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The adventures of Tara and Sam Part 2 - Three is not a crowd

Written by Jethro (September 2000)

It was Thursday night again and I was making my way home from the pub, but on my own and not with the crowd of mates that my wife Sam and her sister Tara had entertained the previous week.

That was one helluva night and I still get hard every time I think about it, I must have screwed Sam a dozen time or more over the last seven days, I would've screwed Tara too but she had not been over and besides, Sam wouldn't let me, she said I could only fuck her sister when it suited HER, not me.

I returned home expecting Sam to be in bad as usual and after fumbling to get my key in the door I crept inside to find a light on in the living room. I went in and saw Sam and Tara sitting next to each other on the sofa,

"Hi Greg" they said together, "Nice evening?" Sam enquired,

"Yes thanks, and you?" I replied

"I think we had a good time" Tara said, they were both obviously drunk again and I started to get excited.

"So what's the plan for tonight?" I asked

"I'm going to have sex with my baby Sister and you have got to watch" Sam told me "and I mean watch, you're not allowed to fuck her tonight because I'm so horny that I want it all"

"That's not fair!" Tara exclaimed, "I want his cock too!"

"Tough luck, you can suck and lick but no fucky fucky, that goes for the pair of you, I get all the cock tonight, that's the rules take it or leave it" said Sam

"So I just get to watch two Sisters have sex with each other and then I fuck one of them, I can live with that" I'd have to be nuts to turn it down wouldn't I. Tara was still protesting as Sam leant aver and stuck her tongue into her sisters mouth and proceeded to kiss her passionately as I sat in a chair facing the action.

It didn't take long for Sam to start unbuttoning Tara's jeans and Tara lifted herself up so that she could get her jeans down to her ankles where I quickly helped to remove them along with her panties so she could spread her legs and show me her lovely pussy, and she did. Her pussy was very hairy and I couldn't make out her lips because she was so bushy until Sam parted her with her fingers to reveal the wet opening for me.

I wanted to join in and thought that seeing as she was drunk and horny Sam might forget her rules so I knelt in front of Tara and took out my already mega hard cock. It seemed even bigger than usual and I couldn't get my hand all the way around it as I moved in and pushed the head between Sam's fingers and just inside Tara's hot hole.


Wow, she was really pissed, I quickly returned to my seat, cock in hand and sat back to enjoy the show.

Five minutes later Sam and Tara were both naked and Sam had three fingers inside her sister as she sucked on her left nipple. Tara just laid back and relished the attention she was receiving and she was enjoying it, there was already a puddle of her juice on our leather sofa. As I mentioned in my last tale both of these girls could squirt when they came and it wasn't uncommon for either of them to shoot clear across the room, unless my cock was inside at the time, then it would squelch and slurp and just run out like a waterfall.

Tara was about to come and Sam knew, she quickly knelt on the floor between Tara's open legs and using both hands held her sisters cunt lip tightly together as Tara went to work on her own clit. I had to stand at this point to see what was going on and very soon Tara let rip with one of her mega orgasms, but because her pussy was being held shut she couldn't squirt. Sam waited until Tara's orgasm subsided before putting her mouth completely over her sisters cunt and let go of her lips.

Tara' cum came out so fast it squirted out of either side of Sam's mouth and went everywhere, there was so much of it and it came out with such force that Sam choked on it. She recovered quickly and as Tara lay back with her eyes still closed as Sam set about licking the love juice from the sofa and then from her sisters pussy, well that was enough for me. I went over still masturbating, knelt on the sofa beside Tara and aimed my throbbing 8 inches at her hairy cunt.

I must have shot about six jets of sperm and it was all over Sam's face, the sofa and most importantly, Tara's pussy, it was over her clit, her lips her pubes, EVERYWHERE and Sam set about collecting it up with her tongue. She lapped up every drop of Tara's cum and mine before taking my now wilting cock unto her mouth to suck out the last drops, and when she was through she stood up and put her hands on her hips,

"So who's going to make me cum?" she demanded

"You two have both shot you're load, now it's my turn" with that she laid on the floor with her legs spread wide, "Come on then, are you two going to fuck me or not?"

I just held my limp cock in my hand and shrugged

"Give me ten minutes?"

"Huh, you men are useless, come on sis show me what you can do with this"

she put a finger from each hand inside her pussy and pulled it wide open. Sam was neatly trimmed with a small triangle of hair just above her clit, so her whole sex was gaping at us and Tara didn't take long to get down to business, within a minute or two Sam was ejaculating into her sister's mouth and writhing around on the floor. Tara couldn't catch it all as Sam was thrashing about too much so quite a bit of her juice squirted on the floor making a big wet patch on the carpet.

"I want some cock" Sam informed us as she got up and left the room. She soon returned with the quilt from our bed, "I'm not getting carpet burns" she said as she lay the quilt on the floor and ordered me to lay on it, "I'm going to ride you boy" she joked, as I followed her instructions and laid on my back on the quilt, "but first I think your cock needs attention", she pointed to my limp dick and then motioned Tara towards it, "Get to work sis", Tara did as instructed and soon had my dick in her mouth where Sam joined her.

They passed my growing cock to and fro from mouth to mouth, Tara stopping for an occasional deepthroat session. She was the only person who could get my thick cock into her throat. It wasn't long before I was rock hard again and Sam leapt on top of me and plunged my cock straight in to the hilt while Tara stayed where she was with her head now right by her big Sister's full pussy.

Sam was rising up until my prick almost came out, then she would slam down hard taking every possible millimetre of cock, she would occasionally go too high and when my dick popped out Tara hungrily stuffed it down her throat two or three times before putting it back into her Sister. This continued for about ten minutes in which time Sam had two orgasms, one while I was inside her and one while her younger Sister sucked on me as Sam squirted all over her face, I'd wish I could've seen it, it would've made a great picture, (now there's an idea), I couldn't hold back any longer and informed Sam that I was about to come

"I want it in my mouth", she said and quickly jumped off me and took me in her mouth. I came long and hard as Sam took in every drop while Tara licked my pulsating balls and when I was done I lifted my head and saw Sam's cheeks bulging, she hadn't swallowed but had kept all my spunk in her mouth as she moved over and French kissed Tara passing my sperm over in the process

They exchanged it back and forth two or three times before sharing the load and swallowing it down, now that was enough to start my dick stirring immediately and the girls noticed. Sam took me back into her mouth and Tara moved round and sat her hairy cunt straight on my mouth and within seconds was squirting her cum straight into it, I almost drowned. Sam ordered Tara to lay down and told me to move before climbing onto her Sister in the 69 position where they licked each other to a magnificent synchronised ejaculation, now that was something special, they both shot jet after jet of girl cum at the same time, our carpet was soaked.

"Fuck me" Sam instructed, I was inside her fucking her doggy style before she'd finished talking, god she was wet, Tara licked my balls as I screwed Sam and she slipped a finger from each hand into Sam's pussy and moved them in and out alongside my cock, stretching her Sister that little bit more, Sam liked to be stretched (see part 1).
Sam came on my dick again and some of her juices squeezed past my cock and poured into Tara' waiting mouth below. I exploded inside her but continued to pump her until her own orgasm had subsided and when we had both finished I slowly eased my cock out of her to allow a torrent of sperm and girl cum to pour out into Tara's open mouth.

We've had many adventures since then, I'll tell you about them soon

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