Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Favorite Number

By Nisaa

When you take me in your arms like this my body trembles and my blood races.
I feel your hands all over me, sliding up and down my naked skin.
You cup my breast and kiss my hard nipples....circling each nipple with your tongue.
Squeezing my breast so it stands upright for your mouth, you suckle bringing sensations to my already wet pussy, my clit throbbing waiting for your touch.

Wrapping me in your one arm, your hand cups my pussy.....your fingers gripping and squeezing.....palm rubbing on my clit.
I feel your fingers slide my lips apart and you play and hips rising to meet your hand.
One finger enters me as deep as it can go move it inside of me and my mind starts to be my cunt.
Every fiber is tingling.....each movement of your hand and fingers sets me on fire. Two fingers enter my hot cunt and I raise my leg up....positioning my body on my side, giving you deep entrance.
Your fingers twitching inside of me sending electrical pulses throughout my body.
You hand slipping up and down and fingers sliding in and out of me � to my clit to tease and stroke, back inside of me to deeply fuck me and twitch driving me insane. Our lips never parting as our tongues twist and turn in each others mouth. My body wants you so badly.

I want to feel this way forever, yet wanting to fuck you.......and still more wanting to suck your cock. It's like you're reading my mind.....your lips leave mine and I feel your body tongue trailing hot path to my cunt lips.....
I feel it hard and slipping in between them.....licking my pussy up and down.....sucking at my clit......your fingers enter me to fuck my hot hole while you suck my clit. You roll me over on top of you and there is my prize.
Your hard cock standing straight up for my mouth to devour. I want to lick you and suck your you the pleasure you are giving me.

I grasp your cock in my hand, slipping my lips over the head sucking its length into my mouth.
You are so hard.....your silken shaft feels so good in my mouth.
My mouth slides up and down it....stopping to suck on the head.
Hearing you moan is one of my goals....making you cum in my mouth is the ultimate goal.
I cup your balls with my hand while my other hand slips under your butt cheek and brings you to me.....your hips moving on their own so your cock can fill my mouth.
I lick and suck you.....while your hips move.
Your other hand reaches for my shoulders. Are you going to do it Baby? Are you going to push my head onto your cock? You want to � I can feel it. The slight pressure you place on my back and shoulders tells me you would love to fuck my face.
I'm waiting for you to do it. I'm going to drive you insane so you do.
"Come on Baby," I'm thinking, "Fuck my face with this wonderful cock".....and I suck harder on your cock....

I'm going to tease you with my slides up and down, licking your cock as my hand cups your balls.
I want to suck your balls. "Would you like that Baby?"
I slide down your cock to your sack and suck and kiss each ball in its turn.
Gripping your cock so it doesn't feel lonely....sucking each ball into my mouth.

While I'm busy lick and sucking your cock and balls, your tongue and lips are sliding in and out of my hot cunt. Your fingers fucking my wet pussy as you suck on my clit.....harder you fuck my hole, stronger you suck my clit.
My hips apply pressure to your face and I'm fucking your face with my cunt.
Sliding myself on and off your tongue and fingers.
Wanting to feel everything....wanting to swallow your cock as my cunt swallows your face and fingers.
Your hand grips my ass and pulls my wetness closer to your face.....your tongue enters me and you other hand again reaches for my shoulders � once again wanting to hold me onto your cock as your fuck my face.

I once again take your cock into my mouth......I feel how hard and swollen it has become. Like a cobra the head swells in my tongue dances on the head of your cock.....slipping in and out of your hole tasting the precum. My mouth is wet with my saliva giving your shaft easy access as you pump in and out of me.
I am on top of you in total mouth going down on you as your moans get louder and louder, your breath coming faster � sucking your cock harder. I love to see your cock enter my mouth.....watching your hips raise and lower, in a fucking motion. Your hand is there....pressuring my body closer and closer to you.....holding my mouth on your cock.....but I wouldn't leave it now. I feel you.....feel how close you are to own body responding to your lips and fingers.
My orgasm close at hand.

I feel the edge coming on to both of us.....our moans mix in unison.....our bodies moving on each other.
The sensations in my body have started in the pit of my stomach.....I feel your cock starting to twitch.
Orgasm is near for the two of us......

You start....your cock deep in my mouth....I feel your orgasm pulsing to the head of your cock and taste the sweetness of your cum as it splashes out of you into my mouth. My cunt reacts ... my orgasm shooting out of me drenching your mouth or fingers. I am unsure at this point as my mind has totally taken over all sensation and all I know is that I need to cum on you.....on your face.
And I'm sucking and sucking up your cum as it explodes from your cock.
I want more and more and suck you hard as you groan and your last stages of pumping explosion enters me......and you slow down your movements.....your cock starts to subside in my mouth. I'm sucking yet but not so hips slow their movements as you continue to lap up my juices with your tongue.

We are spent.....our bodies sweat mouth leaves your cock lightly placing kisses on it and your balls.....your lips leave my wetness and your hands slide up my body, followed by your body. We right ourselves as you once again wrap me in your arms.....kissing me......contentment overwhelming.

My last thought before sleeping is how next I want to feel your cock explode inside my pussy.....
and a slight smile creases my face as I doze off with my plans to fuck you when we awaken.

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