Tuesday, October 14, 2008


by Claire
(February 2001)

I am in a packed out bar with my boyfriend and his friends, dressed up very sexy. I'm wearing a really small tight black skirt and knee high black leather boots. I have an even smaller red top on that my breasts only just about squeeze into. I have long auburn hair, green
eyes and a 32C-24-30 figure. I feel sexy and hot and i want to be appreciated, but my boyfriend is laughing with his friends and ignoring me. I am just a trophy on his arm, and i get no sexual satisfaction from him at all.
As soon as i entered the bar i noticed you across the room. You are wearing an all black suit, and just looking at you excites me. I can tell you have a very toned body under your clothes and i begin to think what your naked body would feel like pressed hard up against mine. I smile at you, and seductively push my hands through my hair. I can see you are looking at me, and there is no way you can
hide your hard-on in those tight trousers! I am shocked by how big it seems, it looks double the size of my boyfriend's, and i imagine straight away how good it would feel to unzip your trousers, take out your cock, and start to lick and suck it. Slowly and gently, moving
up and down from the base right to the tip, taking extra long time flicking my tongue across the tip of your hard prick.
My boyfriend does not even notice me getting up and walking towards you. I stand in front of you and lean forward, giving you a perfect shot of my cleavage. I move in close and tell you i have never been fucked before by a man with a huge cock and I want you to show me what it is like. You smile, and begin to rub your hand up my thigh, underneath my short skirt, and onto my ass. You can feel I'm wearing a thong and as you notice this I giggle and take hold of your hand.
I lead you outside and down into an alley
next to the bar. I begin to kiss you very passionately, our tongues play with each other in a teasing way. As I am kissing you I began undo your trousers, each of us breathing heavily. The excitement is making us move fast but I want to slow things down so I pull out your dick, kneel down in front of you. Looking up at your delighted face I take you in my mouth, just as I'd imagined. Your dick feels so good in my mouth. You let out a sigh of pleasure as I move up and down. I begin slowly but I am enjoying it so much I start to go faster, moaning and groaning in pleasure. You grab my head and move it backwards and forwards over your cock. I can tell you are close to coming and I desperately want to swallow all your come, but I don't want it to end here, so I pull away.
I tell you I want your huge cock in my fucking ass right now. You grab hold of me forcefully and push me against the wall, so I am facing it. You tell me you are going to fuck my pretty
little ass until you come, and I will not stop you this time. You violently tear down my thong, leaving it lying around my ankles, and thrust your massive prick deep into my butt. I gasp at the size of it entering me, the sensation it causes is incredible. You are not gentle with me, but I don't want you to be. You tear off my top as you fuck me, and my tits fall out into the warmness of your hands. I beg you to fuck me harder, while you tell me what a dirty little slut I am. I need your dick inside me so much, I can't believe my boyfriend is in the bar, unaware I'm being screwed by a much bigger,
better guy. The thought turns me on even more and unable to hold it any longer I allow myself to orgasm. My whole body reacts to
the intense pleasure, and I let out a scream. It takes you one more thrust and as you come you squeeze my tits hard.
I let your still impressive cock out of me, already missing its heat and size inside me. You redress yourself and walk away, glancing back at me standing almost completely naked against the wall. I decide to rejoin my boyfriend but I know with sex that amazing I'll be seeing you again very soon.....
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