Friday, October 24, 2008

Cross dressing

Written by Anon (September 2000)

I had always been very normal, i have a sweet loving wife that i adore and our sex life was great, one day while she was at work i decided to try on some of her clothes, this is easy for me as we are about the same size, i'm only 5' 5" tall and weigh 125 lbs.

I found i really enjoyed wearing her clothes at first it was just her underwear but as time went by every time i was home when my wife was at work i began to dress up more and more, I watched her put on her make up to see how it was done and with some practise i got to be really good at it, soon i was dressing up as a woman every chance i had.

all was well until one day my wife came home early and caught me fully dressed, oh shit!, i thought she will be pissed but she wasn't, she said she had known for sometime as her things were not as she left them and her makeup use had greatly increased, and in fact she came home early to catch me dressed so she could see how i looked and she said i looked pretty but it can be done better and she would would help me she said it turned her on to see me dressed as a woman then she lead me over to the bed and asked me to undress except for my nylons and heels she also stripped and she began to suck my cock as never before and then guided it into her pussy and she fucked me as if she was possesed.

we talked about this awhile and she said she would like to help me dress up complete with nice long polished nails and perfect make up, when i asked why she said she had always wanted to have sex with a woman but never got around to it and then she met and married me and it was to late, but this way she could have the best of both worlds she could help me dress up and then fuck me silly, I loved this idea and we played this game quite often and i confided to her than when i was dressed up i really did feel like a woman, she said she was glad i did as she thought of me as a woman when we played our game.
one day my wife asked how i would like to take our game a step further and go out in public with her dressed as a woman we could go shopping.

I was a little uneasy about this as i walked like a man and lacked the grace of a woman but she said she could teach me these female traits and since my voice was not real deep she was sure i could learn to change the pitch of my voice enough to pass, so i agreed and my schooling began and in about six weeks my wife said i was ready and we went to the shopping mall and shopped and had lunch and had a regular ladies day out and men opened doors for me and called me mamm and i was winked at twice by men and i even used the ladies room so i passed as a woman for sure and when we got home my wife was so turned on we fucked like minks! we started to play this game fairly often and I i was more and more comfortable with my female role.

all went well until one day i noticed i appeared to be developing breasts and in fact i was, my wife confessed she had been slipping me large doses of female hormones in hopes i would devlope a more female appearance and she very happy that it was working! at first i was a little miffed but secretly i was glad to and then we increased the dose until i had a fairly decent set of tits, i quit my job and started a business at home and then we moved to a neighbor hood where we were not not known and i began to dress as a woman more and more which thrilled my wife i was her secret chick with a dick and all was well.

one day the door bell rang and a man who was rather handsome was at the door my wife asked him in and we all sat down to talk and it turns out this man was a male whore my wife had hired as she felt it was time i experinced sex with a man and she would join us well, i was taken by surprise but as she talked about it the idea made me horny as hell and soon we were in the bedroom naked with my asshole well lubed and my wife and i side by side with our butts in the air waiting to be fucked by this man he fucked my ass first and it felt so good i couldn't believe it!

i felt like i had a real pussy and i really enjoyed his big cock and very soon iwas begging him for more cock oh damn yes fuck me baby!, i kept yelling fuck me, fuck me until i spurted my cum in a giant climax, then he started fucking my wifes pussy and she kept crying for more dick over and over.

after it was all over and the man left we fucked each like never before!
now we hire this male whore about once a month.
we are not sure yet but we think i will have a sex change operation and we will go out as a couple of sluts and fuck all the men we can and then eat each others pussy, we will see but we both like the idea.


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