Sunday, October 12, 2008

My love for her

Written by Tracy (February 2001)

My name is Tracy, i am 5'7" tall, slim and attractive.
I love men to bits, i adore them and their pricks. Only lately, i have become very friendly with a beautiful girl called Claire. We talk a lot to each other, girly things, and quite often we discuss sex topics.
With talking openly to Claire about sex, she has turned my life upside down.
She excites me, i find her humerous, witty and i think i have feelings for her, the same feelings i got when i was at school and had crushes on fe-mele teachers, but i hid my feelings when i was young, i don't want to hide the feelings i have for Claire.
I fantasise about her a lot, dreaming up scenarios with each other while i rub my pussy to climax.
I am having a hot bath, the water is full of bubbles, scented, soft on my skin. The candles flicker gently in the room. I am in a romantic mood, i lie back, relax, gently stroking my pussy, thinking of Claire.
My mind wanders. Claire and i are in a secluded alcove on a deserted beach.
Greece, yes Greece, i will place my fantasy there.
We are sunbathing topless, lying soaking up the rays. Claire turns over onto her stomach to let her back have some rays. She asks me if i could rub some cream onto her back. I rub it in slowly, feeling her soft silky skin on her back. My pussy grows damp, i feel my blood pressure rising.
I carress further down her back, reaching her panties, my fingers sneak inside of them. No response, should i go further? I gently ease my hand, slowly inside her panties. I touch, stroke her left butt cheek. She moans.
I tease the material down, she looks round to me, her face flushed, her eyes staring deep into mine.
Claire moves onto her back, her legs raised, allowing me to remove her panties. I see her pussy, beautiful wet shaven pussy. Her inner lips are like red petals, her dampness glistening in the sunlight.
She tells me to remove mine, i do. Claire is looking at my well trimmed pussy. She asks me to come nearer, i do. We hold each other in our arms, our tits touching, i could feel her erect nipples against the flesh of my breasts. We kissed, we embraced tighter, our tongues exploring each others mouths.
I move to her breasts, sucking each stiff nipple in turn. Claire strokes my hair, genty pushing me down her body. I move down to her hairless pussy, i smell her as i get closer, i sniff in the beautiful fragrance of her wetness.
I kiss her pussy lips gently, she moans yes to me, sexy, wantingly. I gently push my tongue inside of her, feeling, smelling, tasting her pussy juice. I
push in harder faster, Claire is bucking, she is screaming. I move the hood out of the way with my thumbs, her clit, red, erect, putting.
I gently lick her clit, sending her wild. I get faster, harder, sucking her clit, sucking her cunt, sucking her juices out of her.
She is close, Claire screams, her pussy pushing hard up to let my tongue get deeper inside her. She is fucking my tongue, her body is bucking wildly.
She cum's violently, her back arches, her pussy goes into spasm, the muscles tightening and loosening on my tongue, i feel her wetness cascade down and out of her pussy, i lick it, i suck it.
Claire is lying on her back, out of breath, her legs apart. I sit facing her, loving her presence, loving her.
I place my right leg under her left leg, put my left over her right. I move up her body, scissoring her torso with my legs.
Our pussies meet, our pussy lips, wet, swollen, kiss. We gyrate our hips,
rubbing our cunts harder together. We look at each other, the passion on her face, she blows me a kiss. Claire said can you hear our pussies. I could. They were slurping, squelching. I moved quicker, i felt my cum building. I kept telling Claire, i'm cumming, i'm cumming.
She replied fuck, me too, Tracy, oh fucking Tracy.
We cum together, i can feel Claires hot wet cunt pulsating against my pulsating pussy. I love her.
I have brought myself off, in the hot bath, alone. But for a few minutes i felt i was really with Claire. I want her, need her.

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Tom said...

Sounds like you should follow through with your fantasy. you will always regret it if you don't try.thanks for the story