Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Capture

By Nisaa

What a glorious night it is.
Moon so full.
Stars so bright.
Hear the gentle surf as it laps at the shoreline.
I Love the night.
Could it be that I was born at night....not long before the witching hour?
The soft breezes blowing my gown around my body as I walk.
This section of beach is so secluded it feels like my own.
Perhaps a dip in the water before turning back.

Letting the black gauze slide from my naked body laying in a pool at my feet, I step toward the water.
The moonlight touching the deep tan of my skin...the water sparkles as my feet break the surfs pattern.
Knee deep in water, the warm air caressing my skin - my body lays into the water as I start my swim.
Completely lost in the moment, forgetting time exists. Nothing exists except me, the water, and the blanket of stars in the black of night.

I don't know how long I floated on the waves but that is a distinct figure sitting on the shoreline, by my calculations, right near my clothes.
Well, I can't stay here forever....

My strokes smooth and sure, it doesn't take me long to reach the shallow of the beach.
There you sit.
Who are you?
Where did you come from?
I watch you stand brushing the sand off your clothes, you pick up my gown and hold it out to me as I walk from the water.
"Thank you", I say as I take my gown.
My skin wet as I take the towel you are offering.
"Do you always walk the beach late at night carrying a towel?"
"Towels come in handy when running into naked women on the beach", you say as your eyes watch me, running the length of my body.
I give a small laugh, "You do that often?
Look for naked ladies on the beach to towel dry?"
Now it's your turn to laugh, "No - just you. I've been watching you. For weeks now, I've been watching you."

I stop in my ministrations, looking you in the eyes, "You never made your presence known before."
I stand still wondering if I should be afraid, when your hands reach out, taking the towel from me and you start to dry my skin...."I didn't intend to towel you dry but it sounded like a good idea coming from your lips."
"Coming from me! I never heard anything so absurd in all my life..."
I turn and start walking away.

"Wait, don't go" and I hear you behind me.
Slipping into my gown, I turn, handing you the towel, "Now look Mr...." "Jed, my friends call me Jed".
"I hardly qualify as a friend, I don't know you, and I'm highly doubtful if I want to know you and..."
My possible tirade being cut off as you turn me into your embrace and kiss me holding my arms strongly, your mouth rakes mine, your tongue slides into my mouth, your arms enclosing my body in your fullness.
Trying to push you away doesn't quite work as you hold me tighter.
My mouth slipping away a bit, when your hands reach and hold my head to your face.
Then you release me.
"smack" the sound echoes as my hand connects with your face.
Once again you take me to you and kiss me hard and full on the mouth, my struggles don't seem to deter you, only making you more forceful in your attitude.

Your arms wrap around me and your lips slide along my cheek, whispering in my ear....
"I've watched you, night after night walk on the beach, mostly nude, sometimes swimming, sometimes just walking....my mind and body wanting you with each passing night."
Your lips recapturing mine, I feel the muscles ripple in your body, so taut, somewhat shaking....my lips opening for your tongue.
Your body presses into mine, I feel your hardness against my thighs...your hand traveling down my back, tickling along my spine, hands settling on my buttocks.
Warm, strong hands caressing my cheek, pulling me into your hardness, your other hand surrounding my breast, thumb and forefinger tweaking my nipple with each squeeze.
Your lips travel down my neck, bringing my breast upward as your tongue licks at my nipple through the flimsy gauze.

You bend my body down to the sand, sliding up next to me....rubbing your body on mine....
your hands taking my gown and slipping it up my body until you slide it over my head.....
your lips return to my skin.
Both hands on my breasts, your mouth sucking from nipple to nipple.
One of your hands feeling its way to my buttocks once more...
pinching, squeezing....the sensations you create in my body are overtaking my senses.
Your lips once again touch mine and I feel your hand traveling to my cunt....
rubbing gently, spreading my legs....
feeling with your fingers.

You split my lips and find my clit with your finger tips, playing softly....sliding up and down my slit....
then down and entering my hot wet hole. One finger sliding in and out of me while your mouth sucks at my breasts.
Two fingers entering me, more insistent than the last one.
Your lips travel down my belly, licking, sucking, kissing your way to my fluid.
Your tongue darting at my clit, sucking one minute, kissing, licking.....my breath ragged from the assault on my senses.
My moans escaping as your fingers fuck me....your lips suck at me.

You take my legs, spreading them wide as you hungrily eat my pussy, licking at my juice....
dipping your tongue deep into me as your hands spread me open for you....
licking me out, tongue flat on my body sliding up and down again....
your fingers finding their way back in....
I feel the excitement in your hand, in your tongue....my body aching for release....
the thought of fighting you long gone as you continue to suck on my wetness.
I am so close to orgasm...one more time you start to suck my clit as you ram your fingers inside of me....knowing I'm going to cum....my hips meeting your fingers....I hear my juicy cunt meeting with your hand....feel the sucking...
"Oh yes, suck harder....suck my clit harder"....and my body starts to shake.
I feel it start in the pit of my stomach....my clit aching in your lips....my wetness flowing out of me.....
"I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum on your face."
And you don't let up for a minute as you make me cum just like you set out to do.
My hands grab your head, holding it down on my hot cunt, my body rubbing your face....
feeling your fingers fucking me, two at a time....I explode for you.
My hips pumping, my pussy squeezing your fingers...my moans release with my orgasm....
the grip my hands have on your head releases as my body starts to relax....
your tongue, lips and fingers softly lapping at me...my clit so sensitive my body jumps as you lick it.

You start to kiss my thighs, and I feel your body travel up mine.
Somewhere in the process you've divested yourself of your jeans.
Your hardness stops for a minute to slide along my lips....
gently nudging at my clit...then back down to my wetness.
You stop to look at me and as your eyes capture mine, your steel hard cock rams inside of me all the way.
You're buried deep inside of me....pushing deeper and deeper....
then you start to back out...slowly, teasing my walls as they grasp at you....to the tip of your cock.
Once again watching my face, you pound your cock into me.

Your breath gasping, as you tell me how you've dreamt of this, dreamt of burying yourself inside of me, dreamt of tasting my juices, savoring my essence.
Your cock continues to slide softly, slowly out of me....ramming back inside of me....
my legs wrap around your hips....your mouth bends to my lips and I taste myself on your tongue, smell myself on your mouth....
your tongue buries itself deep inside my mouth as your solid shaft buries itself deep in my being.
Harder, faster, stronger....deeper with each penetration.
I watch your body above me, feel your muscles ripple, your body as hard as your cock....in and out, stroking my body with your hardness. I feel your cock swell inside of me, hear your breath become ragged.
One last shove and your cock buries itself to your balls and you explode inside of me.
With the feel of your cock exploding, so hard, throbbing, my body reacts and I orgasm again all over your cock.
My cunt milking your cock, squeezing it dry.
Our juices mixing....

Your lips reach for mine once again, softly kissing, a caress in the kiss. "I never meant to go that far..."
and my fingers reach your lips to stop you from talking.....
I reach up and kiss you on my own...

"Don't", I say, "Don't say a word, don't think about before, feel the afterglow of what just happened....
then let me go until next time."
And I kiss you again....

You roll off of me, squeeze me to you....
holding me tight...kissing once again....

I feel your eyes watching me as I walk away....the sun is nearly up as I walk toward my bungalow on the beach....
turning at the stairs to the deck, I see you standing there....still watching....I throw you a kiss and see you wave.....
as I head for the shower and much needed sleep and I smile as I remember the look on your face when I whispered, "Meet me here tomorrow night. Let me capture you this time."

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