Friday, October 17, 2008

Orgasm in Public

Written by TH (March 2001)

In my previous story, my love for her, i fantasised about Claire. Unfortunately that fantasy never came true. I have met a beautiful girl called Lisa, and i'm pleased to say we have a good sexual relationship. This is an account of one of our many experiences.

Lisa and i are in a busy bar, we are both dressed sexxy, short figure hugging dresses, stockings, no panties nor bra's on. We are both aroused, our nipples show through the thin material of our dresses. I love her sleek look, blood red lips, her dark hair, her intelligent, piercing eyes. Her smile is beautiful, pearl white straight teeth, she looks a million dollars.

We are chatting, getting on great. i notice her slightly rubbing her thighs together as though she needed a pee. I ask her if she is feeling o.k. She replies back...yes, it's just i am so wet, my pussy is soaking, it feels so nice when i rub my legs together. I need to cum, right now.

We move over to a vacant corner, her back against the wall, me hiding her from public view, standing in front of her. I stare at her erect nipples poking through her dress. I'm getting wet, electricity surging through my veins. I feel my clitoris stiffen, my nipples grow harder.

Lisa, seductively, moves her right hand down to the hem of her dress. She, slowly, nervously lifts it up. i see her beautiful trimmed black bush. Her left hand holds her dress up, i can see her pussy lips, slightly swollen, her red inner lips were parted. They were wet, i could see her love juice glistening.. I had to control myself, i wanted to smell her femininity, taste her fragrance right now.

Her right hand moved down to her pussy, her index finger tracing the shape of her cunt. She pushed her index finger in, her eyes close, her head rolls back. Lisa inserts two more fingers, she starts pumping them in and out, firmly.. Her knees buckle slightly, i am watching her masturbate in public. I wanted so much to rub my clit, i knew it would be dangerous, but i had to hide her from view.

She withdraws her fingers from her pussy, offers them to my mouth. Oooohhh.. she tastes so sweet. I relish her flavour, her womanhood, her love.

I move closer to her, i am tempted to kiss her, i want to, her mouth is so inviting, i don't. Her pupils are dilated, her face full of passion. I move my hand down between her legs, cupping her pussy in the palm of my right hand. I press firmly, she moans, i feel her wetness on my hand, she is soaking. I feel bolts of electricity bouncing around inside my pussy, my heart is pounding, this is so dangerous, kinky, we can't stop.

She whispers to me...ooh, please, my clit... i use my index finger to circle around her clit, slowly, gently. I start to rub faster, applying more pressure, keeping away from the bud itself. She is breathing hard, she is moaning quietly...yes, yes, yes, i'm cumming..

Her body stiffens, she stifles a scream, her pussy convulses. It starts to contract and relax quickly. I feel her pussy get wetter, the convulsions slow down, they get weaker.

She has cum, powerfully, in a public bar. we look around, nervously. Nobody seems to have paid any attention to two dykes, rubbing pussy.

We compose ourselves, we go to the lavatory, nobody in, we kiss passionately, our tongues searching inside each others mouths. I carress her tits, stroke her very stiff nipples through the material. Her fingers find the entrance to my wet, wanting, hungry cunt. she forces me into a cubicle, locking the door behind. There isn't a lot of room, but it's private.

She slips my dress off, she removes hers. We are naked, in a public loo! We hold each other tight, kissing, tenderly. She moves her fingers back down to my pussy, stroking, teasing. i gyrate my hips in response to her touch. She finger fucks me firmly, i hear my pussy squelching, slurping. My orgasm is starting, i feel it in the pit of my stomach, my clit is ready to burst, my cunt is on fire.

The release, the fucking release, my legs give way, Lisa supports me. My pussy is jumping, throbbing. I savour my orgasm, my beautiful orgasm. MMmmmmmmmmm

Lisa has a pee, i kiss her neck as she is peeing. I stroke her hair, lovingly, caring. I pat dry her pussy, not too dry. we love walking around with soaking wet pussies, wearing no panties, it's beautiful, the cooling breeze, the juices wetting the inner thighs, mmmmmmmm.

We dress, we tidy ourselves up and leave the loo's. The night is young, we head for the next bar. We both hear her bed calling to us, we have two Bacardi's, and head for her bed, our bed.. We don't get much sleep... mmmmm.

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