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The Wife & I - Chapter 6

Written by By Jethro (September 2000)

Chapter 6

I met Helena in the pub, again she was with her two friends Charlie and Sandy, We said our hello's and had a couple of drinks at their expense as I had no wallet.
I felt a bit better after a couple of Jack Daniels and we chatted for quite a while.

'Helena has been telling us about you taking on the burglar in her house last night' Charlie said and all three girls laughed
'Yeah that's right' I said, slightly embarrassed, 'I really sorted him out'

'Are you good at sorting people out' she replied looking at Helena with a grin, 'Because I know someone else who wants sorting'
'Charlie!' Helena growled through clenched teeth
I laughed, again embarrassed. Sandy never really said much.
She stood there with her drink in her right hand, her left hand lay in the crook of her right arm and she twisted the top half of her body gently from side to side as she listened to every body else talk, while looking very sexy.

We all left about 11 o' clock and I dropped off Charlie and Sandy as I had done the previous night.
Thanks Greg', Charlie said 'Yeah, thanks' followed Sandy, 'See you tomorrow, I just hope you feel up to it' she said as Charlie pulled her away.
'What does she mean by that' I asked Helena
'I don't know', she laughed
'but I'll tell you a little secret.'
'Go on then' I said 'They both fancy you' I laughed at this
'It's true,' she insisted, 'Charlie told me that she was thinking about you while her boyfriend screwed her last night, and Sandy... well Sandy hasn't got a boyfriend, so she masturbated while she thought of you.....'

'Get out of it', I laughed, they wouldn't have told you even if it were true'
'Women tell each other all sorts' she replied
'Particularly on long boring shifts, and those two don't lie'

I said nothing, but all sorts of images were conjured up in my mind, I felt embarrassed, flattered and horny all at the same time. We spoke no more until we arrived at Helena's house. 'I've got permission to stay out late tonight, for no extra cost' I told her
'Oh, have you won her over with your charm?'
'NoÉbut that's the problem I've got, I'll tell you about it when we get inside'

We entered the house and released the hound who jumped and licked himself into a state of exhaustion before retiring to his bean bag in the corner to lick his genitals.
'I wish I could do that', I said knowing it was the oldest line in the book.
'I'm sure he'll let you if you ask nicely', she joked 'He lets me' she said very quietly, I looked at her somewhat surprised, as she turned on a table lamp then turned off the main light to give a very cosy atmosphere.

'Fancy a drink?' she chirped, changing the subject
'Er....yes please'
'Scotch and ginger, right?'
'Great' I said sitting on the sofa, Helena joined me with our drinks.

'Tell me what's bothering you' she said

'Well, it's a bit embarrassing' I said looking at my feet while clutching my glass with both hands
'I'm a nurse, I takes a lot to embarrass go for it'
'Well,' I thought for a second, and decided to tell her the story 'I went to bed last night and............................'

I told her the story, but didn't mention that I had seen her naked and was fantasising about her, I just said I'd felt horny.

'I see your problem', she said, 'What made you so horny?'
'I don't know' I said, again staring at my feet
'What are you going to do?'
'I don't think I have much choice, I 'm going to have to give her what she wants' I replied,
'Call her bluff' Helena said, 'Tell her if she tells Sarah anything you'll tell her she was trying to blackmail you into having sex, try it, check out her reaction, you've got nothing to lose'
'What a great idea, yeah, I'll do that. It's true you know, a problem shared is a problem halved, or even solved', I put my hand on her knee,

'Thanks Helena'. I felt so relieved and we looked into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity

'now what was your problem' I asked

'I'll tell you in a minute' she said as she stood up, 'let me get out of this uniform'.
Memories of last night came back to me

'Shan't be long, oh here you go', she took my wallet from her pocket and handed it to me, 'You told me you didn't have it' I said as I took it from her, Ê 'I liedÉÉ. sue me, I've put my phone number in there, and Charlie's and Sandy's - just in case' she replied as she walked towards the door.

Just in case of what? I thought. Why would I want Charlie's or Sandy's phone number? Ten minutes later she returned wearing the same red silk robe and sat down next to me. She picked up her drink and took a large sip.

'Ooh that's better' she said running her fingers through her hair, 'It's so nice to relax'
'Do you want to talk?' I enquired
'WellÉ yes, but it's awkward' Ê 'Hey, I've just confessed to a very embarrassing situation, you've got to tell me now!' I exclaimed
She laughed 'OK, OK, but you might get embarrassed again'
'Try me' I said

'Right.. come with me', she grabbed my hand and stood up pulling me up with her. She continued holding my hand as she led me through the kitchenÉ the utility room and stopped in front of the washing machine.

'Now stand there', she demanded as she walked to the door and went out, she then poked her head around the corner of the door, 'Now face the washing machine and look up', I did as she asked, I looked at the wall, or to be more precise I looked at the mirror on the wall, the mirror that clearly showed Helena peaking around the door.

She had obviously seen me watching her last night.
I turned to face her with a look of remorse, 'Why didn't you say anything earlier?' I asked as she re- entered the room.
'Oh I don't know, perhaps I like to be watched' she said as she held my hand again, 'Now what would your wife say if she knew you'd been to my house and watched me undress?, what if she were to find out you'd seen me naked?
What if she were to find out you'd fucked me in my bed?

'But I haven' know.......... fucked you' I said sheepishly

'Well, maybe if you did, just maybeÉthen I might forget this whole peeping tom thing?'

she looked deeply into my eyes and moved close to me.

I couldn't believe it, blackmailed by two beautiful women in twenty four hours, into having sex with them. But this time I didn't want a rescue plan.
I wanted this woman so badly it hurt. We didn't speak as she led me out of the utility room, through the kitchen, into the hall and up the stairs.

Chapter 7

We stood in her bedroom and held each other closely and without saying a word she kissed me gently on the lips, then she looked into my eyes before kissing me open mouthed, a passionate lustful kiss.

'Are you sure you want to do this?' she whispered as she pulled up my polo shirt Ê 'I've never been more certain' I replied
That settled, she removed my shirt and kissed me again, she then stood back, leaned forward, and unhooked my belt buckle, then unfastened my trousers and pulled down the zipper.

Reaching into my shorts, she pulled out my semi-erect penis and held it in her hands for a few moments, looking at it. When she was through looking at it, she sank to her knees, tilted her head back, and as she looked into my eyes, stuck her tongue out to lick the head a few times before taking it into her mouth.

I don't know where she learned how to give head but all I could do was to appreciate the skill and enthusiasm she showed. Using her tongue, she gently massaged the entire underside of my penis before taking my entire length in her mouth and applying a rhythmic suction as she slid her lips along it's quickly-increasing length, getting me well wetted with her saliva.

When I was almost completely erect, she released her hold on me, stood up and removed her robe she then returned to sucking me, leaving her breasts to sway gently in time with her head movements as she put her hands on the fronts of my thighs. I tried to hold off, despite a considerable biological back pressure.

I tried everything I could think of to delay myself. I think she must have realized what I was doing, because she stopped briefly, and released me from her mouth to say 'You can come in my mouth if you want to'
'But I want to be inside you' I replied through shallow breaths

'Don't worry about it. We've got lots of time, and I want you to last as long as possible when we, uh, DO it, so if you have to squirt your stuff, go ahead I want you to.'

With that kind of encouragement and acceptance, all I could do was to close my eyes and enjoy the sensations she created as she resumed her activities: licking all over my erect penis as it waved in the air;
Approaching it from the side she began to gently bite and suck at it; using her tongue-tip to trace complex patterns on it before taking it back in her mouth as she cupped my balls in her hand.

She had the desired effect on me, should could feel my balls drawing up, and redoubled her efforts in just a couple more minutes, she felt me tense as the first of several jets of semen erupted from me.

With her mouth wrapped around the head, she swallowed every drop I gave her, before taking my softening penis completely in her mouth and tightening her lips around it to squeeze the last few drops from me as she pulled her head back before releasing me from her mouth.

She pulled my pants the rest of the way down, then off my feet, along with my shoes and socks. She guiding me to a horizontal position on the soft, bed then lay down next to me, pulling my arm around her so that one hand cupped one of her delightful breasts which separated, but didn't sag or change shape.

We lay there like that, snuggling, for several minutes before I finally said,
'Thank you, Helena. That was, uh, really something.'

I could almost FEEL her grin into my chest as she said Ê 'Well, like I said, I wanted you to last longer for what's next, and that seemed like a good way to get you relaxed.' Ê

'Relaxed is one thing dead through ecstasy is something completely different!', I exclaimed, teasing her. Her only response was a giggle and to reach down to hold my soft penis in her hand.
A little later, I felt that I was as recovered as I needed to be, and started running my thumb across the breast I held and felt the nipple harden as I continued. I eased her over onto her back, and moved over her, so that I could kiss her softly on the lips then on to her neck and ears and shoulders. Looking down her body, I could see that both of her breasts with her nipples looking long and firm.

I eased my way down her body, sampling her flavor until I reached her breasts and delayed there for quite a while, licking and sucking on her breasts and nipples as she moaned and ran her fingers through my hair.
When I detected the faint aroma of aroused female, and felt her pressing her pelvis against my leg, I moved again, down her body.

As I moved, she spread her legs for me, so that it wasn't long before I was at the source of the heady aroma that delighted me so much her clearly visible shaven labia framing the wet opening I sought.

I paused aÊ moment, savoring the view of her her pubic hair neat and trimmed, but incredibly soft, doing nothing to conceal the thin, long lips of her opening, branching out from her large, erect clitoris. I gently slid the tip of my tongue between her vaginal lips, enjoying the musky, spicy taste of her.

In response, she spread her legs even farther, and arched her pelvis up toward me in appreciation and encouragement. Encouragement I didn't need, as I quickly repeated my actions, and extended them to include lightly brushing across her clitoris with my tongue and getting a gasping sigh as my reward.
Again and again I dipped into her nectar, each time drawing a gasp or moan or other audible sign of pleasure from her.

Before long, I was applying myself to bringing her as much pleasure as she had me, taking her labia between my lips and pulling and 'chewing' on them;
forming a spear with my tongue that I used to penetrate her; putting my mouth over her clitoris and softly sucking at it as I fluttered across it with my tongue. In a surprisingly short time, she was gasping and moaning almost constantly, tossing her head back and forth as her pelvis repeatedly rose up in response to my ministrations.

It was when I pressed into her with my tongue as I rubbed my upper lip against her clitoris that she finally went over the edge into a deep, powerful climax that left her gasping even as her internal muscles tried to draw my tongue even further into her, and her thighs clamped down on my head. When her spasms finally passed, her thighs fell apart, releasing me to move up, over her and when I was in range, she didn't hesitate to kiss me passionately and obviously enjoying the taste of herself on my lips and face. She was also obviously ready, even anxious, for more particularly after she felt my again-erect penis pressing against her.

Looking into my eyes, she said Ê 'I know you're ready and so am I. DO me now! Put it in me; I want to feel you inside!'
I could easily see the confidence and certainty in her eyes, and raised myself over her as she again spread her legs and raised her knees;
she quickly reached between us with her hands, using one to hold herself open, the other to take hold of me and position me at her entrance.
Both of us looked down, and watched as I pressed myself forward, into her, my erect member slowly disappearing between the petals of her feminine flower. When I was about halfway into her, she released her hold on me, and I could see her eyes half-close as I steadily filled her.

Only when I felt myself softly pressing against her depths did I stop, looking at the expression of absolute satisfaction on her face. I rested there, deep inside her, for a few moments before slowly withdrawing from her, until the ring of muscle at her entrance was firmly clamped behind the glans of my erection. I paused aÊ moment, and pressed myself in again, enjoying the hot, wet, tight feeling of her. She was wet, incredibly wet.

After a few such slow strokes, I was thoroughly coated with her lubrication, and began making love to her in earnest getting into a steady, solid motion that caused her firm breasts to sway in time with my actions; and causing her nipples to drag across my chest, feeling as thought they were burning designs into my skin from their size and hardness.

In only a couple of minutes, she had another orgasm, not as strong as the first. I didn't stop, or slow down in the slightest, and a few minutes later, she had another, stronger than the previous; and a few minutes after that, still another, even stronger.

The whole time I was making love to her, she continued to gasp and moan and grunt her pleasure and arousal, encouraging me to bring her as much joy as I could manage and with the oral release she'd given me, that was proving to be quite a bit. It was warm, and both of us were covered in a fine sheen of sweat, making it easier for our bodies to slide against each other as we moved: me, thrusting in and out of her, she responded by raising her pelvis in time with my actions, and pressing her breasts and hard nipples against my chest and body.

As we made love like that, she had a fourth, then fifth orgasm, each stronger that the one before and still I didn't stop or slow down as I pistoned into her.

As her fifth orgasm passed, she was almost wrapped around me, her body almost completely off the bed, supported entirely by me which left her free to sway in counterpoint to my actions:
when I would bottom out in her, the force of our union would apply pressure to her clitoris, and cause her to sway away from me, even as I was withdrawing from her, only for her to swing back toward me as I thrust into her.

I was in good physical condition but not Superman. Eventually, supporting our combined weight began to get to me, and I simply HAD to find a less strenuous way to make love to her.

I eased both of us down onto the bed, and eased off my activity until she opened her eyes and I could tell her
'Helena, as nice as it is to make love with you like this, I'm getting tired from holding us both up. How about if you get on your hands and knees, and I get behind you?' Ê
She nodded her agreement, and after a moan of disappointment when I completely withdrew from her, quickly rolled over and got on her hands and knees, looking back at me. Just as fast, I moved up behind her, and after pointing myself at her glistening opening, sank myself into her again, quickly and easily as she groaned in satisfaction.

Again, it didn't take long for me to get into a rhythm that pleased both of us in short order, she had a sixth orgasm, and when I reached down to play with her breasts and nipples, a seventh. It wasn't much longer before I could feel myself getting close to my own release.

My movements in her became even faster and more forceful and pushed her into an incredible eighth orgasm, by far her most powerful yet.

The sensations of her around me were incredible as wave after wave of powerful spasms passed over her - that was enough to finally push ME over the edge, as well; and I washed her cervix with my semen, in what seemed like a single, continuous jet of pleasure and release.

Even as I felt the last few drops leave me, I was still hard, and still able to thrust into her a few times and I did, churning our combined juices into a white foam that I forced out of her, soaking both our pubic areas before it started to trickle down the insides of her thighs as yet another orgasm hit her like a freight train, judging from the sounds and movements she made.

By the time it passed, the clenching of her vagina had finally worn me out my softened penis dropped free of her opening, releasing a miniature flood of white froth that continued it's wet journey down her thighs, leaving her glistening from crotch to knees.

Exhausted, I moved to lay down on my back as Helena let herself collapse onto her stomach before rolling over to lay next to me. We lay there like that for quite a while, simply enjoying the contact where our bodiestouched, as we recovered from our efforts. Ê We lay there for about half an hour, saying nothing before Helena took me hand and motioned me to get up. She led me into the en suite bathroom, where we took a nice, hot shower and washed each other off.

I started to get hard again, and with a gleam in her eye, Helena dropped to her knees to take me into her mouth. In no time at all I was ready, she stood up, turned around, and bent over, saying Ê 'Do it again'
So I did easily sliding into her, and in just a few moments, began pounding into her as she bit her fist to keep from shouting her pleasure. Her breasts swayed in a most enticing way from what I was doing, and I almost hated to disturb the way the water flowed off her nipples in such interesting patterns by playing with them; pinching and teasing them in time with my thrusting.

She all but screamed into her fist as an orgasm hit her just as I started spraying her insides with my hot semen while the shower head sprayed our outsides. When we were done, she carefully stood up and used her fingers scoop my semen out of her pussy and into her mouth, swallowing our combined juices, before washing us both down again.

We dried each other off, then got dressed. Ê We returned to the lounge and talked for about an hour, while holding hands and kissing,
'I think Troy has taken a shine to your wife' Helena said
'I think she's taken a shine to him', I told her about the blue fluffy slippers and the toilet, 'I think they've been at it'
'It wouldn't be the first, he gets money from his mates for doing the patients. The more outrageous the sex act the more he gets.'
'Well Sarah's inventive, but hardly outrageous' I told her Ê 'But Troy is very persuasive, rumour has it that he once fucked a nun in the shower room while another female patient watched and masturbated', she rubbed herself as she said this.

'Surely someone must be suspicious?'

'I think it goes down as perks of the job, there are no rules saying employees can't have sex with patients, as long as it's during their break' she laughed

There was aÊ moments silence Ê 'I must go Helena, I've got to face the baby sitter from hell when I get back'

'Good luck' she said as we walked down the hallway, Ê I turned to face her 'See you tomorrow', she nodded 'and, thank you Helena', I said as I walked out of the front door. She just smiled as I walked to my car.

I decided to stay in a motel that night as I couldn't face the terrible teenager.
I called her and said I'd broken down and would get the car fixed in the morning. She wasn't pleased but told me I still had to make my decision by tomorrow night.

Tomorrow was another day.


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