Thursday, October 09, 2008

Flashing myself off (3)

Written by Liz (January 2001)

The next incident I want to tell you about happened in a nearby park, I say park although its more just a public garden.

The park is built on a steep hill and consists mainly of flower beds, shrubs and small ornamental trees, there are some lawns but no large areas and with the steepness of the site it doesn't attract children or footballers.

We hadn't gone to the park with the intention of me "FLASHING MYSELF OFF" but as it happened we were pleased we did. I was wearing a loose cotton print dress which buttons all the way up the front and just a tiny pair of panties underneath. The weather was glorious and as we sat on a bench at the top of the park we spotted a young man heading in our direction. He was pushing a cart with two dustbins on it, cleaning up litter, emptying rubbish bins etc. Bob quickly suggested I open a couple of buttons before he got to where we were.

Now my dress had eight buttons one at the waist, three above and four below, I opened three starting at the bottom then opened up my skirt so as to show plenty of thigh, Bob reached over and opened one at the top, when I raised an eyebrow at this he opened another.

My dress being loose to start with opened naturally and I thought anyone in the right position would easily be able to see inside. The young man got closer and as he straightened up after picking up a piece of paper he spotted us and I think realized the potential. He emptied another rubbish bin close to where he was then he seemed to fix his eyes on me as he walked towards us.

He missed several bits of paper and other rubbish as he was preoccupied, there was a bin beside the bench we were sitting on and he was heading directly for that. I began to feel very nervous, my heart was pounding hard, I glanced down, I had a lot of tit on show though not my nipples, I had a lot of leg on show though not my panties. Bob whispered some words of encouragement and I altered my position, the lad must have got a good view of my panties since he was directly in front of us and slightly below.

He then reached the bin, he was standing along side the bench facing us and as he picked up the bin he was ideally placed to see inside the top of my dress. Bob made some small talk with the guy, how good the gardens looked, how he must have had an endless task cleaning up etc. It was then that he told us he was the only park keeper employed there, if a job needed doing it was his job to do it.

With this Bob began asking about various plants and shrubs etc. I was aware that throughout this conversation the guy kept sneaking a look at me and I did try to join in a few times so as to encourage this. My nipples were now erect and I wanted him to be able to have a better look but despite how loose my dress was it seemed to have a will of its own and kept me covered.

The open skirt however had opened right up to my panties which were just on show. As we chatted he cleaned up a little around and under the bench this included standing directly behind me from where I hope he managed to see down my dress. Bob and he were now discussing fuscia's and he offered us some cuttings if we would like to call down at his potting shed in about half an hour or so. We said we'd be there.

The walk down the park was a little bit nerve racking since I don't normally walk around with my dress gaping open as it was. One old couple who were sitting on a bench part way down the park got quite an eyeful in fact the old lady commented to her husband about my long slim legs, I think her husband had his eye on my tits.

Towards the bottom of the park there were a lot more shrubs, the footpath meandered around these and Bob took advantage of the cover afforded to touch me up a little, he then whispered in my ear asking me if I'd take my panties off. I was stone cold sober, I was already nervous about how far open my dress was and how much I was showing, I mean the park wasn't busy but I knew to at least half a dozen who had seen me.

Bob had his hand on my crutch however and knew just how wet I was, he had my panties part way down before I could answer and I didn't object too much as I stepped out of them. The potting shed was in a very secluded corner of the park, it was surrounded by shrubs yet at the same time was a real sun trap.

The park keeper had his own little bench which I made straight for. He and Bob chatted but both kept darting a look in my direction, the top of my dress had opened up allowing plenty of tit to be seen but I was acutely aware of the fact that I was no longer wearing any panties.

Bob called me over to where they stood by the potting shed door to see what we were being given. I stooped a little in order to look more closely at the tray full of small plants each in an individual pot. The pair of them looked more closely inside my dress as it fell away from me. The park keeper then said that it was his tea break and asked if we'd like to join him in a cup.

Bob and I sat on the small bench whilst he disappeared into the shed, I adjusted the top of my dress as I sat down so that it would be easier to see inside. Bob wanted me to sit with my pussy on show but I couldn't bring myself to do that, we even had a bit of a tussle with my skirt.

The park keeper who by now Bob had discovered was called Harry emerged with two mugs of tea he brought them over then went back to the shed returning quickly with a third mug and a straight backed chair which he sat on directly in front of us. My right tit was almost exposed and naturally his eyes strayed to this every few minutes, he wasn't too obvious but what was obvious was the fact that he had an amazing erection.

Now I've always thought that Bob was well endowed but this was or appeared to be enormous. I had several looks to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me but I didn't think they were. I felt Bob's elbow nudge me a couple of times and I nudged him back to let him know I'd seen "IT".

Bob nudged me again and I finally got the message that he wanted me to allow him a glimpse up my skirt, the thought of that huge member had really got me going and I squirmed a little so that my skirt opened up, I knew he'd now be able to see that I had removed my panties and sure enough he finally saw it all.

The top of my dress had also moved to the extent that my right tit was now fully on display. Naturally the situation couldn't last for ever and we eventually had to leave half way up the park we realized we hadn't picked up the fuscia's, we turned and went back, once we were in the seclusion of the shrubs and nearing the potting shed Bob persuaded me to open yet another button on my skirt so that my pussy would be on show even as I walked and since I was feeling hornier than I had ever done I didn't take any persuading.

There was no sign of Harry but we went straight to the shed door, I opened it wanting him to have sight of my naked pussy and as I did so I caught sight of his naked prick.

He was wanking it like mad and it was every bit as big as it had looked earlier, naturally he stopped as soon as I opened the door, I smiled broadly and he blushed violently, he made an attempt to make himself decent but with his hugh member it was very difficult for him.

Bob was right behind me and said something about me having that effect on a lot of men, of course I had done my best to ensure he would see plenty of me before I'd opened the shed door and I stood there with my right tit as good as out and my skirt open so that my pussy was on show.

It was a rather difficult and straighened situation, Bob and I eventually picked up our plants and slipped away. I must say we saw the funny side later but at the time I felt very strange.


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