Thursday, October 16, 2008

Summer camp

Written by Kimwell (March 2001)

I worked at a summer camp for a few years before going off to college as a 'poetry coach.' I taught a class, mostly girls, where we read and wrote the stuff. I spent long hours explaining why Dylan Thomas was good and why Jewel was bad. One summer I had a class where I became fast friends with two girls, Kristin, a blonde, and Lucy, a Korean-American. We agreed to go to a secluded spot near a lake to sunbathe topless. David, who was a bit younger than me, came up to us as we were leaving. He had short blonde hair and brilliantly blue eyes. He was so charming, so handsome, that when he asked us where we were going I was tempted to invite him along. 'Oh, just for a little hike,' I said.
David had a crush on me and never missed an opportunity to express his interest, but my mind was set on the college boys I hoped to meet, and so ignored him, even when he brushed his cock against me. 'All, right,' he said, 'don't get lost.'
We got to the lake and got into our bikini bottoms. Mine was black and rode low and over my hip bones. Lucy's was hot pink, and Kristin's was bright green. The girls watched me with intense curiosity as I undressed. I am a 36C-24-34 with a boyish haircut. I am a blonde and have, what everybody says, pretty green eyes. I know I am a babe, and I love flaunting it. We lay our beach towels together and I lay between the girls. We took turns massaging the suntan lotion onto each others‚ backs and chests and breasts.
I rubbed the lotion on Kristin's small but perky tits, and she rubbed the lotion on Lucy's puffy mounds. Lucy rubbed the lotion on my breasts, clearly entranced by them. She was gentle, but her avid attention began to turn me on a little. It was so pleasant lying there together, we talked about some of the boys in the group for a while, then we lay face down on the blankets.
I started to drift off when I felt Kristin's hand touch mine. I enclosed her hand in my mine, wondering if she was attracted to me.
'Tanya'‚ she whispered, 'David's here .and he's naked.‚
I felt a pang of terror as I peaked over my shoulder. David was lying on the beach, naked, and pretending not to see us. I got up, and heart nearly leaped out her cavity when I saw the thing. I had never seen it before, except in the outlines I could sometimes make out in shorts or swim trunks. It was huge, in fact, it was scary looking. The trunk fell across the right side of his pelvis, thick and pink. I couldn't tell if he had an erection I thought those things were supposed to be straight up .David's thing seemed to be asleep. But he wasn't. He looked up at me with a funny smile on his face. I had covered my breasts with my left hand and with my right I rummaged through his stuff looking for his trunks.
'David, where are you trunks..I want you to put them back on and go'
'No, I have the right to be here like anybody else.'
I found the trunks and picked up. 'David, I am a group leader you have to follow instructions.' The girls were sitting up staring dumbfoundedly at the thing, watching it stir with excitement.
He smiled at me, that killer grin. I had lost, I knew it. 'Make me,' he said. He started to laugh. The thing was getting hard and, I don't know what, I get a little crazy and silly when I am flustered so I jumped on top of him and tried to fit the trunks around his cock first, thinking that's probably how you put those trunks on. He grabbed my left arm away from my breasts and pulled me on top of him. I could feel his cock squirming around on my belly. It was kind of wet on top, and I was scared and kind of grossed
out too.
'David.' I squealed, 'what do you think you are doing?'
He kissed me. When he grabbed me by the head and kissed me, and lightning bolts flashed through my body. Like any other young lass, I was extremely interested in boys, and soon forgot about the girls who were watching us. 'I
want to make love to you,' David whispered in my ear.
'David ' I was so turned on, but I knew I had responsibilities to keep the girls from losing their innocence about men and women. I sat up, astride his hips, and pressed my pussy against his balls. In order to keep the sight of his massive penis away from Lucy and Kristin I tried to cover it with my hands. He had become totally hard and straight. He was huge, the head of his cock stretching well past my belly button. Since my little hands couldn't hide his penis all at once I slipped them up and down the shaft constantly.
He felt so hot in my hands, so rigid, so powerful. I was mesmerized by the little pink slip at the top of his cock. It was oozing this clear stuff and I kept on smoothing it all over his cock. He really liked it, and his body shivered as I stroked him up and down. He slipped his hands into my black bikini bottom and massaged my ass cheeks.
'David, is this your..uh sperm?'
'No, it's like a lubricant for the inside of a woman ' he managed to gasp.
Then he really came. The first blast was accompanied by a look of intense concentration, even pain on his face. I didn't even really see it since a lot of it splattered on my chin, my face, and some of it got on my hair. I was surprised at how hot it was. The girls were watching from a safe distance as he blasted away again, his hips slamming the air. The second blast was a long thick strand of white come arced out of his cock and landed
on his chest, leaving little white pools everywhere. Overcome by excitement I got off of his hips and put his penis in my mouth. It was warm and soft simultaneously, the taste, well, I guess it was a human taste. The taste of men. I licked up his cock, thinking that I might hate it but I loved it's warm salty taste. With one last blast, his come shot into the back of my mouth and I eagerly swallowed it.
David got dressed and went back to camp, shaking with happiness. I too felt kind of giddy. The girls helped me clean up. We went to the lake and I washed off in it, surprised that the come didn't just wash off easily, it clung to me. I swore the girls to secrecy, knowing that it was hopeless ..

Dear Reader,
What should Tanya do with David? Should she give up her virginity to him at summer camp, or should she wait till she meets a man at college?
Should the girls keep Tanya's secret? Or will they spill the beans?
Please write me and let me know what YOU think should happen next .Thanks!
Love, Kim

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