I just feel so at home here, even when I want to hit someone! Can I?"

"I don't mind, as long as you understand some basic rules. I have to be out of here by the end of February. There will be people coming to view the flat, Jill has it up For Sale, so you will be occasionally disturbed. But they always phone me first. If I have Sara and Liz here, you can either stay in another room, go out, or join us, whichever way any one wants at the time. If Chris comes back to stay, which I doubt she will before Easter, you will have to go while she's here. I can put in touch with a cheap B&B. OK?" I checked around all of them, Liz and Sara included.

Liz hugged me. "Thanks, Peter, that is very fair and straight."

Sara nodded and smiled.

Kathy hung her head. "I meant a few days, until I sort myself out, not months. But thanks, Peter, thanks. And I'll bring up the video, the telly is his!"

It seemed that the crisis was over. Kathy was no longer snarling at anyone, anyway. I broached a subject close to my heart. "Can we go to sleep, now? I'm knackered!"

There was a consensus. Liz and Sara moved to the bedroom, whilst I tidied up at a minimal level. Kathy went to the front room. As I turned the landing light off, Liz whispered, "Sleep with Kathy, Peter, she needs the re-assurance of a body next to her, we have each other."

I wasn't too pleased, because I loved sleeping between my two angels, but I could see that Liz might be right. I slipped in beside Kathy and wrapped myself around her.

"Thanks, Peter.", were her last words before sleeping.

Next Chapter

She awoke at three in the morning whilst I was sleeping soundly. The first thing I knew was that I was stiff again. She woke me with her mouth, her body reversed this time. She hovered above my lips, millimetres away. I could not resist, my tongue parted the sparse hairs and found her valley, then the tiny mountain within. I was able to lift my head enough to suck at her, accelerating her pace. She still came before me, but I kept her hips down on my mouth and wouldn't let her go, working at her love button until she brought me with her. There was no sudden subsidence, either. I was cruelly hungry for her.

I pulled myself clear and took her from behind, plunging into that tight opening eagerly, stabbing away, seeking a way through. I held her breasts, then her hips, then between her legs, making sure that she would come with me. It didn't seem to take long, but twenty minutes were past before we were both satisfied, I was breathless and covered with sweat. She licked me dry.

We talked, at last. I asked, "Why me?"

"You remind me of my father."

"Did you fancy him, then?"

"Of course, doesn't every girl?"

"Probably, I was never a girl. And I didn't want my mother, not that way!"

"But you choose women like her..."

"Possibly, I understand your reasoning, I'm just not able to match any of them to her. I suppose I am attracted to confidence and strength... That comes from her side." I smiled. "Qualities you possess in abundance."

"You have his confidence and capability, that is some of it. Of course, every woman is flattered by being wanted. It doesn't happen as often as you might imagine..."

"You knew?"

"On the train? Yes, I could see, when I leaned forward. You enjoyed that too, didn't you?"

"They are fantastic, so proud and firm. Totally self supporting!"

"Men make a bee-line for them, but they only excite me afterwards. Before, it's comforting, like being a mum I suppose, without the hassle. But afterwards, they are so sensitive, now. No, leave well alone!"

"How did you open inside?", I asked, curiously. It was a concept I had heard of but never experienced.

"Yoga. You learn to control every muscle of your body. Your pressure against it allowed me to identify it. Mind you, I was worried that I would, er, poop all over you. Difficult to find the right muscle!"

"You are incredibly fit!" I touched her flat stomach and her trim waist. "But woman shaped..."

"When I was practising dancing, and became a woman, I discovered that it was exciting to do the splits, I could rub myself on the floor. That was the only way I could do anything for myself, at first. Then I learned better..."

"So this wasn't your first climax, by far!", I grinned at her confession.

"No, no, but you were something totally different. You attended to all my needs, at once. It's immensely sexy, then you came through, I wish you could feel it, as I do."

"The same works both ways, you did something very special for me. The only problem is, you are a little tight still. I was gripped so tightly."

She was curled in my arms, her head against my chest as we spoke. Suddenly, she sat up, cross legged, facing me. Then she lifted her legs and placed then behind her own neck, without using her hands, locking her heels. Her face peered between her calves as she grinned. "Bet you can't do this!"

"I certainly can't!" I was fascinated, she was so exposed. I touched.

She sighed. "I hoped you would..."

I explored her in minute detail, caressing her from firm buttocks to fleshy labia, drawn wide and flattened by her strange position. I caressed her mound, the tip exposed, with some saliva on the end of my finger, my touch feather light. I watched her face all the time, from smile to serious to grimace, to open mouthed and then to yelling frantically as she bounced on my hand, unwrapping her legs and clasping my fingers against her. She relaxed, letting me escape.

"You could make a fortune, just doing that. If I had any money, that is!" She smiled crookedly. "My perpetual problem. I wanted to share the bill, but it would have made me penniless for a week!"

"I'm glad it was no problem to me, then. Do you want to sleep?"

"I don't have to work tomorrow. But you do..." It was a let off, but I was no longer tired. I was fascinated by her genuine delight in uncomplicated sex, or was I counting my blessings too soon? I didn't want to split up with Chris, but I did desire this tiny Aphrodite, with her fascinating body and her easy manner. Sure, Chris enjoyed sex, she just didn't think about it much, she had to be in the mood. I nearly always am. Added to which, I have always been fascinated by really slim women and Chris no longer qualifies. I still love her, I still desire her, but I don't get much of a charge from looking at her anymore. She probably feels the same way, at forty nine, I may be reasonably trim, but my hair is grey and growing fine. Jesus, what on earth does Liz see in me? Not just like father, surely? I still wanted her, she could tell. She grasped me firmly and asked, "It seems big to me, is it?"

I laughed. "How should I know? I suspect it is long, but skinny. A friend of mine complains that Durex are too tight, but then he is fifteen, sixteen stone and only two inches taller than me, so I expect he is stocky, fatter."

She smiled crookedly. "I always insisted that they wear condoms, both times, you never know these days. With you, I never thought of it. Are you OK?"

"I haven't got AIDS, I know, because I am a blood donor. They'd soon reject me if I had! Anyway, it's years since I made love with anyone but my wife, and only recently without condoms, since I had the snip."

"I can feel you flood inside me. I expected there would be hardly any, but you seem to produce tons." She removed a sodden heap of tissues from herself and binned them. "I love sex, don't you?"

I nodded. "Yes. If it's good, and it is with you."

She was playing with me absent mindedly as we spoke once again, sitting cross legged on the bed beside me. "I love to suck it." She stretched the foreskin back and licked her finger, then stroked the end. "I used a mirror once, to see myself. It's the same, just smaller. A thousand times smaller." She leaped off the bed bringing a mirror from her dressing table. "Open your legs.", she demanded, placing the mirror between my thighs. It was cold. "I want to see you come into me, see what it looks like."

She straddled me again, guiding me against her, craning forward to see in the mirror. I sat half up, so that I could see too. She engulfed my tip, then worked herself up and down, on and off, her grin wide. Then the feelings got to both of us again, so she concentrated on making herself happy, and me too, sneaking the odd look in the mirror, lastly as she opened inside again. She slipped down with a sigh, now looking behind herself over her shoulder to see me penetrating her. "Right in!"

She sat still for a while, a look of intense concentration on her face. Then I felt it. She was nibbling the tip with her cervix, then she started to suck with her womb, her stomach muscles working visibly. It was the most amazing experience, like being sucked with immense skill, something my second wife could and loved to do, but she never could do this. She was watching my face for reactions, and succeeding. She grinned widely as she got into a rhythm, not moving bodily at all, everythi ng was happening inside. She was incredible, for any age! For sixteen, unbelievable. I lifted under her, making a bridge so high her legs were only a little bent as she ground against me, now whimpering herself, her hands gripping my chest hard as she suddenly exploded, releasing me in the neck of her womb, letting me go, letting herself go. She fell against my chest and kissed me, as I pumped still, my balls aching, despite producing nothing.

Kissing her was divine, her eager mouth active and demanding. I rolled her over, just wanting to thrust at her, she was open, I could jamb myself straight home, feeling her but no barrier all the way in. I could feel her sucking on me as she wailed again, I was shouting, I don't know what, pounding into her, smashing against her tiny body, breaking her open, it wasn't loving, it was crazy lust. She started to come in one long unbroken climax, but I couldn't make myself come. I was pouring sweat, she was pulsing and trembling inside, but for both of us it was too much, her bridge fell, her body curled up around me, still I writhed and thrust inside her.

"In my mouth, my bum, try something else, come on!"

She was right, I withdrew, didn't know what to do. She dived on me, head first, sucking, pushing me into her throat. It was good, but I needed to thrust. I turned her over, her head over the edge of the bed and fucked her mouth and throat unmercifully, until I came. Then, I felt bad. She was crying, sobbing.

I cradled her against me, she didn't strike out or bite or scratch, she just sobbed and sobbed in my arms. I stroked her hair, her waist, her flanks, but not her breasts when she leaped wildly at a touch. She calmed, I calmed.

"Sorry, I was desperate."

"Alright.." she croaked, cleared her throat, "I asked for it. It was exciting, I was, was, I don't know. You were in command, I'd do anything for you. I think I needed that too."

I thought she was crazy, being kind. She looked up at me and her eyes sparkled with tears. "I mean it, it did something wild for me. I was so scared of doing that, even sucking gently, before, yet I did it to you before you even came into me. Crazy." She handled me, limp now, wet. "Next time, try my bum. I might like it."

I shuddered, it had never been a thing of mine.

"It's OK, I can clear myself out completely, I did this evening. Yoga. I can suck up some water, wash myself out and expel it. You should learn, it's good for you."

I was amazed. "I never tried yoga, does it really work?"

"My mother does it, I went with her. She would love to be here, I bet, I don't think she is getting her share. Mind you, she doesn't think I am, and how wrong can she be!" She was playing idly with my softness. "It's lovely like this."


"So I should hope. None of the teenage heroes could manage more than once, neither could they do anything for me. I bet your wives left home through exhaustion!"

"Hardly. It isn't always like this, you know, this is special because it is our first time and it works for us. You excite me greatly, because you are so beautiful, so taut, so young. Of course, you flatter me."


"Most young women of thirty or even forty, call me an old man!"

"Most girls my age would give their eye teeth for what we have shared!"

"But they don't imagine an 'old man', can manage it any more."

"Can't they?"

"I've no idea! Certainly, I was randier, more often and for longer, when I was younger."

"I don't think I could have taken it. I'm very sore, now. Greedy, I suppose."

I was a little sore myself, but then again, who cared. "The price of too much loving."

"I should be in love with you, but I'm not, do you mind? But I want to make love with you again, no, not now, but some time. I'll do anything you want, anything you've ever imagined, it's OK. There is something about you." Idly, she massaged my now stiffened penis. "Miraculous. What should I do now?" She looked up at me again, with that lopsided grin.

"Nothing, honestly. I need a rest!"

"Can I just play? Do you masturbate? I only think of teenage boys doing that, in their frustration. Do you?"

"About twice or three times a week." I admitted. "I have to, otherwise my mind won't concentrate on work."

She had both hands on me now, being gentle, because she saw me wince once. "I suppose you must be as tender as me.", she commented reflectively. She was getting to me. My hips started to lift. She grinned, and worked harder, watching my face for clues, then puzzled, then suddenly she was perfect, I could feel her exhilaration as she slipped into the rhythm. I was straining up high. She slipped off the bed, grabbed a camera and there was a brilliant flash, then she was back, in the rhythm. I could see the red light flashing on the camera still and I knew what she was going to do. I was right, as I spurted, she gave me two or three extra jerks, then leaped off, flash, dropped the camera on the bed and grasped me again and worked out the last few drops.

"My arms ache!" She laughed contentedly. "You must have strong arms, I couldn't do that twice a week!" She picked up the Polaroid shot that poked out of the camera and warmed it on her breasts. Then she peeled it off and shrieked with glee. "Perfect, see?"

I wasn't so impressed, it looked a little rude to me, standing out of that forest of hair, bent, with milky fluid spurting up, but it was well timed, certainly. She un-peeled the first photo, taken from closer and a lower angle, all bum, balls and the leaning tower of Pisa, purple helmet straining at the top. She had a knack with a camera, certainly. I took it from her, and stood over her, snapping a picture. Then I knelt in front of her and snapped again, right into her open legs. Her bo ne jutted down and forwards, so it wasn't very explicit. I was tempted. I think she read my mind, because she leaned back, bridging on her head, her legs so wide they were flat across. As her arms took her weight over her shoulders, she looked up, I snapped.

The first was a washout, badly positioned, top of head, breasts from above and thighs, the second was charming, innocent. The third was the most exciting picture I have ever seen. She was open, the flash illuminated her inside, even a milky fluid dribbling from her opening. Her anus was beautiful, screwed tight and twisted, her clitoris stood proud and unsheathed, her breasts stood up remarkably and I could see her face between and above them.

"Do you like that one?" , she asked. I could see that she did.

"It's breathtaking, you are amazing!"

She waved hers. "This is my triumph, it's beautiful. Normally, such a waste, but I feel I can afford to waste a bit, now."

The sky outside was light, it was too late to sleep. We nattered like old lovers, cuddled together in the dawn chill. "I'll buy you a dildo, so that you won't miss me so much." I joked.

She leaped up, leaning over me. "Will you? Please, I've always wanted one, but I didn't dare go in a shop, or send off for one. Only you can use it on me though, when at last that gives up!"

"OK." I had been joking, but she was so keen. "Big, or small, where do you want it to go?"

"Everywhere you do. Not too thick though, just like yours. Bent!" She laughed engagingly.

"Sorry, always has been. Maybe, because I am right handed."

She examined me carefully. "You may be right. I must be bent inside to match. Perfect." She grinned smugly, hugging herself. "This has been the best day of my life." She was silent for a moment or two, then asked hesitantly, "When will you bring me my dildo?"

"When are you next up here?"

"Five weeks." She bit her lips. "Could you come to London?"

"Hardly. I still have a wife and son."

She shuddered. "I'd hate to break that up. Five weeks. Could you post me the dildo? Then I won't need the stupid little pricks at school."

Laughingly, I agreed. "It may take a week, I only know one place where you can buy them, apart from mail order, that's in Chester. The weekend."

"I can wait that long." She flung herself into my arms and nibbled my neck gently. I felt hot tears again, and stroked her hair. There was no need to ask the cause, I understood, emotional overload.

"You'll have to ring me, when you are next back up here, otherwise I won't know. Do you mind?"

"Why should I?"

"Some ladies expect to be chased.", I pointed out reasonably.

"I want to be fucked." She coloured. "Sorry, it just slipped out. You don't swear, do you?"

"Rarely, I have children, a child. You soon learn not to."

"I don't either, I don't like to, but, but, oh, you fuck me so gorgeously. You make love to me too, but the harsh hard fucking frightens me, that excites me so much. I want to be beaten, abused, broken, I don't care, it's crazy, I'm very women's lib normally. Why?"

"Instinct. It's beyond reason, I care for you very much, yet I have been very cruel and uncaring tonight, maybe I sensed your need."

She nodded. "I knew how to make you come, even when you were finished, I learned from you. I feel very close to you. I love you."

I stroked her head again. "I love you too, you must understand that, but I am not leaving wife and family, nor would you want me to. There are just too many years between us."

She clutched me tight, pressing her body against me. "No, I don't want that, but I do want a small share of you, every so often. Would Chris mind?"

I wasn't sure. "In a way, yes. But she would understand. But she isn't going to know, because she insisted that if I ever had a sexual excursion, keep it to myself. So I will."

"Won't you tell your friends?"

"I don't think so."

"Oh." She was disappointed. "You should, tell them all about us, tell them how good we are, remember. I'll tell my friends, at least the real friend I can trust. There aren't many of those, though. Please tell them, you can even show them my picture. The first one."

I was puzzled. "Why do you want me to tell about you?"

"Because I want to, I'm so thrilled, so excited, so proud that I caught me a real man. You are terrific." Her eyes shone.

"OK, I'll tell Donald, maybe. We'll see."

She was pleased, I could tell. We drifted off to sleep. I awoke just before nine, and left in a mad scramble with her London address, Hackney. It was half past ten when I arrived at The Company, muttering feeble excuses about sleepless nights and oversleeping. All so true.

I did tell Donald, but not for some weeks, it was preying on my mind. Making love with Chris was twice as nice, gentle and satisfying, I love her and I am in love with her. There is nothing better than just being with her. But I bought the dildo, a little embarrassed, I found one that moved in and out, was slim, bent and long, and used rechargeable batteries! I sent it with the charger and spare batteries and a silly love note, because I was missing her cruelly. No, it wasn't a love note, it was a sex note, describing how I would suck her beautiful clitoris until she screamed for rest! I hope no one else found the parcel before she did!

Five weeks was a long time, during which my interest in both long tall Carys and in Ellie at The Company waned. Carys has a lover, or not a lover to be more precise. She was very uptight about it. I noticed, because she spent so long on the phone, talking to him. We talked for hours in the Foundry, and I actually came to like her, I think she liked me a lot better after that. Then my little Liz rang again. My heart pounded at the sound of her voice, I knew it was she, as soon as I answere d the phone. It was Friday, I had to go home, so the following Tuesday was our day. I suggested dinner first, but she protested, "Forget food, I just want to spend all our time in bed. Can we?"

"Yes. Of course. Tuesday."

I was nervous the whole weekend. Chris and I made love more than once. Then Tuesday night came, I was in Edinburgh again and she was ready, as soon as I reached the door. She was shy, at first, so was I, it had been a long wait, then I picked her up and kissed her, we were back where we started. I was stiff and she was flashing those beautiful breasts. I was determined to string it out, she was desperate to go to bed. I carried her into her room, softly lit and prepared. Then I undressed her slowly, insisting she lay back and do nothing. I turned her on her front and massaged her with Oil of Ulay, from her neck to her toes, then back up from her toes after I turned her face up. Her thighs opened as I massaged their inner softness, but I refused the invitation and found her most erogenous zone, her groin. She exploded under my fingers, then lowered her lashes shyly as I grinned, and worked up the flat of her stomach to those beautiful firm breasts. Her nipples were rigid, tiny pink aureoles screwed up as they thrust her thin nipples forward. As I gently caressed them, she came again, her eyes wide, her legs wide, her arms up in beseeching invitation. But I massaged her shoulders and her neck, her face and her temples before I finished, by which time she was relaxed.

I undressed, and decided to slide in, before kissing her body all over. She sighed as I came in, opening inside for me, wet, slippery, accommodating, but still a close fit. I slid through, then moved gently back and forth, until she was arched under me, then I allowed us both to come. We hugged for a long time.

"Magical hands.", she murmured. "Thank you for the dildo, but can you leave those, as well?"

"No chance, they earn me money!"

"They could earn you a fortune as a masseur. Where did you learn?"

"Sheila, number three wife, was a beautician, she had to learn to be a masseuse. She was also very unsure of herself, so whatever she decided to learn, I had to learn with her, even if second hand. I'm quite good at flower arranging, and waxing. Even bikini waxing."

"I don't need to bother, I'm not very hairy. You can wax me if you like, though?"

"No wax."

She laughed. "That was so relaxing. I've missed you like mad, my bod has been going crazy for you. No boys though, I just use this." She brought the dildo out.

"Does it work?"

"Better than nothing. Not as good as you." She stroked my face and hair. "Nothing is as good as you."

"Just as well, because that's what you had. Nothing."

She laughed a little sadly. "Mmm. How about you?"

"I've been OK, but I have had lust pangs for you."

"Do you masturbate?", she enquired, with that lopsided grin.

"Sometimes, but I think of you as I do it. Sometimes, I look at your pictures."

"Oh, I always have yours in front of me. The dry, then the wet one."

I laughed and stroked her again, my thumbs at her groins. Her legs opened for me. I leaned down, and kissed her, but she wriggled around so that she was underneath me, her head hanging back over the edge of the bed, mouth open. We caressed each other gently at first, lips and tongues, then more urgently. She even bit me a little in her excitement, adding to mine! She exploded twice before I did, but then she drained me into her throat, bucking against my mouth with her strong hard body. I t was amazing, how good she was.

"You are amazingly good.", she asserted, making me laugh with the similarity of her statement to my thought. I was limp. She smiled triumphantly. "I must be getting better, I can satisfy you more quickly." She curled up in my arms. "I want to sleep with you for a while, can we?"

It was strange, she had not wanted to waste time eating, I was starving, yet now she wanted to sleep. She curled up in my arms like a kitten, in seconds I was sleeping with her. Then she was awake, not yet eleven o'clock at night, refreshed. There was something primeval about the way she uncurled in my arms and stretched, pressing her warm body against mine. "Now we can have some fun.", she purred against my shoulder, mistaking my 'I need a wee' erection for passion.

She slipped from the bed and tripped lightly to the bathroom, naked and pink with warmth. I followed her and watched as she relieved herself. When she looked up and saw me watching, she made to close the door, but I smiled and blocked it with my foot. There was something essentially innocent about stance, hovering above the toilet seat releasing her stream. I grabbed the piece of paper she was about to wipe herself with and obliged, removing the merest drip of pale fluid and disposing of the paper. She was uncertain about me for once. I was stiffer now, because there was lust as well as the desire for relief in my hardness.

I crushed her to my chest, my hardness between her breasts. My hands held her bottom, one hard little cheek in each palm, as I lifted and separated. My finger tip touched her anus which suddenly twisted tight shut at my touch, then relaxed again, hot and moist. I slid her down onto me, no resistance, she fitted like a glove, now able to open inside to accommodate the last little bit with ease. I thrust my hips forward, so that she was sitting on me, bone against bone, then allowed her to lean back a little. She grunted with pleasure as she absorbed that last millimetre, her arms around my neck. I am no Tarzan, but she was so light, so tiny, that she was no weight at all to carry. I walked us back into her room, my finger tips still brushing against her anus. I could tell that excited her.

She started to move against me, swivelling from her tiny waist, her eyes suddenly wide and her grin replaced by a grimace as she concentrated on stimulating herself against my bone. Her movements became more wild, but she remained in control this time, keeping herself going until she was finished. I hugged her to my chest, but kept her there, deep inside her. Then I laid her shoulders against the bed and lay across her, her body upside down and vertical, her legs now so wide apart that I was hard against her, and started to move up and down, balanced on my toes and hands.

All my weight was on each thrust. I moved more urgently now, because moving through her cervix was an agony of pleasure. I could feel myself growing and hardening with each lengthened thrust, until she burst again. I couldn't. I lay back on my side, exhausted by the strange position. She was still fully connected. She swung herself on top of me and sat there, her eyes wide.

"You didn't come, did you?"

"Not yet."

"What do you need, you seem to do everything for me..."

"I gain immense pleasure from exciting you. I think... " I tried to think how to tell her she was too tight, without making it seem her fault! "Er, she is gripping me so tightly, I couldn't come if I tried!" There was no alternative to the truth.

Enlightenment dawned, she relaxed inside. I breathed again. "That's better, you do have amazing control!"

"Only when you tell me!"

"You always have terrific control, you just don't understand what to control and how, sometimes. That reminds me, it's always a good idea to talk to me when I am making love to you, I always forget, but if you need me to do something, press a little harder, less hard, touch your breasts, anything, tell me. I love to make you happy."

She hugged me hard. "Thank you. Remember, I said, anything you need me to do, please ask, tell me, even order me." She was soft, cuddled against my chest. I was recovered somewhat. She sat up again, then asked tentatively. "I want some more photos, do you mind?"

"As long as I can keep the best ones!"

"I'll fight you for them." She looked over her shoulder. "Walk me over there, please?"

I didn't want to separate, either. She was light. She collected the camera and the mirror, and her dildo and brought them back to the bed. "I have a few ideas, but I'll need your help, OK?"

I was intrigued, she had obviously planned this, there was a spare roll of film on the dressing table, body lotion, Vaseline, apart from her hairbrush and knick knacks. "Can we go back, I want the other mirror?"

The 'other mirror', was the dressing table one. It was free standing, on bent metal legs, but she had difficulty carrying it in her position, and my hands were supporting her bottom. When we landed, she sat over me again, and arranged things to her taste, a frown on her forehead. She put the smaller mirror on my stomach, then un-tucked her legs so that she was on her toes, but her legs open at right angles. She must be double jointed!

"You have to be able to do this, to be a ballerina!"

I wondered again if she could read my thoughts, sometimes Chris and I have experienced the same sort of repetitive coincidences. If so, she was totally unaware of it. Then she lifted herself up, freeing my shaft, camera in her hands. It was precarious, I supported her hips so that she didn't fall. When just the tip was engaged, she snapped. Then she waited for the whirring and buzzing to stop, took away the film and laid it aside, and went back to her self appointed task. "I need to lean back, but I can't, without falling over. Can you see underneath me?"

I understood what she was trying to do, but the fact that her valley sloped backwards, meant the mirror was the only hope. I moved us back so that I was propped against the head board. "Now lean back, use your arms to support yourself." With the mirror on my stomach, I could take the picture she wanted, or I supposed that she wanted. No, I knew. I snapped, waited for the whirring and buzzing, took out the film, then snapped again as she lowered herself on. Then again, barely an inch separ ating our bones. Film aside. Then sat up straight, turned around like a crab, and asked, "Try from this way!"

I caught my breath, because I could see her reasons. I didn't need the mirror, just good guesswork in aiming the camera. Three more, all put aside for later. When she turned around and made to un-peel one, I stopped her, because the stern view had decided me. "Later."

I turned her again, so that she was on her knees, and knelt behind her. Holding her shoulders, I withdrew and plunged, then again and again, more and more frantically, plunging and plundering, ignoring her little squeaks and shrieks, as I worked myself up to a big climax. Finally, I thrust and ground against her, feeling her sudden release as I poured into her. I held her between her legs and rubbed unmercifully against her love button, so that her climax kept on and on. When there was no more reaction, I let her go, falling forward, her head over the edge of the bed, her legs wide. Then I took up the camera again and took two more pictures of her open, past my still towering erection. Made even more towering by the low camera angle. Then I smacked her bum happily, a resounding smack.

She twisted around and bit my thigh. I squealed and heaved her across my lap, holding her down with one hand whilst I smacked with the other. It was so satisfying, smacking the firm flesh. She squirmed from under my hand and rounded on me, on all fours like a tiger and dived onto me mouth first, teeth bared, looking up into my eyes. A warning, behave or I'll bite it off! I laughed, she bit. It was delicious. She bit, sucked, and teased me with her mouth, until to my surprise, I came agai n. Greedily, she dived on and sucked me dry. I grabbed the camera and took two more shots, one head hard on and the other of her tongue wrapped around my tip as she licked up the last drops.

"I must see that one!". She made a grab for the film, but I decided to deny her that. I caught her in my arms, hugged her close, and then rolled over so that she was underneath.

"Come on, Peter, let me see!" I think it was the first time she had used my name.

"I'm going to tie you down, first."

"I want to see them!"

I had nothing to bind her with, so I used my tie to hold her wrists to the bed head. Then I freed her long enough to grab my belt, slip the loop around one ankle, and tie her left leg to the bed leg. I needed another rope. I opened her drawer and found a leotard, long and stretchy enough. I had to fight to control the last leg, but secured her eventually. I would have preferred to tie her wrists separately, but she was short enough to be contained in this way. Then I dived between her leg s and licked and sucked her unmercifully, not stopping as she lifted high in her first climax, keeping going for a second and a third, then I grabbed her dildo and frantically tried to work out how to switch it on!

"Twist it.", she called breathlessly. It buzzed, I nearly dropped it. "And again!" It buzzed, and the end moved in and out. It was quite disgusting! I probed her with it, then settled for the buzz only and plagued her valley and her clitoris, as she writhed and bucked against her bonds. I had never seen her sweat, but now her body was dripping, as she strove against her restraints to give vent to her feelings. Then I plunged it inside her, using the second twist. It worked remarkably well . I was able to suck at her outer parts as I used it inside her, driving her wild. Then, when she could react no more, I took two pictures of her tied up with the dildo opening her.

Surprisingly to me, at least, I was hard again. I dragged her to the edge of the bed, knelt over her, and fucked her mouth. Each thrust nestled him deep in her throat. She sucked, grazed me with her teeth, but didn't sink them into me. That would be the warning. I poured into her throat again, there was something about this kind of sadism that made me come very quickly. Then I collapsed, between her legs.

After a few moments, she pleaded. "Can I go now, please, sir?"

"Go where?"

"I was going to do something more serious, when you interrupted me."

"Oh, shit." I should have thought of that.


I fell about laughing, untying her ankles, then her arms. She hugged me and dashed off. I spied, because I suspected she was going to clean her back passage and I didn't believe it was possible. She hovered in the basin, only a tiny bottom would have fitted. I heard a whoosh. She ran the water away and dried herself, then caught my eye at the door. Amazing.

"Now do you believe me? Want to try it?"

I coughed. "Only some of us have small enough bottoms to fit in that basin!"

"I think you would be OK, but anyway, you'd have to learn a lot of muscle control first. Now, let me see those pictures!

We snuggled together in the bed, un-peeling them. Although all were on target, some were so confusing that it was difficult to work out which was what. The last two and those from behind her were best. She fondled me all the time we were looking at them, her hands never still, but I remained soft. "I'm dried up and sore, anyway.", she concluded, still stroking and caressing as she fell asleep in my arms.

We both awoke early. I was in need of the toilet, but on my return, she was head in the pillow, bottom up, glistening, where she had rubbed Vaseline around her opening. As I knelt behind her, I knew what I had to do, she even opened a little for me. I teased her with the tip. She could control every muscle, she opened further. I slipped in. It wasn't unpleasant at all, I enjoyed her, even managing to come a little. She sobbed and sobbed as I finished and withdrew, then led me by the hand to the bathroom, where she let me watch her wash herself out, not that anything was visible, after she had washed me tenderly and carefully by hand. It was only when we were back in bed that she spoke about it.

"I don't know why, I always wanted that. I used to stick my fingers up my bum when I was little." She shuddered. "You came, I was so pleased..."

"It wasn't as bad as I thought."

"I knew you weren't keen..."

"No, but then again, you are so special."

"Isn't there anything really bad that you want?"

"I did it, when I fucked your mouth..."

"I like that. It hurts a bit at the time, sometimes it makes me gag, but I like it. Did you enjoy tying me up?"

"Yes. I enjoy making you so excited that you are frantic. That is sadism, I suppose."

"Then I'm a masochist..." She hesitated. "Peter, have you done these things before?"

I hesitated. I decided on honesty, despite any possible hurt. "Most of them, except the last. But never all at once, with the same woman."

"That's good, I wanted to be unique in your life." She stretched beside me and wrapped herself around me like a vine. "Why do I love you?"

I hugged her tight. "There is something between us, honesty, lust, frankness. An ability to be ourselves totally. Love is caring. Yes, we both love and care. What about young men, boys your own age?"

"They are crude, they only want to take. At least girls look after each other. I reached the stage where I had more fun with a girl."

"You like making love with other women?"

"Mmm. Most of us have tried it. It's better than playing with yourself... But I think that I like the photos and the dildo better. I wish we could use a better camera, but I could never take the film to Boots', could you?"

"Hardly. A video camera or a Canon Ion electronic still camera would do, though."

She sat up, suddenly excited. "A video camera! Have you got one?"

"No. But Chris's family have a family one."

"Sara, a friend of mine has one..." I could see her mind going flat out. "Next time, summer holidays, we have plenty of time, four weeks." She snuggled home. "Am I a pervert?"

I laughed. "No, of course not, just open. Most people have desires, you are just more honest about them." I reflected. "If I buy you some sexy undies, can I photograph you almost in them?"

"Would you? That would be great, yes, great. Do you want to do some now?"

I hugged her close. "Just a little sleep would be nice."

"I'm going to sleep with a dummy." She up-ended herself, and engulfed me in her hot mouth, sucking rhythmically. Soon, she slept. My head was between her thighs, my lips against her, as I too slept.

Next Chapter

I told Donald about her, one night. Not unnaturally, he was very excited about the whole thing, couldn't believe my luck. I was starting to wonder. Yes, I enjoyed the raw untrammelled sex, yes, she had an incredibly good body, yes, I loved to snuggle up with her, chat with her, I was turned on by some of her weirder ideas. But there was definitely something missing. Something I had in abundance with Chris, love and companionship, was missing. But surely, that was the deal, Liz for sex, Ch ris for love. I suppose I was starting to ask, did I enjoy sex without being in love? The way we talked about loving each other was different, loving to pleasure each other. For both of us it was very much a giving relationship, as well as taking, but giving pleasure was in itself taking pleasure.

So what! When she rang again, suggesting a weekend, I cried off but arranged for the following Wednesday. It was much as before, we tried all the ideas, but nothing new. I could tell she was questing for something. "Next week?"

I agreed, once a week was about all I could take! When she rang on the Tuesday and said she would be spending the day in Glasgow, could I meet her at the station at seven? I agreed. I would drive her back to Edinburgh, we could talk for a change, for an hour and a bit. She was there, but had arranged to pop in at her great aunt or something. I wasn't bothered, she had eaten, I hadn't. I waited for her in the Chicago Meat Packers, an American Mexican bar. When she came back, about three qu arters of an hour later, we left, because I didn't want any embarrassment about her being refused a drink.

She had a friend, a distant cousin with her, Sara, who was going back to Edinburgh, to spend a day or so with her. Sara was about five foot three or four, blonde, trim rather than busty, pleasant oval face and blue green eyes. She had a soft accent, thankfully, many Glaswegians are not unintelligible, just nearly. Our conversation was a little stilted, because whereas Liz could and would discuss anything, Sara was restricted to work, the latest music and boys, as far as I could tell. I wa s appalled at the frankness with which she discussed her latest conquest and what a flop he was! I had a horrible time wondering if anyone had ever spoken of me so disparagingly. Probably! She was lively and good fun though, whilst less mature than my Liz.

Back at Liz's home, Sara obligingly disappeared on cue, leaving us to go to Liz's room. On our own at last, I had to ask, "Does she know?"

Liz laughed. "Of course, she is the one friend I told, she knows." From their previous conversation, I had no doubt that she knew my attributes to the millimetre and all my failings. No matter, we were together again and by now, I was desperate for the feel of her body. Addictive. I wasn't alone, because she had my zip undone and her mouth around me before I had her tee shirt and bra off. A bra, the first time I had known her wear one. She later explained that it hid her nipples better, i n town where a cold breeze could make them stiff.

We enjoyed each other, gaining relief and satisfaction, in immeasurable doses. We knew each others wants well now and subconsciously planned to keep each other capable until our needs were satisfied. Most of this was from feel, sensing, certainly without words or explanation. I always had to take her hard and cruelly just once, for her, if not for me. It had become something of a ritual. I knew she liked to be restrained, coerced, forced into something, as a matter of principle, it was em otional more than physical. I saved it until I couldn't come, and needed to. Something really rough and cruel seemed to explode me when all else failed. By midnight, we rested. At twelve oh two, we were drowsy. By twelve oh three, we were wide awake again.

"About time!", Liz grumbled.

A shivering Sara, clad in a silky shift, slid in beside me. I was certainly awake, by Liz's words, she was expected. She cuddled close. I wasn't offended, at this stage, I like warmth too and it was a chilly night. In a standard double bed, I had to put my arm around her to make the space required, so it was my fault. Or partly. Sara slowed her shivering. "I have been at the door for two hours, I'm frozen."

"Two hours!" I exclaimed, replaying events in my mind. "Two hours?"

"Yes, you were terrific, both of you. Liz was so enthusiastic about you, I just had to..."

I was slowly working out that she had seen me fuck her mouth, make love to her gently, screw her frantically whilst tied down, various versions of 'soixante neuf', lay back and be teased and tempted and horror of horrors, take her in her anus. There were no secrets.

"Yes, I was warm at first, but now I'm frozen!"

"Why?", I asked.

"I was fascinated. I have never been fucked like that." There was no hesitation, no embarrassment over the word. Liz and I both felt reservations when we used that expression, although sometimes compelled by circumstances. Sara felt none.

"Did you enjoy it?", Liz asked, with amazing simple sincerity.

"Terrific, but now I am feeling as randy as a goat. A very randy goat!" Her hand snaked down and found me, soft, floppy and nothing to be proud of. At least I assumed it was her hand, because Liz was always sensuous, she was, atavistic? A hunter? She pounced and scrunched. Horror of horrors, I responded. She had timed it well.

"Oh, oh..."

Liz's hand joined hers and there was an earthy chuckle from her side of the bed. "Clever Sara, straight to the weak point. Or the strong one. Go on, I'm exhausted." But before her hand left me, it gave Sara a quick lesson in sensuousness, as opposed to 'smash and grab'. Liz had made it perfectly plain that it was up to Sara and me. What could I do, kick her out? Of course I didn't, nor would you have done. Her beasts were small and pointed, but immediately susceptible. I've often noticed that, women with small breasts are much more sensitive to touch than those better endowed. When I turned towards her, she was ready to be kissed. So I did. Her kiss wasn't a patch in Liz's, hard and active, no sensuousness, but she was avid, her tongue down my throat, her hand gripping harder, her arm around my back.

"Liz?", I croaked.

"Get on with it, I'm asleep." There was suppressed glee in her voice and she was far from asleep.

I concentrated on Sara, now that I was eager again. Yet I didn't fancy her, didn't love her, it was purely physical, she was there, she was woman shaped and I was hard. I remembered my manners though, it is better to give than to receive. My mouth received a hell of a shock, because she was bald, even a tiny bit bristly. Not a sign of hair, barely a bristle. When she opened her legs and switched on the bedside lamp, I could see her nakedness. Her shift was above her breasts, where I had d ragged it and her legs were open. Not wide, super wide, as Liz could, but wide enough. One leg was over Liz, the other outside the bed. So, I licked her and I sucked her hard and she came, then she came again, then I fucked her hard, hard, hard, until she was quaking beneath me. She took longer than Liz and made more noise about it, swearing and screaming as it happened. I was stiff still, I usually find that after about the third or fourth time, it takes a miracle, Liz, or a night's sleep to let me down. N one of those were offered.

Liz was sitting cross legged as so often, observing like a Wimbledon Umpire. I almost expected a call of 'Let!', or 'First Service!'.

"Now, Sara, suck him, let me show you." I was laid out flat on my back, standing rigid and ready, but wary. I imagined Liz was going to demonstrate, but it was all done with hands and words. She guided Sara into an ideal position, then explained graphically, "Now, lips on his tip, suck, lovely, isn't it? Slide your mouth down, use your tongue, probe, feel his smoothness, now, further on,", she guided with her hands leaving poor Sara little choice, "at the back of your throat, lift your he ad, yes, that's it, get the tip down your throat, suck, now bob up and down, no, don't let the suction go, keep sucking, press down harder." She shoved her friends face down hard on me, so that I was in her throat. I felt Sara gag as I touched her epiglottis, but Liz had no sympathy, she just pushed her back down, "You'll get used to that, suck away, keep his tip in your throat now it's there, go on."

Liz sighed in frustration at the ineptitude of her pupil and grabbed her dildo, working on Sara as she reeled off instructions. "Now, now, stay on, drink him down, up a bit, so you get it in your mouth, taste it, great, eh, suck some more, come on, you can do better than that!"

It was team effort. Sara was allowed to remove her mouth, dribbling my come as she did. She did as she was told by Liz, "Lick that up!". What a task mistress! Ghenghis Khan was a mere rumour! I had some sympathy, but Sara appeared to be happy, in the end, despite her baptism of fire.

"Peter, please, can she sit on you, can I show her how?"

I nodded dumbly, no longer able to protest. Let them have their weird way, it was new to me, just as it was to both of them. The difference was, I assumed that people had reservations. Liz assumed they shouldn't. Sara was positioned sitting across me. Liz sat across me too, facing Sara, her back to me, her opening hot and damp against my chest but her weight on her own knees. I recognised Liz's touch as I was fed into Sara's bristly tightness. I already knew that virginity had been lost, but she was very tight, too tight to be a pleasure at this stage. Yet she could take my length, possibly because she was taller, and commensurately deeper inside.

God, I could feel her cervix on my tip. "Lean back a little." Liz instructed, then showed her how to move her hips. I exploded inside her, bathing her with my fluids, bringing her with me with one hand on her breast, one hand on Liz's. Liz's were better, but Sara's produced reactions. I concentrated on both of Sara's, by feel alone, enclosing Liz in my arms as I did so. Cheekily, Liz lifted herself and shuffled back so that she hovered above my mouth. Hungrily, I sucked at her as I lifted under Sara and thrust deeper into her, feeling myself expand to take up the space available, more in her case. I was amazed to find Sara's hands on Liz's breasts when I came back for some equality and fullness. So, back to Sara's breasts, which were certainly fun, because gently crushing her nipples produced amazing actions inside her, gripping and sucking on me, with accompanying instructions from Liz, the master.

Liz was silenced by my mouth, eventually and Sara was played out. I was engorged, hard, tightly engaged inside her and desperate for something. When Sara struggled to lift off, it was to no avail. We were stuck.

Liz left my mouth, satisfied. I heard a quick agreement. "OK, OK, deal, on the dressing table." The main light snapped on and there was a beautiful curvaceous Liz almost hidden behind a camcorder, whirring away.

"So that was the deal?" I knew how much Liz wanted to use a movie camera on us.

Sara had the decency to blush.

Liz just nodded and instructed, "Sara, lean forward, now try to lift off, this should be terrific, sorry, Peter , it won't hurt for long, come on Sara, spread your thighs, more, that's it, you are coming free, Peter, that's massive, up some more Sara, great, now move up and down on the tip, ..." her voice stopped and I could see her tremble as she came, the camera wobbling, but still on target. "OK, you can get off now."

Liz filmed the whole slurpy incident, including the blood that accompanied my juices running down my stem. I was ceremonially washed, by both of them. Sara was worried.

I asked, "When is your period due?"

"Next week!", she uttered, amazed that I should ask, or that the question was relevant. She had pictures of her insides ripped to shreds in her mind.

"OK, nothing to worry about. I just prodded it about, you may start a little early."

"How do you two know all these things?", she asked, sobbing gently with fear and relief.

"I've had a lot of years to learn, Liz is amazingly eager to learn."

"I've never known anything like that!", Sara sobbed.

"But wasn't it great?" Liz was a little wild eyed as she asked.

Sara broke into a smile. "Amazing. Compared to weak willy Robbie, incredible. How do you keep it up?"

I smiled at her seriously. "I take cement in my tea, the urine carries it through and builds up a rigid core. Then it can't go down."

"Oh, oh, doesn't it hurt?"

I couldn't keep up the story, besides, she had handled me soft, it was all her own work, soon she would remember.

"Joking!" I caressed her face, still damp from some tears. "After the first or second time, if I am still excited, it stays stiff, otherwise, gone for a day."

"Huh, ten minutes!", was Liz's contribution.

"Only with you to excite me again!", I vowed.

"Sara took about the same time."

"But she had tuition from you!", I pointed out quickly.

Liz smiled and cuddled against me, waving to Sara to take the other side. "Are you tired?", she asked slightly.

"Hardly, I was awoken somewhat. Why?"

"Fuck my mouth."

Strangely, it wasn't what I had in mind, but then, why not? "OK, lay back."

"And Sara's." Her voice was strangely commanding.

"Liz, be fair."

"Both, or none."

"Sara, do you want this?"

"I don't know, Liz?"

"It's part of the deal, Sara, if you don't like it, so hard luck. You insisted on everything, for the camera. Peter, fuck her mouth hard. And mine. Please?"

I didn't want to hurt either of them, but I know that Liz wanted it and knew how to take it. I wasn't so sure about Sara. I whispered in Sara's ear, "I'll let you off."

"No, no, do it, please?"

She copied Liz's position, across the bed, head over the edge hanging down. Mouth open. I shrugged. Now I wanted to do it, I was stiff, big, engorged from Sara's sucking into a bigger vagina. I started with Liz, my hands against her face, gently at first then thrusting hard into her throat. Then I transferred to Sara. She gagged, again and again, but laid her head back and opened her mouth.

"Suck!", snarled Liz, camera in hand. "Suck. Make him come all over you, face, tits, cunt, open your legs!" I heard the buzz of the dildo again, Liz liked to feed that into Sara and leave it running. After that, Sara was eager and responsive, didn't gag, sucked like mad and pushed me clear so that the second half of my come poured over her eyes, her hair, her chest and her fanny. I was drained, but still stiff, twitching. Also exhausted. Sara was ecstatic She pulled her own legs wide and lifted up her hips, for the camera. By then I was a little crazy, too. What could I fuck that was new?

"Wank him off, Sara, go on, hard!" Liz had an uncanny knack of understanding what he needed, despite any ideas I might have. Sara still had the buzzing dildo inside her. She knelt over me, both hands clasped tight and followed directions from the director producer of LizzieTone. She didn't succeed, but she produced an amazing amount of effort. I stopped her, because I was sore now.

She tried to go on, so I lay her across my lap and smacked her backside, enjoying being a bastard as she screamed first, then sobbed, then relaxed totally, floppy, like a rag doll, no longer able to do anything. I stopped. I had taken out my annoyance on her over the deal she had wrought. Liz was of course guilty, but her need to get the camera paramount. Sara had played on that, so we had both wrought some revenge on her, Liz with the mouth fuck, me with the slapping.

Liz stopped the camera, cuddled up close across Sara's inert body and cried. "Sorry, sorry Peter, I had to have the camera, her price was that she had to experience everything too. Except the bum, she cried off that. I let her off because she can't clean herself, it wouldn't have been nice for you. I'm glad she bled."

I stroked her head, understanding. We always did understand each other. "Do you want some photos?", Liz asked.

I was intrigued. The only time I had used a camcorder was at my brother in law's wedding, and I hadn't done too badly. "Only if you dress up and strip for me, both of you. Sara?"

Sara did as she was told, but without much spark, she was emotionally and physically shattered. Liz understood. She had prepared things. I concentrated on them dressed, first, Liz in a mini kilt and tee shirt, no knickers, the idea to get sexy views; was she, wasn't she? Liz was brilliant. I filmed Sara in a leotard, then she pulled the gusset aside and opened her legs, then opened herself with her fingers whilst making a bridge. Liz played with Sara's clitoris very expertly, making her c ome on camera again, still holding herself wide. She pumped much of her own and my juices, all on camera. Then I filmed her with one breast out, the leotard half off, a stern view of her undressing, all to order.

Then back to Liz. The skirt awry, a glimpse of her dark pubic hair, then picking up something, filmed from low between her legs, just visible, her breasts pointing her tee shirt in her excitement. Then her skirt flung up, her bent over the bed. Then, because I could no longer resist, me taking her from behind, filmed by Sara to order. Lastly, the two of them together, naked again, fondling each others openings and with the dildo.

We spent the next hour watching everything, growing more excited as Liz was hopping from one foot to the other. "It's fantastic, Sara, it was a deal, terrific, I hope you enjoyed it!" Her tone suggested she hoped that she hadn't.

"I feel totally and utterly taken. Peter, thank you, you can do anything you want to me, anything. You can have my bum if you want, but I wouldn't. Piss on me, anything."

I laughed, it was so similar to Liz's comments after her first session, that I suspected that she had taken Liz's words. Liz was shocked, perhaps she remembered too.

"Remember, Sara, the deal is done now, OK?" Liz's voice was threatening.

"OK, OK, I'm dead."

Liz smiled. She fondled me, still hard and eager, though I was exhausted. Oh for her youthful vigour and agility! She compensated, sitting over me and working everything herself very gently. I couldn't come. She tried harder and harder, bouncing up and down, nibbling me with her cervix, sucking with her womb, everything at once, all perfectly co-ordinated. I was drained. Yet, inevitably, I needed to come, I was held on the edge so long I had to do something. I writhed under her, not knowi ng what to do about the situation. Instinctively, I threw her off and stood over her beside the bed, then shook Sara awake, waving it in her face.

"Bend over the side of the bed, Sara, leotard on." As she lazily complied, I pulled the gusset aside and thrust two fingers into her. She was still wet. "Liz, beside her. Keep the skirt on, have you got any loose legged knickers, lambarda pants?"

Liz climbed off her knees and found something suitable in red silk.

"Put them on!"

She resumed her bum high position without being asked. I pulled the gusset aside and exposed her. I still didn't know what I wanted, but I was getting nearer. I kept my fingers in Liz and slid into Sara. It was a waste of time, she was finished, but I couldn't stop. I plunged and stabbed, sweat pouring down my body. Sara was eventually moved, and thrust back at me. Liz wriggled free and placed herself on her back on the bed, pulling my mouth onto her with her legs. I bit and sucked at he r, as I stabbed at Sara, a Sara who was now crying and swearing 'Fuck, fuck, fuck..." in a continuous monotone. I felt Liz go in my mouth, then Sara go around me, her muscles working inside like mad, then I came. It hurt. But I could stop and rest, albeit still inside, she had a tiny bum, did Sara, so I could lie on top of her fully engaged, my mouth still attached to the soft juicy valley that nestled in Liz's bush.

No one moved. In fact, I suspect we slept like that for a while. Then slowly, Liz released my head and I tried to withdraw from Sara. She had dried out, it was difficult, but slowly, I was freed. I was still hard, but the need had gone from me. When Sara was asleep, Liz asked soulfully, "Why did you do her last, and not me?"

"Because I wasn't being kind and loving, and I didn't want to be that way with you. This won't be a regular occurrence, Sara, will it?"

"Not it you don't want. You haven't seen the best of her tonight, it has been a shock. She is very attractive, don't you think?"

"Yes, just not my type, that's all. You are."

Liz was pleased, she snuggled close and slept.

I was late getting away in the morning and had to offer an excuse for being late, I can't remember what. That night, I returned to my B & B after a pint and some food at about half past eight. Mrs McHugh greeted me with an odd smile. "There's a very refined wee young lassie here to see you, she's been here since seven?" That didn't mean much with Mrs Mac, 'wee' could be quite substantial and often designated subjective sympathy rather than physical size. Young? Why, she called me youn g! Lassie was definitive though, so I went into the front room expecting Liz maybe. There sat Sara, dressed to kill. She wore an electric blue silky mini dress, that draped her small breasts and made much of little, clung to her slim hips making them appear womanly, and left her trim waist untouched. She wore very little makeup, if any. Her eyes were deep sea green, or were they blue?. Her long hair was blonde and sparkling, drawn over one shoulder. She looked fantastic.

She stood coolly and offered her cheek. "Hi, Mr Sinclair. Ms Colquoun said I should drop in and see you, if I was in the area. Unfortunately, no one knew what time you were expected." She smiled nervously, unsure of her welcome. I smiled back grimly. This was the last thing I wanted! Part of Liz's attraction was that she was away most of the time, and when she wasn't, she was in Edinburgh, far enough away for privacy.

Mrs McHugh brought the tea, with a smile to the young woman, which Sara returned radiantly. "Thank you for letting me wait, Mrs McHugh." She was very polite. I gathered that her soft accent made her very refined!

Mrs Mac left us, closing the door. Sara thrust herself into my arms. "I couldn't stay away, please take me. Not here, Mrs McHugh would be shocked, but in the car, the park, not home because the family are there, somewhere?"

I sat her down opposite me. "Decorum, here at least, please Sara. Take your tea." (See, even I am picking up the lingo!)

She sat opposite, agitated, her eyes sparkling and looking so grown up.

"Look, Sara, apart from anything else, I am exhausted, aren't you?"

She smiled and shook her hair back proudly. "I'm sore, but I'm not bothered about that. I feel like I have a great yawning gap, where you should be." She rested her hand on her lap, with a quick furtive glance at the door. "I'm not wearing any knickers."

That explained the smooth lines of her dress across her hips. I smiled. She was quite ingenuous, no pretence, a lot of guts, and she looked good. Anyone would have been pleased, except me. I wanted Liz, if I wanted anyone. And just now, I didn't want anyone! As her legs parted just enough, I smiled again. "OK, I believe you!"

She waited, nervously and hopefully as I drank my tea. "Truly, I am tired, Sara. I'll drive you home, if I may, it's not the best of nights. And you look too delectable to be let loose on public transport." I added, thinking about the way she looked tonight. Shoes and that dress. Absently, I commented, "You'd be a sure loser at strip poker, wouldn't you?"

"Want to play?", she sat forward hopefully.

"No, no, I was just thinking."

"How do you play poker, anyway?"

"It's complicated. Come on, let me take you home."

She acceded, head hung. I called to Mrs McHugh, thanks for the tea and for looking after Sara, then left. She sat in the front of the car this time. She looked around in her bag and found a tissue, then placed it on the seat, then slipped up her skirt and sat carefully on the tissue. I worked it out, if she was moist, sitting on the skirt could mark it, then when she stood, it would show. No knickers was a dodgy trick! "You definitely couldn't do that on the bus!"

"I wouldn't be wet like this on the bus!", she retorted.


She smiled. "I'm not. I haven't ever felt so alive as I do today. After a sleep and the train journey home, I couldn't rest. Liz was pirouetting all over the house, her Mum was amazed, she is so often sulky and moody.

"I've never seen her that way!", I said defensively.

"That's because of what you do for her, Peter." She rested her hand on my left thigh, to make her point, then left it there. "And to me. I was scared as hell last night, then I was even more frightened when you took me so savagely, until I discovered that I love to be taken, love to be frightened, even love to be beaten, by you." She looked directly into my eyes as she said this, as we waited at traffic lights. She guessed that she was going straight home. "Look, Peter, I know I barged in on something you two had going, but then in a way, you barged in on something we had going, too. I always used to stay with her when her Mum was away. It was fun. We used to enjoy each other. She gushed about you, couldn't keep quiet if she tried. Her experiences were like mine, no satisfaction. You can't blame me for trying, can you?"

I had to laugh. "No, I can't. Let me explain something to you, though. In thirteen years of married life, and some time before, I haven't strayed. I don't feel good about it, but Liz and I, we had something going, animal attraction, I don't know. I was amazed that she was interested in someone as old as me. I let her make the running, because I couldn't, guilt. Then we had the most amazing rapport, over sex. Everything worked. Because she wanted it, because I wanted it. Then, you come in, when I am in a sex crazy mood. I feel really bad about what I did to you, because it was to order, it wasn't mutually agreed, wanted. It was imposed, Liz was as brutal as I in her way. But she was desperate to get her hands on that video camera, wasn't she? And she couldn't take part and film at the same time, could she? So, you two hatched the plot. Now you are redundant."

"But you did such things, you must have wanted to?"

"Of course I did, I'm a man, I'm not always very nice. But because I don't love you, I treat you differently, I abuse you." I wasn't proud, I was just trying to explain.

"Is that why you finished off with me, because you didn't want to care?"

"Basically, yes."

"I was dead, but you brought me to life. That was the best of it." She hesitated. "Maybe that's my role, someone to abuse." She shuddered, clutching herself between her legs. From a nearby bus, a young man looked down, then again, the skirt of her dress was almost around her waist. "So, abuse me and thrill me, I don't have a problem with that."

"The guy on the bus does!" I nodded up where he gawped, open mouthed.

Sara blushed. I had almost expected her to take her hands away and expose herself to him, but I misunderstood her. It taught me a lesson. Just because she wasn't Liz, perhaps not my type, and also very positive, I had tended to mentally label her, well, a slag. I apologised as silently as I had thought the wrong thoughts. She covered herself quickly and heaved a sigh of relief as we pulled away from the bus. The blush became her. She had very good skin, no pores visible, pale, smooth. I touched her thigh. "Doesn't matter, I expect you made his day!"

"I'd rather make yours!", she responded pointedly, covering my hand, then encouraging me towards the softness of her inner thigh.

I didn't pull away, but my hand lay passive. "I don't like that facet of my character very much. Liz brought it out in me, you observed, and expected the same. Mostly, I am loving rather than violent."

"Well, love me then, and I will love you!" She smiled challengingly, not having given in, even as we crossed the Clyde bridge.

"You can't love a man old enough to be your grandfather!", I exclaimed angrily, realising that my reasoned arguments were getting me more deeply involved with her.

"Father, yes, grandfather? Everyone would have had to be very promiscuous..."

"My eldest son is thirty two, nearly!"

"So, you were promiscuous. Sixteen, when he was conceived. Mmm, possible, almost, but unlikely. My father is forty two, so impossible in my case. He's stuffy, though. I can't imagine him making love like you do. In fact, I can't imagine him doing it at all!"

"But he did, else how did you get here?"

"Immaculate conception?"

We both laughed and I realised how little I knew about either of them, particularly Sara. "Fancy a drink?", I asked.

"Love one."

"Where, near here suitable for your sophisticated dress and my work suit." I really meant, that won't query your age.

She directed me to a quiet part of the West End, not far from the Moat House hotel and the Exhibition Centre. SECC. I felt proud to have her take my arm as we entered a well carpeted lounge bar. We sat down and expected service which soon arrived. Glasgow is one of the last cities in Britain that I know where you can still do that. We sat in an alcove and drank slowly, me beer and she red wine. That surprised me too, because the young usually find it too dry.

She comes from a well to do family, her father a high up manager in of all places, The Company, and her mother a solicitor. She has an elder sister, that was all. They had a detached house in a quiet area close to where we drank. She didn't work at all, that was a blind for me, she was still at school. She looked me in the eye as she added, "And today is my sixteenth birthday."

My face must have showed my shock. I assumed she was older than Liz, about eighteen. Jesus, last night had been illegal! No, because last night was this morning, and the law doesn't care about hours, only days. "A very sophisticated sixteen!", I praised softly. It was too late for censure. She hadn't lied, I had assumed. I took her hand and kissed it. "Happy Birthday, I would have bought you a present, had I known."

"You gave me the best present of my admittedly short life, yourself. I was just greedy, hoping for more."

"Where do your family think you are? Shouldn't you be having a party somewhere?"

"With Liz. My Mum and Dad like her, they don't suspect... Well, why should they? Anyway, it doesn't make you pregnant!" She smiled. "Liz suspected I might try to see you, and warned me off. Will you tell her?"

"I think it would come better from you..."

"What if I tell her that you made love to me all night?"

"I think it might be better if you didn't, but I don't think she is jealous, do you?"

"Liz? She certainly is! Last night was very difficult for her, but she wanted the camera so much. I must admit, it was exciting. Where is the tape, by the way?"

"Liz has it, as far as I know."

"I doubt she would let it go, either."

I was pensive for a moment, then asked, "Where does her mother go?"

"She has a boyfriend, and works as a party organiser. When she goes north, about once a week, she stays out. She thinks we don't know."

"But Liz suggested she wasn't getting her share!"

"Maybe she isn't, because it looks like he is due for the chop. Or so Liz thinks. That will make life difficult for you, won't it?"

"We could always go to an hotel..."

"And tell her mother what? I can go to Liz's, whether I do or not."

"Then maybe she could stay with you, in theory?"

"I might extract a price..."

I laughed, I had often laughed as I came to know her better. "OK, OK, you know I like you. My biggest worry, no, there are loads of them. One. Liz, how does she feel about it.? Two.."

"I'll tell you. She wasn't keen, originally, but she enjoyed it. She'd be happy enough."

"Maybe, er, Two. I don't like the way I react to you, I wasn't pleasant. Three.."

"Let's take them as they come, after all, you do... " I let that pass. "It needn't be like that, give it a try. We could become loving lovers.."

"Three. I have a loving lover, my wife. I love her, I love my son, I don't need any more complications!"

"But you do need Liz, maybe even me, to exhaust your less pleasant desires on. She should give us a medal!"

"But I'm not like that with her!"

"Don't you get frustrated?"

Hesitantly, I admitted, "Sometimes. I love oral sex, both ways. She just loves it one way. Once, she took me that way, but without much enthusiasm. I could tell she hated it, but it was very good of her to even try. I never suggested it again, but yes, I do get frustrated sometimes. I must admit I like my sex totally uninhibited, even messy..."


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