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[Smooth Canadian Visitor] Two parts - one written for him - one by him.

Written by Alex and April (September 2000)

//she writes//

You come home from work early on night. you walk upstairs to your room and decide to take a shower. but as you walk in the bathroom you notice someone is already in you excuse yourself and get out. but as you go to leave you notice black satin panties with matching bra on the floor. I poke my head out of the shower and say " Hi Alex, yes this is me, April. your roomates have let me in when i told them i was from canada. they have all left for the night and wont be back till tomorow afternoon."

i smile and walk out of the shower naked . i go up to you and kiss your lips with lots of passion and desire. you cant believe that its me and in total shock. i slowly undress you while kissing you. i close the light and light some candles. We shower togoether while kissing and petting each other under the hot water thats falling on our heads and naked body. i then whisper in you ear "hun. i just waxed my pussy for you about 2 days ago i hope you enjoy it as much as i think you will."

we get out of the shower and go to your room. you are still surprise that i am there in your house that im standing in fron you naked. i then tell you to lay on the bed on your back. i also tell you that you cannot touch me or i will have to tie you up if you dont listen. i stand at the end of your bed and start to play with my breast by massaging them pulling on my nipples, licking my fingers making circles on them making them hard. i look up at you and notice that your cock is growing bigger and harder.

i smile at you and lower my hand to my waxed pussy. cupping it, spreading my pussy lips apart. you try to move and try to touch it but i stop you by giving you a nasty look and also warn you once more that will tie you up. you notice that i mean it and go back to watching. i then start rubbing my clit up and down unntil im wet and you can tell.

i then bring my fingers to my mouth and lick them and bring them back to my pussy and enter a finger in my tight but wet pussy. i then hear you moan softly and ;look at you and notice that you cock is very hard and that you stroking it slowly. i tell you to stop and to look at me. i get on the bed straddlling you but my body isnt touching you. im on my knees by you chest. playing with my clit and finger fucking myself. i then tell you to close your eyes.

once your eyes are closed i move my pussy so that can be over your head but too high for your tongue to reach. i tell you to open your eyes, as you open them you see my wet pussy almost dripping in your face. my head over your very hard cock. kissing it while my hands massage your balls. you grab my pussy without esitation and start to lick my clit and letting you tongue enter my waxed pussy. i then slowly let your cock in my mouth so that i can suck on it like a lolypop.

i moan softly and tell you that you broke the rules of my game. but im laughing and tell you that i forgive you. we continue doing 69 until i can taste the precum. i then stop and get up. i lay down on the bed on my back while you jump on top of me. kissing my lips, neck, ears , breasts stomack, navel making your way back up and whispering in to my ear " do you know how long i have dreamed of this moment?"
i look you in the eyes and tell you that i know because i have dreamed the same.

i then slowly open my legs for you so that i can feel your cock near my pussy. you then slowly start to make love to me so slow but with such passion and desire that i cum right away but you keep going kissing me, fucking me moving in me harder and faster. until we both cum again and again. we slowly fall into each others arms and doze off for a while your cock still in me.

i wake up by you making love to me again. and this keeps going for the rest of the night until the sun is out again. we then decide to shower agian and to make love in the kitchen, living room, stair way ect... everywhere we went we made love until we coudlnt anymore because your roomates were coming home soon. i left australia a week later and we both new that that was the best sex we both ever had.

By April(not real name), 8.Jan.2000

//he writes//

My story begins that first evening, just before my housemates are due home. By that time we've been fucking and sucking each other on and off regularly for almost 24 hours. Very little sleep the previous night means we've both pretty tired at this point, and before my housemates come home we snuggle together in my bed and fall asleep, comfortable with each others nudity.

The following morning we awake late, my housemates already gone to work. During the previous day I'd organised to have the week off work, so I'm free to do as we wish. You awaken to find breakfast served - very fresh eggs on toast, and squeezed OJ. We sit on the bed naked and eat breakfast, planning our day. First order of business we work out is to buy you some clothes appropriate to the warm australian summer

I watch you dress, gazing shamlessly as you slip into black silk panties and a matching figure hugging bra. I playfully fake a frown at you as you cover your pussy, but I can't resist your smile and we laugh as an improptu game of pussy-peek-a-boo follows. Not getting too distracted however, you follow with jeans, and one of my tshirts - none of your clothes being cool enough for the hot summer day that is developing outside. For myself, I find a pair of shorts and a tshirt. I notice you watching me as I clothe myself also.

We hug and kiss deeply, and then head into the city. First venture we buy you a large sunhat, some cool open footwear, and then go searching for a sundress. We investigate many stores, and you try on many dresses, but none of them are quite perfect.

Strolling around town, arm in arm, we finally stumble across a small shop in one of the back streets, and are welcomed by it's warm friendly charm. You pick out a sundress and take it to one of hte changing booths, which seem rather roomy and private. After a few moments you stick your head out of the door and ask me to come and help you for a moment. The shop is empty and the attendant busy making some coffee, so I slip unnoticed into your booth.

I gaze at you, clad in a perfectly fitting sundress, loose around your knees, tightly covering your torso and showing a perfect amount of cleavage. Enough to be flirtatious, but not enough to be explicit. I pull you closer and kiss you deeply, holding your body close to mine. Then you whisper in my ear "It was getting too hot in here... turn around"
Curious, I turn... and see your panties hanging on the hook on the door. A smile crosses my face as I turn back to you, my hands on your waist. You wink as I step closer and move my hands down your ass, feeling your pantyless ass through under the dress, which I soon lift and let my fingertips move over you.

You step back, onto the bench in the changeroom. Bending down, you kiss me, then reach and lift the front of the dress. I lower my gaze from your face, down past your breasts (watching them move as you breathe) to your pussy, noticing glints of wetness lining your tender lips already. I lean down, kissing your hips, your thighs, and lifting yoru skirt a little more, your belly.

I run my hands up and down your legs, sliding smoothly from your ankles, up over your knees, around your thighs and over your pussy to your navel. My fingers sliding smoothly over yoru shaved pussy, smearing a little pussy juice up and down your legs. Guiding you to spread your stand a little, I lean down and lick your legs, moving from one to the other, slowly making my way up from your knees. Finally reaching yoru pussy, I flatten my tongue and lick up yrou pussy slowly. I repeat this again, and again, pushing hard against you as you lean against the wall, moaning softly - but not wanting to attract the attention of anyone else.

I point my tongue a little as I run it up and down your wet pussy, slowly working it's way inside you. Every now and then I take one of your pussy lips into my mouth and suck gently on it. My hands move up and down your legs as I eat your pussy, moving over your thighs... reaching around and gently stimulating your clit...

Tasting yoru juices as they flow from you, I hold your hips as you start to move them rhythmically, and I sense an orgasm approaching. I suck a little harder at your pussy... rubbing your clit frantically... till your body convulses and I have to hold your hips firmly to keep my mouth on your pussy.

I maintain my attention on you till your orgasm fully subsides, then help step you down from the bench. We kiss and hold each other tightly for a minute, then (after I've helped you back into your panties) we head out and purchase the dress.

The shopkeeper smiles at us, but I doubt she suspected anything. We step out into the sunlight, arm in arm, wondering what our next destination for the day should be.

Alex Cameron, January 29 2000

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